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Sunday, February 26, 2023

The New Global Land Recording Service

 By Anna Von Reitz

By now you would have to be living in a very remote place to be unaware of the evil afoot in the world, the genocide against humanity by commercial corporations, and all the rest of it.  

If you are reading my work, you also know that we've all been illegally "seized upon" and trafficked into the foreign jurisdiction of the sea by our own public employees, who, together with foreign sponsors, quietly went into business for themselves at our expense. 

We've paid their debts, including their taxes for them.  We've purportedly "voluntarily" put ourselves and our land and homes and businesses at risk as chattel for them and made all sorts of investments in their corporations.  We've paid off their phony bankruptcies for them.  

And ya know, the funny thing is, we have purportedly been doing this for over a hundred and fifty years and never seen a dime back from all of this investment. Come to that, we were never told that we made any such investment.   

They've kept us dumbed down, barefoot and pregnant while they've been out conquering the world "in our names".  They have been accepting knighthoods and being dubbed esquires by the Queen.  They've been operating courts as privateers and theater companies.  They've been "occupying" our country using our own bought and paid for army to do it.   
Well, time for this pimple to pop, folks, and time for the mercenary British Raj to go home wherever it has been illegally, immorally, and unlawfully deployed throughout the world. 

We drilled down and figured it all out, unraveled how they have been working this scheme, and what we have to do to bring it all to a screeching halt. 

You get to vote --- with your feet.  

You get to return home to the land and soil of your own country and live at peace with your own nation, and it's all up to you.  You get to choose --- (1) go home and be at peace and have plenty of everything you need to thrive and live happy lives, or, (2) stay "at sea" with the British boots on your neck, living as a slave population at the whim of your "masters". 

Join our global family and go home to the land and soil of your own country. 

If you are Americans, go here --

We have set up an entire new bank system that functions on credit instead of debt, so you no longer have to mess with their usury and bill collectors disguised as judges or any of the rest of it.  

We have claimed back the Global Collateral Accounts, because we own all the collateral.  

We are liquidating the corporations that have benefited themselves by crime against us.  

And China, Russia, and the American States are united on this.  

We just need you to stand up and walk. Choose peace and come home.  

Use the new Global Land Recording Service to  "vote" for peace and plenty for everyone everywhere --- and you, too, of course. 


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On Becoming True Followers -- and Journalists

 By Anna Von Reitz

I appreciate the efforts of so many, many people worldwide taking up the task and carrying the water for all the crooked, bought off and brainless "professional journalists" of the world, but we all need to become competent at the job(s) we have taken on, and pull together for Truth.  

Show a little reasoning and circumspection and skepticism when stories are presented to you.  Don't just blatt out whatever comes across your desk.  That only compounds the confusion and the problems that we all have to deal with, and it undermines both progress and the credibility of the Alt Press. 

It's okay to go "out there" when you know that you are telling the truth, but at least stand ready to intelligently evaluate things before you start spreading alarms. 

I am probably the first person in American history to openly and in public observe that The Holy Bible can be read in two distinctly different ways.  

Read one way, the Bible is the story of creation, often told in parables and allegories, but told in a heart-warming way as a love story, between the True God and his creation.  Complete with stormy nights, betrayals, and arguments, rescues, and unconditional love, this reading of the Bible gives us heroes and inspiration and guidance for our lives on Earth.  

Read another way, the Bible is the history of Satan and his vain religion of idolatry and shame. From this reading, we see the plots and plans and motivations of this enemy and his swarms of devotees practicing evil on the Earth -- temple prostitution, human sacrifice, murder of babies, idolatry, the practice of lying as an art form, use of drugs, especially snake venom, to promote "religious" hallucinations, spellcasting and all the rest of the Satanic clap-trap. 

Should it surprise us, then, that depending on your viewpoint, who you are, and how you read it, the Bible is a very different book?  

From the standpoint of the Satanists among us, Yeshuah (Jesus) is a bad guy.  He overturned their whole Empire of death and idolatry and fear and ignorance and ill-gotten wealth and coercive power.

Yeah, he's bad alright.  The baddest.  

Imagine my grim amusement to see a blockbuster story from the "Christian" spreading the news that Jesus is a bad guy?
They are parroting the Satanist viewpoint, buying in hook, line, and sinker, and presenting this as Big News to their readers.

