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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gun Show in Kalispell - I am so disgusted I could spit.

I went to the gun show in Kalispell today, All Day.   I could not believe the disgusting overpricing on everything that even looked like a semi - automatic rifle.

I am really mad about this.  The stupid sheeple are finally waking up and are in full panic mode. They are panic buying every gun, magazine, part, accessory, and all the ammo, and paying ridiculous prices for ALL of it.

They are doing this in the big cities at the gun shows, and in every major gun shop across the country and driving the prices up for all of us who have been paying attention all along. Now, all of a sudden, they are worried about losing their guns. Where were they, when we asked them to help us STOP THE UNLAWFUL GUN GRABBERS with political action that could have made a difference.  Where were they when we told them that Obama and all their henchmen were gun grabbers. Where were they when we asked them to chip in with a little money to stop the illegal usurper from being elected, and when we asked them to help us educate the masses about their jury rights and unlawful, so called "gun laws".  They didn't bother to make any effort to stop this before now?

That makes me very, very angry. They have priced my family and I right out of the market!


My family and I have kept fighting this evil, corrupt government every step of the way since 1967,
We have fought, and spent every spare penny, and homeschooled our kids, and worked ourselves to the bone, to stay out of the way of government. We have warned our friends and neighbors, and everyone we could get to, about what the true law in the United States is, and I even spent 13 days in jail in Billings Montana over the money issue, when the Montana Freemen offered to pay for a statewide radio system as a safety net for patriots, and the FBI and local cops and news media refused to tell the truth about why I was there. In fact they didn't even bother to ask me why I was there. They just made up their own story and put it out there as if it were truth.

I have a right to be mad as hell about this.

Where in God's creation are the local government officials who all took an oath to uphold, defend, and obey the Constitution for the United States of America. I say again, WHERE ARE THEY. Why the silence?
As far as I am concerned they have all breached their oath of office BY BEING SILENT on this gun grabber attempt to make criminals out of law-abiding peaceful people with the stroke of a pen.

Where are you Sheriff of Lincoln County? You are still collecting your paycheck are you not?

I was in the courtroom the day you took your oath Roby.  I have the signatures of 35 of Lincoln Counties' finest patriots who witnessed you taking your oath to the Constitutions of the USA and the State of Montana. Why are you silent?  WHY ARE YOU NOT LEADING to make Lincoln County safe against these government terrorists who are threatening the people with gun confiscation? Why are you not forming a posse, to stop the jack booted, black suited thugs of government while you can still stop them peacefully and without bloodshed.  Make no mistake Roby that by your silence on this issue, you are fostering a situation where people will get desperate. You need to be leading as a peacekeeper, and a peace officer. NOT as a "law enforcement" officer under orders from federal outlaw tyrants!.

If you don't believe that you have the duty to stop federal tyranny, then you don't have the requisite knowledge required by the duty of your station in life. We offered to send you to the meeting of sheriffs where you could have learned how to keep your oath. In fact it would have been an all expenses paid trip, but you didn't take advantage of that.

At least Ray Nixon had the backbone to come to Eureka and say to everyone that he would NOT enforce the Brady bill when it passed. And later he was proved right by the Mack/Printz decision of the Supreme Court that said the federal government does NOT have the right to order the states or the CLEOs to do anything at all.

And how about "We the People"?  How about it Joe Blow citizen?  You pay taxes don't you? Are you getting your monies' worth from your elected officials including your commissioners and sheriff? Are you getting any protection at all against the gun grabbers from the people who keep taking your money who have sworn an oath to the supreme law of the land? Are they taking your money and leaving you high and dry, and leaving it up to patriots like ME to stand up for you?

And now that you are in a panic, and see the gun grabbers coming over the horizon, are you paying way too much for guns in a desperate and selfish attempt to get all you can with the little money you have left because these gun grabbers have bled you dry with their UNLAWFUL taxation (inflation tax) without representation, when in fact you should have been fighting them with your mouth and your pen and your money all along?

If the shoe fits, wear it! You know who you are!

I am thoroughly disgusted, and I have all I can do to say this!

I will forgive you all of this, if you will just do one thing, and DO IT RIGHT NOW!

If you will just repent of this lack of action for your freedom, your family, and your neighbor, and start standing up for freedom, and telling everyone you know about the unlawful tyranny of the elite so called rulers, and start educating your family and friends about how LAWLESS the gun grabbers are, I can forgive you. I can even HELP you by giving you the "ammunition" to expose these outlaws and government terrorists. I CAN AND WILL GIVE YOU FREE OF CHARGE, all the facts, and educational materials, and real laws that you need to wake people up and get them in the fight, BEFORE this comes to blood.

So now what is it going to be people?

What is it going to be Sheriffs?  What is it going to be County Commissioners? Are you going to DO something or not? Are you going to keep your oath or not?

Here is the information:  YOU NO LONGER HAVE ANY EXCUSES.

God WILL hold you responsible for the oath you took. It is unmistakable, and very real. You will be held accountable for all eternity for the duties of your station in life the same as me.
 I hope that before God I am keeping my oath, and I hope that you find the strength to keep yours also.
In fact I will give you every help within my power to keep your oath, and I will stand by your side if you decide you are going to keep it.  So the ball is in your court, so to speak.

Paul Stramer  KC7MEZ   800 889 2839