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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Comment Regarding the Disappearance of the Dollar Sign

 By Anna Von Reitz

Now that certain people have raised the issue, the Federal Reserve Note must go, because it is based on human labor --- our non-consensual labor, that is, peonage and slavery.
They got away with it for all these years by claiming that their method of extracting the value of our labor was "voluntary" on our parts, but of course, it never has been.
Our consent was "waived" for us by the Queen and her Government acting as our "presumed-to-be" caretakers and Trustees, a role they assumed after they human trafficked us off our own land jurisdiction and shanghaied us into their watery realm on the "High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways". And the Queen and her Government were just pissing in the wind about all that, too--- but, until you recognize the fraud for what it is, you are stuck with it.
Thank God, we finally woke up and saw it and objected.
All of this self-serving fraud is both illegal and unlawful and has been recognized as such on a worldwide basis since at least 1926, but who was present and mindful enough to object? When we took it to the League of Nations, that institution was promptly shut down in favor of the seafaring United Nations. When Congressman Louis T. McFadden brought his objections to the House Judiciary Committee, his report was buried (and so was he, murdered, poisoned, shortly afterward) and those charges are still lodged and "pending" review since 1934.
So now, we finally woke up and have brought the value basis of the Federal Reserve Note to world attention and also the fact that these promissory notes are a British Territorial domestic currency and can't be used as an international currency, the Vermin are finally being forced to shut down the blood money system they've used to enslave us and the rest of the world, too.
Their Federal Reserve Note was never the world's Reserve Currency anyway and everyone is advised to keep their knickers on and stay calm. The American Silver Dollar is the Reserve Currency and it has done nothing but increase in value, so no need to panic.
Just be aware that you have been living in an evil and upside down matrix, and that is being corrected. We've been living as slaves in the "Land of the Free" and this scheme was so lucrative that when they succeeded in setting up their fraud scheme here, in America, they simply extended it to the rest of the world.
The entire planet has been illegally and unlawfully taxed and burdened down to enrich a few nasty blighters, and countries from here to Zimbabwe have been endlessly told that they have these insurmountable "National Debts" when there are no such debts, only a pernicious failure to apply the equal and opposite National Credit. The Vermin simply left the books unbalanced for over a hundred years to make it look like these "National Debts" existed, so as to collect usurious rates of "interest" supposedly owed, too.
They also helped themselves to our land assets and "took title" to our land and soil, imposing the foreign British System of Real ("Royal") Estate and conferring the right to tax us for that undesired privilege upon their unworthy and unjustly enriched selves. Billions of people have lost the actual ownership of their land and have paid property taxes to the Pope and the Queen---taxes they didn't owe--- as a result. The Perpetrators have promoted this by wandering around applying new property descriptions to our land and pretended that that was sufficient equitable interest to justify their claims.
This amounts to me looking at your house and land and thinking up a new name for it, like "4567 Parkside Lane", and copyrighting that name and then claiming that I own your house and land and have the right to tax it. The Queen and Westminster have acted as a Gang of Pirates.
These claims are just as repugnant and outrageous and self-interested and inequitable and phony as all the rest of it. People don't owe the government for land that belongs to the people; the government owes good faith service to the people, first, last, and foremost --- and if that is not the case, we don't need a government. A gang of thieves and pirates would do as well as our friends and Allies in the British Government. Or the Pope, either.
Then we come to the issue of their war reparations, which they have foisted off on the rest of us using similar chicanery. Ever wondered what a mortgage is? It's debt owed by dead people, improperly carried forward and imposed on new generations instead of being written off, as it should be. Think about it. Can you impose your debts on someone who hasn't been born yet? No, of course, not. Such an obligation of our progeny is nothing but speculative drivel, yet the Queen, the Pope, and Westminster have contrived to create and impose such a system of self-interested fraud on people worldwide.
They, who never suffered as much as a scratch, and who in fact profited handsomely for every war since Napoleon, feel that we and future generations should pay for rebuilding all the destruction they wrought upon the world ---- and to do this, they imposed a mortgage system, in which the actual landlord in possession of his home and land and business free-and-clear, is presumed to be "standing good" for the debts of his unidentified ancestors who have been conveniently misrepresented as corporate franchises of a bankrupt parent corporation.
In this country, no living man owes a mortgage. All the mortgages in this country are owed by defunct British or Papist corporations, like "the" State of Wisconsin (Inc.) or "the" STATE OF WISCONSIN, (INC.) and if you inquire, you will find that it's all odious debt --- debt merely presumed to exist and be assigned --- by the actual Debtors, of course -- to the victims, who are conveniently never told a word about this racket.
This amounts to me being in cahoots with a car dealership, buying myself a new car on your credit, defaulting on the debt, and leaving you as my purported "secondary" standing good for the debt. This is what the Queen has done for you, while acting as your purported Trustee and Usufruct. The Queen has graciously mortgaged your home and property to pay for her government's debts, pretended to be your Trustee, and also pretended that you voluntarily or naturally "reside" in her watery jurisdiction, when in fact, she and her minions have misrepresented you and the entire situation.
Let's give you another example. It will interest you to know that this actual country-- America -- has been at peace since 1814, the last time the Brits had an honest go at us.
Everything that has gone on since then in terms of "war" has been nothing but a long series of undeclared and illegal Mercenary Conflicts, which our men and women have been ensnared to participate in on an individual basis --- and all without the benefit of full disclosure. They thought they were serving their country as honest soldiers, but they were being used as cheap mercenaries by the British Crown Corp instead.
We now know the source of all this rot. The Evil Empire sits ensconced in so-called "independent, international city-states" which squat upon our land and soil and work all this fraud as transnational crime syndicates and interlocking corporate directorates. Vatican City, Washington, DC, the Inner City of London, and now, the "Federal Reserve" pretends to be its own City-State in Ohio, and the United Nations claims the same status in New York --- and if we stand here, deaf, dumb, and blind --- we will all be slaves serving criminals forevermore.
Wake up and take up arms in whatever form of "arms" you can manage, intellectual arms, spiritual arms, emotional arms, and we must use all our physical empowerment as well, to drag down and put an end to these evils in our midst. People of Italy --- rescind the Lateran Treaty of 1929. People of Maryland, seize back your interest in Washington, DC. They have violated the terms of their Special Use permissions. People of London -- see what you have in your midst and tear it out, root, stem, and leaf, as a foreign invader that has enslaved you by the skillful use of guile and fraud and false claims in commerce.