No doubt, they are seeing the "other" interpretation of the Bible for the first time, and forgetting about their own version of the story, in which Jesus is the hero of all heroes.  

The same thing happens when people read Federal Code. 

From THEIR side of things, that is, from the perspective of the weird District of Columbia world, we are considered "non-resident aliens".

From our side, they are public employees. 

You have to become aware of the context of things, or you can't correctly interpret where all this crappola is coming from. 

For anyone who is a true Follower of Jesus, the perspective of the Liars among us is a known quantity.  We know it.  We don't agree. 

We think that the evils of idolatry, lies, illicit drug use, disrespect for life, and the other ideas and practices associated with Satan speak for themselves, and we are proud --- proud! --- to take our stand with Jesus against them.  

And we know where the bunk is coming from, because just like Britain, Satan is always at the bottom of the dog pile. 

Someone had better drop a dime on the 


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Evil Peas and Carrots

 By Anna Von Reitz

Forrest Gump always talks about him and his childhood friend (and later, wife) getting along like "peas and carrots" and everyone knows what he means.  Some things just naturally go together. 

It's the same way with corporations and central banks and illegal mercenary operations.  

It will come as a shock to many that central banks are a relatively recent invention, having come into existence shortly before the American Revolution.  It will come as a further shock that the real purpose of central banks is to control the price and availability of commodities-- including money as a commodity.  

If you will think for a moment, you will realize that this is commodity rigging ----and commodity rigging is illegal.  

They only get away with it, because the self-interested commercial corporations masquerading as our government have allowed it. 

Mercenary conflicts are illegal, too.  

The entire "war" that our military subcontractors have waged against our federal civil service subcontractors has been staged by both parties, and it has been cynically used as an excuse for the way these corporations have defrauded all of us and plundered our country for six generations.   

We have direct proof of the collusion of these "governmental services corporations" in this scheme to defraud and plunder since 1937 and that proof has been distributed all over the world: "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States".  

We have the names, signatures, dates, and times.... so, what else is necessary for their scheme to work?  Corporations. 

Corporations provide protection for the personal fortunes of the schemers and a lack of accountability for debt (via the privilege of bankruptcy paid for by the public) and a lack of accountability overall.  

If people were facing jail time and loss of their personal fortunes, they wouldn't be doing any of this.  There'd be no point.  They couldn't profit from central banks and wars for profit without corporations to protect them and their ill-gotten gains. 

While trusts have existed since the Crusades, all the other forms of corporation are of recent vintage, starting to proliferate at about the same time as the central banks--- for now-obvious reasons. 

All these B-Corps, S-Corps, C-Corps, NGO's, Non-Profits, Cooperatives, Foundations, LLCs, PLs, etc., have sprouted up within the last 200 years, and all these "business models" have been created by the Roman Curia, which remains responsible for their administration. 

Under Ecclesiastical Law, which is the highest form of public law in the western world, the Pope has the right and the duty to liquidate any corporation that engages in unlawful activities.  

These provisions are built into the agreements that allow all these corporations to exist and which provide all these protections for corporations at public expense. 

So we have a Trifecta of Criminality working together and things have gotten so bad that we have madmen like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab building Surveillance and Control States, proposing to own the people of the world as Genetically Modified Organisms, and claiming the right to kill their "property" at will.  

This has to stop and this has to be punished.  

We are, therefore, bringing specific action to force the liquidation of all these war-mongering corporations and punishment of the men who have so grotesquely misdirected their operations. 

Join us.  Everyone in the world has a stake in this action. We have created a way to exit from the evil system for everyone worldwide. It includes a new banking system based on credit instead of debt. 

We have also created the means -- and it is well underway -- for Americans to reclaim the control of their country and their courts:


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First Sunday in Lent

Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine's

The Church's Year

This Sunday is called Invocabit, because the Introit of the Mass begins with this word, which is taken from the ninetieth psalm, wherein we are urged to confidence in God, who willingly hears the prayer of the penitent:

INTROIT He shall call upon me, and I will hear him; I will deliver him, and glorify him; I will fill him with length of days. (Ps. XC. 15-16.) He that dwelleth in the aid of the Most high shall abide under the protection of the God of heaven. (Ps. XC. 1.) Glory be to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

COLLECT O God who dost purify Thy Church by the yearly fast of Lent; grant to Thy household that what we strive to obtain from Thee by abstinence, by good works we may secure. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son, who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the Unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end, Amen.

