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Sunday, June 18, 2023

Additional National Trust Frauds

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

We have already detailed some of the ways in which National Trusts and Individual Public Trusts have been created without authority, and subsequently abused without justification as infant decedent estates, waived estates, or as foreign trusts substituted for our estate interests, both as a country and as individual people.  

So much confusion and so much secrecy has been exercised concerning the creation, use, abuse, and assets of these various trusts that a brief discussion of both valid and invalid Public and National Trust Interests is merited.  

Americans are owed American Common Law at the State and County levels of our government, and very limited Federal Law published in the Congressional Record concerning people engaged in federally regulated activities, some of which is also codified in the original Unrevised United States Statutes at Large published by the American Federal Subcontractor operating under The Constitution for the united States of America from 1787 to 1860.  

We have our own legislative assemblies, our own courts, and our own law forms and are specifically exempted from knowing or practicing foreign law.  

We are also owed the guarantees and limitations of the Preamble Trust and Bill of Rights underscoring it, which was added as a protective and injunctive measure to all three of the Federal Constitutions, to clarify the limited nature of the delegations of power provided by the Constitution contracts. 

The Preamble Trust makes it clear that the intent of the Donors of the specific Enumerated and Delegated Powers did not expect or allow the Delegated Powers to be exercised against them by their Federal Subcontractors. The Federal Subcontractors, that is, the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, by accepting and using the Delegated Powers undertake to exercise them in good faith and cannot, for example, use them to wage war or commit crimes against their employers without being in Gross Breach of Trust and Service Contract. 

The Donors of the Delegated Powers were likewise not allowing any fanciful interpretation of these contracts to suppose that they were giving any derivative empowerments impacting non-enumerated powers, rights, and guarantees. They added The Bill of Rights to further clarify the non-enumerated rights, powers, and guarantees they were retaining--- among other such empowerments not delegated and retained under the Tenth Amendment by the people and the States. 

This Preamble Trust concerning the Enumerated and Delegated Powers is owed to each of our States of the Union and  it presents as both a service contract and a treaty trust, because the Federal Constitutions are the implementation of the Treaties ending The War of Independence.  

This is the only form of national trust that Americans have and the only one that our States have ever agreed to.  It is also the only such trust that we need as it guarantees our safety, our freedom, and our sovereignty against infringement or claim by our Federal Subcontractors.  It strictly limits the Enumerated Powers. 

Except in the sense that we are Inheritors and Receivers of all assets held in the United States Trust, that is, the residuals owed to our erstwhile Federal Republic and the members of the original Confederation of States, it is not a National Trust in the same sense that our other Federal Subcontractors have National Trusts and great care must be exercised in identifying which "Nation" and which "National Trust" we are talking about at any given time.  

The Preamble Trust is a Testamentary Express Trust.  

The United States Trust is an asset trust belonging to a "dead"  instrumentality of our government known as the Confederation of States and the American Federal Subcontractor known as the Federal Republic that is supposed to be operating under The Constitution for the united States of America --- both of which are in Stasis, awaiting Reconstruction or other Disposition by our States of the Union.  

Dissolving the United States Trust in favor of the member States or conveying the assets of the United States Trust via assignment to reconstructed business entities is part of the work now facing us.   

We are the Inheritors and Receivers of the United States Trust because we are the Delegators and Donors of all Delegated Powers and assets 
that ever belonged to the Confederation of States or the United States Federal Republic, and upon their "death" or inability to perform, those powers and other assets naturally return to the Delegators by Operation of Law.  

In addition to the Preamble Trust and the United States Trust, there are two other "National Trusts" that have nothing whatsoever to do with rank and file Americans, and which refer to the two separate "nations" that make up the citizenry of the British Territorial United States and the Municipal United States. 

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt announced that "the United States of America is bankrupt" to the Conference of Governors on May 6, 1933, he was talking about the United States of America, Incorporated, the British Territorial Municipal Corporation housed in the District of Columbia.  