Make haste, all you National Governments. These lawless, piratical corporations must be destroyed and the rights of the people upheld. A new financial system must be built. A new awareness throughout the general populace must be achieved. We have seen what happens when you trust a "government services contractor" and do not impose your own Public Law. There is no greater threat to your economy or your country or your people, than these out-of-control public employees and the misdirected foreign "service provider" corporations they work for. We must all join forces and first under international law, and next, under our own Public Law, bring this piracy to an end.


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  1. "Now that certain people have raised the issue, the Federal Reserve Note must go, because it is based on human labor --- our non-consensual labor, that is, peonage and slavery.
    They got away with it for all these years by claiming that their method of extracting the value of our labor was "voluntary" on our parts, but of course, it never has been.
    Our consent was "waived" for us by the Queen and her Government acting as our "presumed-to-be" caretakers and Trustees, a role they assumed after they human trafficked us off our own land jurisdiction and shanghaied us into their watery realm on the "High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways". And the Queen and her Government were just pissing in the wind about all that, too--- but, until you recognize the fraud for what it is, you are stuck with it.
    Thank God, we finally woke up and saw it and objected."

    "they got away with it".
    1. no. they didnt get away with it.
    they used FORCE to force and violence and lying and abuses of all kinds on unwilling people who said NO! just the same as they ARE STILL DOING NOW and we are still saying NO, there has been no interruption in our saying NO.

    2. next comment.

    1. 2. " claiming..."

      only *man* can make a claim.
      common law/ various; ancient

      "the Queen" is a FICTION and TITLE and can only deal with FICTIONS.
      Claims are declarations made by man who has been harmed; and using his own court: be-ing man under God, he enters his record on the court/"Court of Record" before his people for them to judge his claim if the man who harmed him refuses to either restore him or provide proof he didnt do it.
      its all very simple.
      thats a claim.
      a FICTION/ Queen/ Attorney/ Officer/ Corpse/ Pope can claim NOTHING and they know it.

      only a man can make a claim.

    2. "...extracting the value..."

      they didnt "extract" the *value*.
      • PUT
      • a *value*(a COMMERCIAL FICTION Term) that they agreed to
      • upon our labor
      • then they worked together
      • to STEAL our labor and its fruits
      • and TRADED the RESULTS/ BENEFITS of our STOLEN LABOR/ FRUITS OF IT among themselves as if it belonged to them when they all knew it didnt
      • at that "value marker"/"price point" they agreed upon.
      but that wasnt enough for them, they followed that up with:
      • use of force, threats: to make us pay them for this "service": stealing from us: often double or more;
      • they "charged" us for infractions to the rules they made up that "facilitate" their theft of our labor and its fruits.
      • they beat us, beat us up, beat us down, "arrested"us, "detained" us, "locked us up", shot us, stole our savings, homes, family members, land, farms, water, and much, much MUCH more.

      we, *man*, have right to go aaaaaall the way back to where this started from and make our lawful claims to be restored, even for our fathers and mothers going back many generations.

      they know this.

      and thats exactly what we are going to peacefully carry out. and they will cooperate.
      they dont have any choice.
      they did wrong.
      we have right to be whole.
      were not half of them or anything else. ("...on BE-HALF of...)
      we are whole.
      and if man causes us to be made un-whole, then we have right to require him make us whole once again.

      its spiritual law.

      and it underlies American common law.

    3. "...was *voluntary*..."

      another COMMERCE/FICTION Term:

      so, where is the agreement?
      again, i believe that even annamarias husband, james belle cher, has published that THERE ISNT ONE.

    4. "Our consent was "waived" for us by the Queen and her Government acting as our "presumed-to-be" caretakers and Trustees,..."

      i:woman believe that:
      in their system of "TRUSTFICTION" the Trustee has only one main job:
      carry out the ORDERS of the Beneficary; such that:
      • the "offers" go through the Trustee before they get to the Beneficiary;
      • the Trustee advises;
      • the Beneficiary decides;
      • the Trustee goes back to the "offerer" with the Beneficiaries acceptance of their offer or rejection of it.

      HERES THE POINT THEN, if true, and i presently believe it is true:
      SUCH THAT:
      IF "THE QUEEN" MADE A DECISION ABOUT THE "TRUSTCONTENTS FICTION" AND/OR ABOUT ACCEPTANCE OR REJECTION OF OFFERS CONCERNING IT, THEN THIS "QUEENFICTION" COULD ONLY HAVE BEEN ACTING/FICTION AS THE BENEFICIARYFICTION! NOT AS THE TRUSTEEFICTION!!... as far as i know it... but i do not understand or agree with these TRUSTFICTIONS they created and also do not know coded Legal language and am not part of their Society, however this is what is being heavily published on the internet/ other presently.
      i welcome provable correction on these things and i: woman will use my right to correct, if necessary. thank you!!

