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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 9 -- 800 Years of This

 By Anna Von Reitz

Strangely, it's likely that nobody reading this has ever been paid for their work, unless perhaps, they bartered their labor for a meal or a car or some other material good. Or they may have lived in Wyoming, where they still used American Silver Dollars to buy groceries as recently as the 1980's, and may still do in some small towns.
All that most people have ever received for their goods and their services is an I.O.U. from the corporations responsible for this circumstance: Federal Reserve Notes. Euros. Or some other form of Blood Money.
We were prepared to look at this situation going all the way back to the 1860's and the so-called American Civil War, but imagine our shock when we took possession of the Bearer Bonds that were used to generate and issue the Labor Contracts (Miller Act in The United States, similar legislation elsewhere) ---and bearing in mind that we haven't "accepted" anything yet and won't without conditions----we realized that the debt has been running in the background like a computer virus, for over 800 years.
There hasn't been a Jubilee in over 800 years.
There has been, instead, a stubborn and ultimately self-defeating refusal on the part of Monarchs and business operations chartered by the various sovereign Principals to actually pay their workers for their labor ---and an endless reiteration of one side of the economic equation refusing to pay their debts to the other.
Thus far, two World Wars and innumerable lesser conflicts have resulted in many of the victims of this gross injustice --- the actual Priority Creditors --- being murdered by the millions, and the guilty corporations responsible for this profiting themselves in multiple ways from the loss of all these lives.
Let us examine the ways in which these corporations profit themselves from the murder of their creditors who are often also their employers:
(1) Most obviously, they don't have to pay back debts owed to dead men, and given the way they have set things up in generation-skipping trusts, they don't have to pay the victim's children, either. Since the dead are dead and the living skipped over, the grandchildren are left clueless that any inheritance exists, and the corporate predators simply claim the victim's estate and all the earnings from it as abandoned property.
(2) The corporations come in and claim all the abandoned homes and land left over from their wars and benefit themselves by using the receipts as collateral for loans;
(3) They use the loans to clean up the mess that they've created, then charge the victim's children and grandchildren for the cost of the loans and their own "services" for cleaning up the mess;
(4) They insure the victims and collect the life insurance, or, as it is, "the life force value annuities" that they have raised off the dead;
(5) They take the profit they made from murdering their creditors and select a new place on the globe where they can do the same thing, over and over and over.
This has been going on in an institutionalized way since the English Civil War, and in a less organized way, it has been promoted under the Commonwealth System, all the way back to King John.
And here we are, calling an end to it.
The key to ending this abusive corruption and this cycle of perpetual war is to deprive the corporations of their profit motives. There is no sense in people fighting each other. Instead of killing each other and enriching these corporations, it's time that we, the living, made the corporations feel the ax at their roots, instead.
The following patents are mostly US-held property interests that serve criminal purposes with respect to our civilian population, and which do not have significantly beneficial applications to justify their existence; we are therefore, outlawing these patents and similar patents, and seizing them in our charter interest.
These offending patents are aimed at controlling specific people and by extension, human populations, via various control signals and hypnosis and other "mind control" behavior modification routines. These patents aim at violating the Universal Law of Free Will and are the first of many to be expunged which permit corporations to profit from criminal activities and protect those activities without regard for the Public Good.
Similar patents related to the present virus boondoggle will also be expunged as analysis of Patent Office records continues.
It has come to our attention that the perpetrators of this purposefully engineered virus "emergency" hope to benefit themselves by claiming the estates of the victims, including the physical bodies of the victims, by establishing cellular-level patent claims resulting from the injection of engineered mRNA and mRNA and DNA complexes.
These claims have already been outlawed in this country, but an even more dire process is engaged.
At least some of the perpetrators of the current vaccination promotion have aimed at sterilizing large numbers of people and yes, murdering large numbers of people, by injuring and sidelining their natural generalized immune system antibodies--- and leaving the victims open to runaway infection by any passing pathogen or even a coronavirus variant non-specific to the protein code targeted by the misnamed and misrepresented "vaccines".