We know this for sure, because sovereign and unincorporated entities are not eligible for bankruptcy protection, thus he could not be referring to our Federation of States doing business as The United States of America. 

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt received an affirmation of support from the Conference of Governors pledging the citizenry and assets of their "States", they weren't talking about the American States, they were talking about the British Territorial States-of-States franchises acting in support of their parent Municipal Corporation.  

They were talking about their "Nation" composed of British Territorial U.S. Citizens in the same way that they talk about their "National Security" and their British Territorial "National Trust" and about the "57 States" that are part of their overall hegemony --- all of which are "Confederate States", meaning "States of States" ---  operated as Municipal Corporation franchises.  

None of this history of bankruptcies and foreign corporations has anything substantive to do with our States and people, even though it has often been misconstrued and dishonest men have misconstrued it -- liberally, as they have latched onto our assets under color of law and under False Pretenses to pay the debts actually owed by these profligate Municipal Corporations.  

We wish for a complete and full public disclosure of the facts, including the fact that our country and our states/States, are not and never have been bankrupt, and are not incorporated entities.

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued his First Inaugural Address as President of the United States (Municipal Government) and spoke of "sacrifices" and "consecrations" and "clearinghouse certificates" he was talking about the sale of the Municipal citizenry as slaves, literally, as chattel used to pay debts owed by the Municipal United States Government and its Municipal Corporation.   

Their only national trust is in Heaven.  They hope things will be better after they die, because their lives on Earth have been deprived and impoverished to slake the greed and lust of depraved, evil, and selfish men, liars and thieves and hypocrites who have always abused the innocent.   

Under Ecclesiastical Law, the Municipal citizens of the United States are owed their due from these corporations and their Principals right now, as they should never have been impersonated and victimized unlawfully in the first place. No undisclosed citizenship obligations should have ever been conferred on them by any unlawful Act of the Territorial Congress.

Public slave ownership should have been abolished as well as private slave ownership and that should have been honored under the Thirteenth Amendment, not prevaricated for the purpose of unjust enrichment and collection of odious debts. 

The Universal Law of Free Will should have been honored continuously throughout all of this span of history, and wasn't.  

We wish for all the Municipal citizens of the United States to be set free and for their assets to be returned to them, so that they can never be considered public chattel or abused for any such purpose again. 

In addition to all of this, there are more than 5,000 so-called Historical and millions of so-called Legacy Trusts that have been created or rolled over and misrepresented as "unclaimed" or abandoned assets left to public administration by Municipal Corporation employees---- most of which obviously belong to people who have died and therefore belong to their heirs, or belong to people who are still alive, or belong to private trustees who have been ignored and considered "dead" as a result of all the impersonation crimes and false registrations and false claims in commerce that have been used to enslave and entrap them.  

We wish for all the various birth certificates to be returned at the expense of the Perpetrators to the heirs and owners, all assets redeemed and set aside, including all Historic and Legacy Trusts.  

We note that although the Perpetrators of these unlawful schemes can always locate people for the purpose of misaddressing false claims in commerce, that is, court charges against them, and against the various foreign corporations being operated in their names, these same Perpetrators claim that they can't find the "missing" Americans who just happen to be at the same in care of address.  

The entire circumstance reeks of long-term, consistent, self-interested fraud and personage crimes--- and it's time for all of this criminality to end.

We wish for the British Territorial U.S. Citizens to be set free and absent specific unreported knowledge, for them to be held harmless for the crimes they unknowingly committed.  We wish for their property assets to be returned to them and placed under their control and for everyone concerned to know the truth about what went on in this country and elsewhere in the world ---- not some funky narrative created in Hollywood seeking to blame some and glorify others, but the actual truth, so that everyone can see that we have all been the victims in an artificially constructed legal (but unlawful) matrix of lies, false claims, false pretenses, and false suppositions. 

We have truly lived in the kingdom of the Father of All Lies, but now we know its lessons and are ready to dispense with it, and with the spirit of falsehood perpetuating these crimes. 

