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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 9 -- 800 Years of This

 By Anna Von Reitz

Strangely, it's likely that nobody reading this has ever been paid for their work, unless perhaps, they bartered their labor for a meal or a car or some other material good. Or they may have lived in Wyoming, where they still used American Silver Dollars to buy groceries as recently as the 1980's, and may still do in some small towns.
All that most people have ever received for their goods and their services is an I.O.U. from the corporations responsible for this circumstance: Federal Reserve Notes. Euros. Or some other form of Blood Money.
We were prepared to look at this situation going all the way back to the 1860's and the so-called American Civil War, but imagine our shock when we took possession of the Bearer Bonds that were used to generate and issue the Labor Contracts (Miller Act in The United States, similar legislation elsewhere) ---and bearing in mind that we haven't "accepted" anything yet and won't without conditions----we realized that the debt has been running in the background like a computer virus, for over 800 years.
There hasn't been a Jubilee in over 800 years.
There has been, instead, a stubborn and ultimately self-defeating refusal on the part of Monarchs and business operations chartered by the various sovereign Principals to actually pay their workers for their labor ---and an endless reiteration of one side of the economic equation refusing to pay their debts to the other.
Thus far, two World Wars and innumerable lesser conflicts have resulted in many of the victims of this gross injustice --- the actual Priority Creditors --- being murdered by the millions, and the guilty corporations responsible for this profiting themselves in multiple ways from the loss of all these lives.
Let us examine the ways in which these corporations profit themselves from the murder of their creditors who are often also their employers:
(1) Most obviously, they don't have to pay back debts owed to dead men, and given the way they have set things up in generation-skipping trusts, they don't have to pay the victim's children, either. Since the dead are dead and the living skipped over, the grandchildren are left clueless that any inheritance exists, and the corporate predators simply claim the victim's estate and all the earnings from it as abandoned property.
(2) The corporations come in and claim all the abandoned homes and land left over from their wars and benefit themselves by using the receipts as collateral for loans;
(3) They use the loans to clean up the mess that they've created, then charge the victim's children and grandchildren for the cost of the loans and their own "services" for cleaning up the mess;
(4) They insure the victims and collect the life insurance, or, as it is, "the life force value annuities" that they have raised off the dead;
(5) They take the profit they made from murdering their creditors and select a new place on the globe where they can do the same thing, over and over and over.
This has been going on in an institutionalized way since the English Civil War, and in a less organized way, it has been promoted under the Commonwealth System, all the way back to King John.
And here we are, calling an end to it.
The key to ending this abusive corruption and this cycle of perpetual war is to deprive the corporations of their profit motives. There is no sense in people fighting each other. Instead of killing each other and enriching these corporations, it's time that we, the living, made the corporations feel the ax at their roots, instead.
The following patents are mostly US-held property interests that serve criminal purposes with respect to our civilian population, and which do not have significantly beneficial applications to justify their existence; we are therefore, outlawing these patents and similar patents, and seizing them in our charter interest.
These offending patents are aimed at controlling specific people and by extension, human populations, via various control signals and hypnosis and other "mind control" behavior modification routines. These patents aim at violating the Universal Law of Free Will and are the first of many to be expunged which permit corporations to profit from criminal activities and protect those activities without regard for the Public Good.
Similar patents related to the present virus boondoggle will also be expunged as analysis of Patent Office records continues.
It has come to our attention that the perpetrators of this purposefully engineered virus "emergency" hope to benefit themselves by claiming the estates of the victims, including the physical bodies of the victims, by establishing cellular-level patent claims resulting from the injection of engineered mRNA and mRNA and DNA complexes.
These claims have already been outlawed in this country, but an even more dire process is engaged.
At least some of the perpetrators of the current vaccination promotion have aimed at sterilizing large numbers of people and yes, murdering large numbers of people, by injuring and sidelining their natural generalized immune system antibodies--- and leaving the victims open to runaway infection by any passing pathogen or even a coronavirus variant non-specific to the protein code targeted by the misnamed and misrepresented "vaccines".
