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Saturday, November 19, 2022

The Fallacy of the Strong Dollar

 By Anna Von Reitz

Of all the facts that Edward Dowd explained in his October briefing of the American Freedom Alliance, the one that jumped out at me and waved flags and otherwise stopgobbered me, was his revelation that the Biden Administration is all gung-ho in favor of a "strong dollar". 

Sounds good, doesn't it?  A "strong dollar" sounds good, but isn't, for reasons that Down didn't go into, but which I shall briefly address. 

A "strong dollar" means that the USD, which is not our American Silver Dollar, but is "a" dollar used as the world Reserve Currency, is gaining ground against all other currencies.  

This means that a "dollar" buys more Polish zlotys than ever, and this in turn means that a Pole who wants to buy a pair of Levis has to work two, three, four....times as long to buy those Levis --- assuming that they are still available anywhere in the world by the time Biden and his Administration are done with their Wrecking Crew activities carried out at the behest of the CCP being funded by the British Crown.

Avoidance of debt makes strange bedfellows.... but pull your attention back to the strong dollar issue. 

A "strong dollar" means that we are arbitrarily taxing every other nation of the world, pricing our goods and services right out of the marketplace, and then turning around and taxing ourselves with stratospheric inflation, an imploding housing market, a disrupted food chain, and likely, millions of our people dead and slowly dying, so that these madmen can brag that we have a "strong dollar".  

Do we want a strong dollar?  No, we do not. 

It's like saying, "Do you want to be a beneficiary?"  And everyone rushes forward like a hara kiri of lemmings saying, "Yes, yes, yes! I am a beneficiary!" 

But do you want to be a beneficiary?  Really?  A beneficiary of what, exactly?  

No, no, no, no, no, you don't want to be a beneficiary. You want to be a Donor, instead, and make the Trustees dance. 

But it sounds good to be a "beneficiary". It sounds like there is something good to be had.  The same way that a "sound dollar" sounds really good for this country, but is in fact, abysmally bad for everyone, that is, all but certain foreign governments who are trying to figure out how to sell or at least bulk up the perceived value of their US Treasury Bond holdings in a falling market.

Just remember that Joe Biden and the Communist Chinese are responsible for that "strong dollar" and you are paying for it eleven ways to Sunday

You are paying for it in lost jobs.  You are paying for it in soaring food prices.  You are paying for it in vastly increased taxation --- mostly realized as the hidden tax of inflation. You are paying for it in lost home valuations. You are paying for it in the form of collapsing demand for your goods and services. 

You are paying for it in the form of 87,000 new IRS Agents who think you owe the government money, when in fact the Government, Inc., already owes you more money than it can ever pay back. 

So next time someone asks you if you want a flu shot, if you are a beneficiary, or if you favor a "strong dollar" --- follow Nancy Reagan's always-timely advice, and just say no. 

Those of you who have been reading along know that I openly pleaded for the arrest of Jerome Powell in September.  As always, the running dogs are slow on the uptake, but it appears that they eventually caught up with the absolute insanity at the "Federal" Reserve. 

Picture the chaos: 

(1) All the banks and "lending institutions" have been caught making (and collecting upon) fraudulent mortgage contracts. We've been lending them our houses as assets, they've been ginning up 10 times the value of this "asset loan" as credit, and instead of giving us back the value of the credit which we also own as the actual asset holders, they've been stealing an unearned security interest in our property using false pretenses, and charging us interest on the use of our own credit. 

And Bank of America is on the grill for all this. 

(2) An estimated 400,000 Americans are dead and an estimated over 2.5 million are permanently injured/maimed, rendered unable to work and support their families, by the Jab.  

This is putting a nice big dent in demand for housing, in a market that was already floating in a sea of housing supply created by fraudulent bank foreclosures. 

(3) We are looking at hundreds of millions of phoney mortgages created under False Pretenses not being paid and not being enforceable and having heard this and having seen why, people are not starting new homes or "borrowing" anything (including flim-flam) from the banks, at the same time that the housing market is over-supplied by any measure, .... enter Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, yanking the Prime Interest Rate upward. Upward. Upward. 