EPISTLE (II. Cor. VI. 1-10) Brethren, we exhort you that you receive not the grace of God in vain. For he saith: In an acceptable time have I heard thee, and in the day of salvation have I helped thee. Behold, now is the acceptable time; behold, now, is the day of salvation. Giving no offence to any man, that our ministry be not blamed: but in all things let us exhibit ourselves as the ministers of God; in much patience, in tribulations, in necessities, in distresses, in stripes, in prisons, in seditions, in labors, in watchings, in fastings, in chastity, in knowledge, in long-suffering, in sweetness, in the Holy Ghost, in charity unfeigned, in the word of truth, in the power of God, by the armor of justice on the right hand, and on the left, by honor and dishonor, by evil report, and good report; as deceivers, and yet true; as unknown, and yet known; as dying, and behold we live; as chastised, and not killed; as sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; as needy, yet enriching many; as having nothing, and possessing all things.

EXPLANATION The Church very appropriately reads on this day this epistle of St. Paul, in which he exhorts the Christians to make use of the time of grace. A special time of grace is Lent, in which everything invites to conversion and penance, a time, therefore, in which God is ready to make rich bestowal of His graces. St. Anselm says, those do not use the grace who do not cooperate. Let us, therefore, follow St. Paul's exhortation, and earnestly practise those virtues he places before us, and especially those of temperance, patience, chastity, liberality, love of God and of our neighbor. Let us arm ourselves with the arms of justice at the right and the left, that is, let us strive to be humble in prosperity and in adversity, confident of God's help. Let us never be led from the path of virtue, by mockery, contempt, nor by persecution, torments, or death.

ASPIRATION Grant, O Jesus, that we may always faithfully cooperate with Thy graces, and employ well the time Thou hast again given for our salvation.

GOSPEL (Matt. IV. 1-11.) At that time, Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert, to be tempted by the devil. And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, afterwards he was hungry. And the tempter coming, said to him: If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread. Who answered and said: It is written: Not in bread alone doth man live, but in every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God. Then the devil took him up into the holy city, and set him upon the pinnacle of the temple, and said to him: If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down; for it is written: He hath given his angels charge over thee, and in their hands shall they bear thee up, lest perhaps thou dash thy foot against a stone. Jesus said to him: It is written again: Thou shaft not tempt the Lord thy 'God. Again the devil took him up into a very high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; and said to him: All these will I give thee, if, falling down, thou wilt adore me. Then Jesus said to him: Begone, Satan, for it is written, The Lord thy God shaft thou adore, and him only shaft thou serve. Then the devil left him; and behold, angels came, and ministered to him.


I. Christ went into the desert by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost to prepare by fasting and prayer, for His mission, and to endure the temptations of Satan, that, as St. Paul says, He might be one tempted in all things such as we are, without sin, and so become for us a High-priest who knew how to have compassion on our infirmities, (Heb. IV. 15.) and to show us by His own example, how we should, armed with the word of God, as with a sword, overcome the tempter. (Eph. VI. 17.) – Let us, therefore, courageously follow Christ to the combat against all temptations, with His assistance it will not be hard to conquer them. He has certainly taught us to overcome the hardest ones: the lust of the eyes, of the flesh, and the pride of life, and if we overcome these, it will be easy to conquer the rest.

II. If Christ, the only Son of God, permitted Himself to be tempted by Satan, even to be taken up on a high mountain, and to the pinnacle of the temple, it should not appear strange to us, that we are assailed by many temptations, or that we should find in the lives of so many saints that the evil spirit tormented them by various images of terror and vexation. This we find in the history of the pious Job, where we also find at the same time, that the evil spirit cannot harm a hair of our head without God's permission.

III. From the coming of the angels to minister to Christ, after He had conquered Satan, we see that all who bravely resist temptations, will enjoy the assistance and consolations of the heavenly spirits.


To be tempted by the devil. , (Matt. IV. I.)

What is a temptation?

