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Saturday, June 11, 2022

The Truth About January 6th Documentary

Gateway Pundit Releases Bombshell Debut Of Exclusive Documentary: “The Truth About January 6th”…Featuring Narration by J6 Prisoner Jake Lang From Inside Solitary Confinement

Call Out to Henry Bryant Lanier

 By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Henry— 

I can see that you are confused and so are millions of other people. 

You’ve been the victim of an attempted international identity theft scheme like billions of other people on this planet.  

Blame the Pope and the Brits and their sleazy Federal Subcontractors. 

Our “Public Servants” have attempted to go into business for themselves by “mirroring” flesh and blood people and using our Lawful Persons  (also known as Proper Names) to create British Territorial doppelgängers that are Legal Persons. 

These British Territorial “Persons” use your Name and pretend to be you— but they are not you.  They only “stand for” you if you happen to be on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways. 

And that is what the contracts and treaties between our country and Britain actually say. 

As an American from whatever State of the Union you are owed pass-through service from their system as long as you have recorded and declared your actual political status. 

And it is then their responsibility to honor their treaties and contracts with us. 

We have thousands of Americans from every state who have declared that they are Texans, Floridians, Vermonters, New Yorkers…. and they have published this on the Public Record.

Of course the Brits are trying to claim that you are one of their U.S. Citizens so they don’t have to pay the debts they owe you.

And of course, the Holy See is trying to claim that you are one of their Municipal Corporations which appear to be HENRY BRYANT LANIER— but that is a sign not a name  and it has nothing to do with you. 

They, too, are trying to steal your identity and confuse you with their CORPORATIONS, so they can avoid paying you what they owe you, too. 

So both these outfits are trying to steal your identity.  One is doing it by claiming you are a British Territorial (U.S. Citizen)  The other is trying to confuse you with a corporation functioning under a foreign sign language naming convention that just APPEARS to be named after you— so as to foist it’s debts and obligations off onto your back. (US CITIZEN) 

But in fact, both these outfits and more importantly, the Principals that registered and chartered all these things, owe you pass-through service and exemption from their systems. And good faith. 

See Article IV of The Constitution of The United States of America and The Constitution of the United States.  The Principals— the Holy See and the British Monarch and Westminster and Belgium all owe you pass-through exemption and “good faith service” so long as you are identified as an American claiming your birthright as — for example, a Wisconsinite— and declaring and publishing the same in public. 

You can have any kind of ID or Passport or contract and so long as you identify yourself correctly and publish this information —you are owed good faith service and pass-through service and tax exemptions and everything else owed to you—- so long as you are claiming your correct political status. 

That means NOT claiming any citizenship obligations at all, except of course if you claim to be and are eligible to serve as a State Citizen.  

Come talk to me. Run don’t walk. Just spend the dime and come talk. 

You will be free and you will be protected and all the things you have lost can be returned to you.  Just realize you are not a US CITIZEN and not a U.S. Citizen or any kind of “citizen”. You are an American owed pass-through service and exemption and good faith. 

Come on, home, Henry!  Bring all your pals with you. 


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