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Thursday, March 30, 2023

How the War-Profiteering Scheme Has Been Worked

 By Anna Von Reitz

Additional information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court, in regard to our claims of March 6th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq: 

How the War-Profiteering Scheme Has Been Worked

It began in Britain with "King" Henry the Eighth.  Those who have always paid attention know that no such thing as a true, singular "King" has existed in Britain since 1087 A.D. and so, Henry VIII like his immediate predecessors and successors, was actually acting as the Overseer of the Pope's Commonwealth interests in Britain.  

Henry VIII may have been a "King" in the Holy Roman Empire, but not in Britain. He may have been a "King" in France, too, just like Elizabeth II was a Queen---- in Greece.  

It's time for the British school curriculum to be updated accordingly and for the British people to remember the actual source of their freedom and property rights ---- The Norman Settlement and The Magna Carta.

Henry VIII sponsored the illegal and immoral and unlawful "Enclosure Acts" that began the destruction of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales and the erasure of the property rights and political status of the people in these countries as free men and women. 

Thankfully, because "King" Henry VIII was acting in fraud, all those Acts can now be erased and the substantive property assets returned to the heirs of the victims. 

Note the true Maxim of Law:  No action arises from fraud. 

No action.  None.  Zero.  All the way back to the roots of the original fraud which began in England with Henry VIII and the Enclosure Acts. 

The actual and true Kings of England gave the people The Magna Carta and The Magna Carta stands no matter how many liars and apologists might appear for the Pope and his Municipal and Territorial Corporations. 

So, having ascertained the beginning of the implementation of The Great Fraud we are now in position to view the end of it.  

Today, "King" Charles is still in the same position as "King" Henry ---and "King" John long before either one of them.  He stands as a foreign usurper operating as an Overseer for the Pope's Commonwealth interests in Britain and is not any actual British Monarch at all. Like his Mother, "King" Charles has instead occupied the Chair of the Estates --- acting as titular head of the Pope's Municipal and British Crown corporation interests.  

Every single one of these foreign Municipal and British Crown corporations, including but not limited to "the UK, INC.", have engaged in illegal, immoral, and unlawful "mercenary war" for the better part of four hundred years and they all need to be liquidated, with the purloined assets being returned to the possession and control of the people of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and the many other countries impacted by these swindlers. 

Fast forward to the more modern mechanics of the banks and the phony governments operated as commercial service corporations.

After the so-called "American Civil War" the British Territorial "United States" Government deliberately misrepresented the American Government and reported that we were "missing" "assumed to be "in interregnum" --- and they asserted a false "custodial trust interest" in us and our assets until our "return".  

Using this excuse and not telling us a word about it, they imported their own "Territorial" military -- the equivalent of the "Raj" in India -- and established foreign military districts overlaying our States, and foreign military district courts, which were actually private corporate bill collection organizations in the business of collecting "war reparations". 

See the actions of the Territorial "Congress" in May of 1865 to see how they set up these Carpetbagger Courts and ran these foreign military tribunals as commercial corporation "courts"--- illegally, with no contract and no authorization to do any of this, all under color of law, without disclosure to the American People.  They have continued this outrage to the present day, which has resulted in our counter-claims.

They followed the same basic game plan in overtaking the Commonwealth nations and later, the nations of Western Europe and Japan. They claimed that the natural national government had "disappeared" or "failed to appear" and so, they claimed that they had a "custodial trust interest" ---  all without providing disclosure to the actual people living in these countries and without any actual contract.

In the name of "defending" all these illegally occupied territories, the guilty Municipal Corporations and Territorial Officers responsible, have created and engaged in no less than 250 armed mercenary conflicts under color of law and pretense of defense.  They have also engaged liberally in political manipulation, repeatedly deposing popular elected governments in favor of whatever suited their commercial corporation profit motives.  

The BRITISH CROWN CORPORATION, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CORPORATION, MUNICIPALITY OF WASHINGTON, DC and affiliated British Crown corporations such as the United States of America Corporation, have all been engaged in these nefarious, treasonous, criminal, racketeering and profiteering schemes.  

