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Friday, January 20, 2023

GRID DOWN - What Now?

 A special report with Steve Quayle and Mike Adams on grid down communications using satellite phone and text devices.

A special documentary about surviving when the grid goes down, cell towers are offline and the worst case scenario has emerged. Predictions and analysis from Steve Quayle and Mike Adams. Learn how to maintain communications using satellite technology. See examples of how to have backup power options to keep your electronics, phones, laptops and flashlights fully charged, or even run small appliances.


Editors Note:  Even Satellite Phones can go down if it gets bad enough and you must be outside with a clear view of the sky to use them effectively.  Text is better for reliability because the burst of data can get through where the digital voice stream can't.

But satellite phone and satellite text depends on electricity for the ground stations that pass the signal to the normal phone and cell network. Those systems can go down with the grid or after their batteries fail if they don't have some kind of standby power that is not dependent on normal fuel, or by solar backup.

The best solution for communications is Ham Radio, but it takes some knowledge to make a good communicator, and the right equipment.  Here is an example of a Ham Radio station that is designed for emergency communications on most radio frequencies.

We will have the capability of passing on the information from many people across the country using many frequencies and many modes of communications. Our station is solar powered and has battery backup for continuous communications 24/7.  See the link for some pictures.

There are many ham stations like this, and bigger and better than this one, around the whole country. There are over 1 million ham radio operators in just North America alone, and they will all be on the air in any real emergency.

To get the flavor of what this radio world is all about go up to the search box on this blog ( and type in ham radio, and you will be able to see many of the articles I have written over the last 9 years on the subject of emergency communications.

What I recommend to get you started is this handheld unit. Every new ham should start with a handheld.

The Anytone AT3208U/V is a very good low cost solution to work local repeaters and get familiar with communications protocols on ham radio. You can own one and listen without a license, but you need at least a tech class license and callsign to transmit.

Call me for the details. These are in stock and will be programmed by your zip code before they go out.
You can order on that link above. Just click the add to cart button.

Thanks for your attention to our Freedom.

Paul Stramer  406 889 3108

A Reply to Martha Stewart and the British Government

 By Anna Von Reitz

"Martha Stewart" (not really, it's a Punch satire being referenced)  may be the greatest hobbyist do-it-yourselfer and busy body know-it-all of all time, but this time, she's really out of her depth:  

We're not "citizens" --- and I guess if she wants "citizens" vaccinated, well, then, she doesn't want fire protection and police services, park rangers, sanitation engineers, transfer station attendants, school teachers, public hospitals, librarians....  Evidently, she wants all the public employees to keel over. 

Even as angry as I am with the Davos Crowd and the Beltway Crowd, I draw the line and don't want to genocide public employees in general, though I admit having very satisfying dreams in which I pump syringe after syringe after syringe of "Covid 19 vaccine" into Bill Gates' and Klaus Schwab's funky backsides. (In my dreams, Bill's bum is all shriveled and scrawny, but Klaus's is all plump and pink and soft as a newborn baby's rump begging for a diaper. But I digress....)  

I knew Martha was embittered by her insider trading debacle, but killing off all public employees seems extreme.  Especially as we need public employees to fill potholes and direct traffic and rescue broken water mains and so many other tasks that Martha would miss. She would be the first person outraged if her house burned down or she got mugged or the edges of the highways and streets were left untrimmed.  Am I wrong? 

Just look at the Davos meeting --- the rich Buggers demanded that only unvaccinated pilots be hired to fly them to Davos in their gas-guzzling private jets.  Look at how Congress exempted their perfect little selves and their families from the genocide they've unleashed on others. 

It's still coming home to people on a worldwide basis.  They can't quite believe what they are seeing and experiencing.  It's surreal, because what these people have done is crazy --- literally nuts.  I have a dozen funerals on my schedule.  How's your funeral schedule looking?  

Here's a hot investment tip, Martha --- and I guarantee it's not insider trading.  Buy stock in franchised funeral companies, casket manufacturers, crematoriums, private cemeteries, morgues, freezer and cold storage manufacturers, medical equipment manufacturers, marble monument companies and quarries, companies that produce bronze memorial plaques, cemetery statues -- granite angels, cherubs, crosses, and of course, funeral urn companies for all the ashes.  

Or get creative and buy up property next to the largest, newest cemetery you can find and open up Air B and Bs catering to the out-of-town bereaved.  You can turn loose your creative genius, Martha, puffy antebellum black silk drapes in the tiny living rooms, black kitchen cabinets, black sofas (bonus: they won't show the dirt and tears and wine stains!) and over the tiny gas fireplaces?  Shadowbox frames containing wreaths of "flowers" made from dyed human hair!  It'll be super, a great historical tribute to the human hair wreaths our ancestors made during and after the Civil War ---and, extra bonus! --- there will be a real surplus of human hair on the black market, so the materials will be cheap!  