A  temptation is either a trial for instruction and exercise in virtue, or a deception and incitement to sin. In the first sense, God tempts man; in the second, he is tempted by the devil, the world or bad people, and the flesh, by evil thoughts, feelings, words, or work.

By what are we principally tempted?

By our own evil concupiscence and inclination to sin which adhere to us through original sin, (Fam. I. 14.) on account of which it is said, that the flesh lusteth against the spirit. (Gal. V. 17.)

Does the devil also tempt us?

He does, and is therefore called, in this day's gospel, the tempter. St. Peter teaches us this, having himself experienced it: Be sober and watch: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring-lion, goeth about, seeking whom he may devour. (I Peter V. 8.) Not all temptations are to be ascribed to the devil, however, they often come from our own corrupt nature, our own incautiousness, or looseness of our senses, by which we expose ourselves to the danger of falling into sin.

How does the devil tempt us to sin?

In a twofold manner: He incites the concupiscence of man to those sins to which he sees him inclined, and then seeks to blind and confuse his imagination, so that he neither reflects, nor properly sees the temporal injury, disgrace, and derision, nor the shamefulness of sin and its eternal punishment. Thus the devil seduced Eve, our first mother, and thus he tempted Christ, with whom he could not, of course, succeed, for He was incapable of sin. He tempts bad people to persecute us, or to try us by their wicked vanities, as he did by the friends of Job.

Can the devil force us to evil?

He cannot; “for as a chained dog,” says St. Augustine, "can bite none but those who go near him, so the devil cannot harm with his temptations those who do not consent to them. Like the dog he can bark at you, but cannot bite you against your will.” Not by force but by persuasion Satan strives to injure, he does not force our consent, but entreats it. Seek, therefore, to subdue your passions and your senses, especially your eyes, and you will either remain free from all temptations, or easily overcome them.

Does God also tempt us?

God does indeed tempt us, but not to sin, as St. James expressly teaches. (Fam. I. 13.) God either Himself proves us by sufferings and adversities, or He permits the temptations of the devil or evil-minded people to give us opportunity to practise the virtues of love, patience, obedience, etc. Thus He said to the Jews through Moses: The Lord your God trieth you, that it may appear whether you love him with all your heart, and with all your soul, or no. (Deut. XIII. 3.)

Does God permit us to be tempted by man also?

He does, and for the same reasons. Thus He permitted the chaste Joseph to be tempted by Putiphar's wife; (Gen.XXXIX. 7.) Job by his wife and his friends. (Job II. 9.) But He never permits us to be tempted beyond our strength, but gives us always sufficient grace to overcome and even to derive benefit from the temptation. (I Cor. X. 13.)

Are temptations pernicious and bad?

No; they are useful and necessary, rather. “Hard is the fight,” St. Bernard writes, “but meritorious, for although it is accompanied by suffering, it is followed by the crown;”

(Apoc. III. 12.) and Origen says. (Libr. Num.) “As meat becomes corrupt without salt, so does the soul without temptations.” Temptations, then, are only injurious when consent is given, and we suffer ourselves to be overcome by them.

When do we consent to temptations?

When we knowingly and willingly decide to do the evil to which we are tempted; as long as we resist we commit no sin.

What are the best means of overcoming temptations?

Humility; for thus answered St. Anthony, when he saw the whole earth covered with snares, and was asked "Who will escape?" "The humble;" he who knows his own frailty, distrusts himself, and relies only on God who resists the proud and gives His grace to the humble; (Dam. IV. 6.) the fervent invocation of the Mother of God, of our holy guardian angels and patron saints; the pronouncing of the holy name of Jesus, making the sign of the cross, sprinkling holy water; the remembrance of the presence of God who knows our most secret thoughts, and before whom we are indeed ashamed to think or do that which would cause us shame in the presence of an honorable person; frequent meditation on death, hell, and eternal joys; fleeing from all those persons by whom, and places in which we are generally tempted; fervent prayers, especially ejaculations, as:

"Lord, save me, lest I perish! Lord, hasten to help me!" finally, the sincere acknowledgment of our temptations at the tribunal of penance, which is a remedy especially recommended by pious spiritual teachers.

