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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Phony "Home Security" Departments and The Big Picture

By Anna Von Reitz

There are a lot of strange things going on.  One of the strange things is groups of well-dressed people pretending to be from the government and brandishing papers with an official-looking "Home Security Department" letterhead, robbing homeowners.

They begin by saying that they are checking to make sure that you have valid ID's to participate in the Census.  If you fall for this and let them into your house, they will take whatever they please and leave you standing there with your mouth open. 

"We're from the government. We're here to help (ourselves)."

No matter how nicely dressed, how polite, or how seemingly official, never invite any stranger pretending to be from the government into your home.

All they can do is spread germs, right?  Except in obvious emergencies or when called to your home by you, government employees should be as locked down and quiet as everyone else.

And there is no "Home Security Department". 

Just as you never give your information to unknown callers or "solicitors", you don't open your door to strangers claiming to be from the government. 

The Department of Homeland Security patrols the international interface and has no business on your doorstep, presuming that you are not engaged in international business activities involving the interstate manufacture, transport, or sale of federally controlled substances: alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

Also remember that as an American and not any sort of Federal Employee, all you owe the Census is names and number of people in your household. You don't check any "US Citizen" box and remember that you are "non-resident" within their District scheme and considered "non-domestic" with respect to their government.

Ironically, if you don't already know your neighbors, this would be a good time to show your face and let them know who you are and where you live.  If there is a Neighborhood Watch group, join it, and if there isn't one, start one.

Also remember that as you are not a government employee or dependent, you are not under any contract obligating you to accept any forced vaccination or other "government decree" regarding your medical care or condition.  Throw their abortion mantra back in their faces -- my body, my choice.

Also remember these facts:

(1) The CV tests are showing between 50% and 80% "false positive" results, so basically, the tests are unreliable for diagnosis;
(2) A great many common cold, bronchitis, and plain old flu cases are being misreported as CV cases, and this has been statistically proven;
(3) The vaccine is untested and contains unknown substances, quite possibly including the ID 20/20 RFID "chip" that Bill Gates profits from and which he has been promoting.  Never put any vaccine into your body unless you are sure of the contents and purposes.

I know this is highly unsettling for everyone, but please keep the Big Picture firmly in mind:

The Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia has been in operation since 1878, and it has been in Chapter 7 Involuntary Bankruptcy since 2015. It has 185,000 unauthorized franchises including all the STATE OF.... organizations in this country, and all of the municipal corporations that have been organized under the auspices of these franchises.

The bankruptcy requires the shut down of all these entities for 90 days and as this is a liquidation, they will not be reopening.  This means that one in six people, approximately 45 million Americans, will be at least temporarily out of work. 

It also means that the "Powers" delegated to "the" United States will return by Operation of Law to The United States of America [Unincorporated] from which those "Powers" derived and were delegated in the first place. 

These "Powers" include domestic mail service, protection of post roads and sea lanes, railroads, coast guard functions, copyrights, trademarks, patents, air traffic control, and numerous other functions that we associate with the Federal Civil Service. 

The Agencies will be shut down and restructured and may or may not be renamed and/or re-staffed at all.  The various alphabet soup agencies with their unelected, unauthorized, and unaccountable administrative rule-making powers ["Administrative Code"] --some of them like the DOJ going back to the early years of the Municipal Corporation -- are all on the chopping block.

There are over 350 such agencies from the FDR Era alone. Many of them are redundant duplicate services already provided by State of State organizations and won't be missed, except that those who have been receiving paychecks for doing nothing --literally-- will no longer be on the "government" pay roll.

All this is bound to create an absolutely massive amount of disruption, and it has not happened in a vacuum and it is not unforeseen.  Essentially, the Federal Civil Service is being shut down, plus all the "STATE OF STATE" organizations that were franchises. 

The endless and irresponsible proliferation of "governmental services" draining your pocketbooks and harassing you to pay for whatever whims your employees have, is at an end.  And you should be happy about that, because this circumstance was like a cancer eating the heart out of our country and our economy, destroying our basic freedoms, and undermining our way of life.

It was also a hot bed for all sorts of criminality and payola.

So, this change had to come. The Constitutions had to be enforced or become absolutely meaningless. 

The "Special Admiralty Courts" designed to fleece us have to be shut down.  The crooked "double accrual bookkeeping" system adopted in 1946 has to be shut down.  The CIA "Black Ops" running drugs and illicit arms sales and every other kind of evil business have to be shut down.  The Foreign Aid scams used by various politicians "hooking" back foreign aid appropriations that never reached their destinations has to be stopped.

Well, what do you expect, after leaving the foxes in charge of the hen house for 150 years, with little or no oversight, and little or no Public Interest being in evidence?

Mr. Trump has to exercise his position as Commander-in-Chief to do all this necessary house cleaning and still maintain basic services that people rely on day to day, while all this take-down and restructure is taking place.

It's what you hired him to do. Drain the swamp.  He promised to do it, and he is delivering upon his promise.  Nobody ever said it would not cause disruption.  Nobody said it was easy to do, painless, or convenient.