This criminal scheme appears not only to serve the aforementioned purposes of killing large numbers of creditors of these corporations and reducing the population --- a goal of the Nazi Eugenics movement since the 1920's --- but also to expedite the claim process against the personal estates of the victims by making them sign a financial statement prior to receiving the "vaccine".
Let us demonstrate for the courts how this works.
Joseph Allen Clark, a man in his fifties, who is unaware of his actual estate holdings, is asked to complete a financial statement. He looks around at his possessions in the terms that he is familiar with, and concludes that his net worth is $528,000.00. Having made this--- as it turns out, false determination, and having signed it, this is taken as evidence.
He receives the injection and a few months later dies of opportunistic bacterial pneumonia which kills him because his natural generalized immune system response has been suppressed by the "vaccine" injected into his system with malice aforethought.
His actual net worth is $42,004,560,087.09.
The Perpetrators of this nightmare come in, present his signed financial statement, the court pays off the $528,000.00 he "claimed" --- and awards the remainder to the criminal corporations that have engineered this entire circumstance as abandoned estate assets.
And what other choice do the courts have?
The High Courts of the World are called upon to honor and enforce our Liquidation Order seizing the assets and contracts of these criminal governmental services corporations and all those corporations which are in any way associated with this criminality, including the World Health Organization, Inc., the CDC, Inc., the NIH, Inc., the Pirbright Institute, Inc., the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Inc., Pfizer, Inc., and others to be named, which have demonstrably participated in this shameful betrayal and murder accompli of innocent people for purposes of fraud, unjust enrichment, and avoidance of their own debts and material obligations.
Although much of the patent mischief has occurred in our global Municipal Jurisdiction, as a result of misadministration by SERCO, Inc., a British enterprise conglomerate which has also wrongly been allowed to serve as Paymaster of our Armed Forces, we find that the focus of the virus plan and undeclared biological warfare ultimately attached to it, is from Europe, not the US, and not America.
The bulk of the harm being done is centered in the European Union countries, including Great Britain as such, as this plan took shape long before any move to BREXIT--- where the pharmaceutical companies have shared the recipe for their vaccine among numerous nations and not required any patent registration or serial number for the end product at all. This leads not only to chaos and lack of product control, but also to a complete breakdown of accountability for the results.
The millions of Europeans who can expect to die from a multitude of conditions resulting from the violent suppression of their natural immune system will have nobody to blame and no recourse to claim compensation, thanks to trusting what they have, in good faith, thought was their government--- but which was in fact nothing but a grossly self-interested and criminally mismanaged interlocking trust directorate operating commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services.
And all of this insanity is attached to what? The "national debts" that these same corporations recklessly ran up as charges against their clueless employers.
They've finally run out of head room. The numbers have become so astronomical compared to the actual "book" assets of the entire planet that nobody in their right mind can comprehend the incipient damage that these monsters have done, or the long term consequences absent another miracle of forgiveness.
Left to their own devices, all they could come up with was an evil and almost childish media-driven fraud scheme, to do what they have always done ---- kill their creditors and claim their creditor's assets as abandoned property, and pay themselves for this so-called service. Again. The whole virus, vaccination, immuno-suppression scheme is only a little more sophisticated plot, all designed to play to the same ends.
If left to run its course, it will play out over the same number of years as a traditional war, and yield the same results --- without, however, invoking the dangers of a nuclear or scalar holocaust for the planet as a whole.
We propose to intervene, to not let this artificial plague develop, and to hold the corporations that have done this responsible. Take their profit motives from them. Punish their Officers and Board Members. Put the boot where the boot belongs.
We call upon the High Courts of the World to put an end to this 800-year rampage of criminal malfeasance, misrepresentation, and mis-administration, and to also to organize and begin an appropriate and necessary and long overdue re-education of Jurists worldwide.

