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Friday, April 9, 2021

Blood Money 3

 By Anna Von Reitz

The last couple of days we've been going over the different kinds of money and things that substitute for money; these include two forms of asset-backed money--- (1) commodity backed money and (2) labor backed money, and commercial script -- certificates, bonds, shares, promissory notes, etc. 

We learned that in addition to the traditional commodity-backed money, like gold and silver coins, there is labor-backed money, also known as "blood money", because it is assigned value based on the value of labor, energy, skills, and intellectual property belonging to living people.  

Federal Reserve Notes are Blood Money.  Millions of Americans misidentified as British Territorial U.S. Citizens have been bonded as indentured servants owned and operated by the British Crown.  As part of their servitude, their labor assets and intellectual assets are "bonded".  

This basically means that bonds, known as Birth Certificate Bonds, are issued against the estimated value of their lifetime labor and intellectual property; and, in "equitable exchange", Federal Reserve Notes equal to the value of these individual bonds are issued and the Serial Numbers on these Federal Reserve Notes are assigned under the name of the victim. 

Of course, ole Dumb Bunny is never told a word about this. 

Although this is lined out under Public Law 10: Chap. 48, 48 Stat. 112 formerly HJR 192 of June 5, 1933 of 31 U.S.C. 5118(d)(2), the Emergency Banking Relief Act of March 9, 1933, and Public Law 73-1, 48 Stat.1., telling us that all forms of currency are an individual’s credit per Public Policy, PL 73-10, it isn't actually told to you in words that average people could understand. 

It means that you own the currencies, lock, stock, and barrel, and it also means that all the corporations are in your debt.  

So your labor and your intellectual assets, your Good Name, your copyrights, your patents, your trademarks, etc., have all been seized upon by the Brits, and sold into indentured servitude to back the Federal Reserve Notes and all other forms of currency-- including coupons, stamps, tariffs, taxes, promissory notes, money orders, wire transfers, USD, FRN's, traffic citations, court cases, digital currencies --- you name it, and you are on the hook for it, 

It's your Blood Money that they are using to run their currency system and pay their payrolls, while they have conveniently cashiered away your gold and silver resources for "safe-keeping" in the Philippines and Indonesia and other Ports of Call and blocked your access to this alternative form of commodity-backed money. 

They've forced you to slave away and bear the entire brunt of supporting their labor-backed currency issues, while blocking your access to your own gold and silver resources.  Those resources could have been used to issue a commodity-backed currency, instead, as President Kennedy directed---but they killed him and pushed their filthy "petrodollar" instead.  And jacked your energy costs skyhigh as your reward. 

A singular labor-backed currency system lets the rats freely manipulate the value of commodities --- everything from the value of gold and silver to sow bellies can be "fixed", and as long as there is no parity or fixed standard for commodity values, it's perfectly legal to engage in commodity price fixing, because, well, there is no way to determine a price for commodities.  (Cough, cough, cough....) 

Remember what the Queen's Uncle Adolph did in Germany with the Deutsche Mark?  He set up the "commodity standard" and the "labor standard" in one simple stroke --- establishing an exchange rate of 1 DM per loaf of good bread or, alternatively, 1 DM per hour of labor.  Both.  At once. 

What these Vermin have done, is to arbitrarily define and use only a labor standard, so they could put the entire burden of supporting the currency on you, while they artificially rigged the price of commodities --- everything from shoes to Bob Dole's pineapple --- which, of course, has been used to gouge you at the gas station, the grocery store, the post office, and everywhere else.  

There was really no need to use Blood Money to front the currencies. There was, instead, a desire to subject you to foreign law, undermine your actual currency----the United States Silver Dollar, and pull another fraud scheme involving pre-planned bankruptcy of their Municipal Corporations, claims of abandonment against your actual government, and destructive inflation of fiat currencies attributed to you without your knowledge or consent, to reduce you, good ole Dumb Bunny, to homelessness, poverty and economic collapse.  

Meanwhile, they intended to take their "winnings" and repeat this same process in China, using our purloined wealth to buy their way into Beijing, convince the CCP to sell them the Chinese People for the same purposes, and.... 

The image of Jealousy in Ezekial 14 comes to mind. 

It's like having a leech attached to your back.  You can't see it, but it is sucking you dry nonetheless. And that is what your purported Trustees in international jurisdiction have been doing to you for the past 100 years. 

