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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Favored Franchise and Enforcement Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

Doctor David E. Martin recently appeared before the EU Parliament and presented an exact and exhaustively researched timeline demonstrating the development of the bioengineered and weaponized coronavirus beginning in 1965 with parent patents in Europe, the transfer to the University of North Carolina, and it's eventual release in Wuhan, China. 

There is no doubt that the coronavirus featured as the cause of the 2019 Pandemic was purposefully constructed in a laboratory environment as a bioweapon that, once injected, would kill the one receiving it, but not be able to transfer to others like a true infectious agent. 

At the same time that the coronavirus was being weaponized in Britain and at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill,  the pharmaceutical industry appeared before the U.S. Congress threatening that they would suspend production of vaccines because they were being hit with too many lawsuits related to vaccine injuries and deaths. 

Congress responded by releasing the pharmaceutical industry from any possible liability for death and disability claims resulting from vaccines that they produce as consumer products.  

It is not possible for a Municipal Corporation to selectively release one or more of its own commercial corporation franchises from liability related to product performance.  Even if the parent corporation were to formally take on the liability of its franchise, that parent corporation would have to be financially competent to do so and would have to post bond, which was never done.  

In this case, the entire proposal and resulting enactment was a gross conflict of interest and breach of trust, as the same people who were defrauded to fund the British Territorial Municipal Corporation were the self-same victims that the pharmaceutical company franchises sought to evade --- thus the victims would be paying for their own injuries either way, and neither the parent corporation nor the pharmaceutical corporations were competent and willing to pay their own liability costs, which they proposed to foist off on the victims.   

As the British Territorial United States Government operates as a Municipal Corporation housed in the District of Columbia, both the Municipal Corporation --- and its Congress --- have never had state immunity and therefore cannot offer state immunity to its own business franchises, either. 

As a result the pharmaceutical corporations have been operating under the assumption of a phony guarantee holding them harmless from all liability claims and all accountability for their vaccine products. 

According to the pharmaceutical corporations and the legislation produced by the U.S. Congress, the pharmaceutical corporations really could have injected fermented snake oil into the victims and not have been held liable -- except that the Congress could not confer any immunity that it does not itself legitimately possess.  

As their own Federal Title 22 makes clear, when a government acts as a corporation it loses any advantage of state immunity and becomes subject to all the laws and limitations that govern corporations, instead.   

The Municipal Corporations and their officers and elected officials acting as self-interested purveyors of products created by their own franchises remain 100% personally and commercially liable.

The Municipal Corporations and their elected officials and officers also try to escape liability by failing to write out their Oath of Office and publish it, resulting in them never actually entering any Public Office.  They are all operating as Imposters as several studies have shown: 

As such, they have no Public Office, no Public Authority, and no Liability associated with the vacant Public Office they appear to occupy --- but in the same token, they have no power to enact any legislation impacting the General Public of this country at all; the only threads they hang upon are the purloined and undisclosed registration contracts they obtained while the victims of their avarice were still babies in their cradles.  

As we can all observe, none of these contracts were ever understood as contracts, none were fully disclosed, all are tainted by semantic deceit and other elements of fraud, and all are self-interested on the part of the Undeclared Foreign Agents employed as licensed Uniformed Officers. 

We are researching claims that these same Medical Doctors who were employed in the same capacities during the Covid 19 Pandemic were paid $25,000 per head for every American they identified as dying from the coronavirus -- regardless of the actual cause of death. 

If so, this echoes the payoffs and kickbacks that have been paid to Medical Doctors for their signatures on birth registration documents.  The corruption of the "government" corporations has led to the corruption of the people as well.   

These quote-unquote "healthcare professionals" were conscripted without their knowledge or agreement as Licensed Uniformed Officers of the British Territorial Municipal Corporation under Federal Title XXXI, and threatened with loss of their professional licenses  if they did not follow orders and apply officially approved -- and deadly --- counter-measures. 

We have confirmed payments of approximately one billion dollars each to the 20 largest hospitals in this country to go along with the coronavirus narrative and do the dirty work.  

With this kind of money being spent by the Perpetrators and actually being paid for by the victims themselves, this is one of the most egregious and injurious Breaches of Trust and Service Contract in history.  

Meantime, the pharmaceutical companies producing this witch's brew felt no threat of liability at all, because their parent corporation winked and promised to forgive all their sins.  Pfizer attorneys have already argued -- in court -- that they were only doing what the government corporations told them to do, that they were told they would suffer no liability for it no matter what they put in their vaccine. 

Insurance companies have also already argued that the victims were owed no life insurance policy payments because they took the vaccine voluntarily and thereby chose to commit suicide --- this, while the Municipal Corporations continued to act under color of law and spent over a billion dollars in advertising, telling people that these vaccines were quote: "safe and effective", and encouraging them to think that this was a normal vaccination they should take to protect themselves and others.

The Municipal Corporations and their State-of-State franchises parroted this false information all over the airwaves, even though it was widely known in the research and medical communities that vaccines are not effective against coronavirus, and that had been known since the 1990s.

This product also proved completely ineffective in preventing the disease or containing the spread of it via injection.  

Neither of these Municipal Corporations nor their franchises have any natural right to exist and no authority to exempt themselves from liability for their actions. The officers in charge of these organizations have occupied no Public Offices, so that everything they have done has been done in fraud upon the General Public, including claiming state immunity and offering immunity to the pharmaceutical corporations.  

We wish for a clear understanding that it is the job and duty of these Municipal Subcontractors to protect the General Public --- not to protect themselves and their franchises at the expense of the people they are supposed to serve.  

We wish for a clear understanding that until and unless these individuals write and sign and publish their Oaths of Office, they have not entered upon any Public Office, nor can they exercise any power associated with that office, elected or appointed. Anyone continuing to exercise the powers of an office without publishing a valid Oath of Office, will be arrested and charged with impersonation and held 100% personally and commercially liable. 

We wish for every employee of both Municipal Corporations and all Federal Agencies to be told officially and in writing that the American State Nationals are returning to the land and soil jurisdiction they are heir to and that we have established our own peacekeeping forces and that those peacekeeping forces, including our Continental Marshals Service and State Assembly Militias, are to be assisted and respected by all Federal and Agency and State of State Employees.  

The current police and law enforcement organizations that are employed by incorporated franchises of the Municipal Corporations are private security personnel that have no authority as government sanctioned military or peacekeeping forces. 

We wish for every incorporated law enforcement organization and every individual officer employed by such organizations whether they are overtly Federal Municipal officers or members of State-of-State franchises employed as Troopers or Rangers, or County franchises employed as Sheriffs,  to be told the truth -- that they have no public role or office, no right to draw a public paycheck, and no superior authority. 

We wish these employees of foreign corporations to fully understand that  as Americans, if they are Americans, they share a public duty that has been long-neglected, to enforce the Public Law including the Law of the Land clearly stated by each one of the Federal Constitutions. 

We wish for all these private security personnel to know and understand that they have no right to misaddress any member of the General Public about any statute, code, or regulatory infraction, and when someone objects to their presumptions and offers reasonable proof of their political status as members of our General Public, those persons are to be set free and left alone, so long as they are not injuring anyone or harming property belonging to others. 

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 31st 2023


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