    5. "...until you recognize the fraud for what it is, you are stuck with it."

      there are all kinds of declarations, treaties, and other proofs on the record and off, going back decades and centuries and maybe more, showing that the FRAUD*S*: (plural) being perpetrated upon MANY-and- various nations and peoples were recognized all along, and were rejected/ "objected" to.
      these lawful rejections were sometimes variously- answered with violence, being ignored, attacked, deceit/other, pretended friendliness or pretended agree-ment/ co-operation.

      so, if true then, no, were not "stuck with" anything they have madeup, or are making up, including their debt and false accusations.

      if true, they have to restore us.
      and were not stuck with anything.
      if true then, whats happening is that they are stupidly "heaping coals of fire on their own heads" due to the fact that we already said and have been saying all along in one way or the other: NO!

      they chose to step over the line, not us.
      they are "stuck with" their fraud, not us.
      all of it.
      from the very beginning.
      if true then, theres no way out for them.

    6. "...saw it and objected."

      "objected" i believe is a LEGAL FICTION Term used by their closed Society, in their Court system [ex: "your Honor(!?) I *object*."]
      and it does not apply to (a) man: (a) man just says: "no.";
      then records his claim before his own chosen "society" of people he desires to be part of (if any -- its not required for man to join ANY group at all) if he is harmed by another mans doings, so that HIS OWN PEOPLE can judge his claims!
      yes! this is actually how *common law* works! its ancient! look at how the man they call jesus told people they could live... not under the thumb of men in robes often telling everyone else what to do while giving their own selves a pass on those very laws that they sit around and make up for everyone else to follow and then "charge/fine/ beat/ imprison/ merr deerrr" the people if the people dont!... yeh, while holding themselves to no law at all except their own appetites and excesses... at other peoples' expense, it seems.
      that is then that:
      when you have made no intentional agreement that you will participate in one of their contractFICTIONS GAMES, then there is nothing to "object" to because you are not even "A Player" in that "Game" they are Playing At/ Acting out.

      i:woman:janmarie have right to do right, make right, and require right and it is so.

    7. First of all start looking into how the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE, came about! I believe it was to be used for Internal use only! As it has written upon it's face "THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE, what is FEDERAL? What is RESERVE? Finally what is NOTE? Just as INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, is for only to keep the Internal employee from stealing from the working men and women! These were for controlling the miss use of collected taxes! Not to tax the working/laboring, more and more. So do some looking up these facts at your local Library not the controlled media! No cents/sense No lawful money/S with//, when I was in the 7th grade I had type setting so that was in 1958 the real dollar was a S with 2 vertical lines. So getting back to the fake currency/money/FRN/worthless paper/NOTE, should you believe that you are buying with this script you are very wrong, as you are letting the seller know that you will pay at a later date! Good Luck, Anna you are the eye opener to some anyway the ones that are up with eyes squinted anyway!!

    8. migbest, that would be true if we had been told about all that and had agreed: not under threat, duress, coercion, or force.
      but we werent.
      and we didnt.
      so we arent obligated.
      and 'fraud vitiates everything it touches, 'ab initio'.
      in my words:
      fraud cancels out everything from the very beginning.
      there IS no agreement. from the beginning!

      oh, and heres the zinger:
      there IS NO "Statute of Limitations" on fraud!!!

    9. migbest,
      that is really interesting about the $.
      omgosh! and about the frns being for internal use only!
      yes, wow, that all really makes sense! all of the details such as these builds the whole picture out from top to bottom.

    10. also migbest,
      i went back and read your comment again because of your: "As it has written upon it's face "THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE, ..." because i was thinking that even though its right there on the $, people have never been told, so dont know that both those Terms: 'Public' and 'Private' are Commerce words.
      i know i was never told, and wouldnt have known what it signified because we werent taught any of that either... 12+ years in school.... so much time wasted on indoctrination for institutionalization.
      so we dont even realize that when we were taught to say for example: "thats private", we were actually saying "that belongs in Commerce", and conversely, nobody ever told us that saying "its private" **doesnt** mean it belongs exclusively to me!
      sometimes i just cant believe what theyve done. they did it on purpose. knowingly. to steal from us. and worse.
      im guessing they removed the double line when Nixon took the Corporation off of the gold standard.

  2. tter. I have kind of lost faith in my fellow man!!

  3. We need answers on South Africa having vender cards already. Strange occurrence.

  4. Federal Reserve has a City-State in Ohio? Curious as to where.

  5. "Always adjusting the explanation to try to induce action in the readers..."

