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Friday, April 23, 2021

Foreword to the 14th Amendment Documents

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are publishing documents that have been "sealed" by the courts.  If you didn't get a copy prior to them being sealed by the courts, you won't be able to get a copy without a Court Order now, so be thankful that other Americans were on the ball 55 years ago.  And that we are making copies provided to us available to all Fifty State Assemblies now. 

You will see some curious language in these documents, which will only be understandable with some help.  

For example, the reference to a "memorial" to the Congress of the United States of America, is confusing until you realize that they are talking about a Territorial Congress and organization that is defunct, from the perspective of a "Successor" Municipal Congress operating in 1967, and which has inherited issues that have been left unresolved by their Territorial Predecessors. 

Also please recognize that these issues were not and cannot be addressed by the Municipal Congress (despite the ferocious debate and exposure by representatives of the STATE OF GEORGIA) because they are referring back to Territorial Government  actions and initiatives--- actions which exist outside the jurisdiction and scope of the Municipal Congress and their ability to correct. 

What they are debating in 1967 actually happened 101 years earlier, in 1866 --- so we take you back to the record of the action taken by the 39th Congress under examination.  Let's call that "14th Amendment - Record 1" which shows where and when the 14th Amendment entered the public view.  

Bear in mind that this 14th Amendment action is being taken by the British-backed Territorial "Congress" in 1866, and that as Allies of the Northern State-of-States, they have just "won" the Civil War against the Papist-backed Municipal Government and its Southern State-of-State Allies--- so they are imposing penalties and seeking war reparations and they are redefining the Municipal (Federal Civil Service) Officers and citizenry, along with the Rebels of the Southern State of State organizations, as "Fourteenth Amendment citizens" as a means to extract booty from them.  

Then we show you the Resolution coming out of the STATE OF GEORGIA Municipal General Assembly in 1957, which was the "immediate cause" of the Municipal Congressional Debate ten years later in 1967.  Let's call that "14th Amendment - Record 2".  Remember is a Municipal Government body, the STATE OF GEORGIA calling the entire proceedings of the Territorial Government's  "Fourteenth Amendment" --and especially its lack of ratification by the actual States --  into question. 

As of 1957, the members of the Municipal STATE OF GEORGIA don't understand that their General Assembly and even their Municipal CONGRESS, cannot change actions taken by the Territorial Government.

Next, we show the actual Congressional Record of the debate that took place in 1967 in the 90th Municipal CONGRESS.  That should be noted as "14th Amendment - Record 3".  Here they lay out all the dirt on the Fourteenth Amendment, why it is illegal, fraudulent, and unconstitutional. 

Next, we show the Primary Result: having Unconstitutional Laws included as part of the Public Record, and leaving average people to decide either to apply these "laws" at their own risk, which district court judges do every day-- or not.   Call that "14th Amendment - Record 4" and note that this conundrum is the source of so-called "Judicial Discretion" being practiced in the Territorial Courts to this day. 

The Fourteenth Amendment is the first of a great many unconstitutional statutory "laws" and "codes" adopted by the Territorial United States Government in the purported absence of our lawful government. 

The only entity with the power to stop the perpetuation of such "laws" and void their selective enforcement on our soil is The United States of America -- our unincorporated Federation of States.   There is no other body remaining that has the cross-jurisdictional authority to dispense with these foreign legislative acts and also to enforce the Constitutional Guarantees against the other Principals responsible for this mess. 

Finally, we show the Secondary Result: Continuing Trespass.  The example given is about a public trespass on private property versus a public nuisance, but the same exact issues apply when the Territorial Government persists in applying it's unconstitutional private laws either to foreign Municipal PERSONS and their property, or to Americans who are Third Parties stuck in the middle of this cross-jurisdictional mess.  Call this explanation of Continuing Trespass -- which is what we are suffering along with the Municipal PERSONS we are deliberately mistaken for --- "14th Amendment - Record 5". 


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