There's no longer any argument.  Those who chose not to get vaccinated chose to live and be unimpaired. That's why there is such an insane demand at swank private hospitals for "unvaccinated" blood and for "unvaccinated" pilots and "unvaccinated" doctors and "unvaccinated" nurses --- specifically. Soon, there will be a silent social demand for "unvaccinated" mates, because people will still want to have children and grandchildren and the 30% viability of fetuses produced by vaccinated parents reduces to 15% when both parents are vaccinated. Go figure, all Dumb Clucks. 

It's only the down-at-heels public hospitals for the "General Public" that use vaccinated blood, because it doesn't matter for "those people" anymore.  The damage and the continuing health issues are locked in. Permanent.  They more or less guarantee that everyone who took that shot will be dead within the next seven years, so what the hey?  Bad luck, everyone.  

1 in 40,000 seven year survival rate.  Repeat that and repeat that Fine Flying Factoid to Martha Stewart, until she gets it through her perky little self-important ears.  If she took the jab like a good little "citizen" she has a 1 in 40,000 chance of being alive in 2030.  If her children or grandchildren took the jab, they have the same odds.  They're dead.  Walking dead.  And she thinks everyone should do this? 

Maybe she needs to come to terms with what she has done to herself and to members of her own family first?  Bye, bye, Martha?  Just like Lisa Marie Presley?  54?  Sudden Adult Death Syndrome?  Where in blazes does Martha think this sudden "epidemic" of "inexplicable" and "extra" death is coming from?  Why are the embarrassed, guilty, gutless doctors suddenly standing around trying to find the nerve to voice this "new Adult Sudden Death Syndrome" story?  

Every time I hear "Adult Sudden Death Syndrome" I have an almost uncontrollable urge to haul off and slap the speaker silly and scream, "There is no such thing!  It's the effing fake vaccine, you flaming worthless idiot!" 

Come to that, why does Martha think that Congress exempted themselves and their families?  Could it be that they knew something in advance about these "vaccinations" that weren't vaccinations? 

It's because the vaccinated are suffering "Adult Sudden Death" ---and all sorts of maiming disabilities that are quite inconvenient if you need a clean blood transfusion or a healthy fireman to carry you out of a burning office building or a pilot who won't drop dead halfway over Miami -- that the unvaccinated are receiving plum jobs and are in such preferential demand now. 

Maybe Martha should lobby Congress (while she has a breath) for Equal Employment Opportunity legislation for vaccinated people.  After all, it's clear that (now, all of a sudden) unvaccinated pilots, doctors, nurses, dentists, teachers, firemen and all classes of First Responders and even Taxi Drivers and Hotel Porters who DIDN'T take the jab, are in great demand and have significantly better employment and career opportunities than their vaccinated peers. It's not fair. After all, these people were doing what they thought was right and good, getting vaccinated to protect themselves and others from a virulent viral disease, and it's just "unfortunate" that no such disease existed... and that there was this terrible misunderstanding.... and well, now, they are all diseased and dying and infertile... and can't find work, and get sick all the time.... lots of days off, and then, all the medical expenses.... Employers should be forced to Hire the Vaccinated!  

If the Democratic Party is worth a teaspoon of salt, this should be their next Great [Literally]Bleeding Heart Rallying Cry. 

Insurance Companies should be forced to give the Vaccinated free life insurance, too.   

Heck, the investment risk parameter is only seven years. 

And think of all the money those same insurance companies are saving on typical end-of-life expenses for all those Baby Boomers?  Don't let the insurance giants poor-mouth.  The Great Die-Off of otherwise healthy retirement-age people is saving the insurance companies billions and billions and billions and...   

All the Rich Scum who engineered this insanity don't want to risk being tainted by contact with the Great Unwashed Vaccinated population.  Oh, no.  Never that.  And we can't risk having our daughter fall in love with one of THEM--- the health risks alone are unnerving, and if they ever did have a baby (we assume, in vitro fertilization) it would only have a 30% chance of survival. Probably wind up some awful mutant thing with a scrambled brain... 

Oh, wait, we aren't supposed to talk about "Scrambled Brain Syndrome".... or the epidemic proportion of children suddenly developing "Autism" after receiving childhood vaccines.... 

How about this, in the time that Martha has left, she can organize a gigantic, worldwide Memorial Event scheduled for May of 2030?  We can all wear black (yet another investment opportunity-- black clothing manufacturers, except in Japan, where the opening will be for white clothing manufacturers. Why do the Japanese always have to be "different"? They are dying just like the rest of us. Would it really be so inconvenient to wear black to funerals?) 