    BACKGROUND--- im guessing:
    • if there really is a "Save America Campaign" going on:
    • thats Constructed by the British-Allegianced BAR Attorneys/ Affiliates/ other who run the Commerce-ial Birth Certificating System ("banking" piece?)/other [ex.: "Freedom Convoy"??]
    • under authority of the "PopeFICTION"/other ("religion" piece?),
    • that "the Milit[ia]/-ary"FICTION /other (force andor "enforcement" piece?) is operating:

    •• for example: if there is a "PsyOp"/ Mass Population Lying/ Fear/ Threat Operation" OR SOME SUCH TYPE OF THING on the American people:
    •• in order to OPENLY put America back under, for an example, some sort of pre-Declaration of Independence British Colonial rule
    that is actually being PERPETRATED upon us, .....
    if thats what all these "Save America Bus Tours and Campaigns";
    the plethora of too-late-to count disclosures-after- the-fact;
    and MASS of "Patriot Groups"/"Influencers"/other who talk and talk and talk; and promise and promise and promise; and delay and delay and delay; and "have Secret*Sources*" who call them up, anonymously, and give them bits and pieces of SECRET INTEL! BUT RARELY IF EVER PRODUCE ANY ACTUAL LAWFUL RESULTS FOR the people!!!!...
    then, that would make it seem, perhaps, veeeery suspicious... like maybe this is all a CONTRIVED GIGANTIC HOAX designed to Traffick the people into undisclosed, undesired participation in their New Society!!!!
    okay so, my point in saying all that as background is because, quite frankly:

    they come across as stupid.
    and lazy.
    and weak.
    they have neither the brains nor the energy to make their flawed plans work, find what doesnt work, nor test them out!
    how handy it would be for lazy and stupid people to publish CRAP after CRAP after CRAP and then wait for us to poke holes in their ignorant ramblings!!! then, they could just publish Their Newest Article with the corrections we have pointed out, without them having to do or even KNOW anything, and then call it "copyrighted" and "theirs" because its on "their" webpage? ....which webpages are actually ALL *actually* owned by the actual peaceful and lawful American people since the corporationFICTIONS were all constructed from unauthorized use of what belongs to us! and more, and it is so.

    what then?


  6. This is exactly what has been transpiring. I call it contrived intelligence.
    "They / It" have not one shred of genuine creativity or genius(genus)so "They / It" have to tap into, and soak off of our Creator's Creation. "They / It" has never had an original thought. This is why most everyone has been tested, vetted, and entrained from their youth onward having to jump over hurdles, and pass "Their" tests in order to be deemed worthy of "They / It's" promotions, all the while either receiving accolades, and accommodations or admonishments, and demotions that only cause these ones to be attached to an unholy union even more. It takes a certain skill to be a slaver, or a pimp, even though it could be labeled more like a technique it is not very unique, nor do those that utilize said techniques have any uniqueness about themselves. This is why "They" all have to dress up in "Their" designated costumes. "Their" daily Costumes should be proof enough for all to be able to know that these are the owned ones. However very few comprehend this. Instead most want to" be like Mike" so then they too don the mask, the cape, and colorful costumes believing that they are now shielded, and protected by an invisibility cloak aka Corps. Weak people, weak minds. Only those that truly walk with God will ever see this as what has happened to themselves and be given the adequate tools to break free, while helping others as well.
    Once someone shows another and then it is seen. one cannot unsee it.

  7. i WAS YOUNGER WHEN THE CENTS sign was no longer on any typewriter or computer, or for that matter on any document! So then they changed the sign, to the string sign ($), as far as I remember the single line thru the s is to show the start of a string line in monogramming for computer programs! The reason that they used the double lines to to show that the columns on the front of a Bank was to show that the Bank was solid and trust worthy. So if you believe that this ($) represents anything to do why Lawful Money, just keep sleeping, maybe when you really wakeup the troth will reappear!

  8. "They intentionally splintered the coherent narrative which was shared by everyone up till 9/11. Then they legalized lying to allow these narratives to be carried by the various groups that push them forward..."

    yes, absolutely agree bellarian1, and is no doubt at least partly why the SMITH-MUNDT ACT 1948 (their Private Commercial Corporations' so-named "Public Law" 80-402), that prohibited the USCORPSE and its MINIONS from Pro-PAGAN-dizing the American people was repealed during Ovummer, 2012.
    using THEIR CORPORATIONS "USAGM"/Smith-Mundt Modernization "Act".

  9. janmarie, you know I did not know about the SMITH-MUNDT act, you are a treasure of info. And I seem to remember there was a notice to the public on radio that it is not necessary for news to be factual, something like that. Other sources I have seen have placed it around 1996. Stated another way you could called it lying/propaganda. We are seeing that in spades for two years now and it does continue.

    So I did mention economic theory of money and a group of economists have developed something called Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and they say that there is virtually no support for money evolving from barter. It's also worth becoming familiar with Austrian Economics they actually take a more holistic approach to money and the economy. Much different from neo-classical economics.

    I really recommend this video from one of the people involved in developing MMT, I know quite a bit about it now from many videos and research but this video is good for beginners as it says.

    You might just blow your mind a little bit and I think that there should be a dialog with Anna's people. I think she has people someone like her should have people. There is no fundamental reason for me to have people by contrast, thus I really only have me. I am quite sure of that. As I look around the room I see only me. OK that was a bit goofy, but long day and I am tired. <---Watch this video

    Best hour you will spend since Anna already broached the subject of money in the last two posts about money. Anyone and everyone should be aware of what is being talked about in money circles.

  10. thank you will smith!

    yeh, and hey, maybe "annavonink" can also explain why she is telling our free and independent American people to enforce Public Law..... because
    as you can see by the Smith-Mundt Act info there, Public Law belongs to the USCORPSE.

    now why in the hell would "she" be telling American people to ENFORCE Public Law? ... that would make them "Corporate" EMPLOYEES, i believe.
    and would make them SUBJECT to all that Public Law then too i believe.