Things could not have gone this far astray and become as alienated from actual life as they have, without the willing participation of the denizens of the Inner City of London, the Temple Bar, and the Inns of Court in these crimes and usurpations against the living people. Although this is a private international matter, we wish to be assured and to have reasonable proof that the Hired Jurists and the legal profession as a whole, have been brought back into line and made aware of their actual jurisdictional limitations and their obligations to the living people of the world.


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  1. Let us know what we can do to make the solution a success. Thanks for the boat load of information Anna.

  2. .
    "The High Courts of the World are called upon to honor and enforce our Liquidation Order seizing the assets and contracts of these criminal governmental services corporations"

    How are these people [high courts-LOL] - BAR attorneys, Banksters, Vatican [etc.] not connected to the same criminal origination that are in control of everything now ?????

    The US has not adhered to any of there so called decisions - have they?

    1. The corporations, remember, actually belong to us—- the governments that chartered them. That is why we get stuck with the bill when they go bankrupt. So we are, by exercising our returned delegates powers, beginning the process of cleaning up the corporations that have been chartered here, asking for similar action against criminal corporations in foreign countries, and also beginning to move against criminal patents, which are often used to profit from crimes. There are thousands of patents that provide profit to corporations engaged in criminal activities and these patents (and the profit from them) thus become the motivation to actually implement and pursue the related crimes. The only way to stop this is by pulling the patents and punishing the perpetrators, thereby removing their profit motive and instead giving them incentives not to pursue criminal activities in the first place.

    2. The american people did not create the corporations, the Vatican did; and we are not responsible for their crimes,if any, or for cleaning up their mess: they are.

      If YOU want to be responsible for their wrong-doing, fine; just leave the rest of us out of it because we didn't have anything to do with it just as we didn't have anything to do with THEIR creation of THEIR BIRTH CERTIFICATED CORPORATIONS, using our property without our consent or knowledge.

      So, just stop it. Those criminal corporations AND their crimes, if any, belong to them not us.

      And quit deleting/shadow-banning my comments or I'm going to think you are intending to gaslight the people perhaps, into accepting responsibility for Debts they didn't create. And that is a big ole no-no.

  3. .
    "Although this is a private international matter, we wish to be assured and to have reasonable proof that the Hired Jurists and the legal profession as a whole, have been brought back into line and made aware of their actual jurisdictional limitations and their obligations to the living people of the world."

    Where is the validated, verified, certified PROOF of this ?

    Please bring forth the evidence of this alleged matter!

    If there is no hard factual proof on the record then that is is just a fairy tale - fakery.

    Is that correct? If not than why not ?

    1. .
      P.S. I have a copy of the full page so far as I have seen shadow banning of the truth here. Is that correct? If not than why not ?

    2. You are familiar with the concepts of “public” and “private” are you not? Many activities are public by their nature and others, such as religious beliefs, are private. You may also recall me telling everyone that all systems of law ultimately derive from systems of ethics, most of which are religious in nature. It should therefore come as no surprise that the “Temple” referred to as the “Temple Bar” is in fact a temple and the organizations that have been employed to administer courts throughout the world are local chapters of a private pagan religion. They do have public obligations and we are here signaling the necessity of respecting their limitations and doing their public duties — instead of usurping their employers. At the same time, as they are a religious cult we are not able to directly interfere with their administration without violating their religious freedom and our own separation between Church and State.

      The same thing applies to dealing with the Free Masons. They have their own beliefs and traditions and so long as they are not causing harm in the wider world, they are free to believe whatever they like.

      It’s when the Public Interest Collides with the private interest that we have discussions like this—- where these groups are reminded of the conditions under which they are tolerated.

      The Jurists provide specific public services which makes their position even more “grey area” than the other organizations that fall into the same category.

      We are reminding them of their public role and obligations to the public at the same time we are respecting the fact that their administration within their “church” is a private matter.

      It’s similar to saying—I don’t care how you get to New York, but get to New York.

      We don’t care what internal means are used within their organizations to make correction— we simply want the bad behavior cleaned up and the harm to the Public to cease.

      They are well-aware from past experience that such warnings have teeth. Their “religion” has been viciously suppressed on numerous occasions and they have been both murdered in the streets and driven out of communities.

      Push people far enough with unlawful behavior and that is what happens. We are raising the flag and telling them to get back in bounds, because that kind of violence and disruption just causes more harm to everyone concerned.

      See also the logic of what we are talking about in general: people are tricked into fighting when the corporations are at fault.

      So instead of fighting each other, we correct the corporations.

      Which, as I pointed out in the beginning— belong to us.

    3. It seems i am also perhaps being banned/shadow banned.
      Paul, let my comments go on through -- unless you're afraid to publish counter point comments!!! But surely you're not!

  4. Ground zero is SERCO and like NYC a hub of criminals all banks stock exchanges all media .
    But they have as always mercenaries be it BLM ANTIFA or UN/ .
    The BAR won’t change .
    As judge Dale said in his book things your not supposed to know the communist/Canaanite gang put out a hard copy of thair manual referencing to themselves as lawyers guild communist party.
    And in cahoots with masons in England 50%of all judges are masons.
    They in conjunction with synagogue of satin ran the French Revolution bloody terror even Napoleon and his brother Canaanite masons he just got to rambunctious and his son killed as punishment.
    Arron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were agents conspiring to undue what we fought for .
    Burr as Vice President under Jefferson got a charter to build a water line into NYC never did it started a bank that becomes kume and low Rothschild front that morphed into Chase Manhattan Rockefeller/Rothschild.
    Burr went up and down the coast hired Indians to attack settlers.
    This explains why Jefferson was so mad at him at his trial Masonic prosecutors and Masonic judge turned the proceedings into a Masonic family reunion.
    JFK. Knew it in his secret society’s speach.

