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Friday, June 29, 2012

Nullification the answer to Obama Care?

Reply to Gary Marbut  on his take on the ObamaCare decision. See his article below.
Not a bad outcome?   Maybe if you want to play political games for the rest of your natural life.
I for one will not be satisfied until the Federal Corporation shadow government is disbanded by the states and replaced with the organic constitutional government we had at the beginning of our country.
ENOUGH of this deception. It's time to tell the whole truth about how we have been lied to our entire lives about the structure of our country.
Not a bad outcome you say?  How long do you want to be in this position of always playing second fiddle to an unlawful corporate "Supreme Court" that passes itself off as some kind of final authority on the constitution? NOT ME. Not by a long shot.
The STATES have final authority, and can NULLIFY the decision. The states can throw out the entire Obama Care fiasco by one simple act of declaring state sovereignty and simply refusing to allow any of it's provisions to apply to the living inhabitants within that state's borders.
NULLIFICATION is the answer. The governors of each State need to grow a backbone, or get the hell out of the way so the sheriff's of each county can arrest the IRS agents who come to collect the "tax".
Just like always the Supreme Court passes the buck. So the big lie continues. That lie is "if you don't like it vote them out".
Gee Gary, I would have thought that with what happened in Missoula you would have had enough of the big lie.
The supremes passed that buck back to US, so what are we going to do about it?
Paul Stramer
SLC Distributing
PO Box 116
Eureka MT 59917
800 889 2839 
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----- Original Message -----
From: "Gary Marbut-MSSA" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2012 10:09 AM
Subject: My take on the USSC's Obamacare ruling

> Dear MSSA Friends,
> There's been a lot of electronic chatter about the USSC's Obamacare
> decision, including many comments about what an evil guy Chief
> Justice Roberts is.  Here is my take on the decision, for what it's worth.
> I believe Chief Justice Roberts is more wise than many are giving him
> credit for.  I suspect there was a deal understood among the five
> conservative justices to throw a political hand grenade into the
> upcoming November elections.
> To accomplish that, it would be necessary for one of the five
> conservatives to vote with the four liberals to "uphold" (but not
> exactly) Obamacare.  Roberts was the volunteer, but he cut a strong
> deal with the liberals in the process.  The deal was that he would
> write the decision, that the decision would slam the door on creating
> yet another expansion of Congress's Interstate Commerce Clause Power
> to regulate Americans, and that Obamacare would be clearly defined as
> a tax (not a regulatory effort).
> In construing Obamacare as a tax, Roberts availed himself of a great
> opportunity to educate the voters of America.  He warned voters that
> it is not the job of the Supreme Court to protect voters from the
> folly of electing bad people to Congress or the Oval Office.  What
> Roberts didn't say overtly, but is within the message of the
> decision, it:  "You voters really screwed up when you voted to elect
> a bunch of power mongers to Congress and the White House.  You have
> the chance to do better this coming November."
> So now the largest tax increase in American history is the dead
> Albatross hanging around the neck of a lot of incumbent politicians
> who pushed Obamacare through Congress.  That will be a huge liability
> for them in November, an especially good campaign tool for those
> opposed to this huge tax and running against the incumbents, if the
> challengers exploit the issue well.  Further, a wooden stake is
> driven through the heart of the theory that Congress may force people
> to buy stuff they don't want under the guise of regulating commerce
> among the states.
> Finally, because Obamacare is now clearly defined as a tax, it makes
> yet again a grand liar out of Obama, it raises the pressure for
> Congress to repeal the entire package, AND it practically limits the
> penalties for those who don't go along.
> Not a bad outcome.
> Gary Marbut, president
> Montana Shooting Sports Association
> author, Gun Laws of Montana