This criminal scheme appears not only to serve the aforementioned purposes of killing large numbers of creditors of these corporations and reducing the population --- a goal of the Nazi Eugenics movement since the 1920's --- but also to expedite the claim process against the personal estates of the victims by making them sign a financial statement prior to receiving the "vaccine".
Let us demonstrate for the courts how this works.
Joseph Allen Clark, a man in his fifties, who is unaware of his actual estate holdings, is asked to complete a financial statement. He looks around at his possessions in the terms that he is familiar with, and concludes that his net worth is $528,000.00. Having made this--- as it turns out, false determination, and having signed it, this is taken as evidence.
He receives the injection and a few months later dies of opportunistic bacterial pneumonia which kills him because his natural generalized immune system response has been suppressed by the "vaccine" injected into his system with malice aforethought.
His actual net worth is $42,004,560,087.09.
The Perpetrators of this nightmare come in, present his signed financial statement, the court pays off the $528,000.00 he "claimed" --- and awards the remainder to the criminal corporations that have engineered this entire circumstance as abandoned estate assets.
And what other choice do the courts have?
The High Courts of the World are called upon to honor and enforce our Liquidation Order seizing the assets and contracts of these criminal governmental services corporations and all those corporations which are in any way associated with this criminality, including the World Health Organization, Inc., the CDC, Inc., the NIH, Inc., the Pirbright Institute, Inc., the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Inc., Pfizer, Inc., and others to be named, which have demonstrably participated in this shameful betrayal and murder accompli of innocent people for purposes of fraud, unjust enrichment, and avoidance of their own debts and material obligations.
Although much of the patent mischief has occurred in our global Municipal Jurisdiction, as a result of misadministration by SERCO, Inc., a British enterprise conglomerate which has also wrongly been allowed to serve as Paymaster of our Armed Forces, we find that the focus of the virus plan and undeclared biological warfare ultimately attached to it, is from Europe, not the US, and not America.
The bulk of the harm being done is centered in the European Union countries, including Great Britain as such, as this plan took shape long before any move to BREXIT--- where the pharmaceutical companies have shared the recipe for their vaccine among numerous nations and not required any patent registration or serial number for the end product at all. This leads not only to chaos and lack of product control, but also to a complete breakdown of accountability for the results.
The millions of Europeans who can expect to die from a multitude of conditions resulting from the violent suppression of their natural immune system will have nobody to blame and no recourse to claim compensation, thanks to trusting what they have, in good faith, thought was their government--- but which was in fact nothing but a grossly self-interested and criminally mismanaged interlocking trust directorate operating commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services.
And all of this insanity is attached to what? The "national debts" that these same corporations recklessly ran up as charges against their clueless employers.
They've finally run out of head room. The numbers have become so astronomical compared to the actual "book" assets of the entire planet that nobody in their right mind can comprehend the incipient damage that these monsters have done, or the long term consequences absent another miracle of forgiveness.
Left to their own devices, all they could come up with was an evil and almost childish media-driven fraud scheme, to do what they have always done ---- kill their creditors and claim their creditor's assets as abandoned property, and pay themselves for this so-called service. Again. The whole virus, vaccination, immuno-suppression scheme is only a little more sophisticated plot, all designed to play to the same ends.
If left to run its course, it will play out over the same number of years as a traditional war, and yield the same results --- without, however, invoking the dangers of a nuclear or scalar holocaust for the planet as a whole.
We propose to intervene, to not let this artificial plague develop, and to hold the corporations that have done this responsible. Take their profit motives from them. Punish their Officers and Board Members. Put the boot where the boot belongs.
We call upon the High Courts of the World to put an end to this 800-year rampage of criminal malfeasance, misrepresentation, and mis-administration, and to also to organize and begin an appropriate and necessary and long overdue re-education of Jurists worldwide.

Things could not have gone this far astray and become as alienated from actual life as they have, without the willing participation of the denizens of the Inner City of London, the Temple Bar, and the Inns of Court in these crimes and usurpations against the living people. Although this is a private international matter, we wish to be assured and to have reasonable proof that the Hired Jurists and the legal profession as a whole, have been brought back into line and made aware of their actual jurisdictional limitations and their obligations to the living people of the world.


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