(4) Certainly "the Fed" is under pressure to pay its own debts, but you'd have to be insane and intent on creating a total economic collapse to do that.  

The correct response is to nudge the commercial banks to either demolish existing substandard housing in their possession as a result of foreclosures, or bring their holdings up to code and arrange a program to use the surplus to house the millions of Americans who have been rendered homeless by their schemes. 

That makes the so-called "Housing Bubble" a net loss (demolition costs) or a zero sum game for the banks, but it does discourage them from continuing to defraud people, and it does help ameliorate the problems they have caused for themselves and for the world economy, 

Powell's answer, to raise the Prime Interest Rate some more and kill -- absolutely kill -- demand for new housing starts, commercial construction, and home remodels as well --- may be "traditional", but it is also absolutely whackjob insane in the situation we are facing.  

Increasing the Prime Rate (the interest the Fed charges commercial banks for the use of their Federal Reserve Note scrip) does nothing to curb inflation or forestall the ever-increasing dearth of essential commodities--- things like cheese and truck parts and new sheets.  It does nothing to address the Housing Dilemma, but does make it exponentially worse. 

But I do understand how Powell got here. 

The Fed had already dropped the Prime Interest Rate as far as it could go and still remain in operation, leaving no head room at all.  If they had stayed out of the Fraud Feeding Frenzy and the 2008 Big Short, and, and, and.... and if they had held the line on Easy Money, they wouldn't be under the political lash to provide a "strong dollar" out of their (hats) right now.

If they had honored their debts and paid out what they owed people for remedy, they'd be in a lot better shape, too ---both in terms of economics and in terms of legalities.  They'd have less profit, but what profit they had would have been theirs, good solid defensible profit, instead of "unjust enrichment" and "failure to abate" and "criminal conspiracy to defraud the Public Interest".   

My husband asked me for an evaluation of the situation this morning and I blinked and said, "It's like a Sissy Fight between Leviathan and Peter Pan." 

And we have yet to add in the brokerage players, Goldman-Sachs, Morgan Stanley, et alia, and the major insurers like Lloyds and AIG. 

Just imagine that you are in a rowboat at sea climbing up and over a hundred foot wave. And pray for a weak dollar. 


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A Full Explanation of the UN Connection

 By Anna Von Reitz

What's so pitiful, Jack, is that while you imagine that you are "the" only "Lawful Heir" the actual fact is that every American is a Lawful Heir, and so are all  those who will come here in years to come and adopt a State of the Union as their house, home, and domicile. They will be Lawful Heirs, too.

What's additionally pitiful is that you think the UN CORP runs the world, when in fact, Jimmy Carter transferred the BIRTH CERTIFICATES of purely purported-to-exist Municipal CITIZENS to the United Nations Organization back in the 1980's.  These "personal" Municipal CORPORATIONS were "gifted", that is, "conferred" on everyone in this country and returned by Carter to a Third Party. 

But an unsupported Legal Fiction is still an unsupported Legal Fiction, so Jimmy returned the "gift" as nothing for nothing, which formally dissolves any such incorporation's basis for registration.  

Now I blame Carter for involving the United Nations Organization and giving it any possible entre into our lives, but in another sense, his action was brilliant.  Are you responsible for a "gift" that has been returned to the store?  Or one that you have passed on (or off) to someone else?  

No, you are not. And you are not responsible for the existence of such a gift, or the debts accumulated by such a gift. 

With respect to the ownership of those Municipal PERSONS (as in enslavement) you should think of it as a vast international game of Hot Potato. 

Carter passed all of that off and saddled the United Nations with the responsibility of it, so now what they are rather ineffectually messing around with, is an attempt to claim the existence of Municipal CITIZENS--- corporations that don't exist, in the same exact way that the imaginary ships insured during the bottomry bonds scandals, didn't exist.  The ships, the bonds, and the insurance on the bonds were all phoney.  Imaginary.  So are all these Municipal Corporations named after Americans. 