    "she" also tells them they are "owed" Public Law!


    in the Office of Priest Personnel Executive Team Vicar General Very Rev. R. Michael Dollins, V.G. Chancellor/Special Assistant to
    i the nephesh chey ( your no caps name here ) (sign all small letters print )………………...certify that I have e mailed this public notice to the above e-mail addresses and publicly accept and acknowledge the voluntary actions with R. Michael Dollins as vicar general and acting as vicar of Christ, per their canon law, and the public law 97-280 that ordains and establishes the vicar generals actions in obedience to the king james bible in these requirements, and my actions of Romans chapter 10 and Luke 12 in my days as a catholic christian.

    (Mat 9:2-8 KJV) And, behold, they brought to him a man sick of the palsy, lying on a bed: and Jesus seeing their faith said unto the sick of the palsy; Son, be of good cheer; thy sins be forgiven thee. {3} And, behold, certain of the scribes said within themselves, This man blasphemeth.* {4} And Jesus knowing their thoughts said, Wherefore think ye evil in your hearts? {5} For whether is easier, to say, Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to say, Arise, and walk? {6} But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins, (then saith he to the sick of the palsy,) Arise, take up thy bed, and go unto thine house. {7} And he arose, and departed to his house. {8} But when the multitude saw it, they marvelled, and glorified God, which had given such power unto men.

    *988. blasphemia, blas-fay-me'-ah; from G989; vilification (espec. against God):--blasphemy, evil speaking, railing. 989. blasphemos, blas'-fay-mos; from a der. of G984 and G5345; scurrilous, i.e. calumnious (against man), or (spec.) impious (against God):--blasphemer (-mous), railing.

    Vicar (definition) Roman Catholic Church. an ecclesiastic representing the pope or a bishop.
    a person who acts in place of another; substitute.
    a person who is authorized to perform the functions of another; deputy: God's vicar on earth.
    VICAR Lat. One who acts as a proxy in an official capacity.
    in reference to the SUPREME court case of United States v. Perkins, 163 U.S. 625 (1896) EVIDENCED IN FACT THAT THIS ENTITY IS A STATE CREATION, … (your capital letter name here 4/ /19 BUT FILE DATE, STATE CREATION DATE OF JULY ….. 19 Or any spelling with this intent to hold the living man accountable for debts and or the sins of the world is now assigned to the vicar of christ, vicar general.

    United States v. Perkins "We are of opinion that a statute of a state granting powers and privileges to corporations must, in the absence of plain indications to the contrary, be held to apply only to corporations created by the state, and over which it has power of visitation and control. . . . The legislature in such cases is dealing with its own creations, whose rights and obligations it may limit, define, and control."
    It is my understanding that the Vatican is the principal of this STATE CREATED ENTITY and the vicar general is acting as trustee paying all debts/sins past, present, and future, that have been charged to this ENTITY and with the vicar general acting a vicar of christ, Any and all presumptions of any debt or sin shall become evidence in fact of “double jeopardy” to require the nephish chey (living man) of ……your name small letters ……. to pay again a sin or debt that has already been paid for by the vicar of christ” and ignorance of the law is no excuse and “all shall see intent verse format.’ “Any objections or rebuttal of the vicar general as the vicar of christ forgiving all the sin/debt of the CREATION OF THE STATE ENTITY, SHALL BE immediately posted at ..

  12. GIGLIO VS UNITED STATES, and KATZ VS UNITED STATES. Good read and try to understand, what the case show!


  14. How do I get my house back that they stole?

    1. hi They will restore me! (i chgd your name for a moment here!:):) )
      generally speaking, so far my experience is that there is no agreement between Americans and the men and women who have done things like this to us.
      there also has been no war declared since 1812 either; and that ended in Peace Treaty at Ghent, Belgium, 1815-- thats BIG. Huuuuge.

      migbests comment below has what sounds to me like a couple of lawful, logical, peaceful possibilities for starting out to get your home restored.
      i have posted (common law word)/"mailed" (COMMERCE) several such types of hand- written correspondences and/or my own hand- written "post:notice"/s to (the) man Acting as an OfficeHolder for the Corporation and i:woman have receipt of few or no answers in return...
      i used The Corpses RegisteredMail System for tracking, and for recording on my court/ other, for proof on my court: of posting, and other.

      they often/ usually dont answer. if they answer at all, they usually tell you: thats not their job duty; you need to send, do, or pay something before they can look at the issue; they never heard of anything like that before; or they may send you a statute or code that they have been trained to use to justify their Acts, or to show you why they "cant do that", or they may tell you what theyre preparing to do if you dont________- whatever they want you to obey.

      my exper has often been though that they ignore it and continue harming you.

      imo their two biggest problems are:
      1. we, American people, are peaceful - and peaceful people cant have War declared on them!
      2. we have no intended agreement with them that allows them to make claim on anything that belongs to us:
      on the land air or water, that we were naturalborn upon
      or on our physical body, our labor, or the fruits of same.

      theyre going to have to give our stuff back/ restore us. they have no grounds for keeping it.
      suggestions only:
      start moving around/ exercise a little or a lot; cut down on crap foods; bump-up the nutritional profile on your foods; drink up to two beers, if any, then cut it off --- no more than three; purposely connect with our creator EVERY DAY and stay connected; accept that someone harmed you without cause, but *NOT* that it will remain that way.
      .... iow, whatever builds YOU up mentally, physically, spiritually, do those things on purpose. every day or nearly every day...

