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Friday, March 18, 2022

The Unidollar Concept

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Unidollar Concept isn't hard to understand, if you are familiar with the concept of hedge funds.  It is a hedge currency.  

Because the Unidollar value is based on the value of all goods and all labor traded worldwide, it has a counterbalancing effect.  The price of crude oil goes down?  The sales of refined gasoline at the pump go up.  The price of cotton goes down?  The price of bamboo fiber goes up.  See?  

Because its "value base" is so all-inclusive, the Unidollar is immune to localized market fluctuations and temporary ups and downs.  And because it is not tied to any one labor force or any one commodity as a "standard" it avoids attacks staged by competitors seeking to gain control of it.  

In a sense, the Unidollar belongs to everyone worldwide, so everyone has vested interest in protecting it and nobody gains from harming it. 

The people in Thailand get a new labor contract and working conditions improve --- what happens?  The value of the Unidollar goes up.  The Government of Brazil begins an aggressive campaign to reforest areas denuded by slash and burn agriculture and starts a soil improvement program for villages?  The value of the Unidollar goes up. 

Every investment in improving a country's workforce --- skill building, education, workplace improvements, health programs, etc., etc., etc., ---- results in the value of the Unidollar going up.  Every investment made in cleaning up pollution, improving sanitation, making recycling available, digging water wells, building hospitals and libraries, planting forests, improving soil productivity, etc., etc., etc., ---- the value of the Unidollar goes up.  

Everybody always wants to make a profit.  Everyone always wants financial security and safety.  

Okay, so here is how you achieve both those aims, tied up with a bow. 

With the Unidollar, you can have your cake and eat it, too.  Have your security hedge against market fluctuations and make a profit every time you do anything to improve your own work force and your own environment. 

You profit from your efforts to build a better world for yourself, and so does everyone else. 

The Unidollar currency ties in an additional profit-making motive for governments and individuals to reinvest in their own workforces and their own natural resources-- and be rewarded for this, as the value of their Unidollar holdings increase.

The Unidollar helps reshape not only what we spend as money, but how we spend it and what we spend it on.  

Instead of war being profitable, building becomes profitable.  Instead of slave labor, it becomes profitable to invest in workers and their welfare.  Instead of using and abusing nature for short-term profits, it becomes profitable to nurture nature, because the long term investments show up immediately as gains in the value of the Unidollar--- and then increase over time as those investments bear fruit. 

Instead of competing against each other, the Unidollar gives us a way to connect.  

And that's a good thing, because at the end of the day, there is exactly one planet and one global family of people living here.  We should be helping and encouraging and protecting each other and driving evil out of our world, once and for all--- while protecting our financial security and making a guaranteed profit with every investment we make.  

The Global Family Bank will be issuing the Unidollar as a gold backed currency initially, but from there on, the value of the currency will be pegged against the value of all commodities traded and all labor forces employed worldwide.  The gold value is just an underpinning to get started. 

This is humanity's answer to the cut-throat business world that has dominated our planet for far too long.  This is our answer to not only the question of what we spend as money, but how we spend it and what we spend it on.  

The One Percent will have to get on board or get left behind.  


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Fair Notice to the World

 By Anna Von Reitz

Listen up:  “the US” is not America.  

The US is a filthy dirty commercial corporation owned and operated by the Pope.  

Listen up: “the USA, Inc” isn’t America. 

The USA, Inc. is another dirty British Crown Corporation, also ultimately owned by the Pope, with the Queen serving as the Overseer. 

Listen up: the Americans are not paying the costs of any more wars in the Ukraine or anywhere else. 

Listen up: if NATO pulls any False Flags it will be the last thing NATO does.  Ditto that for the CIA and other alphabet soups.  

Listen up:  Vladimir Putin is not the enemy of America.  Joe Biden is the enemy of America. 

Listen up: Joe Biden was put in place by men who hate this country and who bought controlling interest in “the” US, INC.  They put this filthy crook in control to embarrass  America and undermine American interests. 

Listen up:  It is time to put these corporations and the men who run them out of business. 

Listen up: don’t get lost in the drama of any False Flags or War Dramas.  Make it your aim to hunt down those Wall Streeters and politicians and technocrats like Bill Gates who are responsible. 

Listen up; we have been used as cheap mercenaries and abused as useful idiots for far too long.  This time, we charge back every dime. This time our Secret Services takes out those who are responsible for the war-mongering and atrocities — and that does not mean Vladimir Putin. 

This time it’s NATO and DOD that take it in the shorts and get the Pink Slips, and no, I am not talking about their favorite girly underwear. 

Listen up: this time we hold the Pope responsible.  This time we hold the Church responsible for allowing this insanity.  This time we call on every Catholic to wake all the way up and see what their Church has become. 

Listen up: there are aliens and an entire fleet of them parked in hyperspace above this planet since 2012.  These are prison transport ships from other Star systems that are supposed to collect their own criminals and deport them back home.  

Listen up: Eisenhower’s Graeda Treaty and other series treaties apply only to those who are actual employees of the Territorial United States Government. 

Finally, listen carefully— Joe Biden and his corporation don’t own any land in this country. They are bankrupt and we are their Priority Creditors, not their collateral. 

Please, everyone—- wake up!  Move! Sound off!  Make it count!  


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