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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

How To Tell Bears From Buckwheat

By Anna Von Reitz

All sovereign entities, all actual States, are unincorporated.

Anything incorporated is not sovereign and not an actual State, regardless of what they call themselves.  Period.

This is how you can cut through all the confusion and make sure you are not wasting your time or being co-opted by some commercial corporation's Dirty Tricks Department.

All American States are operated exclusively by American State Citizens and American State Nationals.

If any "US Citizen" tells you they are operating a "State" you may be sure that they are referring euphemistically to an incorporated "State of State" and that it is a foreign interloper.


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Advantages of Being an American -- And Not Being a "US Citizen"

By Anna Von Reitz

I recently re-watched the Episode 1 video from Cal Washington and the 

For those who haven't seen it and understood the commercial level remedy they are working on, I highly recommend it.  This is powerful information when it comes to dealing with the perpetrators on their own turf. 

Don't be surprised if Bar Attorneys (British Territorial Bar Attorneys, that is) wave their hands and poo-poo it.  They are not necessarily trained in the Municipal Law Merchant or its processes-- most of them aren't-- so their "opinion" is worth as much as my old kitchen broom.

One of the best things about Cal's Episode 1 presentation is the perspective he brings to the various kinds of law involved, using a simple example.

An employee of the Auto Department at Walmart accepts (or doesn't accept) the demands of the corporation employing him, WALMART, INC. which in turn accepts the demands of DETROIT, INC. which is subject in turn to MICHIGAN, INC., which is subject to the UNITED STATES, INC., which is subject to The United States of America, Inc. which when engaged in international business is subject to The Law Merchant which is subject (on the land) to Common Law which is subject to Spiritual Law --- Ecclesiastical Law.

These things nest inside each other like Nesting Dolls, with Ecclesiastical Law being the final, highest level, with the broadest reach. 

As Cal points out, we get "stuck" dealing with entities that are at the UNITED STATES, INC. level.  This is largely because we have allowed commercial corporations to mis-identify us as franchises belonging to them, JOHN MICHAEL DOE, INC. just like DETROIT, INC. 

JOHN MICHAEL DOE is "a" name of one of several corporate franchise NAMES assigned to and "conferred upon" you, as the "presumed" Authorized Representative of a whole MUNICIPAL CITIZENSHIP ORGANIZATION doing business as a "Collective Entity".

Thus, there is JOHN DOE, a Public Charitable Trust, and JOHN MICHAEL DOE, an American Foreign Grantor Trust located in Puerto Rico, and JOHN M. DOE, a bankrupt Puerto Rican Public Transmitting Utility, and JOHN MICHAEL DOE, LLC, and J.M. DOE, and so on and on --- all bogus, all unauthorized, all done without your knowledge or consent, and all considered to be part of your "Collective Entity"---- all these different "PERSONS" are given to you, ostensibly, so that you can participate in Global Commerce. 

99% of us have no need nor desire to participate in Commerce and can accomplish all that we need to do via peaceful International Trade, but the mere existence of these PERSONS creates the presumption that you are knowingly, willingly, subjecting yourself to Municipal Law in order to do business as a corporate franchise --- just like a Dairy Queen franchise, and that you have knowingly registered your name as a Municipal FRANCHISE and removed this franchise to Puerto Rico, where it stands under the law of Puerto Rico.

So, you can either return the MUNICIPAL FRANCHISE agreement represented by the BC to the Territorial Government and make the Secretary of the Treasury responsible for it as Fiduciary (leaving the Perps no basis for supposing that you are responsible for it anymore) or, you can do what Cal Washington has done, and use the Law Merchant against them.

Or both. 

Making Mnuchin Fiduciary for the FRANCHISE absolves you from responsibility for it, and all its ugly step-sisters, too, under their "Collective Entity Doctrine" --- but as it represents a "derivative" of your Proper Name, you can always safely use it, once you have removed it from Puerto Rico and declared its permanent domicile on the land and soil of an American State. Doing so removes the MUNICIPAL FRANCHISES from under the Spanish Inquisitorial Law still used in Puerto Rico, and places them all under American Public Law.

Now when you accept their foreign Oaths of Office, you do so as an American. And when you send them a Notice of Liability, you do so as an American. 

As it slowly dawns on them that you aren't operating these DERIVATIVES under the law of Puerto Rico anymore, and that they are in fact obligated to serve you in Good Faith and recognize YOU as an American VESSEL --- the worms will turn.  In fact, they are already turning.