PRAYER O Lord Jesus! who spent forty days in the desert without food or drink, and didst permit Thy self to be tempted by the evil spirit, give me, I beseech Thee by that holy fast, the grace to combat, during this holy season of Lent, under Thy protection, against intemperance, and to resist the suggestions of Satan that I may win the crown of eternal life. Amen.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

China-Russia and Russian-American Alliance is Good News

 By Anna Von Reitz

What it means is that the largest and most technologically advanced nations on Earth are cross-aligned, with Russia being the common denominator. 

While it would be impossible for a direct alliance with China at this time, owing to the gross misrepresentations that have gone on, the venerable Russian-American (also called American-Russian Alliance) of 1858 still stands.  

Russia has numerous peace and prosperity alliance agreements in place with China.  So, it is to China's advantage not to attack Russia's Allies, our organic States of the Union, just as it is to our advantage to pursue peace with China and Russia. 

Once you understand that all the nastiness that has been going on has been promoted by renegade commercial corporations masquerading as governments, it is easy to put things in proper perspective.  

It's also relatively easy to remove the threats posed by corporations, as they are subject to involuntary liquidation at the hands of the Pope and the Roman Curia; and, when they engage in unlawful activities that result in injury to living people, they are subject to involuntary liquidation under Statutory Law, too.  

We must keep our heads screwed on and know for sure that the issues before us are matters of international crime, not politics.  

We must know, for certain, that these crimes have been promoted as profit-making schemes by foreign commercial corporations operating out of the District of Columbia, and that they have acted under false legal assumptions and presumptions as enemies of the American people who have in fact been paying their pensions and paychecks. 

The pandemic scheme was calculated to achieve a number of corporation goals: (1) to rapidly kill off elderly people who might otherwise linger and cost these corporations more for end of life care; (2) to create long term death and disability that equates to profits for the regulated medical/health care sector of the economy; (3) to recoup life insurance policies taken out on the victims; (4) to deploy undisclosed nanotechnology designed to identify, surveil, and control members of the public; (5) to create obscene claims of ownership interest in the victims by advancing the idea that secretive introduction of patented mRNA would serve to render the victims chattel "Genetically Modified Organisms" and no longer "human" and no longer protected by Human Rights.  

These are crimes of genocide, fraud, coercive rackeeteering, and attempted enslavement.  

Those responsible for the existence of these corporations are being called to account, and the combined force of the American States, Russia, and China are being employed to compel the liquidation and reorganization of these corporations, and the discipline of the corporate officers responsible. 

As for the banks that have colluded and backed these and other criminal schemes and profited from them, we, the Principal Owners and Shareholders of the Global Collateral Accounts are foreclosing on them and enforcing our ownership and contractual guarantees, including our treaties, tax agreements, and guarantees owed to us as the underwriters.  They come to heel or we liquidate them. 

The peaceful people of this world are full up, sick of, and no longer tolerating those who make their money off of death, destruction, and war, war, war.  

NATO, another corporation, allowed its members to engage in criminal proliferation and development of outlawed bioweapons and NATO agencies created and imposed upon the Zelensky government in the Ukraine to act as the host for this criminal activity. 

These and other crimes must be addressed openly and honestly in international forums of justice and these corporations must be defunded and exposed as crime syndicates.  They have to be liquidated and their officers must be punished and prosecuted as criminals.  

Again, this is not about politics.  This is about crime.  

Forget about all the labels you have been taught.  Forget about Yankee Doodle and Mother Russia and the Chinese Menace propaganda.  These corporations which have no natural right to exist, have murdered and maimed, defrauded and imprisoned, and illegally confiscated and mortgaged the property of their own employers -- for profit. 

These "entities" have no reason to exist and are merely international crime syndicates glued together by illegal interlocking trust and management directorates.  

It's time for them to be brought to justice and for the men managing them and misdirecting them to be punished.  

We take a stand for peace and for the right to conduct our own business as we see fit without interference from our employees or from other Principals that owe us good faith and service under contract. 

The Wheels of God

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ever since the Temple Veil was torn in half, Almighty God, the Father, our Creator, has taken up his abode with men.

You are the temple he built for himself.  Your heart is his sanctuary. Your feet and hands are his. 

What the Irish call "the All of it" already stands revealed.   

While you have wondered how and why, he has known the answer. 