It was all nothing but a debt entrapment scheme based on clearinghouse certificates authorized by FDR, acting as CEO of "the" United States Municipal Corporation at the time.  

The scheme itself goes back to Lincoln, so we now have the entire history of it and who bears the responsibility for it.  We can be sure that these "assets" of the UN CORP are nothing but hot air, and so long as people are aware of that fact and respond appropriately, there is no contract and no Cestui Que Vie parent trust, either. 

As for Israel being in any driver seat, it turns out that The Balfour Declaration was attached to a lease for 99 years and it has no actual physical land grant underlying it and no record of sale, because the Brits couldn't sell Jacob Rothschild what was never theirs to sell.  At most, they could set up a long term lease during their military protectorate of "Palestine" --- another one of their inventions made out of thin air. 

So, Jack, why don't I call you "Felix" and see if this causes a virulent black moustache to erupt on your upper lip?  What?  Nothing happened?  

Nothing happened.  That's just the point.  The only thing holding Israel together is the collective belief of its people and their willingness to fight for a soon-to-be defunded military. Haven't you seen the ads asking for donations to feed the elderly in Israel?  Alms for Holocaust Survivors?  

Well, we are all now survivors of a holocaust of lies and false identities foisted off on us by would-be Roman Slavers and British Con Artists, but that has run its road, too.  

These exonerating facts, and many others, have been researched by The Living Law Firm and are supported by the Public Records, whereas all you have on your side of anything, is an egotistical and elitist "belief" that you are the special son of God, destined to rule over the Earth as a Semi- Benevolent Dictator. 

Picture all the rest of us as pins bursting your bubble. 


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"Sovereign" Debt Collapse, Forced Migration, and Motivations

 By Anna Von Reitz

In the days to come, you will be hearing some odd phrases. One of them is "Sovereign" Debt Collapse. 

This is a misnomer as most phrases involving the word "sovereign" are. 

The guilty parties want you to think that such a thing as "sovereign" debt exists, and the rest of the people who use this phrase think they know what they are talking about ----like those who use the phrase "sovereign citizen"---- but don't really. 

In just one transaction, Prince Philip received $950 Trillion Dollars from the GOVERNOR of OTTAWA as payment for Life Force Value Annuities. 

The entirety of world debt --- all debt, governmental, private, and personal -- amounts to $303 Trillion Dollars at the present moment. 

So what is this nonsense about "sovereign debt collapse"?   Obviously, Prince Philip left behind an estate more than competent to pay off world debt and have twice as much left over, based on just one transaction. 

They will tell you, oh, it's not that sort of sovereign debt. 

But it is. 

The guilty parties are trying to pin the tail on the sovereign people and nations of the world, instead of the Sovereigns responsible for this egregious situation. 

What a "Sovereign Debt Collapse" actually means is that the Sovereigns are not paying their debts owed to the sovereign peoples and nations. 

Remember Joe and Andy?  

(1) Andy walks in, hands a $10 I.O.U. to Joe and Joe gives him a hamburger.  

(2) Joe's hamburger has paid for Andy's debt.  

(3) Now Joe and Andy are both in debt.  Joe is in debt to himself, because he is bearing the loss of his labor and materials to create the hamburger,  and Andy is in debt to Joe because he never actually paid Joe.  

(4) Because there is no end date to this transaction, Joe can't force Andy to pay. 

(5) The debt of Andy to Joe thus becomes a debt of honor, and the only thing proving that a debt exists, is the Note. 

(6) The same circumstance applies to every such transaction, big or small, that occurs under the same conditions: that is, debt offered as payment, actual goods and services exchanged for debt, no date established for payback. 

They are turning their Royal pockets inside out and pretending that they are skint, and furthermore, pretending that they don't know who their Creditors are--- while they are busily killing their Creditors to avoid payment of their Sovereign Debt (Government Debt) to the actual sovereign people of each nation. 

