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Friday, October 11, 2019

Navy Issues in RE: Hudok Arbitration

By Anna Von Reitz

Everything that Phil Hudok and his pals are doing is in the context of being British Territorial United States Citizens--- a citizenship status created under the Constitutions as I showed you --- to allow the British Service Providers to be here and deliver the "essential government services".
And I have already said-- if that's the political status you want to adopt-- who am I to stop you?

However, as I also pointed out, you are then no longer claiming to be, nor to act as--- an American, and that is where I object to you fellows claiming to be Americans and Patriots, when you are in fact acting as British Persons on our shores and claiming clemency from the British Territorial Congress.
Three Constitutions gives rise to three kinds of "US Congress" too.
So the way I perceive it is that you are all either: (1) confused and thinking that "Well, of course, we are acting as Americans!" when you are not, or (2) you really are British Tories, know exactly what you are doing, and are trying to ensnare as many clueless Americans as you can, to pad the Queen's bottom line.
Not disclosing this situation and the authority under which it is occurring -- together with failure to disclose the downside aspect of it-- results in more fraud.
None of the people signing on are being told what they will LOSE as a result of doing so -- only what they will gain.
In my view that is like setting up a salt lick.
Everyone has a choice, but that choice must be made freely, under conditions of full disclosure.
Have you told everyone signing this Arbitration Award that they will be giving up their claims as Americans? That they will be identified as British Territorial "United States Citizens" and lose their land rights? That they will become liable for the Queen's debts?
That is the other "issue".
Assuming that you know what you are doing and that you support the Queen and wish to live as a British Subject under the King's Law, and you know what the pros and cons of this are, I am not objecting to your choices or arguing with you about it.
But you are not "fully disclosing" the circumstance nor the consequences of "signing on" to all the people signing up. In fact, you are making it sound like some great "patriot victory" for Americans, when it doesn't even apply to us.
So it is that lack of disclosure that I am holding against you and your cohorts and your Queen. If you want to serve in the British Navy, that's up to you--- but press-ganging has been outlawed for two hundred years, and that is, in effect, what you are doing.


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