Bidden or unbidden, he is, was, and will be present. 

Breathe in. You have not waited or hoped in vain.  

The wealth of the unrighteous are saved up for you. 

The light of Heaven rains down on you.  

Not by power and not by might, but by his spirit alone. 

By his hand and wisdom is each one chosen. 

See the wheels of God set in motion in far distant times 

Ever onward to this moment, he arrives.

With mercy and the sword of truth he comes. 

His goats and his sheep stand before him.  

Surely his great kindness yet endures.

We are appointed to this hour, so let it come. 

May the fire in our hearts destroy the world

May the Lord of our hearts make it new

And may the Earth be saved with all the good upon it. 

By these miracles you have seen and yet will see

Know that the wheels of God are turning.  


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Chinese Police Stations on American soil!

Friday, February 24, 2023

Dodecallion Times Fifty -- Open for Business

 By Anna Von Reitz

Day before yesterday, we broadsided the world by openly disclosing the history and source and nature of the asset funding underlying most of the world's banking system --- and answering the question who underwrites it all?   

And, though this is no big surprise to anyone who pays attention, it isn't the insurance corporations and it isn't the banks that actually underwrite anything.  It's privately owned physical assets that carry that load and which provide all the credit, too. 

The current world economic system is provided by essentially one family, and only part of its resources are needed to do this.  In addition to the assets deployed by the Avila Family Trust, there are over 5,000 other public and private trusts that individually or in combination can expand world resource asset bases to practical infinity. 

That's what we are talking about when we talk about "Infinity Accounts".  

Now you can all see why I am offended by self-interested corporations keeping your attention centered on a "National Debt" that doesn't actually exist, and taxing you and harassing and harming you, to pay interest on this non-existent "debt", too.  

Why not focus on what you are owed back from this voracious crime syndicate instead?  

And understand that the actual owners of all the assets underlying this whole system gave different instructions to the banks. The actual owners of the assets didn't create this situation. 

It's the banks and certain foreign Principals, the Holy See, the British Monarchy, and the British Crown's Westminster Government, chiseling profits for themselves, that created all this senseless "debt" and suffering and created the IRS and all the other oppressive "taxation" schemes long ---- long ---- after there was any need for anyone to pay taxes of any kind. 

 And they are still trying to justify this and weasel around and use strong-arm tactics to retain "control" for themselves. 

It's up to you, folks.  What do you say?  Do they get away with this?  

Think about all the commercial corporations that have been used as their sock puppets, like the UNITED STATES and the USA, Inc. and CANADA?  

These thugs have grossly abused the privilege of incorporation--- and have grossly abused their resulting bankruptcy protection at public expense--- and nobody has disciplined any of them for it. 

The Popes, who are responsible under Ecclesiastical Law for liquidating bad corporations, have sat on their velvet tuffets and raked in illicit profits, instead.  

The British Territorial United States Secretaries of State for the past 160 plus years have sat on their thumbs and played Numb and Dumb and allowed and promoted injustice-for-profit on a scale unimaginable, and the Queen and her Government and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London and the Government of Westminster, have all done the same and worse, while acting in Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Service Contract. 

Do you all, finally, understand what the IRS is?  It's not anything connected with our American Government.  

The IRS is a Subcontractor operating under oversight of the House Ways and Means Committee "Oversight Committee" of the British Territorial United States "Congress" ----- which is another Subcontractor of our Government, operating in Breach of Trust and Commercial Service Contract;  the Internal Revenue Service is not a government agency of our Government at all, full stop.  

The Internal Revenue Service is a private, for-profit organization operating as a Bill Collector and Privateer under Letters of Marque and Reprisal.  And so is the Bar Association, which is registered as a Theater and Entertainment Company.  They are engaged in illegal racketeering based on imaginary debts and false claims of indebtedness.

If that doesn't make you angry, what does it take?  A habenero up your butt?  Everything they have done is white collar crime and fraud, and just because it has been going on since 1865 doesn't make it any better or different.  There's no "statute of limitations" on this one, boys. 

Now these Guilty Parties are circling the wagons and proposing one of two options: (1) using the military that we pay for against us, which they have myopically begun, or (2) stealing private assets belonging to Demitrius Julius Shiva's Avila Family Trust and the purloined assets of 5,000-plus other private trusts to set themselves up as Trustees for the World. 