The sins of the corporations are due and set upon them, and upon the men responsible for misdirecting them and for using them for unlawful purposes. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary 
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 18th 2023


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The Exact Personage Fraud -- Enslavement of Corporations

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

In the wake of The American Civil War, which was in fact an illegal undeclared Mercenary Conflict, chaos reigned, and as it was impossible to engage in a formal peace process ending an illegal "war", the presumptions of conflict remained despite the cessation of armed resistance. 

The Cause of this Mercenary Conflict was not slavery per se, but the advantage that the institution of slavery in the Southern cotton-producing States gave to American cotton in the international market which Great Britain was attempting to enter with Egyptian cotton.  Even though Egyptian cotton was thousands of miles closer to the British textile mills, the nominal wages owed to Egyptian sharecroppers made the English-Egyptian cotton investments unprofitable.  Parliament was losing its shirt. 

So, to make American cotton more expensive, the plantation system in the Southern States had to be destroyed.  That's why Lincoln, the Undeclared Foreign -- British Territorial -- Agent, repeatedly said that the conflict wasn't really about slavery. 

We have seen a recent example of the same sort of set upmwith the "Presidency" of Barack Hussein Obama, another Undeclared Foreign -- British Territorial -- Agent, counterfeiting Federal Reserve Notes offshore to undermine the value of the Federal Reserve Note currency. 

Same basic logic.  The Euro couldn't compete, so the Federal Reserve Note had to die. 

In the aftermath of the so-called Civil War, nobody had any very solid information about who was who in the conflict.  

Other than the actual foreign Federal Employees, sympathy for the South or the North could only be deduced from scattered evidence and tattle-tale testimony.  At that point, the Municipal citizens of the United States, the Federal Civil Service employees, who fought with the South, were the only official debtors that owed war reparations.  

A few hundred thousand public employees couldn't pay the war reparations, so somehow, more Municipal "citizens of the United States" had to be created out of thin air.  

The Perpetrators did this via legislation pushed through by the Territorial Congress, deeming the freed plantation slaves to be "stateless" and therefore, arbitrarily conferring Federal citizenship on their unlucky heads, and defining them as Municipal "citizens of the United States"--- that is, as debtors who owed war reparations, no matter which side they fought for or if they fought at all.  

Thus, the former plantation slaves --- and because the Perpetrators were none too careful about the basis of their Legal Presumptions --- every black man in America -- was enslaved to serve the British Territorial Government.  His body, his labor, his Good Name, and everything he owned was presumed to belong to a citizen of the [Municipal] United States, standing as chattel backing the war reparation debts of the Holy See and Southern State-of-State business organizations. 

Private slave-ownership had been abolished, but public slave-ownership had just begun.  

A few years later, the inconvenient issues attached to this were legalized by booting up a new Municipal Corporation doing business as "the United States, Incorporated" and redefining all the "citizens of the United States" as foreign corporation franchises.  

Having redefined the "United States citizens" as corporations allowed the Perpetrators to legally --- though not lawfully or morally -- pretend that people were corporations, and corporations have no rights.  

At about the same time, the word "people" disappeared from the Legal Lexicons, and was replaced by "persons" and the Territorial Congress went so far as to formally declare that the word "person" would mean "corporation" for Federal purposes. 

The words "man" and "woman" were replaced by "male", "female" and "human" in the continuing effort to sanitize this gross crime of impersonation.  

Everyone was deceived into mischaracterizing themselves as they continued to use these common words to mean different things. 

On the street, the word "person" continued to reference a man or woman, but in the world of Legalese and the Federal bureaucracy it meant "corporation". 

Likewise, "male and female" denoted the sex of animals, not people, so the barnyard mentality was being introduced among the Washington Insiders -- the politicians, bankers,  and top bureaucrats.  

People were thus reduced to being "persons", that is, corporation franchises, and individual people were merely animals, owned by masters --- albeit, public masters -- politicians, bankers, and Bar Association members.  