So whether it is an actual "Sovereign" like Queen Elizabeth's brood, or a Government Corporation standing in the place of such a Sovereign, the story is the same.  

They have the money (actual assets) in their control, because they took (false) title to all the assets, and they have the credit (as debt notes) in endless supply--- because they run the printing presses --- and because there is no set date to repay the people, they stand around and say, "Well, not big toe aches.  It's inconvenient.  I have a bet placed on the Ukraine War and might have to pay up.... You know how it is...."  

Simple enough, isn't it?  This is what they always do, century after century.  They use the sovereign people and their assets as collateral to borrow credit from the banks, and when the credit can't be supported anymore, they kill their Creditors. 

They don't have to pay back the credit to dead people, they get to keep the remaining assets --- land, gold, silver, etc., that they purloined under color of law and authority that they don't actually have, they get paid to clean up the mess they made, and tax the survivors to rebuild everything they destroyed. 

So why not kill millions, even billions of innocent people, using a Snake Oil Hoax and coercion?  

The Life Force Value Annuities Prince Philip received in April of 2017 are insurance policies on insurance policies that prepaid Prince Philip for the deaths that are occuring now --- which makes no sense until you realize that insurance is nothing but legalized gambling.  

Prince Philip sold off his "assumed" interest in all the livestock in the United States and Canada; in his view, and the bank's, that included the people living here. He collected the life insurance annuities as part of the payoff when he sold his ownership interest.  You can't insure something if you don't have an ownership interest in it, so....  

China bought that presumed-to-exist ownership interest, and has been busily telling Joe Biden what to do ever since.  The same thing occurs when corporations change hands in other fields -- if Ryobi buys out Lubbock Tool and Die, the Lubbock brand may remain in evidence, but all the decisions about the company in Texas are now being called by a Japanese Board of Directors. 

All this is part of the Vermin's long term plan to move their center of business to China. 

Of course, it was all very quiet, no big announcement, but you can hardly move $950 T in a world economy where the accumulated is $303 T without causing a few waves in the bathtub.  
Thus, we do have compelling though circumstantial evidence that Prince Philip knew what was coming, and that he was in on it, Big time. Other things like his famous statement that he wanted to come back from the dead as "a loathsome virus" also adds fuel to the circumstantial evidence, as does the decision to sell out his purported North American interests in 2017, just prior to a giant infusion of Royal Cash Assets into HSBC. 

I would say that Philip was loathsome enough whatever package he came in, but there is little doubt that he continues to haunt our days right now.

Now, notice who paid him?  The GOVERNOR of OTTAWA, that is, the Municipal Corporation "Governor" of the Municipal Corporation of Ottawa, which is an independent international city-state just like Washington, DC, just like Vatican City, just like the Inner City of London, just like the United Nations, just like NYC.  

These things have proliferated like putrid ulcers all over the Earth, little Municipal City-States bound under the Roman Civil Law, all theocracies owing tribute to the Roman Pontiff --- and it really doesn't matter what they call the "Papal Bridge" these days. They pretend that Papal Office is closed, but the crime syndicate and the modus operandi remains the same. 

Whether you call a Pope a Pontiff or a Pontiff the Pope, the man wearing the hat remains the same. Call me late for supper and things get serious; otherwise, what offices the Pope occupies and what those offices are named, remains a game that the Pope plays without any obligation to tell you or me.  

What the Pontiff, or "Papal Bridge" does, is to provide money and banking services of extraordinary kinds, like cashing out Prince Philip and loaning gold to China to do it.  Now you know who has been financing and directing the whole move to China for the past thirty-plus years, and we know this is true, because the GOVERNOR of OTTAWA who paid Philip was an aged Catholic Archbishop suffering from cancer, who died soon after this transaction was completed. 

Think about it.  The Church has been collecting income taxes from the serfs since 1135 A.D.  The only change is that we pay a much larger percentage of our earnings than the serfs did.  Even what they use the tax money for remains the same: crusades, "holy" war, as if war were ever holy. 