Doing your paperwork to return your Proper Name to the land and soil jurisdiction of the State where you were born has a lot of profound ramifications --- all of them good. And protective.

They can no longer presume that YOU are conducting commercial business as a Municipal FRANCHISE standing under Puerto Rican law.  If you bring the facts forward and provide Notice to the DA and the Prosecutor, they have to recognize YOU as an American standing under American law--- and that is a real game-changer all in and of itself.

If you then use the tools that Cal and the folks are providing, you can do so with even more power and safety, because once YOU are back on the land and soil of an American State, YOU--- that is, YOUR VESSEL in commerce--- is owed all protections of all the treaties and all the constitutional contracts that are owed to Americans. 

Our paperwork takes any simple Law Merchant Remedy and puts it on steroids. All these Undeclared Foreign Agents have to flip-flop and instead of attacking you, have to protect you instead. 

Yes, it's nice to be an American --- once you finally are one, and not being misrepresented as something else --- a "US Citizen".


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I Am Stunned by The Evil

By Anna Von Reitz

I just received this from a friend who caught it circulating around the Patriot Community from "Sun-Tzu" the operator of "NESARA NEWS" who is actually Jeff Dougherty from Portland, Oregon, and I must say, that I am stunned by the sheer evil of this man and the nature of his lies. He really takes it "over the top".

So that you can all see now what kind of Duplicitous Scum he and his pals at Michigan General Jural Assembly really are, I want you to do yourselves a favor and do two things. Read the quote from him about me and my message below, and then compare it with my Letter to Cardinal George that he is deliberately misquoting, either by reading the text of it posted immediately below his Big Lie Misrepresentation, or by going to my website where the Letter to Cardinal George has been posted for several years.

See for yourselves how these Sons of Satan twist the meaning of things and prey upon people with poor reading skills. Read what he said about what I said and then read what I actually said for yourselves.

You will know the truth.

Sun-Tzu aka Jeff Dougherty said:

"I see that you guys are passing Anna's paperwork back and forth. I would ask you to please refer to the documents that we've posted on Nesara News, exposing Anna's fraud, she says it openly on her blood oath to the vatican, she is required by spiritual law to inform us that she is bringing a fraud against us, and she says it outright, "I would be putting my soul in jeaopardy if I did not inform you that I am bringing this fraud against the states," Notice she does not say "state of states" in other words, she is bringing the fraud against the assemblies, "We The People."

Here's what I actually said:

I, too, stand with the universal Catholic Church, founded by Christ. [This is not the "Roman" Church, this is the Universal Catholic Church that the Lutheran Church I grew up in is part of. ] My blood seal stands upon the record of the Vatican Chancery Court in Witness [because I brought suit against them and had to do it in blood or they would not give me standing to address the Canon Law] of what I am going to show you tonight.

I am from a family that has served the Catholic Church since the First Holy Roman Empire, Hereditary Grand Marshals of the Holy Roman Empire, Knights of the Holy Sepulcher. I have myself served as an International Services Agent and as a private attorney in service to his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and now, Pope Francis. [This is true, again, the Universal Catholic Church --- which, if you stop and think about it, is where all your families started out, too.]

You must believe that I am in deadly earnest both about the seriousness of the criminality engulfing America and the danger this poses to the Church and to the Rule of Law. The Canon Law of the Church stands above every other form of law, and the Roman Curia above all other courts. [This is speaking about Equity Courts, obviously.]

Even the Uniform Commercial Code which was developed by the Curia as a just means to resolve the many international disputes and claims arising from the 1930 bankruptcies of the G-5 nations is copyrighted by Unidroit, a subsidiary of the Vatican. [This is pointing out their liability and power to correct the Mess.]

The organization which failed and which plunged America into this desperate criminality was originally chartered by the Church as a religious non-profit corporation. [More proof of their liability --- the Roman Catholic Church chartered "the" United States of America, Inc. in Delware in 1925.]

We, Sir, [the Christian Churches] are up to our ears in culpability for the circumstance herein discussed, and both the Pope Emeritus and Pope Francis have duly considered all the issues and acting in their temporal capacities, have rendered judgment as international Trustees of The United States Trust (1789) recognizing the Breach of Trust and the criminality which has been practiced against the American States and the American State Citizens. [They admitted it.]

They have both taken strong action to begin addressing the circumstance. [This is coming next is what they did about it.]