Using wordsmithery the British Territorial Congress and their Bar Association minions had found a slick way to denigrate everyone else and so, defraud them of their political standing, rights, guarantees, and property assets.  

This enslavement by literal impersonation and enfranchisement had worked well enough until 1900 when certain famous lawyers, among them, William Jennings Bryan, and a determined Supreme Court, brought light to the darkness -- first with a series of cases known as the Insular Tariff Cases, most famously, Downes v Bidwell, and Hooven and Allison v Evatt, and later with Hale v Henkel and others that drew a line between the Territorial United States and the governance of offshore "Territories and Possessions" versus Territorial Administration under the Northwest Ordinance leading to new States of the Union, and also exposing the relationship between men and corporations.  

Repeatedly, we see the language, "a corporation being the creature of the State" --- owned by the State, operated for the State --- doesn't have the character, rights, or protections of a man, and does not stand under the same form of law.  

In Downes v Bidwell the court determined that the Constitution, meaning the British Territorial Constitution known as The Constitution of the United States of America,  did not "necessarily" follow the flag and did not necessarily apply to the administration of the Insular Territories and Possessions of the United States that the British Territorial Government administers apart from their work under The Northwest Ordinance.  

This allowed the Perpetrators to set up a separate government offshore that was not obligated to provide the Constitutional protections and guarantees in the US Possessions offshore.  Chief Justice Harlan famously dissented and foresaw that this would, in his words, cause "mischief" and provide opportunities to mistake these United States for those United States.  

The Perpetrators set up the new offshore non-constitutional U.S. Government in Puerto Rico, which they ran -- and continue to run -- as a British Commonwealth that still has access to the Spanish Law of the Inquisition. 

Soon they had foreign Municipal Corporations named after every living American--- all set up and domiciled in Puerto Rico, and by 1925, they were prepared to use this new set up and a new Delaware Corporation doing business as the "Internal Revenue Service" to begin extracting assets from millions of non-existent British Territorial Persons-- that is, British Territorial Corporations named after Americans, all domiciled in Puerto Rico, and all subject to the Spanish Law of the Inquisition and all free to plunder and "not necessarily" owed the guarantees and protections of the Federal Constitutions.  

Whether or not your British Territorial Person was free to plunder or not was left up to the discretion of their own judges. 

Mischief, indeed, though we call it premeditated identity theft, criminal impersonation, barratry, abuse of law, racketeering under color of law, inland piracy, counterfeiting, and a great many other things. 

This scheme has been used non-stop since 1925 to defraud and divest innocent Americans of the value of their labor and their property assets, and has been so successful thanks to the misapplication of the Spanish Law of the Inquisition, so coercive and Draconian,  that Joe Biden, "President" of the White House Office, Inc., has recently offered to hire 87,000 new IRS Agents to press additional False Claims.  

We graciously decline his offer, and counter-offer a noose for inland piracy, instead.  

Indeed, this crime syndicate impersonation scheme was so successful that when things got hot enough to shut things down in Puerto Rico, the Perpetrators turned around and set up shop in the Mariana Islands, closer to China, their next intended victim.  

All the dedicated efforts of the Jurists working from 1900 to 1938, trying to sort through the tangled web left by the Civil War atrocities, culminated in The Clearfield Doctrine published in The American Law Report of 1938, which provides the official interpretation of Erie Railroad Company v. Harry J. Thompkins, in which Thompkins sought remedy for injuries suffered on a railroad right-of-way. 

The Territorial and Municipal Governments are functioning as Municipal Corporations and all their State-of-State franchises are also nothing but corporation franchises.  They and their courts have no jurisdiction over living people, yet we have continued to suffer the criminal activities of these courts and these corporations on our shores for another 85 years, thanks to their pernicious continuing False Registration, Unlawful Conversion, and Impersonation activities. 

The Territorial Congresses and the Municipal Congresses have continued to secretly act as Boards of Directors for the foreign, for-profit Municipal Corporations that have engineered and organized all of this fraud and criminal racketeering against their Employers.  