    1. My comments keep disappearing.

      Yes, serco is owned by the british crown.

      American patents have been claimed by the british for a very long time from what I understand. The intellectual property belonging to the people of our sovereign states of our union.

  5. Yep. It does sorta start shaping up to look like mebbe there are "Good Cops and Bad Cops" all working their separate Acting Roles to shift the responsibility for the Vatican and Monarchs Debts off onto the actual american people . . . I mean, since they didn't get our consent before they started this Debt Death March now what? Surely they're not trying to gaslight or traffick us into debt acceptance AFTERWARDS? That wouldn't be honest.

  6. Agenda 21:

  7. Well, my old bosschef was used to saying "Who is equalizing his debts
    fritters away his wealth".

  8. control signals and hypnosis and other "mind control" behavior modification routines.
    yes and this is all justified (as is bar stuff) under the KJV and old test and revelation (merger of old and new) -- ask the bar attorneys, kJV and "the lord" and revelation they claim is their "public law".

    this is also all the isiah/revelation/"the lord" (jupiter, saturn)/ezekiel stuff.

    it is "christian socialism" so-called, thank the bellamy family, same reason for the "pledge". how many "churches" and "businesses" are doing mastery learning and total quality management and delphi technique -- all these are mind control methods, patents or no. completely hegelian.

    7 candlesticks with jupiter in the center, saturnalia. with mercury/thoth/2nd coming "joshua" "their lord and his christ" as merely the messenger for jupiter. (not actually god, not a trinity, joshua is just a man who heralds jupiter/saturn, father of fathers)

    this is the propechy of ezekiel, this is the "master mason" KJV edition "saturnian golden age" and this is the zionist worldly kingdom.

    20 days of no sun or moon -- jupiter

    all you will find at the bottom of the dogpile is astrological mind control. every 600 years a messiah (so say the rosicrucians). moses had to end the age of taurus (golden calf) to enter aries. christ had to kick off pisces. rome was said to be founded by gemini (romulus and remus), the dioscouri. egypt (or khem) seemed to have a mars and leo and sirius and orion/pleides conection. others like moia heads seem to also stare at orion and pleides.

    animals gestation periods linked to planets. hence moon rabbit (and mouse rodents rat, doe perhaps too) for moon, 2 cows/bovines for venus (2x292, 584 days), 4 horses/mares/she-ass for earth/sun (~360 days), x4 you get a leap year. mercury 2 bitches/she wolves, 2x58

    these are also the wheels with 100s of "eyes" (stars, insects, with earth as vishnu's body and hair being the sky full of stars).

    at the bottom of the dog pile, you just find astrology and new "religions" and new "messiahs" every 600 years or whichever date you choose. all the new "religions" just continue the same old astrology.

    jupiter/saturn swings around again, led by thoth/hermes/mercury ("their lord and his christ"). jupiter, father of fathers.

    same old 7 candlesticks nonsense. "zionism" is ezekiel/2nd coming/revelation, same old saturnian golden age.

    actual jews: -- no 2nd coming, no prophecy of ezekiel, no revelation, no worldly kingdom

    actual new test: trinity, no "their lord and his christ" of revelation, 7 candlesticks are obsolete "the law" -- christ had a new commandment "my kingdom is not of this world"

    it is only kabbalah/masonry/saturnian "their lord and his christ" golden age "prophecy of ezekiel" that tries to merge these.

    1. you can piece all this together easily, see eliphas levi, "rosicrucian" things, the shem-hammephorash "the staff of adam", morals and dogma, and crowley too

      noone even used apocalypse/revelation/isiah/prophecy of ezekiel until recently -- it was ezra apocalypse instead (see catholic encyclopedia, they of course are also infiltrated nowadays)

      this is also enoch/metatron, revelation/apocalypse, 30/33 lesser gods of vishnu aka crowleys and dees and kelly 30 calls of "enochian magic", also likely to be 33 mason degrees. 30 degrees for each zodiac sign.
      note claims of marduk and tiamat -- wiki marduk is just jupiter. also worshipped in babylon. some things never change.
      this is the same 7 candlesticks, the same "the lord" entity, just code for jupiter/saturn. the same prophecy of ezekiel and isiah.