This Event can go two different ways, and Martha will have to plan for either eventuality, of course. 

In the first case, it could be a great and solemn occasion when all the Canaanites, also known as Nazis, gather together to give speeches extolling their own virtues, with all the men wearing skull caps because they worship the Egg of Orphir and can come out of the closet at last and congratulate themselves on the success of their "UN CORPORATION" and their 2030 Agenda Genocide in which more people died and were left maimed and diseased than in any war in history. 

Picture little dome-shaped chocolate cakes with red, white, and black Nazi flag decorations stuck on top, trembling in the breeze.  

Most of the guests will be skinny, sallow white people with jaw-lines like lizards.  Think: George H. W. Bush and Anthony Fauci and Lisa Murkowski.  Heil Hydra, indeed.  They hate broccoli, but eat tons of probiotic cole slaw. The rest of the menu will have to be the trendiest "alternative foods" made out of things like worm guts and insect exoskeletons ground up and suspended in soft tofu, colored pink using organic beet juice, then extruded using a pastry bag and nozzle and made to kinda-sorta resemble shrimp. They will stand around wide-eyed commenting on how it tastes just like chicken. And nobody will throw up, because they all know that they will be ostracized if they do.    

In the second case, it could be a great and solemn occasion where all the Rest of Us gather together and remember the Innocent Dead who were nonetheless sweet people, gifted in many ways, having their own modest (and sometimes not-so modest) dreams, and deserving of life, liberty, and at least the pursuit of happiness, which was all denied to them by Rich Scum and Dirty Politicians and Filthy Broadcast Moguls and Incompetent Doctors and Bought-and-Paid-For "Scientists" and Greedy Corporate Crooks and Treasonous, Cowardly Generals and Useless Lawyers --- who have all been executed via Public Vaccination. 

What just went on was private "voluntary" vaccination--- at least, according to THEM and the BBC "Listen and Obey" Mouthpiece of Sauron, voiced over as a female.   

Public Vaccination is where we give them The Jab as punishment so that they can directly experience what they've done to others. 

Everyone who wants to join my new "Piss on Their Graves 2030Tour" is invited to sign up early and help choose the itinerary and research local accommodations at each of our destinations.  I am pre-planning a special to-be-announced event opportunity at Anthony Fauci's gravesite and designing a special Pooper Scooper Souvenir Bag for those who are overcome by emotion. 

The final Lincoln resting site is also yet to be determined.  Abe was dug up and moved repeatedly and there are rumors that remote members of the family recently had him exhumed yet again and removed to another new and undisclosed location, fearing that our "Jump Them Up" Fan Club might get out of hand and not be satisfied by effigies and chemical potties. BTW, our inclusion of Lincoln on our tour isn't because he emancipated black slaves, it's because he didn't emancipate black slaves. He emancipated white Southern slave owners, instead, and opened up the door for everyone in this country to be enslaved ---- but that's another story. 

Unless the Roosevelt Family is similarly inspired, FDR's final resting place is fairly accessible without tearing up trees with frontend loaders (always a possibility) and I am personally looking forward to my own very special 15 seconds at midnight with The King Rat, almost silently (except for the tinkle-tinkle-tinkle) communing with him about his performance as "a" President", especially his creation of over 350 unelected and unaccountable private subcontracting "Agencies" used to compartmentalize and hide government graft, treason, and abuse of the people who pay all their salaries and benefits.  

Other possible candidates will be ranked and graded according to the actual physical and moral injury that they inflicted on this country and its people and upon the world in general. Joe Biden is definitely in the running and Donald Trump had better come up with a really good, really believable excuse for his participation in "Operation Warp Speed".  

Planning for these 2030 Memorial Events should be within Martha's skill set and I am sure she could come up with some just dreamy decorations and menus and cut-out cookie designs.  Maybe even costumes?  

I could dress up and pretend to be a politician who gives a damn and wear an "Endangered Species" sign around my neck and a Ron Paul shoulder patch.  Or maybe I could come as the Grim Reaper and carry a scythe with the words, "Fauci means "Scythe" in Sicilian. Get it now?" on the blade. 

We could have all sorts of funny games and contests for entertainment---- like "Stupid FBI Code Names I Have Known".  Or "Name the Worst Fake Patriot Group".  Or, "Kill Shot -- Guess Who Thought This Up?" 

It was actually Prince Philip, the late Queen's Consort, who fell in love with viruses, because, --- "like God, you can't see the little buggers. Who knows if they exist?" 

He was so in love with the possibilities of "Unseen Dread" that he joked about it with his pals in the Order of the Garter until it became a "celebrated cause".  He even made a public gaff and said that when he was dead, he wanted to come back as a loathsome virus and do his bit to reduce the world population -- or words to that effect.  You can still find the exact quote in some odd corners of the Internet.  