Remember Voltaire's quip about the Holy Roman Empire -- that it wasn't holy, wasn't Roman, and wasn't an Empire.  We could all say the same about the present situation if we were half as observant as our ancestors. 

So, the "Royals" are busily killing off their Creditors for cause.  They hate owing people money that they are morally obligated to pay back.  It doesn't suit their Royal whim to be in "uncertain debt" to the great unwashed masses who look to them for wisdom and care and guidance, like children mistaking Satan for their kindly Grandfather. 

And things are about to get worse, not better. 

You might ask how things could possibly get worse?  It will get worse because the militaries of the world woke up and began killing off the Royals and all their minions for their many crimes against humanity.  
Kill some of them and some members of Congress, purely as scapegoats, and gin up a "war" with China to kill a few million Chinese (more Creditors gone) ---hey, from the military's standpoint, this has been a perfect set up. 

They get everything that they want: scapegoats, control of the assets and credit, and a relatively "good" excuse to go after China and retrieve more of the gold and credit the Royals pilfered and which the Chinese borrowed from the Pope. 

Remember kindly that all the things these guys are playing with ultimately belong to you and me and the other equally innocent people who stand to die in Shanghai and Peking. 

And by the way, the "Open Borders Policy" makes perfect sense. 

The American Creditors are being killed by the Snakeoil Hoax, and the Hondurans and Mexicans and Guatemalans are being brought in to replace them as debt slaves. That's why the illegal immigrants are specifically exempted from having to drink the Kool-Aid. 

The Royals, and now the militaries, don't owe the South Americans very much and South American lives are not worth much in their scale of things, but the moment they cross the border and can count as "American Assets" these people grow tremendously in value as presumptive inheritors of the various Public Trusts.  

These "new Americans" can act as place-holders in the Public Trust Scheme and this will allow the Perpetrators to retain control of all their yummy Slush Funds. 

All of this is proving to be a great temptation to the militaries that are involved in the so-called Clean Up.  

There are numerous Generals and Admirals who see this as a chance to rule the world behind figurehead politicians --- but wait, that's what they have been doing here since 1863 --- and the only thing preventing them from continuing would be public awakening on a worldwide scale. 

Which is happening. 

It's almost comical.  While they fizzle-fart around standing on first one leg and then another, wondering what kind of narrative they can sell to the ignorant Public, Rome burns. 

A strange paralysis has set in, a sort of Three-Way Standoff between those who wonder: "But if we tweaked this just a little bit, we might be able to pull it off...." and those who have very clear visual memories of nooses and Les Miserables, and a third group who actually do have a sense of patriotism and honor.  

Just like the Angels in Heaven, it's a three-way split, with one-third going the way of Satan, and two-thirds remaining on the side of God. 

So Sydney Powell isn't wrong when she says, "It's Biblical." 

There is also very little doubt which side will win the toss up, so long as we all do our parts in the civilian world. 

Doing our part means committing  full devotion to Rat Watching and Rat Reporting ---  sharing the information is of critical importance and dissing the Mainstream Media is, too.  People need to know, for sure, that the Media Talking Heads are completely, 100%, and literally ---owned.  This serves three desperately needed purposes: (1) it keeps the militaries honest and (2) keeps the Public informed about what we are up against and (3) it breaks the power of the media brain-washing operation. 

Does anyone think that it is a coincidence that the BBC's motto is: "Listen and obey"?  Millions upon millions of innocent people have listened and obeyed and day by day they are paying the price.  It's time that the media moguls and Talking Heads were given The Turning Knob. 

All the Spanish and French-speakers among us need to take on an extra burden to explain the situation to the would-be new immigrants from South America, who, having suffered more than we have in this country, will more rapidly understand how they are being used by these Democrats working for China, and the fate that is planned for them here in the "Land of the Free": debt slavery and store-fronting for evil, by any other names. 

Here are two exceptionally insightful presentations that you should all watch and study, and share widely --- 


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