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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Ukraine: A Deep State Wonderland

Comment Regarding the Disappearance of the Dollar Sign

 By Anna Von Reitz

Now that certain people have raised the issue, the Federal Reserve Note must go, because it is based on human labor --- our non-consensual labor, that is, peonage and slavery.
They got away with it for all these years by claiming that their method of extracting the value of our labor was "voluntary" on our parts, but of course, it never has been.
Our consent was "waived" for us by the Queen and her Government acting as our "presumed-to-be" caretakers and Trustees, a role they assumed after they human trafficked us off our own land jurisdiction and shanghaied us into their watery realm on the "High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways". And the Queen and her Government were just pissing in the wind about all that, too--- but, until you recognize the fraud for what it is, you are stuck with it.
Thank God, we finally woke up and saw it and objected.
All of this self-serving fraud is both illegal and unlawful and has been recognized as such on a worldwide basis since at least 1926, but who was present and mindful enough to object? When we took it to the League of Nations, that institution was promptly shut down in favor of the seafaring United Nations. When Congressman Louis T. McFadden brought his objections to the House Judiciary Committee, his report was buried (and so was he, murdered, poisoned, shortly afterward) and those charges are still lodged and "pending" review since 1934.
So now, we finally woke up and have brought the value basis of the Federal Reserve Note to world attention and also the fact that these promissory notes are a British Territorial domestic currency and can't be used as an international currency, the Vermin are finally being forced to shut down the blood money system they've used to enslave us and the rest of the world, too.
Their Federal Reserve Note was never the world's Reserve Currency anyway and everyone is advised to keep their knickers on and stay calm. The American Silver Dollar is the Reserve Currency and it has done nothing but increase in value, so no need to panic.
Just be aware that you have been living in an evil and upside down matrix, and that is being corrected. We've been living as slaves in the "Land of the Free" and this scheme was so lucrative that when they succeeded in setting up their fraud scheme here, in America, they simply extended it to the rest of the world.
The entire planet has been illegally and unlawfully taxed and burdened down to enrich a few nasty blighters, and countries from here to Zimbabwe have been endlessly told that they have these insurmountable "National Debts" when there are no such debts, only a pernicious failure to apply the equal and opposite National Credit. The Vermin simply left the books unbalanced for over a hundred years to make it look like these "National Debts" existed, so as to collect usurious rates of "interest" supposedly owed, too.
They also helped themselves to our land assets and "took title" to our land and soil, imposing the foreign British System of Real ("Royal") Estate and conferring the right to tax us for that undesired privilege upon their unworthy and unjustly enriched selves. Billions of people have lost the actual ownership of their land and have paid property taxes to the Pope and the Queen---taxes they didn't owe--- as a result. The Perpetrators have promoted this by wandering around applying new property descriptions to our land and pretended that that was sufficient equitable interest to justify their claims.
This amounts to me looking at your house and land and thinking up a new name for it, like "4567 Parkside Lane", and copyrighting that name and then claiming that I own your house and land and have the right to tax it. The Queen and Westminster have acted as a Gang of Pirates.
These claims are just as repugnant and outrageous and self-interested and inequitable and phony as all the rest of it. People don't owe the government for land that belongs to the people; the government owes good faith service to the people, first, last, and foremost --- and if that is not the case, we don't need a government. A gang of thieves and pirates would do as well as our friends and Allies in the British Government. Or the Pope, either.
Then we come to the issue of their war reparations, which they have foisted off on the rest of us using similar chicanery. Ever wondered what a mortgage is? It's debt owed by dead people, improperly carried forward and imposed on new generations instead of being written off, as it should be. Think about it. Can you impose your debts on someone who hasn't been born yet? No, of course, not. Such an obligation of our progeny is nothing but speculative drivel, yet the Queen, the Pope, and Westminster have contrived to create and impose such a system of self-interested fraud on people worldwide.
They, who never suffered as much as a scratch, and who in fact profited handsomely for every war since Napoleon, feel that we and future generations should pay for rebuilding all the destruction they wrought upon the world ---- and to do this, they imposed a mortgage system, in which the actual landlord in possession of his home and land and business free-and-clear, is presumed to be "standing good" for the debts of his unidentified ancestors who have been conveniently misrepresented as corporate franchises of a bankrupt parent corporation.
In this country, no living man owes a mortgage. All the mortgages in this country are owed by defunct British or Papist corporations, like "the" State of Wisconsin (Inc.) or "the" STATE OF WISCONSIN, (INC.) and if you inquire, you will find that it's all odious debt --- debt merely presumed to exist and be assigned --- by the actual Debtors, of course -- to the victims, who are conveniently never told a word about this racket.
This amounts to me being in cahoots with a car dealership, buying myself a new car on your credit, defaulting on the debt, and leaving you as my purported "secondary" standing good for the debt. This is what the Queen has done for you, while acting as your purported Trustee and Usufruct. The Queen has graciously mortgaged your home and property to pay for her government's debts, pretended to be your Trustee, and also pretended that you voluntarily or naturally "reside" in her watery jurisdiction, when in fact, she and her minions have misrepresented you and the entire situation.
Let's give you another example. It will interest you to know that this actual country-- America -- has been at peace since 1814, the last time the Brits had an honest go at us.
Everything that has gone on since then in terms of "war" has been nothing but a long series of undeclared and illegal Mercenary Conflicts, which our men and women have been ensnared to participate in on an individual basis --- and all without the benefit of full disclosure. They thought they were serving their country as honest soldiers, but they were being used as cheap mercenaries by the British Crown Corp instead.
We now know the source of all this rot. The Evil Empire sits ensconced in so-called "independent, international city-states" which squat upon our land and soil and work all this fraud as transnational crime syndicates and interlocking corporate directorates. Vatican City, Washington, DC, the Inner City of London, and now, the "Federal Reserve" pretends to be its own City-State in Ohio, and the United Nations claims the same status in New York --- and if we stand here, deaf, dumb, and blind --- we will all be slaves serving criminals forevermore.
Wake up and take up arms in whatever form of "arms" you can manage, intellectual arms, spiritual arms, emotional arms, and we must use all our physical empowerment as well, to drag down and put an end to these evils in our midst. People of Italy --- rescind the Lateran Treaty of 1929. People of Maryland, seize back your interest in Washington, DC. They have violated the terms of their Special Use permissions. People of London -- see what you have in your midst and tear it out, root, stem, and leaf, as a foreign invader that has enslaved you by the skillful use of guile and fraud and false claims in commerce.

Make haste, all you National Governments. These lawless, piratical corporations must be destroyed and the rights of the people upheld. A new financial system must be built. A new awareness throughout the general populace must be achieved. We have seen what happens when you trust a "government services contractor" and do not impose your own Public Law. There is no greater threat to your economy or your country or your people, than these out-of-control public employees and the misdirected foreign "service provider" corporations they work for. We must all join forces and first under international law, and next, under our own Public Law, bring this piracy to an end.


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March 22, 2022