Pope Benedict XVI acted to create a new office in the Postal Service, establishing a regional Postmaster for North America.

Pope Francis has issued his First Apostolic Letter, the Motu Proprio of July 11, 2013, rewriting the international criminal code as part of his continuing effort to address this situation, and has more recently addressed the United Nations and collapsed the world wide derivatives market.
This is not about any “responsibility” of the electorate.

It is about the Church’s responsibility to support the Pope in his role as the Ultimate Trustee of the Global Estate, to uphold the Rule of Law, and to make correction for a grave Breach of Trust that continued for 165 years and which has cost millions of innocent lives.

We can only confess our sins, dear Cardinal, admitting as mere mortals our desperate need for grace and rising up each day to do what we can and must.

I direct your attention to the Treaty of Paris which ended the American Revolution and the corollary Treaty of Versailles.

There are three international Trustees named as caretakers of The United States Trust (1789).
They are the Pope, in His Temporal Office, the British Monarch, and The United States Postmaster (Civil).

Now I direct your attention to the Treaty of Westminster (1794) in which the City State of Westminster and the Crown Temple pledge “amity” in “perpetuity” with the newly formed United States.

Next, I direct your attention to the Treaty of Verona (1845) in which the then-Pope and the British Monarch, both Trustees of the American national trust, agreed that the representative form of government was incompatible with Divine Right of Kings and with Papal Supremacy, and so both acted in secretive Breach of Trust.

The British Monarch issued Letters of Marque and Reprisal to the members of the Bar Association (British Crown Commercial Company) which issued licenses to privateers to attack American “vessels” in international jurisdictions of the law.

That, Sir, is the genesis of Bar Association Licenses.

A “license” as you must know, is permission to engage in an act which would otherwise be illegal.
The Americans responded by quickly passing an Amendment to their Constitution effectively barring attorneys from holding public office. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln, a Bar attorney, was elected President of the United States (Commercial Company) but could not lawfully act as the President of The United States of America (Major).

This is why representatives of eleven Southern States refused to be seated and left the Congress adjourned sine die.

In 1863, Lincoln was forced to bankrupt the original Trust Management Company doing business as The United States.

After years of bankruptcy reorganization known euphemistically as “reconstruction” a new Trust Management Organization was incorporated by the Church, doing business as the United States of America, Inc.

This entity operated under Church auspices from the end of the Reconstruction to 1912, when the Trust Management Organization was purchased by a consortium of banks doing business as the Federal Reserve.

By 1913 they had pushed through the “Federal Reserve Act” and via legal tender laws began a purposeful agenda to devalue the American Dollar and bankrupt the original corporation doing business as the United States of America, Inc.

In May of 1930, the G-5 nations declared international bankruptcy via joint treaty entered into at the Geneva Conventions. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the representative of the Federal Reserve dba United States of America, Inc.

Three years later, having been elected President, he declared domestic bankruptcy as well.

One of his first acts was to illegally confiscate privately held American gold, which was never repaid. As the United States of America, Inc. was being prepared for bankruptcy, agents throughout the Congress and the individual states of the Union rushed through a process of “registering franchises”.

They created “states of states” merely named after the actual geographically defined American states. They also created foreign situs trusts named after each and every living American.

At the March 6, 1933, Conference of Governors meeting, the Governors — merely corporate officers of franchises of the bankrupt United States of America, Inc. — pledged the “good faith and credit” of “their States and the citizenry thereof” to stand as sureties for the debts of the United States of America, Inc. during its bankruptcy reorganization.

Imagine that Burger King International went bankrupt in the UK and it called all the local franchise owners together and they all agreed to name their customers as sureties for their corporate debts.

That is what happened in America in 1933. The victims weren’t told a word about this.

The perpetrators were rewarded by the bankers with access to virtually unlimited credit “hypothecated” against the assets of the American States and the private property of the American State Citizens.

All this credit cost the bankers nothing material, as they had inculcated a fiat money system. Issuing credit — “money of account” — cost them nothing but the time to enter digits in an account ledger.

In exchange for this favor to the politicians, they were rewarded with legal tender laws allowing this “system” to exist in America, and given surreptitious title to all real property assets in America, and provided with protection for their activities by the members of the Bar Associations.

In 1944, FDR quit claimed all the juicy service contracts and the assets used to service these governmental service contracts to the IMF.

