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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Is Dianne Feinstein a terrorist?

What do terrorists do?
Don't they threaten VIOLENCE to get what they want?

What will the end result be if Dianne Feinstein's gun ban bill makes it through congress and is signed by Obama?  Won't the jack booted, black suited thugs from government try to collect the guns?
Will that not involve violence?

I believe, like many other Americans, that it will involve much bloodshed.

So isn't Dianne Feinstein TERRORIZING millions of totally law abiding peace loving Americans with violence for doing absolutely NOTHING WRONG?

Terrorists in government throughout history have always tried to disarm the general population (that they consider as their slaves) with some phony so called "law" before they go around killing their opposition who refuse to lay down their arms and give up their freedom.

In fact governments have killed more people this way in the last century than have died from any other cause except natural causes. It's the number one killer. MILLIONS of people have died over so called "gun control" laws. Hitler did it. Stalin did it. Mao did it. Pol Pot did it, and many many more. It was done in country after country and was always followed by genocide and murder on a diabolic scale.

Knowing all that history comes with responsibility, doesn't it?  Shouldn't Dianne Feinstein be arrested, as a designated terrorist under the NDAA for terrorizing over ONE HUNDRED MILLION law abiding American people who just want to be left alone to raise their families, make a living and live in peace, with the protection of their only means of defense against terrorism;  their lawfully owned firearms?

What else do terrorists do to get what they want?

They lie like the devil himself to the public!

They are saying that collecting the guns, especially those horrible "assault weapons" will make our streets safer.  THAT IS A BIG LIE.  Statistics from many countries prove that once guns are rounded up, the next thing that gets rounded up are the freedom loving people who were totally law abiding until the terrorists passed their so called "laws" outlawing guns.

Who are the real outlaws?

The Constitution for the United States IS THE SUPREME LAW OF THIS LAND!  That makes the gun grabbers THE REAL OUTLAWS.
We must stand on the law, and we must stand for law and order. 
Yes we have the absolute right, according to the natural law put into spin by our Creator, to self defense, even if that includes defying unlawful "government goons" with force if necessary. BUT WE ARE NOT THE OUTLAWS in that case, because their whole fraudulent scheme operates on the premise that they have the right to legislate away the US Constitution, and THAT IS FRAUD, deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation, and IT IS TOTALLY UNLAWFUL regardless of what they write on a piece of paper and claim is law for us to follow.

If the gun grabbers were not outlaws, they would be trying to promote a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT rescinding the 2nd Amendment. But no, they already know that it would never work. So instead they buy the DHS over 1.4 BILLION cartridges and purport to pass some "law" that outlaws guns.

I challenge anyone to prove otherwise.  Even if you come with the facts surrounding the United States Corporation, and the tricks they have done to fraudulently get us to go along with their schemes in the past, it does NOT apply to this issue. This has NOTHING to do with any UCC, or contract. This has to do ONLY with GOD'S LAW, and the laws of nature surrounding self defense, safety and freedom from tyranny.
There IS NO HIGHER LAW than God's positive divine law, and the laws of nature He governs the universe by.

Who are the real terrorists?

Ask yourself this question?
What is the best way to stop a terrorist?  Isn't it to catch them and charge them with their crimes?
It's not too late to do that yet, but if this gets much further down the road, then what will be the only solution?

I can not remember in my lifetime a worse terrorist threat than gun grabbers terrorizing one hundred million people with the loss of their hard earned freedom, their property, and their very lives, by threatening to take away their only means of self defense against tyrannical government terror?

The real terrorists are in government and always have been!

Draw your own conclusions.


  1. History has shown that disarming the population... any population, of any country has led to mass murder by those would be "saviors" of freedom. We can not... must not trade the idea of only government owned and operated weapons as the only way to security in this "once great" country.

  2. This EVIL Woman has time and Time again, sought to Dismantle and destroy the Freedoms of Americans. She is No Less a TERRORIST, then OSAMA BEN LODEN, and deserves the same fate.

  3. Not unlike Monsanto's Genetically MOdified Frankenfoods, Senator Frankenstein's mentality has been altered. For anyone ignoring the Lame Street Media,and the Tell Lie Vision set, and has been paying attention, doing their homework, they will know that those running the show in the District of Columbia, have laid aside the Constitution,make their own rules, for the purpose of total world control. These international banksters have and do alter whatever they feel will finalize their agenda. And as has been pointed out here with Paul's well said article, history shows that when guns are confiscated, genocide follows. Also, research will show that 'they' want to destroy America, have despised the people since the opposing Founding Fathers left Europe to get away from them and start a Country of Freedom and Liberty.The head of Oath Keepers says that if people wrote , emailed their Senators/ Congress people , perhaps this would make a big difference when these people voted regarding the very near decision making day. He also advised people to talk to one another , so that individuals wont think they are alone in their standing on the 2nd amendment. I've read that both Britain and Russia are saying "Don't give up your guns America". They are talking from experience.
    'Give me liberty or give me death'-Patrick Henry.


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