Vomit now, please.  

Oh, and they are proposing that the Puppets-at-Large will be chosen by "merit" --- a subject that these yahoos know nothing about.  

In 1991, the Avila Family Trust precious metals holdings (just that one trust) was worth three dodecallion--- that's a three followed by 41 zeros.  Today, it is worth 3 followed by, roughly, 205 zeroes, not counting interest. 

That is all money that is supposed to be supporting you, to lift tax burdens off your shoulders, to pay for your education, to provide good food, clean water, medical care, jobs, business opportunities, anything and everything that you need to have secure, healthy, happy lives!  

Instead, what have you got?  War, disease, drugs, electric cars, thugs and perverts in charge.  

The only thing these so-called leaders are good at is causing trouble and doing stupid things on a large scale. 

We are opening up the automated online facilities for people all over this planet to declare their position and in effect, vote, on these matters. 

Come home to the land and soil of your respective countries and live in the abundance and peace that the actual donors and fiduciaries have always wanted for you, or stay "at sea" under the boot of the British Territorial Raj.  It's your choice under international and global law. 

The banks in receipt of the gold and other precious metals deposits owe 4% per annum tax free and they haven't begun to make payments on that.   

We are taking these banks over as the major stockholders, not proxies. We are beginning The Push to put the Usurpers in their place and the corporations they have employed for criminal purposes into liquidation. 

The World Bank additionally owes an accounting on the credit accruals generated by the ASBLP accounts, which in turn depend on Avila Family Trust assets being traded for over fifty years.  

We are the actual owners and Fiduciaries and donors, so when we tell HSBC to cough it up, and go to the Vatican Chancery Court and bang our dish on the floor, it's time for everyone to listen up, including SERCO, INC., the Paymaster for the "United States" Military.  

This is the actual American Government talking to you and this is the Fiduciary for the living people who own those "abandoned" assets--- that are not abandoned.  

And for all those parties listening in on this conversation, get a clue---your rumps are in the wringer, too, whether you work for the corporations doing the dirty work or not.  

Is a job that requires you to lie, cheat, rob, and murder so precious, when its keeping you from having a life of peace and abundance right along with everyone else? 

Every government employee from the Post Office to the jails, from the County Sheriffs to the Commissioners, every Public Employee everywhere, every employee of every incorporated business everywhere, it's your lives and the quality of your lives at stake just as much as everyone else's.  

This really is a no-brainer. 

When you make your choice and decide to fly the peace flag on the land and soil of your own country, you open the doors to a better life for everyone.  You bypass the whole criminal, ugly, coercive matrix that has been built up around you. You inherit your part of the wealth and benefit that has been stored up for you.  You get a bank account and a bank card
in a totally new independent banking system, one that doesn't depend on Swift or BRICS or the paradigms of the past. 

You, Joe Average, get to trade in credit, not debt.  

It will take a little while for all the connections to be made and the pre-paid credit cards issued and everything else that has to be done, but you can literally choose a much, much brighter future for yourselves.  Do so today and spread the word.  

Attach copies of the International Public Notice issued on the 22nd of February 2023 to this invitation and hand it out to friends, family, neighbors, local politicians, "federal" officials, military personnel,  bankers and lawyers.    

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America


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Bunny Math

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is my attempt to give insight into the political and scientific Social Planning Boondoggle we are presently mired in, and the mindless "Science du Jour" forces that we have to deal with. 

Sometime in the early 1900's some rather dim people became aware of geometric progressions --- what I call, "Bunny Math".  

This is the simple proposition that arises when you have two bunnies, and they promptly become 4, 8, 16, 32, and so on until you -- in theory -- have a hundred billion bunnies and nowhere to go without stepping on them.  

These people then looked at world population in terms of Bunny Math and determined that, high holy cow, in no time at all, the planet would be totally overrun by what they termed a "cancerous" proliferation of people. 

They looked at the slums of Brazil, India, and China and they extrapolated that either: (a) we were all headed for a dire existence in urban slums with our pitiful lives ending in disease and famine, or (b) we had to be locked down and prevented from being fruitful on a permanent basis.  