      .... just a few suggestions from an old woman!! :):)

  15. If you read the purported Note the first sentence reads "In return for a loan that I have received" and then states how much you will pay for those words! So if I wrote those words for a Judge do you think the Judge will repay you anything? Those words are really not binding as there is no definitive meaning as to what you had borrowed, nor when you received this purported item that was borrowed? So you were coerced into believing you were given something? Did they hand you something at the closing besides a pile of papers, that your Attorney told you to sign (coerced into believing that you must sign), did your Lawyer/Attorney tell you that you had a 3 T H R E E day to rescind! So always remember that the Judge and the Lawyer/Attorney have the same BAR card agreement, so you can never get a real representative on your side! Remember what Bill Clinton said on the record every time he would answer "if I understand that question correctly, then he would answer! Back to how you can get your house back, go to the recording office that records property, ask the Chief Town Clerk to show you, your signature on any deed, conveying it to the court, have the Chief Clerk sign an affidavit that states that the court has a right to steal property in the name of the Law, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, or even in any of the Constitution wording? Stand strong!

    1. wow great comment migbest!!!

      imo. janmarie

  16. Not sure when this was published but I grabbed it in notepad
    So in this Ancient Language article Anna wrote about

    Mysterium Magnum

    The Ancient Language We Are Heir To and the Web of Trusts
    By Anna Von Reitz
    The Ancient Language of Our Kind and the Web of Trusts
    The ancient language you are heir to is mathematics.

    Looked up this Mysterium Magnum

    An Exposition of the First Book of Moses called Genesis
    Written Anno 1623 by Jacob Boehme

    Kabbalistic tradition mentioned on page 2
    Also theosophical platonic tradition

    Will Smith in one of this guys writings sorry I will have to ask him which one and get back to you but the 'new' 'banking' they are working to implement has something to do with that Austrian Economics model
    Anything to do with this Mises Institute should give you a clue that this is all hogwash and they are part and parcel in on the new plan for all this new banking shit
    Same crooks different mask
    If I am not mistaken General Mike Flynn is also a Mises Institute fellow
    And so is Ron Paul
    And many others

  17. And doesn't anyone else find it off that they looking to change the time all of a sudden (preplanned)
    They will think to change the times and seasons (climate change aka weather modification aka geoengineering)

    PatelPatriot (PP, they love their PP jokes/references)
    Just like Prathers Priorities yet another PP
    Read the shit I tell ya it's all a set up and Mr T coming back is nothing but a fucking lie and when he does come back he will usher in their new world order fraud under World Parliament

    And this shit here this fuck is pushing is the same shit
    The solution was already there and they selling it to us as if it is happening as a result of the exposure

  18. How The WHO Captured Your Constitution OR World Government through the Back Door

    "Ever wonder how several nations across the globe suddenly & simultaneously contravened their citizens' constitutional rights?
    In case you thought your eyes were deceiving you - the WHO has a Constitution." No surprise here....notice the usual cast of characters:

    "The only non-WHO members are the Vatican and Lichtenstein, but they are still signatory to the IHR as an observer."

    1. Dr. Robert Malone: COVID Is Just a Skirmish—We Have a Much Bigger Problem

      "The WEF has a clear agenda which is not aligned with the U.S. Constitution... They are actively trying to advance the cause of a one-world government that will supplant national governments... I really do feel that this COVID situation is just a skirmish, and the bigger battle is against censorship, control, and a growing global totalitarianism."

    2. hi ready007,

      great info! theyre forming up their GlobalCitizen-ship, heh?!

      American state nationals are not included in that though because we're not citizens of anything. unless we chose to be.

      we're man.
      and are also nationals due to our *state* be-ing: man: naturalborn upon this land.
      ...IF we even want to use the "political status/ fiction" known as "national"... we dont have to. we can just be man: para. one, DeclarofIndep.

      i do declare my present intent: that i:woman be recognized by man and other: to be 'American state national' "political status": in accord with para. 2 DeclarofIndep., and also never separate from my original and naturalborn *state*: be-ing man.

      i:woman could change that if i wanted to and just go back to be-ing *man* under authority of my creator, with no "Societial" ties at all -- just dont harm other man -- and be left alone.

      its my choice though, for now, to join and participate in the Society formed in para.2 by my fathers and mothers that holds these truths to be self-evident:
      that all men are created equal;
      and are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights:
      among these are, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and more. and it is so.


      whoa! that was fun! :):):)

    3. we were all supposed to have been taught all this by those who hold this knowledge, but they didnt teach us.

      they kept it hidden.

      but they DID use it themselves.

      ...and apparently told themselves we are their property/ slaves/ dumb animals to be used for their pleasure and benefit.

      im glad thats overwith, and it is so.


    4. the man they call jesus DID teach the people all this though!

      red letter bibles. quick read!
      luv the man!!! cant wait to see him.

    5. Don't know if anybody knows or remembers a guy named Winston Shrout but he went on a journey of self-discovery and hooked up with some people that knew the truth. He specifically mentioned the events in 1933 when they bankrupted that particular US corporation under Roosevelt and confiscated the gold. It is said that Canada and a bunch of western corporate governments were also bankrupted in that same time-frame.

      In America the congressional paperwork was under HJR-192 I don't remember the number of the equivalent Canadian resolution it is quite a bit harder to find.

      Because gold was confiscated and it was the only thing called money that America recognized, the people were left with useless FRNs which we know is currency. Thus you could not actually pay a debt with money of substance, you could only defer payment of a debt with the FRN, which we know is an IOU. Someone would have to pay with money of substance at a later date.