Having been "discovered" and having the DTCC and within DTCC, Cede and Company, identified as the Issuer and Holder, respectively, of the Birth Certificate Bonds that have been used to obtain the Blood Money to do all this -- the Holy See has been left holding the bag, and has recently offered to return all the Birth Certificate Bonds that are supporting all the various kinds of currency. 

Isn't that just ducky, Dumb Bunny?  We get the paper that enslaves us returned--- the instrumentality of the crime against each and every one of us, comes home to the actual American Government, and we, the Victims, are left to sort it out and deal with the situation.  

It's like being given a Pawn Shop Ticket to retrieve our own stolen goods.

 And when we walk through the door to claim our stuff, there's an even odds chance that the police will be there (and still contriving to mistake us for someone else) to claim that we are, somehow, the ones responsible for the Mess and all the abuse that we have suffered and even the theft of our own labor assets. 

Color me cynical.  Say that I've been to too many rodeos.  Played too many card games with the Father of All Lies. 

Over the years I've had many people miss the point in what I am telling them. It somehow sails right over their heads like a helium balloon.  

They hear about these bonds and how these bonds have so much value and they immediately think that this is a good thing, and boy, howdy!  We are rich! Rich beyond our wildest dreams!  Lalalalalah---- but that's not what a "bond" is and that's not what a bond on your labor implies. 

A bond is debt.  If it's a labor bond, you have to work until you pay the debt off.  All that "money"? That's debt money.  If you are holding a bond against your own labor worth $400 million, guess what?  

On top of that, millions of Americans have been misidentified as British Territorial Citizens and bonded when they were innocent Third Parties ---not even "eligible" to be bonded in the first place.  So all that bonded debt has to be offset and what happens when you do that? 

Without the bonds backing the currency the currency loses value like a house on fire, the economies collapse, people starve, wars commence, and so on. 

So here we are, victims of a crime, being given the knife that stabbed us.  Like Atlas we have the choice of carrying the burden someone else created and laid on us, or, we can use it as a bowling ball, destroy everything, and give the enemies of Mankind what they want anyway.  

One apparent step forward is to lean hard enough on the Queen's Government and the Government of Westminster to secure access to our purloined gold and silver assets and to re-issue a commodity-backed money standard and currency to go with it.  That takes pressure off the labor-backed currency and acts like a steam release valve on a pressure cooker. 

Careful management of the bonds in a similar gradual release of indebtedness and Debt Relief owed, especially to Americans who never should have been roped into this scheme in the first place, is a second apparent step.  

Another sore point and issue with the Queen's Government and Westminster is the replacement of SERCO as both Paymaster of our Armed Forces and manager of our Patent Office.  The US Patent Office has been criminally mismanaged for years, resulting in such travesties as granting Bill Gates a patent on living people used as wi-fi devices.  

We suggest that Bill Gates, if he is still alive, be turned into an antenna at the earliest possible opportunity, and that he and the officials at SERCO who approved any such patent "in our names" all be bundled off to a nice padded cell.  

Although these and other similar issues may not at first glance appear to address the issue of Blood Money and the ticking currency time bomb, a more careful consideration will prove that they well and truly do contribute to the miasma of enslavement, genocide, pollution, and all the other ills of the modern world.   

Key to any permanent solution of the problem is the application of pre-paid credit to gradually discharge debt and to mitigate the harm done to living people and small businesses, the development of new currencies to convert debt-based currencies to credit-based currencies, to consolidate asset-backed monetary standards, to end the exploitive abuse of commodity controls for political purposes and unjust enrichment, and most of all, to finally teach the people of the world what money is, and is not.  


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Template for Prosecution -- Part 1

 By Anna Von Reitz

Among the many things we have learned is that the Clerk is the one responsible for the misadministration of the courts.  Not the judges.  Not the attorneys. 

Most clerks are ignorant and do things by rote.  They rely upon advice from State of State Attorney Generals, most of whom are also ignorant and doing things by rote, because "that's the way we've always done it".   At each step and each role within the court system there is significant compartmentalization, which serves to ensure continued ignorance and misadministration.  

The situation in Alaska described in our Public Corrective Notice and Demand may seem to be peculiar to us and to our State, but, however distinct each State's circumstance is, we can assure you that fundamentally similar fraud schemes  and similar misadministration of justice has occurred in every State of the Union. 

To address these travesties and ignorances, we have adopted both a top down and a bottom up strategy, which explains why our response nearly always involves two separate actions -- one to intervene and stop the immediate trespass, one to bring long term correction and relief.  

The first action is always brought at the level of the court imposing upon a victim of the double-ended impersonation scheme our employees have contrived to fleece their employers.  This is almost always an action addressing the Court Clerk in their capacity as the General Sessions Clerk, and involves a MUNICIPAL CITIZEN operated in the name of the victim.  