      777 the number of jupiter (7 + 7^2 + 7^3) == 399 (note crowley 777)
      venus 8 == 584
      mars 9 == 819 (before being wounded by athena, down to 780)
      mercury 4.5 == 115

      we can see why the modern-day cover-up -- because menorrah and 2nd coming are still based on marduk/jupiter in the center, "father of fathers" with "their lord and his christ" mercury/hermes/thoth "jesus who is just a messenger, not god, no trinity" merely leading the way for his "father"

      adonis, killed by a boar (avatar of jupiter)
      athena wounded mars (819 days changed to 780)

      star of david is just a symbol of thoth/hermes/mercury, no surprise there. vesica piscis, platos shapes aka alchemy. tied to orbits.

      crowley was correct. there is no light in stars, stars are in the light. astrology cult and "mystery religions" remains in charge of the lesser "religions" which are merely outgrowths/manifestations of their "light" and everyone else gets scraps and must blindly obey. so-called "dark lodges" remain in control of the "religions"
      "The Holy One, blessed be He, said to Moses: 'To you will I disclose the reason for the heifer, but to anybody else it is a statute (hukkah).'"

      what is the lesson of ezekiel 1:10? leo,tarus,aquarius,scorpio/eagle

      take your pick, a messiah every 600 years and/or 2160 years a new age. rome gemini, golden calf taurus, moses aries, and pisces christ.

    2. the lesson of ezekiel and "the lord" is it is all just astrology mind control. one story for the masses, another story for themselves in private. bibles for you to obey, astrology and sacred geometry for us. you get the shell/image/shadow, we keep the substance. bones for you, meat and milk for us.

      the dead [ideas, with meanings lost or purposely withheld] govern, the living only obey -- morals and dogma.

      of course, shoving covert astrology down peoples throats is not "religion" because (out of thin air, with zero consent whatsoever) everyone agrees that lord jupiter/saturn is god, and everyone magically consented to his messenger mercury "their lord and his christ" of revelation/ezekiel.

      note that jahveh/jehovah makes david a house for isiah/ezekiel/revelation II sam 7 11:16. jehovah doesnt exist in the new testament. eastons bible dictionary "jehovah".

      so you have a double/triple/more game being played. we will let you pretend christ is god, for a time. but that is just a story to amuse you and control you. in reality, jupiter/saturn comes back with his candlestick to steal the throne.

      its pretty funny, mercury/hermes/thoth/david is exactly like a thief in the night LOL.
      In Rumania you are allowed to say as much as you like that God is good. You are not allowed to say that the Devil is bad. St. John the Baptist could have saved his life if he had said: "Repent because the kingdom of heaven is near." Nobody would have touched him. He was touched when he said, "You, Herod, are bad."

      If Christ would have delivered a thousand "Sermons on the Mount" they would not have crucified Him. They crucified Him when He said, "You vipers," then He was crucified.
      some things never change -- this is also the saturnian golden age. marx "only the devil can save the catholic church"
      I took in hand the International Review of Missions, edited by the World Council of Churches, and I read there in the issue of January that in Rumania, orthodoxism and protestantism grow in an atmosphere of full religious liberty.

      If the man who wrote this has not taken thousands of dollars from the Rumanian secret police, he deserve to be hanged for stupidity

      friendship with the world is hatred toward God. But supposing you must have friendship and fellowship with everybody. How is it that you have had friendship and fellowship only with our inquisitors, and with us never?"

    3. at the end of the day, "the lord" and ezekiel and isiah is just marduk aka jupiter/saturn.

      now we can see why joseph smith (or was it brigham young?) carried around jupiter symbols -- to kick off 2nd coming (how many people thru history have claimed this over and over?).

      yes, mind control. why are people spreading this nonsense. if we are doing astrology and "star of david" (mercury/thoth/hermes), lets just be honest astrologers then, why the cover-up/disguise?

      if its all just astrology and sacred geometry, might as well get the real story rather than mind control by "dark lodges"

      what purpose does "the lord" and ezekiel and isiah and revelation serve except mind control? if you want astrology, go direct to the source, why get the secondhand "idiot version" for control of the masses where you must blindly obey, and maybe if you are a good slave, they will promote you to manage others?

