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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Situation Update, Dec. 15th – Parallel electors chosen by 7 states as Trump accelerates ops to seize evidence

(Natural News) Highlights for the Dec. 15th Situation Update:

  • The election is not over: Biden has not been elected. There is no “president-elect” currently.
  • Biden makes false claim election was “free and fair,” even knowing it was rigged and fraudulent.
  • Bill Barr exposed as deep state traitor and fired from his position as AG / DOJ.
  • Newt Gingrich named to the Defense Policy Board which advises the DoD and Chris Miller.
  • Alternate electors chosen by 7 states, providing two parallel sets of electors to be considered by Congress on January 6th.
  • Trump must convince America before Jan. 6th that the election was stolen. This can cause the pro-Trump electors to be chosen.
  • Many lawsuits are under way in swing states and pending before SCOTUS.
  • Time running short for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and seize ballots as evidence of fraud.
  • Trump may also activate his 2018 executive order on foreign interference in US elections. Possible timeline for this is around or after Jan. 6th.
  • The Epoch Times also joins the call for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act.
  • Xi Jinping tells elite Chinese troops to “prepare for war.”
  • Trump tweets: “What a fool Governor @BrianKempGA of Georgia is. Could have been so easy, but now we have to do it the hard way.”

Founder of Overstock spills the truth of what's in the Durham Report

 This will rock your world, and incriminate many.

Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona Republican Electors Cast Votes for Trump

Pennsylvania Republican Electors Cast Votes for Trump, Pence: GOP

 The Pennsylvania Republican Party said on Monday that Republican electors cast their votes for President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

The state GOP, in a news release posted to Twitter, wrote that the electors met in Harrisburg to “cast a conditional vote” for Trump and Pence “at the request of the Trump campaign.”

Their vote comes as Democratic electors voted in the Pennsylvania Electoral College for Democrat Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) Electors in other states their votes on Monday as well.

The GOP cited the 1960 presidential election between former Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy, who would become the eventual winner. Nixon, who became president years later, “was declared the winner in Hawaii … while Democrat legal challenges were pending,” according to the GOP, noting that a conditional vote was cast by Democratic electors for Kennedy when the electors met in 1960.

Read the entire article here:

Crucial Logs Missing From Michigan County Dominion Voting Machines: Forensics Report

Dr Shiva - The Elite Have Enslaved Us In Their Illusion, It’s Time To Back The Country

Trump: Audit of Dominion Machines in Antrim County ‘Shows Massive Fraud’

McEnany: Electoral College Vote ‘One Step in Constitutional Process,’ Trump Not Giving Up

The Summoning Authority

 By Anna Von Reitz

When you are summoned to a court, what does that mean?
Most of us realize that this is a request for you to get in contact with the court regarding some particular matter, and if you don't reply, you may be held in contempt of court and various other problems may accrue. The court has a duty to identify itself, to properly address the summons, and to clearly state its business.
The Summoning Authority always has to facilitate the action and provide the correct groundwork to proceed.
In the same way, when the Federation of States summons the member States into Session, it is incumbent upon the Summoning Power to facilitate the action and provide the framework to proceed.
That's where the State Coordinators come in.
These volunteers step up for their State and take on the job of helping the State Assembly get organized. The Coordinators are working for the Summoning Authority throughout this process, and are engaged in four (4) principal activities:
(1) Opening the door. People throughout this country need help determining their correct political status, so the Coordinator's first duty is to welcome them home and assess their situation: are they State Nationals, Municipal Employees, Territorial Employees, or Federal Dependents?
Depending on the answer, people need to join their proper Assembly.
Municipal Employees and Dependents belong in the Municipal Assembly.
Territorial Employees and Dependents belong in the District Assembly.
Everyone else should be actively participating in their State Assembly.
It's important to note that even though Municipal and Territorial Employees and their Dependents belong to different Assemblies during their working life and for as long as they adopt foreign citizenship obligations, they are still Americans and can still be protected under the terms of the Constitutions as American State Nationals so long as they record their birthright political status with their State Assembly.
(2) After the initial inquiries and sorting out, the State Coordinators direct and expedite the process of completing and recording the necessary 1779 Declaration paperwork. They assist directly or through designated helpers.
(3) Next the newcomers decide whether or not they want to participate in the Assembly, and the Coordinator, or a designated helper, explains the requirements and options.
State Nationals populate the Assembly and have a strong voice in local County and Statewide affairs, but they don't get to vote on international issues or lead the State Militia.
State Citizens also have a voice in the local and statewide issues, but additionally, they are the ones who decide international questions for the State. This is because State Citizens have a singular commitment and political allegiance to the Public Good of their State of the Union.
(4) The Coordinators help place new Assembly members in places where their skills are needed. Each Assembly has to organize its own courts, fill its jury pools, educate its members, provide for its budgetary and financial processes, and fulfill its functions as the government operating in Original Jurisdiction.
It's a tall order, but Americans who see the vital importance of preserving their rights, enforcing their constitutional guarantees, and maintaining their self-governing status are more than able and competent to do the job.
Our volunteer Coordinators are the ones who orchestrate it all, for the good of their State and everyone living in it.
Right now, State Assemblies are in Session all over this country, doing the work that has to be done.
Once an Assembly is populated, and the internal organization -- the General Assembly, the International Business Assembly, the Assembly Courts, the Assembly Militia and the various necessary committees are formed, the Assembly is "fully seated".
At this point, the job of the State Coordinator is done.
In most cases, their work as a liaison for The United States of America is passed on to the Assembly Chairman, or those duties may be passed on to another Assembly Officer designated by the Assembly itself.
The job of a State Coordinator is a difficult one. It's unpaid. It's misunderstood. It's often thankless and frustrating. Everyone is learning on the job. Everyone is stuck with an uphill struggle against telephone bills, broken printers, and all the other adversities of life.
And still, despite everything, this difficult Rescue Operation is getting done.
The Government of Original Jurisdiction has come home, and every day, as more Americans realize that they have been trafficked into foreign jurisdictions without their knowledge and subjected to foreign law against their will and without their consent, they turn homeward --- looking for the beacons being lit by each State Coordinator and each State Assembly, and importantly, The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States.
There are only three ways for the States to be called into Session: (1) the Federation President (there hasn't been one elected since 1856); (2) a quorum of nine States of the Union (Texas was the only one left in Session, so they couldn't raise a quorum.); (3) the hereditary Head of State can call the States into Session (and that seemed such an unlikely possibility that the Powers That Be didn't even consider it).
The impossible has happened. The United States of America has come back from the dead and summoned its member States into Session.
Each State has one (1) Assembly composed of all the Americans living within its borders who are claiming their birthright or lawfully naturalized political status. Each Assembly summoned is organized by a State Coordinator working for the Summoning Authority, The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States.
Because of these definitions and provisions, there can be no exclusive or renegade Assemblies. Our Assemblies cannot devolve into private clubs and they cannot be commandeered, limited, or redefined by enterprising individuals.
Our State Assemblies are part of the public government of these United States operating in Original Jurisdiction. They are populated by birthright Americans and Naturalized U.S. Citizens who have chosen to adopt the State where they live as their permanent home. All are equally welcome to reclaim their birthright and invited to participate; race, religion, personal differences and myriad other issues do not stand against our commonality.

In each town and each State of the Union, we gather together and accept the responsibility of lawful self-governance.


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