They have continued to promote political elections and to substitute these overblown events for the Public Office Elections we are owed.  These private corporation elections convert the form of "representation" from the lawful representation of Public Interest owed by Fiduciary Deputies, into the "representation" owed to shareholders unknowingly giving away their proxies in undisclosed shareholder elections. 

The people voting in these so-called political party elections don't know that they are purportedly shareholders in these deliberately mismanaged Municipal Corporations, and have no disclosure of what they are getting themselves into when they register to vote in these elections, making them unconscious participants in these criminal misrepresentations substituted for our own lawful elections, and unknowingly acting against their own self-interest.  

We wish for the removal of the unauthorized international city-states from our shores, both the UN city-state and the independent, international city-state of Washington, DC.  

We wish for the liquidation and/or forfeiture by agreement of the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia and their franchises to us, the lawful Government owed to this country, and to the living people who are owed all beneficial interest in corporations created and operated in their names without their knowledge or consent. 

We wish for the return of all physical, energetic, and intellectual property assets owed to the living people of this country and worldwide, wherever these commercial fraud schemes, illegal mercenary conflicts, and coercive manipulations have occurred, along with their attendant violations of freewill and national sovereignty.

We wish for the prosecution of anyone or any institution which, having been fully informed by this presentation of claims, stands in the way of a peaceful and complete reform of government services operations and lawful conversion back to the form of government we are owed. 

Under Ecclesiastical Law all these lies and frauds and murders and thefts and misrepresentations stand clear-cut and unarguably as the unlawful works of incorporated entities misdirected by evil men.  By Law, by treaty, and by service contract, these incorporations must be liquidated or forfeited to us as best protects our interests.  

We wish for the remedies, cures, and exonerations owed to us, replete with abundant succor for the losses, damages and sufferings of our States and our people, and for all those countries and peoples who have similarly suffered illegal occupation by undisclosed mercenary forces--- mercenary forces that have been utilized in gross Breach of Trust against us, while ultimately receiving their pay from our pockets.  

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 18th 2023


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Mirrored Foreign Persons Held in Trusts

 By Anna Von Reitz

The idea of Trusts is again a Roman idea. 
We do use American Common Law Trusts in this country for private purposes and each State created a contract trust related to the Delegated Powers when they adopted the Constitutions and defined the Enumerated Powers and Bill of Rights. That’s it.  

No other trusts in evidence. 

These American trusts are not to be confused with the statutory “State” Trusts formed by the British Territorial Government after the Civil War. 

Remember that they “mirrored” everything to give the appearance of being us—- and they applied their law to all these “mirrored” entities they created. 

Also remember that there are two levels of this same kind of deception—- two layers of “mirrors” to deal with. 

The Municipal layer and it’s PERSONS is what we first encounter whenever their foreign Legal System misaddresses us.  If they don’t get satisfaction with that ruse, they next address the Territorial Legal Person whose Legal Name looks identical to our Lawful Name —-and prosecution under that Name in Upper and Lower Case comes next. 

We have to recognize each of these imposters as they are presented as “mirrors” of our Lawful Person and say, “None of the above, thanks.” 

This is where so many people get fooled. They don’t realize that there are two foreign governments and two foreign “persons” that are “representing” them and both must be recognized and rebutted. 

I have seen many tax and foreclosure cases where we have won against the Municipal PERSON named in a suit, only to have the Court Clerk assign a new Court Case Number (to create a new bond) and address the Upper and Lower Case form of the victim’s Name, and continue the prosecution of the British Territorial Legal Person without missing a beat. 

The assumption seems to be that if you aren’t one form of foreign Legal Person, you MUST be the other kind.  It’s your job to so clearly define who you are and the capacity in which you are acting, that both these foreign “Legal Persons” are rebutted and disappear. 