      the mind control is all around. starting with the "bibles"

      why send people "down the rabbit hole" on wild goose chases to try to study ezekiel?

      we already know its just 2nd coming/revelation/astrology/jupiter-saturn worship with mercury/thoth/hermes paving the way, and then bowing out (trinity obsolete, the "son" is no longer needed and no longer god, saturn wins)

      ezekiel/revelation(and isiah/david) is just marduk aka jupiter/saturn again. big whoop.

      what is the magical lesson of marduk that people failed to learn, that we all are supposed to travel back in time to learn it again?

      the prophecy of ezekiel is that everyone is supposed to just magically "return to source" back to babylon again? meet the new marduk, same as the old marduk.

      so, nimrod is the victor? these are the lessons of ezekiel people are supposed to integrate into.

      amos 5:18. the day of "the lord" marduk aka jupiter aka saturn aka nimrod is darkness, not light.

      new test is light without darkness -- total opposite.

      ezekiel says we are supposed to switch back to marduk again?

      "The Holy One, blessed be He, said to Moses: 'To you will I disclose the reason for the heifer, but to anybody else it is a statute (hukkah).'"
      there are no lessons of ezekiel except "obey the unelected astrologers who have decided to dictate your life and the world to you"

      "if you really want to know what the red heifer is about -- you cant"

      those are the lessons of ezekiel -- you arent allowed to know who or what is trying to enslave you. you are supposed to just blindly obey.

      the lesson of ezekiel is that crowley was right -- "dark lodges" and mind control.

    5. CORRECTION : it was ezra apocalypse instead (see catholic encyclopedia, they of course are also infiltrated nowadays)
      esdras. why the bait and switch? 600 years, 1200 years, 1800 years passed? 6000 years? have to cover up the astrology for the masses.

      isiah/ezekiel/revelation is just marduk with "joshua" as hermes/thoth -- not actually god, just a messenger.

      why not just go to hermes/mercury/thoth directly rather than secondhand "idiot version "? why not just go to marduk/jupiter/saturn directly too?

      what purpose is there except mind control to constantly rename things and try to pass them off as new entities, when its just same old jupiter/saturn + mercury/thoth ?

      likewise, if we are doing revelation why not just go to enoch and cthulhu directly? the masses always get the "idiot version" in their "bibles" which they are supposedly to blindly obey the unelected astrologers (a sin for you, against old test and new, but for them to dictate to you, no problem -- illuminism, they are above sin, infallible; you are damned if you dont obey them, they play by their own rules. freedom for them, the yoke for you)

      joshua is the same old "enochian magic" and cthulhu too.

      either there is a trinity or there is not. and either christ is in the trinity or not. either he was god or was just thoth/hermes/mecury messenger of jupiter/saturn/marduk/metatron et. al.

      the "rosicrucians" have thoth making an appearance, to explain all this astrology to everyone for "2nd coming".

      so.....where is this thoth/hermes/mercury entity that was supposed to show up? looks it is just same old "dark lodges".

      bait and switch. promise you knowledge, give you mind control instead. promise you light, darkness. promise you truth, cover-up instead. promise you a messiah, instead just astrology. promise you "word of god" instead of "word of marduk/jupiter/saturn". promise you "the lord" instead metatron/cthulhu/"enochian magic"

      where is rosicrucian hermes coming to explain the bait and switch to everyone? 2nd coming thoth still hasnt arrived, just more cover ups. now we get a new "joshua" switcheroo.

      "dark lodges" still running the show, just like in nimrod's day. babylon still in full control.

  9. Just a couple hours or listening to interviews of Lord Mayor of London "banking" City revealed they think without them no one would have anything. That they support London around London City with billion or two in taxes. That they claim to have created the colonies to facilitate trading and their growing need to ship but and sell products. That they use a fake election system to always keep or get the Lord Mayor chosen by the "high council" that uses and election law from 1400s. That China is doing well due to the Lord Mayer nurturing billions invested in China e con omy. They tell you outright of what they call normal and a lot of the people say it is a conspiracy to say anything about the facts of what they themselves claim they are doing and what is now proven hundreds of times over. A cornered liar has not much chance of success due to the fact the lies are like tools that dissolve in your hand before getting the job done and turn in to tarbaby, the more you fight the stickier and more stuck in your lies you become.


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