      HJR-192 called for a financial reality that Winston referred to as "prepaid" and he actually interleaved a biblical aspect whereby Jesus was the "surety" for the outstanding debt that accompanied using money of account or notes. Jesus became the embodiment of the promise to pay and I believe that Jesus did indeed teach the people how to navigate through commerce and what was done to them. Not surprising he got on the bad side of the bad folks, but people had to know.

      When you receive an invoice for utilities, they are supposed to attach a voucher for prepayment, but instead they add to the national debt by requiring payment in FRNs and they are not supposed to do that it just forces up the magnitude of the debt.

      janmarie, what you said above is entirely accurate, we were supposed to have been taught by those who held the knowledge but didn't teach it. And they did keep it hidden for their own benefit so that we would be slaves/dumb animals and NOT what the intention of HJR-192 was supposed to be.

      This also corresponds with the timeframe of the birth certificate and that in 1938 the common law was replaced with corporate policy by a legal framework that said they all were supposed to keep their mouths shut and judges were ordered to stay silent through it all. Erie Railroad vs Tompkins was the landmark case that marked the end of the use of the common law, virtually everywhere.

      Today bar lawyers don't know any law, they only know corporate policy and procedure. Anna has mentioned that they would have to be retrained to forget what they know. Or fired...beyond belief!

      Lots of really interesting comments today, very encouraging that people are trying to contribute what they can. It's a shame that Paul was in the habit of disabling comments for Anna's posts but he has been reversing that policy as long as there is a minimum of abuse it looks like.

    6. hi willsmith!
      yes, interesting comments for sure. everyone has "puzzle pieces" that we think everyone else knows, but they dont.

      that MMT video:
      • He said gold stamped with the kings seal is an IOU.
      do you agree that is true?

      • if yes, why then was gold *confiscated* in 1933?

      • what does having unbacked or backed money mean in terms of sovereignty?

      these are not random questions going somewhere with them...

      Anyone else know or have anything relevant to add?

    7. janmarie, I don't specifically recall him saying that gold with the King's stamp is an IOU I will go back and listen to it again there may be context.

      I am off to work so I will do some thinking today and come back tonight after I watch the video again. That particular video was one of the most interesting in terms of money history.

      The Austrian school doesn't like MMT, or the implication of MMT but it was merely proposed as a way to describe or explain how government finance appears to be working rather than what they "say" about how it works. Like everything, the devil is in the details.

    8. will, i will look for it too, i know you have limited time available, working fulltime and all.
      if i recall, it was in the middle one-third of the video.

      we, the common people, are getting so close to having the full picture that it was hard for me to sleep last night! was awake at 4:00 and started making scribble notes, about 6 pages.

      were very close to seeing their big picture.
      its not pretty.

    9. will, starts specif:
      "It doesnt matter whether the IOU is printed on a gold coin or printed on paper, its an IOU."
      at around 39:30 - 50;
      immed. he starts ref:sovereigns.
      then goes on thru about 40:40.

      wow, so much more too!
      this is great :).
      i loved econ.

  19. The end times stage play

  20. This is interesting
    In this one you see that GLOBAL POSTAL CODE otherwise known as an NAC code (natural area code)
    Again all of this stuff is international and they are following the so called 'Law od Nations'?
    Who wrote those laws?

    And this group also advocated the 7 laws of NOAH?

    Just putting it out there

    The number of games being played on the people is off the charts folks

    Anything international comes from the same crooks, IMO

    This group is going to print a continental dollar when they yank the FRN?

    This shit is endless

    I find it odd that they would use the LYING/Lion in their logo?

      Plato wrote in his 5 regimes that this state of democracy is only the lowest form of humanity before the final step of total tyranny, from which a reset happens as the pure aristocracy reestablishes itself as the cure for democracy and tyranny, the repeating cycle of all the ages.

      And it seems that the so called republican party are members to several hidden entities like this other one here

      And this self government bullshit was all part of the package

      World Godvernment and your self government
      Sec. G - The World Financial Administration
      To establish and operate a Planetary Banking System, making the transition to a common global currency, under the terms of specific legislation passed by the World Parliament.

      Article 10 - The Enforcement System
      Sec. A - Basic Principles
      The enforcement of world law and world legislation shall apply directly to individual, and individuals shall be held responsible for compliance with world law and world legislation regardless of whether the individuals are acting in their own capacity or as agents or officials of governments at any level or of the institutions of governments, or as agents or officials of corporations, organizations, associations or groups of any kind.

      Sec. B - The Structure for Enforcement: World Attorneys General
      The Enforcement System shall be headed by an Office of World Attorneys General and a Commission of Regional World Attorneys.
      The Office of World Attorneys General shall be comprised of five members, one of whom shall be designated as the World Attorney General and the other four shall each be designated an Associate World Attorney General.

      I suggest that people read this stuff because it is all being dictated out of SWISSY LAND on an INTERNATIONAL WORLD LEVEL

      You will notice that Presidium and Presidio is listed all throughout these documents as well as the word FEDERATION
      Federation links back to the Earth Federation documents I had found that have now been removed from the college website that housed them

      Genrations of the young have been spoonfed this shit and they are working this agenda across the board folks and you have no idea who are agents working that agenda or not

    2. 10 FEMA Regions and the Policing of those regions
      Sec. C - The World Police
      That section of the staff of the Office of World Attorneys General and of the Offices of Regional World Attorneys responsible for the apprehension and arrest of violators of world law and world legislation, shall be designated as World Police.
      Each regional staff of the World Police shall be headed by a Regional World Police Captain, who shall be appointed by the Regional World Attorney.
      The Office of World Attorneys General shall appoint a World Police Supervisor, to be in charge of those activities which transcend regional boundaries. The World Police Supervisor shall direct the Regional World Police Captains in any actions which require coordinated or joint action transcending regional boundaries, and shall direct any action which requires initiation or direction from the Office of World Attorneys General.