And so, like all Great Men who have gone completely and utterly insane, he arranged to do precisely that.  He came back as the Covid 19 Vaccine in all its iterations. Bill Gates was just a cheerleader. Philip was the "loathsome virus" -- the Star in a worldwide death orgy drama to celebrate his own demise.  And he has certainly done his "bit" to reduce the world population, even though we are in the midst of a population collapse in the developed world and have been since the Second World War.  And even though the Hypocrite didn't hasten his own death any.   

His wife, the late-Queen, honored his bizarre genocidal fantasy, which proves that she was just as crazy as he was in the end.  The Windsors have never been exactly stable, but this is -- without a doubt --- the final proof that Canaanite Monarchies are an abomination that no people on Earth should have to suffer for or with. 

The Pope went along with it because it is Canaanite "custom and tradition" to sacrifice the faithful retainers of a Canaanite King; when he goes, a large number of servants and favorite wives and even dogs and horses go with him to the Afterlife.  Of course, in these modern times, they had to volunteer.  It couldn't be forced on anyone. 

Note that Queen Elizabeth II didn't volunteer.  

How will poor Martha Stewart be able to cozy up and find a theme for this one?  Bug cookies wearing crowns?  Giant photographs of Prince Philip dressed up as a Canaanite King, framed with paper flowers? Blood cocktails? 

For the record books: 

An Ancient Canaanite Monarchy pretends to be an Israelite Monarchy (without a drop of Hebrew blood)  in possession of the Scepter of Ephraim and the Stone of Jacob, but it is also supposed to be a Christian Monarchy heading The Church of England....and both the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury went along with giving Philip a Royal Send-Off in the Old Way, with millions of clueless people being sacrificed in his honor.  

They are all completely mad, and if we dwell too long on this current circumstance and all the people who knowingly participated in this, we will likely go off the trolley, too.  

But really, should we be surprised after the public displays at the London Olympics and the Commonwealth Games?  

Hooded figures in procession around the effigy of a dead baby in a coffin? 

Las Vegas style floor shows on the game fields with Perky Nurses wheeling around hospital gurneys in formation and jabbing hypodermic needles in the air? 

That was weirder than weird, even for the oddest ball Brits, though it is obvious in retrospect what they were signaling about --- all the "infant decedent estates" they created for themselves, followed by the whole phony virus depopulation funeral event, punctuated with more dead babies.  (An estimated 70 to 75% of the pregnant women who got vaccinated, miscarried.)  

And then the Commonwealth Games with a three-story high mechanical bronze bull and a Tower of Babel and all sorts of slave women hauling the bull around and the bull snorting at them and then other women saving the slave women and removing their bondage gear and the bull snorting and pawing and all the women walking up the steps of the tower and around and around?  

F&(&, oh, dear, what next?  The return of Mithras as a Solar Bull?  The Golden Calf grows up?  Amazon lesbians in straight skirts liberating June Cleaver and Wilma Flintstone?  No more babies because the bull is bad and only lesbians are cool? 

I fully admit that I can't tell you what's coming, except that it is bound to be bad and crazy and just as disjointed, Oz-like, and bizarre as all the rest of it, and yes, we could have saved ourselves a whole lot of trouble, if we had just listened to the True God in the first place, and killed all the Canaanites. 
We wouldn't have this situation now.  

That said, it's past time to stop talking about the Evil Jews and start talking about the Evil Canaanites, because that is actually what we are dealing with.  There isn't a drop of Hebrew blood in any of them, and if Michael McKibben is right, there are no true Hebrews left on Earth, so no members of the Tribe of Judah, either. 

Just a bunch of Liars and Imposters, pretending to be what they never were and still aren't. 

Pausing here for a moment with Martha, I see she has broken out in a sweat.  She pauses and looks quite drained and pale.  

You mean this is all just a giant pagan funeral orgy over the death of Prince Philip?  

Well, not quite.  

There's all the government and banking and religious fraud and corruption to cover up, the role of SERCO and the military to quash, all the money and assets that can't be accounted for, the criminal court system, the "missing" children, and so much more that it's like watching a fat lady trying to hide in a bikini. 

If they can keep everyone distracted by bizarre narratives for long enough, most of us will be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of death we are witnessing and the impact that has on family life, mental outlook, health, supply chains and everything else.  

Two out of three Americans are slated to die in the next five years. Think of what that does to families, farms, grocery stores, retail sales, demand for homes, and everything else?  A family of six becomes a family of two, with all the heartache, expense, grief, disruption, and lost income and support that represents. Now, look around, and you will see everyone else is suffering, too, and it doesn't matter what the narrative is anymore. 

It only matters what you are going to do about it. 


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