The IMF took over from the Federal Reserve, gaining control of every logo, name, title, department, and agency of the “United States of America, Inc.” — what Americans believe to be their government — right down to the flag.

They charted a new Trust Management Organization in France doing business as the UNITED STATES, Inc. and moved in.

They also took over the “State” franchises and opened their own “STATE OF______” franchises.
For the past 70 years they have enslaved the people of America and plundered the assets of The United States Trust (1789).

The creditors who forced the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc. included the World Bank, the International Bank of Development and Reconstruction, and the Federal Reserve — but the priority creditors named in the 1934 Bankruptcy Act were the American States and the American State Citizens.

The banks, being aware of their own schemes, named the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico to act as their chosen Bankruptcy Trustee. (See Federal Title 5 for details.)

The Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico seized all the bogus “States on Paper” and “Americans on Paper” created by the Roosevelt Administration and rolled all the assets presumed to be part of these trusts into Roman Inferior Trusts (Cestui Que Vie Trusts) operated “in the NAME of” the foreign situs trusts Roosevelt created.

Thus, a living man denoted properly as “john quincy adams” was misrepresented as a foreign situs trust doing business as “John Quincy Adams” and then this entity was declared “dead, presumed missing at sea” by the perpetrators of this massive identity theft scheme, and all the assets of “John Quincy Adams” were rolled over into a Roman Inferior Trust doing business as “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS”.

The Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico also “removed” all these Roman Inferior Trusts to Puerto Rico for “safe keeping” where they came under the foreign jurisdiction of the Puerto Rican Commonwealth and the UK. There they were enslaved and taxed for the privilege of importing revenue to Puerto Rico — otherwise known as the “income tax”.

All this was done in the name of winning World War II.

The claims against the American assets supplied the credit to boot up the war industry effort and seizing the ESTATES of the Americans and “redefining” individual Americans as chattel belonging to their own ESTATES allowed a means of conscripting millions of men into the Armed Services.
After the War, nothing changed. The perpetrators never retooled American industry.

They just went on pumping out armaments and selling arms and borrowing money against assets they never owned and enslaving the American people to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Over the years the criminality of the arms dealers has become a terrible worldwide problem. They branched out from simply selling weapons and promoting war, to selling drugs and running gambling and prostitution rings, booze and cigarettes, and every form of vice, violence, and viciousness.

They also used their position of trust as “the government” to manipulate commodity and stock markets, and control natural resources belonging to the American people for private gain.

And the Church is culpable, because at the broader base, the Church knew and did nothing.

It [the Roman Church] continued to mindlessly operate on the directives established by the Treaty of Verona and never re-examined the disastrous consequences of all this for humanity, much less the hideous theft and abuse practiced upon the Americans — incalculable amounts of labor siphoned off, incalculable material losses, and millions of lives lost or maimed in wars for profit.

To that, you and your peers have turned a blind eye and shrugged, and said, it’s the responsibility of the voters.

The same voters who have been purposefully misled and self-interestedly abused, kept in the dark, manipulated, defrauded, and robbed?

By their EMPLOYEES and those they trusted to act in their behalf? By the Supreme Pontiff, who was obligated by solemn treaty to act as their Trustee?

It’s with good reason that the higher administrators of the Church have been reluctant to expose the criminality or deal with it, for fear that the Church would be blamed.

However, by 2009, the Church was being blamed, effectively and determinedly, [by me and my cohorts] until it was all finally brought before Pope Benedict XVI, who accepted responsibility, who exercised his temporal powers, and began dealing with the corruption.

Pope Francis has brought the vitality and vigor and insight needed to the Office and is continuing to bring remedy.

Meanwhile the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc. has finally been ended.

The old “Federal Reserve System” is no more, but a new version of “FEDERAL RESERVE” has been organized under UNITED NATIONS auspices and has tried to mount a new round of the same old game in collusion with the IMF.

It’s a funny thing about a “debt-credit” monetary system. When you create a debt for one party, you unavoidably create a debt for another.

So when people talk about the “National Debt” being “$13 or $21 or however many trillion “dollars” that means that somewhere, someone or something, is being CREDITED with that amount of money.
Exactly who and what came to the surface in July of 2011. We have the UCC Filings on file.

The perpetrators rolled the credit side of the “National Debt” over into the “United States Department of the Treasury” and used it to back a new specie of fiat debt note called “US TREASURY NOTES”.

They have attempted, in other words, to initiate another round of the same old scam.