      Sec. D - The Means of Enforcement
      Non-military means of enforcement of world law and world legislation shall be developed by the World Parliament and by the Office of World Attorneys General in consultation with the Commission of Regional World Attorneys, the Collegium of World Judges , the World Presidium, and the World Ombudsmus. The actual means of enforcement shall require legislation by the World Parliament.

      Robert David Steele is/was an OBUDSMAN
      It's worth reading about what they really are

      Take the registration of babies and converting us all to slaves might be an official complaint
      But seeing as how they have titles and use the surname they are no different than the rest of the crooks
      Just another title and fat paychecks and no justice for anyone

    3. And this one here
      Article 12 - Bill of Rights for the Citizens of Earth
      The inhabitants and citizens of Earth who are within the Federation of Earth shall have certain inalienable rights defined hereunder. It shall be mandatory for the World Parliament, the World Executive, and all organs and agencies of the World Government to honor, implement and enforce these rights, as well as for the national governments of all member nations in the Federation of Earth to do likewise. Individuals or groups suffering violation or neglect of such rightst shall have full recourse through the World Ombudsmus, the Enforcement System and the World Courts for redress of grievances. The inalienable rights shall include the following:

      Prohibition against slavery, peonage, involuntary servitude, and conscription of labor.
      Well what do ya know????

  21. Here comes more of their BULLSHIT folks

    While the feds just auctioned off blocks in the gulf for oil exploration the same does not apply to the serfs

    Lie after lie after lie after lie

    1. And they all just got a pay raise

      One of the comments under the above video
      whywatchany stupidstuff - interesting to note the pinned logos beside this commenters name
      28 minutes ago
      All I know is that if Congress can raise their wages again, 21% this time, as they just did, in an underhanded bill with Ukraine support, then we should get 21% lower price locks in place!

  22. Replies
    1. Thanks for that clear and concise report, I am guessing there is more to the story. No need to be shy now.

    2. i looked it up eplo. thanks.

      looks like it can be used a lot of ways, will you give an example of which way youre talking about using it? thank you!!

    3. I looked up the word too, I am not familiar with it but it sounds like a trust?

    4. will, im being facetious but:
      it sounded to me like it can practically mean anything they decide to say it means:
      ex.: it is Legal; and usually but not always contractually-based; is usually voluntary, but can be involuntary; can be used in *their* common law but also can be used in their Civil Law!
      ...looks like they just possibly throw it around and use it when they want to "seize" andor take "custody" over someone or somebody but dont actually have grounds to do so....?
      that was just the feeling i was left with since definitions for it are literally all over the place imo.
      even though they use the words "common law", it seemed like all of its authority originated from STATUTES though, so that would be British common law i believe if it is common law that is inferior to Commercial and other jurisdictions.
      i thimk :).

  23. Check this out
    The take over of all media etc etc etc

    He's been invited to the academy awards for his performances by Amy Schumer

    1. World Parliament documents contain information about the take over of all media and communications

    2. Now lockdowns st Tanger outlets in Arizona folks along with curfews in florida
      All kinds shit they throwing out folks and the plan and their operations have been ongoing for decades

      G7 summit shit storm tomorrow folks

      Of course the culprits and their accomplices will be hustled out of harms way before the big bang and no one will be the wiser as they lie lie lie their asses off about the true operation and the actors on the world stage that will retire to their golden age hideouts as the rape and pillage continues until their world banking scheme is implemented

  24. This is an addendum to my above post;
    What is a contrived observation?
    contrived observation. In natural observation, subjects are studied in “real life” circumstances and environments. They may or may not know that they're being observed. [However]
    In contrived observation, subjects are studied in controlled settings (research labs, for example), and know that they're being observed.

    At to what level is everyone knowledgable about being observed at here? What is the full scope of the “Test(s)”. What, or who is using results gathered to be part of a predetermined equation that makes final decision(s) based on said results. What are the predetermined course(s) of actions if said results are +, or - , or any variance between. What is the scale, and how is it being measured.
    There are a myriad of ways to extrapolate, and use data points to to get fostered results that will suit whatever conclusive means in order to provide strength to past , present, or future narratives.

    We have all heard this before, or some likeness thereof:
    "This is a test. This station is conducting a test of the Emergency Broadcasting [sic] System. This is only a test . . . "If this had been an actual emergency, you would have been instructed to tune to one of the broadcast stations in your area.” Or; "If this had been an actual emergency, you would have been instructed where to tune in your area for news and official information.”

    This could be considered a “must read”;
    Emergency Broadcast System - Wikipedia;

    Here’ a few videos to jog everyone memory;
    Emergency Broadcast System Test (1983) - YouTube;
    WGN Channel 9 - Emergency Broadcast System [White Card Message] - "This is NOT a Test" (1985)- YouTube;

    And then we have this;
    Take note to the date, and time. And who , or what is making this “Public announcement”, as the terms have changed from “The Emergency Broadcast System” to “The National Emergency Alert System”.

    National Emergency Alert System Test (November 9, 2011) - YouTube;

    Emergency Alert System - Wikipedia;

  25. So the free speech is censored here for no reason but don’t like the truth if it’s not in agreement.
    Take note not the kind of ppl to trust.