Each prosecution begins in the Air Jurisdiction against a Municipal Corporation denoted as a PERSON under Maritime (Commercial) Law, and if they don’t win, it gets converted into a “Special Admiralty” prosecution against the British Territorial Legal Person named after you. 

So those are the two jurisdictions - air and sea, you have to traverse and the two Legal Persons you have to rebut before you can finally stand  as a Lawful Person and discipline the court. 

There are likewise two foreign trusts involved— the Municipal PERSONS are held in the Municipal Trust and the Territorial Persons are held in the so-called “National Trust”—but beyond these foreign trusts related to foreign persons and having nothing to do with us, is our own Trust owed to each of our States with respect to the Delegated Powers. 

The “deal” firmly stated in all three Federal Constitutions is that the delegated powers belong to us and are placed in trust with each of the Subcontractors with the understanding that these delegations of power are strictly enumerated and limited and cannot be used against us to deprive us of any rights or liberties — and The Bill of Rights is given as an example of the kinds of rights and liberties we retain and which are beyond the scope and intent of the exercise of any delegated powers granted to the Subcontractors. 

This is the only Trust ever created by our States of the Union and it is not related to any Municipal CESTUI QUE VIE trusts or British Territorial “Vessels” named after us and held in the “Oregon State [Trust]” or “New York State [Trust]. 

The other two trusts named after us and after our States are created for foreigners, by foreigners.  The Municipal TRUST is created by the Holy See.  The British Territorial Trust is created by the Government of Westminster. But only the Preamble Trust and Bill of Rights apply to Americans. 

We were basically saying, “Okay, you foreign Subcontractors, we are going to share some of our powers with you and delegate those enumerated and limited powers to you, so you can do some work for us, but you can’t then turn around and use those same powers against us.  You can’t interpret these delegations of powers as permission to usurp against our retained rights and just to make sure you understand what we are talking about, here’s a list of examples of the retained rights and powers we are talking about, contained in this Bill of Rights.”

So now you have a better idea of the three persons, three trusts, and three forms of law involved every time you wade into this morass. 

You have a Municipal Legal PERSON named after you, which is part of the Catholic Unum Sanctum Trust.  It functions under Maritime Law. 

You have a British Territorial Legal Person named after you, which is part of their foreign National Trust.  It functions under Special Admiralty Law. 

Finally, you have your American Lawful Person named after you (which on paper looks the same as the British Territorial Legal Person) which is owed the Preamble Trust and Bill of Rights and all other associated protections. 
It functions under international land law —and the Federal Constitutions define our Law of the Land, including the limits of that law. 

It is necessary to keep your wits and be able to sort through this so as to recognize which “persons” and trusts apply to you— and keep single-mindedly on point, so that these con artists can’t “mistake” you for one of them and use that as an excuse to misaddress you under False Legal Presumptions. 

As an American not employed by or receiving unearned benefits from any Federal Employers, your answer has to be—- I am not a member of the city (Washington DC) nor the District (British Territorial hegemony).  Period. 

So here is a succinct reply you can make in any court case at any time and blow their wheels off: 

“ I am an American State National owed the Preamble Trust and the Bill of Rights and the retained Tenth Amendment Powers and I waive any foreign obligations or unearned benefits. I retain the right to hold everyone here 100% commercially and personally liable for any harm proposed against me or my assets held in trust.”  

Simple, short, and sweet and covers all the bases. 

Any “judge”  who hears this and does not immediately render your due is acting in insurrection and in treason and breach of trust for which he or she is 100% commercially (on the Municipal side) and personally (on the British Territorial side) —— liable. 

And this is true no matter what pretenses of war and the various impersonations they may offer. 

Just remember the existence of these two other “persons” and two other trusts and reply to both by waiving any interest in their trusts and claiming your own. 

Finally, remember that “mirroring” is a well-known form of Bunko Crime and is a form of Impersonation—- another Bunko Crime.  

Both these crimes are occurring in international jurisdiction every time one of these foreign courts misaddresses an American— including Donald Trump. 