And, all of this activity serves to underline the fact that you are all needed, front and center, to participate in that uniquely American tradition of self-governance.  If you don't govern yourselves, guess what?  Someone else will do it "for" you, and you have now seen the results. 

This is why above all else, you need to declare your proper political status, get off your rumps, and join your State Assembly.  Your State of the Union has been systematically "de-populated" by these Pikers creating false registrations related to you and your Good Name.  And nobody can correct this situation, but you. 

So, in the midst of all this other upheaval, you have an additional mission and duty --- your State Assembly needs you to stand up and be counted as an American.  The actual, factual government of your country needs you to participate and organize and direct the affairs of your State Government--- please notice: "State Government" not any "State of State Government". 

Go to: and get started. 


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Why is this railroad car labeled COVID-19

Trafficking in Souls as Well as Bodies

By Anna Von Reitz

Where is your "Baptismal Certificate"?

Mine is in the bottom of a cedar chest, well-preserved and still legible. It was issued by Evangelical Lutheran Church, in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, many years ago.  It bears the signature of Pastor Thomas Hyde. 

The Church's copy of the same document is nowhere to be found.  When asked about this, the reply was succinct, "Oh, we don't keep copies. We have an enrollment book showing the names and dates."

Call up the church where you were baptized and you will discover the same thing.  Even though at least (2) two wet-ink certificates were produced and even though you may have your copy still, the church's copy has gone missing. 

Now ask yourself--- what is a "certificate" and why would a certificate be associated with your baptism?  And having been associated with your baptism, why wouldn't it be kept on record?

Definition of "certificate"----In Law, a statement, written and signed, which is by law made evidence of the truth of the facts stated, for all or for certain purposes.  A certificate of ownership, a certificate of service, a gold certificate, and yes, a baptismal certificate. 

Pastor Hyde probably never knew that there was anything nefarious going on when he signed the paperwork.  He probably thought nothing of it, as he dutifully entered my name and date of baptism in the enrollment book and collected the church's copy of the documentation, and sent it on to a regional office, where it was batched and sent on again to an ecumenical recording service and assigned a number. 

The local level people never knew that souls were (at least purportedly) being bought and sold on an outrageous Black Market, being traded as a contraband commodity, using baptismal certificates as the transfer paper.  And the church--- at a high and corrupt level ---  was getting a very lucrative kickback from the sale. 

And you thought that all these gleaming towers and soaring spires were being funded by bequests of the faithful and offering plate collections, maybe tax write-offs from corporations?   No. 

When you joined a church and were baptized, people who practice Black Magic purchased an interest in your soul, or so they believe, by purchasing the church's copy of your Baptismal Certificate.  They paid anywhere from a thousand to a hundred thousand dollars for it and consider your soul their property as a result.

Crazy as this is, it is no crazier than buying a stock certificate, is it?  Show me where your "share" of GM is located? 

So now we have the real answer of how, when, where, and why the conventional churches were corrupted and brought into the corporatist scheme. It wasn't just a misguided idea that they needed to incorporate to get tax breaks that they were already granted and guaranteed. No.  If they weren't incorporated, they couldn't issue baptismal certificates. And if they couldn't issue baptismal certificates, they couldn't get in on all the profits to be made from selling souls.

This perfidy first infected the Roman Catholic Church and predictably, spread from there to Protestant denominations.

So, where's your baptismal certificate?  And who is using it to pay their rent?


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Emergency update on Markets and the Virus-What to do - Comment please

Found Here:

I can't say this guy reads Anna's work. I don't know, but listen carefully. Many of the things he is saying give clues that others have come to some of the same conclusions from independent sources.

Please comment. This one hour show is well worth your time for many reasons.

Announcement: To All Business Owners Harmed by CoVid-19 Virus

By Anna Von Reitz

Has your business been harmed by the Corona Virus Pandemic?  Are your doors closed?  Your stock values in the tank?  Has anyone in your family been harmed by this virus or the H1N1 virus the same players released in 2009?

Then listen carefully.

We can destroy the Corona Virus and all other related SARS viruses in less than 30 days.  It requires a few million dollars in investment.

Our solution is fast, easy, and doesn't involve tests, vaccinations, or delivery of cure via conventional medicine.  Our solution is outside of any governmental control or regulation.

We can implement within days. It has already been tested.  It works.

Our solution will not profit the Perpetrators of the crimes, will not advance any political agenda, and will discourage any future activities of this kind.

If you are interested in putting a stop to this hideously destructive nonsense, contact me at:, subject line: Pied Piper.

If you are interested in supporting or joining a Joint Action to sue the British Crown, the Pirbright Institute, Qinetiq,Inc., the Wellcome Trust, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and others responsible for the CoVid-19 Virus, contact me at:, subject line: Joint Action.

If you are tired of these sick institutions and individuals leading the entire world around with a nose-ring, put your (remaining) money and your brain to work with others of like-mind and determination.

We are pooling resources and accepting donations addressed to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652, PayPal at, subject line: Pandemic.

If you are mad as Hell and determined not to take any more of this abuse, then the time has come to do something effective about it.  Put your oar in the water and shove. 

We are not stupid. We are not going to be ear-tagged like cattle. We are not going to die on command.  We are not putting up with any more of this agenda, period, at all.  


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