The second action is brought in The United States District Court for Your State. This action is the systemic correction, the "Top Down" part of the solution, in which the Article 1 Administrative Court is invoked to provide discipline for the erring local and state-of-state franchise courts, and to provide damages as relief for the victims.  

You might think that the sequence should be reversed, and that the second action should come first, and indeed, in real life, both actions have to be pursued in tandem.  Typically, as the first court is inflicting the damage, the second court has to be invoked after the damage, but in a practical sense, the moment that you are trespassed upon by your wrong-headed and misdirected employees, damage has occurred, and you have the basis to present your initial claim of trespass to The United States District Court. 

We have found that a timely and brief and properly worded filing in The United States District Court is often sufficient to magically erase lower franchise court cases: they simply disappear, never to be heard about again.  When an improper action has actually gone to trial and rendered a verdict on the record, these same cases show up as having been "exonerated" --- dropped after the fact, with damages paid to the victim. 

Our work as the actual civilian government of this country is to protect our people and their assets from illegal search, seizure, confiscation, attachment, arrest, detainment, and subjection under foreign law.  So, the place to start your countermeasures in response to trespasses against you and assets, is with your actual government ---- your State Assembly. 

Go to: and if you have not declared and officially adopted your birthright political status, do so now, hopefully before you are misaddressed by one of these foreign courts.  

When a trespass against you or your property occurs, there is a Federation Form called "Criminal Incident Report" available online from our websites and from your State Assemblies.  Fill it out.  Then have your State Recording Secretary record it. This establishes an international record that is admissible in international courts. 

Then you will have to go to and look up two possible cover-sheet forms, A091 and A0442, and decide which one best applies to your situation. Fill the appropriate form out, slap it on top of a copy of your recorded Criminal Incident Report, and file the package with The United States District Court For [Your State].

This identifies the jurisdiction (land) in which the trespass occurred, and establishes your credibility  as a landsman or woman, who is bringing the objection and damages claim before the district court. Going through your State Assembly and following this simple procedure makes it much more difficult for them to misunderstand the context of the claim or ignore the information. 

****Important Point to Remember****  Judges are extremely busy and need to have information crunched down to the essentials if they are to make prompt and correct decisions. 

You want service from them, so give them what they need and when you write your Criminal Incident Report, don't get lost in insignificant detail or wander around in Legal Theory Land or rant about constitutional rights. 

It will be apparent from your paperwork that you are an American and you are claiming your constitutional guarantees.  

Likewise, the Judge doesn't need to know that the incident occurred at 9:00 on Sunday, the seventeenth of April, 2020, and your car was facing Southeast at the intersection of Rainier and Bluff Street in Pleasantville, New York, when.... 

The Judge needs to know that you were arrested and detained against your will by the Pleasantville Police Department, that you were thrown face down on the pavement and your arm was broken for no apparent or stated cause, and you were severely damaged emotionally and physically.

Cut to the chase.  If  the Judge has questions, he'll ask them. 

Present the bill from your doctor, a photograph of your broken car window, the bill from the auto glass company to replace it, and a copy of any sworn Witness Testimony as part of your package. Make it as cut-and-dried as you can. 

Ask for discipline and correction of the offending Police Department and Officers. 

If you live in Pleasantville or have to travel there frequently, ask for a Protective Order to prevent any further incidents of this kind. 

Ask for damages equal to three times your actual billed costs, and a reasonable but stiff assessment as damages for your pain, suffering, fear for your life, and continuing discomfort. 

Such intangibles are hard to assess, so the law allows us to assess them within reason.  $100,000.00 up to $2,000,000.00 for such an incident, depending on contributing circumstances, would not be unreasonable, but there is no point in asking for $150 billion no matter how upset you are. 

God gave us common sense.  Use it. 

Keep in mind that the district court is responsible for abuses committed by district personnel and that includes incorporated state-of-state workers and incorporated county employees, and the personnel of subcontractors, like the Pleasantville Police Department. 

Even though they don't appear to be "federal" employees, they are, by virtue of incorporation and contract.  The Judge knows this, but you need to know it, too, and be ready to say so. 

Intervention at the bottom-up level of an ongoing county or state-of-state court case prosecution is a considerably more difficult and varied proposition. The aim of these actions is most often to secure the release of people and assets that have been unlawfully seized and impounded, often using unsigned non-judicial warrants. We will take these issues up in Part 2. 


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