There is little doubt that it was the intention of the two colluding banking cartels — the FEDERAL RESERVE and the IMF —to simply reverse positions: bankrupt the UNITED STATES, INC. leaving the Roman Inferior Trusts named after the Americans to stand as sureties for the debts of the insolvent UNITED STATES, INC. during another nice, long bankruptcy reorganization.

Intervention by Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis both, together with ever-increasing public awareness of the situation and the fraud, has served to make what is euphemistically called “re-venue” impossible.

In addition to the American State Citizens waking up, the Russians and Chinese and other nations of the BRICS Alliance woke up.

As part of the fraud practiced against the Americans, Canadians, Australians, Japanese, and the populations of most the countries of Western Europe, all bank accounts were converted to the ownership of the banks.

As you now know, if you didn’t before, all bank accounts belonging to “JOHN QUINCY PUBLIC” are in fact accounts belonging to a Puerto Rican ESTATE Trust owned and operated by agencies of the IMF.

This is how Christine LaGarde can speak so nonchalantly about seizing American 401k’s and savings and other retirement accounts: the IMF surreptitiously owns those accounts.

The living Americans who innocently deposited their life savings into those accounts thinking that they were their own private bank accounts have been deceived and defrauded and “presumed” by the perpetrators to “donate” everything in those accounts to “public trusts” operated in their NAMES.

Remember — I am an officer of the Church, too. [All members of the Universal Church Militant are "officers" charged with defending the Gospel and Peace and Truth.]

I have taken the vow and placed the blood seal on the altar. [The blood seal that had to be placed before the Vatican Chancery Court at risk of my soul to prove that I wasn't knowingly lying about any of this and to allow me to address the Canon Laws of Equity.]

This is not a joke.

This is not a rehearsal.

Take what you believe to be “your” check book out of your pocket and a strong magnifying glass and look at what appears to be the signature line — what do you see?

It’s not really a line.

It’s a row of microprint endlessly repeating “authorizing signature”.

Why would that verbiage have to be there, and why would it have to be obscured? To keep the victims from knowing the truth — that all their assets in banks have been unlawfully converted.
You’ve already been told about the Puerto Rican ESTATE Trusts. Now witness the IRS scam.

The living man, john quincy adams, is exempt by law from ever having to pay taxes, and by definition, “income” is profit accrued by corporations.

It is literally impossible for any living American to owe income tax, yet millions upon millions of Americans are robbed, defrauded, harassed, and even imprisoned every year over “income” taxes.
How is this possible?

The JOHN QUINCY ADAMS ESTATE is a trust, a legal fiction entity, a corporation.

Every dime that the living man known as john quincy adams unknowingly “donates” to the bank account belonging to the JOHN QUINCY ADAMS ESTATE is 100% profit for a Puerto Rican trust, and it just so happens that there is an excise tax for the privilege of importing revenue to Puerto Rico.

The monsters tax the poor devils for the privilege of giving them their money, and then people like Christine LaGarde sit around drinking champagne and callously discussing exactly how to finesse the seizure of the retirement accounts of millions of innocent American Senior Citizens.

But there are worse things.

Other elements among the criminals have taken out million dollar life insurance policies on every American man, woman and child.

They think they will simply murder a few hundred million of their creditors and collect on the life insurance policies.

Have you heard of the All Seeing? Cardinal George?

I am the left hand of anu:hotep and I will be obeyed in this matter, as will Pope Francis.
There will be no seizure of the American retirement accounts, no false flags, no murder, no mayhem, no scalar weapons deployed.

There will be no deceptive “offers” in commerce seeking to exchange gold for land or human capital under conditions of nondisclosure and deceit.

There will be an end to this criminality and to the complacency of the Church and of the American Cardinals and Archbishops responsible for the mis-administration of the courts.

Or there will be Hell on earth, Cardinal George — literally, and it will not come against the innocent Americans. The Left Hand of God will come for those who are responsible and unrepentant.
The Treaty of Verona is extinguished.

All Bar Association licenses are extinguished.

By order of Pope Francis, all attorneys, all clerks, every member of the judicial system operating these frauds and oppressions became 100% individually and commercially liable as of September 1, 2013.

The banking cartels and governmental services corporations have been given three years to clean up their acts from top to bottom, to come into compliance with the Original Equity contract owed to the Americans, and to stop operating in criminal default.

I suggest that you get over your idea that it is the voter’s responsibility.