So which “Agency” is responsible for addressing and prosecuting international fraud schemes?  It used to be the FBI. 

Falling down on the job again? 

Remember— the only Federal Laws that DO apply to Americans are Title 27 regarding regulation of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, the interstate commerce clause (when properly interpreted to prevent obstruction of trade) and also remember that all such Federal laws pertaining to Americans must: (1) be published in the Congressional Record not the Federal  Register and (2) that Americans must be knowingly and actively engaged in a federally regulated activity or acting within the confines of a Federal Enclave (think Army Base or Post Office, etc.) in order for any “federal law” to apply to them. 

Also remember that the “State of State Courts” presently in operation are all working as franchise corporations of the Federal Municipal Corporations and as such have no judicial powers related to you or your State of the Union apart from those summarized above. 

That is, something calling itself “The State of Wyoming Superior Court” appears to be operating a judicial function for Wyoming, the State— but it’s not.  It’s functioning as an incorporated franchise of the US, INC. or the USA, Inc., and with respect to us, actual Americans, these Courts are just as limited as any other Federal Court.  


On Sun, Jun 18, 2023 at 12:53 AM Ken Burgess  wrote:
Hello Derek,
I saw Dr. Greer's press announcement on Monday and finally getting around to sending you a note.

I am not an attorney or any legal or lawful professional, but have been studying the fundamental differences between the Legal and Lawful approaches to how our current world operates, and would like to offer you some suggestions.

The Lawful world is based upon American Common Law where our Nation is a Trust and we are the beneficiaries, and elected officials are the Trustee's.
The Legal world is base upon Roman Municipal Law where all aspects of our Govt are corporations masquerading as a lawful govt to which they are not.

Being a lawful American National or State National (Virginia, Delaware, etc) and having the comprehension of this jurisdiction is the key to removing yourself from assumed subjugations that take the form of the endless Codes, Statutes and Regulations (CSR) that are part of the 'Benefits' that you get with volunteering yourself to being a United States or US Citizen.

These 2 jurisdictions are as defined as China and Brazil, but mostly completely unknown except in a few patriot (domestic terrorist) type communities, and just because they are unknown and mostly shunned does not make them un-true.

The reason that I bring this up is that as most of you still consider yourselves a US Citizen, and thus you are constrained by all the CSR's that come as part of that jurisdiction with the implied understanding that you have no real rights or ability's to hold property that is free and clear govt oversight, licensing or regulation.  This is not true as you step out of that jurisdiction and declare yourself to become an American State National.

Essentially, this is an entirely unique system where you can truly hold your own authority over all other authorities, and have a equal level of protections as the 'law' that you operate with is not that of the Legal world.

If this is new to you, it probably sounds like gibberish, but if you are even slightly familiar with this, then please let me know and I may be able to help you out further.

I am just a regular guy, 64, living in northern California and been familiar with this field since Dr. Greer's first disclosure event in 2001.  I have been involved with many advanced science and technology projects in the area more of business development rather than tech development and worked with many names of: Nassim Haramein, Mark Comings, Mark Goldes, Ken Shoulders, Patrick Flanagan, Alvin Marks, and many more.  We were doing business development and potential fundraising all prior to 2001 and actually met Dr. Greer at that time during a home presentation in San Francisco.

I suspect that I could be of marginal value as my health is so-so, and a lot of my skills are dated, but I do have a decent level of strategic ideas that might be of value.

Most of my 'lawful' info comes from various teachers such as Russell-Jay: Gould, David Straight and Anna Von Reitz.  Each one has their own take of what their 'jurisdiction' actually is and how to navigate it.  Currently I am part of Anna's California Assembly that is based upon the Historical precedent of our nations founding to extract ourselves out of 'legal' entrapments that all started after the Civil War.

This is a HUGE topic, but one that I think that you should consider, and if you are interested, I would love to have you talk with Anna herself if she has the time.  In the mean time, I would be glad to help you along the way.

Let me know what you think, 
and best to all that you are doing.
Ken Burgess.

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