This looming "population dread" infected quite a number of aristocratic and wealthy people who then weighed in behind eugenics programs and Planned Parenthood and birth control research and abortion and any number of efforts aimed at reducing human fecundity at the same time that they chased the elusive Fountain of Youth for themselves. 

This gives rise to two (2) diametrically opposed Social Planning Goals for different sectors of the population, with the 1% planning to live forever and the rest of us being bred like dogs. 

Gradually, both of these concerns merged into the realization that if we all live to be a thousand years old instead of a hundred, all these overpopulation issues become a hundred times worse.  

Thus, overpopulation became the Big Bug-A-Boo that kept the so-called Elites up at night and mumbling in small groups at dinner parties. 

To be fair, some Elites rolled their eyes toward the heavens and slunk into corners to carry on conversations about other subjects, but they weren't popular and suffered the wrath of the Queen's Pecking Order.  

At this point in the development of the Population Panic, men seated in leather club chairs in London began pushing the idea of population control and how much better it would be if we could concentrate our scarce social service and charitable resources on fewer people.  

One group preached eugenics and the need to breed a better human, much as you might develop a new dog breed, and thus, to improve the quality of the output of our "production line". 

Another group of these Social Engineers started advocating population reduction and birth control and abortion. 

Finally, a third group of these New Social Leaders (very quietly) pursued a means to extend the duration of their own lives. 

Huge amounts of money were being thrown at all parts of this Trifecta of Social Aims --- beginning in the 1880s, and entering the stratosphere of both government and private investment after the Second World War.  

I was nine, in the Third Grade, and standing in the middle of an animal barn at the County Fair with my Father, keenly observing bunnies while he explained all this to me.  Of course, he glossed over the sex and exactly how all this meshed together mechanically, but the math was self-evident, and I wrinkled my nose and asked the obvious question--- 

Why weren't we already living our lives wedged together like sardines? 

After all, Bunny One and Bunny Two got started on this project a long, long time ago?   And as we all know, bunnies tend to multiply even faster than a simple geometric progression would allow.... it would have to be a complex geometric progression.... 

Well, as Dad pointed out, (rather lamely and apologetically) bunnies are prey animals and their large populations support large predators.... 

Just like people, I blurted out, having already observed Wall Street. 

My long-suffering Father suggested that we head over to the V.F.W. stand for a hamburger.

I was in a position to observe all three of these groups, these "Social Planners", at work, and trace the whole business to its logical --- and illogical --- conclusions: the passage of Roe v. Wade, the rise of Planned Parenthood, the One Child Social Policy in China, and so much more. 

The terror of overpopulation among Social Planners and World Leaders drove all of this, and the search for Eternal Life led to Adrenochrome, yet nobody stopped to check the math and nobody bothered to observe reality, either. 

Being terribly concerned about the spectre of overpopulation had, by the 1970's, become fashionable, and fashion knows no reason.  

Please note that China reversed its One Child Rule and introduced its Two Child Rule.... then, its Three Child Rule.... and it now has millions of confused and frustrated single men who are incapable of pumping out a single baby. 

China, the most populous nation on the planet, is suffering a population collapse.  So is all of Western Europe.  So, to a lesser extent, is America.  

This trend has been perfectly obvious ever since the end of the Baby Boom following the Second World War, but the Social Planners and Politicians were already thundering down a very different track, adhering to their fashion sense instead of the facts, like so many stampeding steers still wearing bell-bottoms.

Though the politicians are trying to paper over the idiocy of their Social Planning Agencies (and their own incompetence) by importing vast numbers of refugees and immigrants, things are not going well for the Brave New World Social Order Engineers who don't observe, don't do math, and keep plowing right on into oblivion long after their ideas have been debunked by Mother Nature.  

Roe v Wade has fallen, and if the world hasn't quite yet awakened to the fact that our children are our most precious resource, there are at least some dim stirrings in that direction.  

There may even be some glimmerings in the minds of the Idiots in Charge to the effect that we don't "need" another World War to control our population and that we are not, after all, mere livestock to be bred according to some dimwit's concept of beauty.  

Having begun to come to our senses, let us continue to make all the much-needed corrections including the open social recognition that babies are precious, children are precious, and we are all precious.  All needed.  And at least for my part, all loved. 

Even if the purported Best of Us are stupid louts.    


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