May God bless you to the same extent that you bless others.

Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia: Riezinger-von Reitzenstein von Lettow

Now, does that sound like I am bringing any fraud or harm "against the States of the Union"? Or the Wrath of God against those harming and defrauding the American States and People?

In fact, Sun-Tzu conveniently forgot to include two very important words --- I said I was bringing forward the fraud against the States and People FOR REMEDY. You can see that letter in its entirety, published in my book, Disclosure 101, available on for around $10.

If this man would so grotesquely lie about this, and so grossly misrepresent me and my work, he would lie about anything, and those who flock with him would, too.

 Water always seeks its own level.

My work has been to deliver you all from EVIL of the same kind that he, Sun-Tzu is promoting.
And while we are on the topic of his deliberate lies, he is running a website called "NESARA NEWS" and pumping out all sorts of "do nothing, all will be well" nonsense claiming that NESARA and GESARA are right around the corner, just sit tight and everything will be grand.

Go to and look up the NESARA legislation and see for yourself that it hasn't been touched since the 1990's. Go look it up on Wikipedia, even, and see that it has gone nowhere, done nothing. His whole website and everything on it is bogus. Including this misrepresentation and hate campaign against me.

PS: This same lying blowhard is suggesting that he can do some legal move and magically cancel all the contracts people have unwittingly established with "the" United States, without you having to take any action for yourselves. If that were true, he could also take away your right to contract and overcome The Constitution of the United States. So, be warned-----If this man's lips are moving, he's lying.


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Confederate "States" v. Federation States

By Anna Von Reitz

Confederate "States" such as those formed under The Articles of Confederation are in fact "States of States". They are commercial corporations that belong to an actual State, as the names imply.

Think about it: State of Wisconsin means "State outside of, or in addition to, or belonging to Wisconsin".

It obviously isn't the same as "Wisconsin".

An entity can't belong to Wisconsin or be apart from Wisconsin or outside of Wisconsin, and at the same time be Wisconsin, can it?

If the "State of Wisconsin" were an actual geographically defined State, it would be impossible for it to occupy the same space as Wisconsin.

So from all of the above, we have reason to know that the State of Wisconsin (or any other state-of-state) --- may be a Confederate "State" --- but is not the same as Wisconsin and not the same kind of State.

The Confederate "States" are in fact what are called "inchoate" or "incomplete" States, because they have no land or soil component of their own. They are legal fictions without a location in space or physical attributes.

California has actual physically defined borders, trees, hills, mines, towns..... this is where you live as a Californian.

The State of California has incorporated cities and counties and State of State business enterprises.... all legal fiction entities.

The STATE OF CALIFORNIA has incorporated municipalities and service districts and federally chartered business enterprises....all legal fiction entities.

Now, all these "States of States" are supposed to be subservient to the actual people living in the actual State.

But..... by legal chicanery, certain entities have arranged to have all of us misidentified as "US Citizens" ---- either Territorial United States Citizens, or Municipal United States Citizens called "Citizens of the United States"---- instead of being identified as living, breathing Californians, Wisconsinites, Texans, and so on.

This "impersonation" of us deprives us of our rights and standing and our property assets. It leaves us unable to enforce the Constitutions that our actual States like California, Wisconsin, and Texas, are owed.

As a result, the States of States --- which are just commercial corporations like Exxon and GE and Burger King, International, ---have been running wild and lording it over the actual living people and the actual unincorporated and sovereign States that have allowed these organizations to exist.

It's time for that to stop and for the States of States populated by British Territorial "United States Citizens" and the STATES OF STATES populated by Municipal "Citizens of the United States" to be brought up short and held to account by the actual States and the actual People of this country.

In order to do this we must clearly recognize the difference between our States which are unincorporated and the States of States which are all incorporated entities.

We must also take action to reclaim and declare our original birthright political status as Americans and not acquiesce to any "presumption" that we are voluntarily acting as British Territorial Citizens (like someone born in Puerto Rico) or as Municipal Citizens (like someone working for the Holy Roman Empire).

Once we get it straight and realize what has gone on here and make these corrections, we are free to act as one of the American People, assemble our actual States ---- not any Confederate "States" ---- and enforce the Constitutions and the Public Law that we and our States of the Union are owed.

Do not be misled into continuing to act as any form of United States Citizen and forming a State of State, when what you mean to do is be recognized as one of the living People and form an actual State.


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