The expense of all these commercial mercenary "wars" have been passed on to the American States and People, while the profits have been siphoned off or rat-holed in "federal pension funds" and other Slush Funds controlled by the Perpetrators. No public accounting or disclosure of any of this has been provided to the General Public of this country -- the purportedly "missing" Americans who have been universally coerced to perform under color of law, been illegally and unlawfully registered together with their private property, and also illegally and unlawfully securitized as collateral for the debts of these criminals. 

In addition to the money these Municipal Corporations and Territorial Officers made promoting all these illegal commercial mercenary "wars" for profit, and foisting off the bills for all this on their purportedly "absent" employers, they also passed on the expense of occupying all these "foreign territories" to the American States and People, resulting in the creation of over 950 military bases worldwide and charging the "defense" expenses of all these illegally occupied countries to us.  

Thus, these Municipal Corporations and their Territorial Officers have had zero expenses while promoting all these crimes against their purported employers, and have retained control of our assets and credit and all the profits of their racketeering and profiteering activities "in our names"--- and all under Color of Law and False Pretenses.  

They have done this to Britain, The United States, the former Commonwealth countries, seventeen Western European countries, and Japan simply by telling Big Lies and pretending that no civilian governments were present----then using this to assert a "protective custodial interest" until such time as the national civilian governments "reappeared".  

It's pretty hard to "reappear" when you haven't gone anywhere and without having been made aware that you were ever missing.  

A key part of this unholy scheme was provided by the banks, especially the so-called "central banks" that turned a blind eye to all of this, in order to profit from it.  They knew better, but they did a little back room "wink-wink" accommodation and allowed the perpetrators of this vast multi-generational fraud scheme to access our credit and lock down our assets in "Global Collateral Master Accounts" and "Economic Security Funds" and "Economic Stabilization Funds" and all recorded and maintained via  different colored screens on bank terminals worldwide.  

The only purpose that "central banks" have is an illegal one--- and that is, to control the supply of commodities, including "money" and "credit".  While these institutions have been allowed to exist using the excuse that their activities would prevent bank runs and panics and supply shortages, and would serve to control inflation and deflation, this has not proven to be true.  

Since the creation of the Global Federal Reserve Banking System in a bought-and-paid for international enclave within the borders of Switzerland, the world has endured innumerable commercial mercenary "wars", currency crashes, asset thefts, depressions, illegal military confiscations, and illegal and unlawful confiscations of private assets, gross manipulation of so-called "public trust interests", and perhaps most damning, purposeful inflation of national currencies and credit theft and other manipulations that cannot be justified by any public benefit. 

The Swiss Government is responsible for harboring these pirates and promoting crime in other countries as well as their own. 

We demand the liquidation of all Central Bank Corporations in recognition of the fact that they have illegally and unlawfully seized upon our assets and credit and made the same available to known criminals operating as Municipal Corporations run by Territorial Officers, the fact that the purpose of central banks is intrinsically illegal and unlawful control of trade and commodity supplies, and finally, their complete failure to provide any public benefit whatsoever to anyone but their co-conspirators in these explicit crimes against humanity.  

All assets held by all the central banks must be released and returned to the living people and national governments of the living people to whom these assets belong.  The banks themselves need to be liquidated with prejudice and replaced by institutions that distribute pre-paid credit back to the victims of these crimes and we, the living people of this planet, must receive back our assets ---both our physical assets and our credit assets.   

The role of the banks in general, including such venerable institutions as The Bank of England and The Bank of Scotland, and their insurance partners, Lloyd's of London and Barclay's, in promoting and profiting from these outrageous corporate fraud schemes has to be recognized.  

None of this took place in a vacuum.  

Those who make their money off of war, death, and destruction will continue to promote war, death, and destruction until their corporations are liquidated and they, themselves, are exposed to full personal and commercial liability for their actions. The most expeditious route to a peaceful and productive future for humanity, is to make war and crimes of other kinds, unprofitable. 

The actual American Government has been restored and has "reappeared" in the form of fifty properly declared, published, and organized State Assemblies that are not part of any "district" or "district government", not any Municipal district or franchise, either --- our State Assemblies, like our States, are unincorporated.  

In view of the great harm that the living people of this planet have experienced at the hands of run amok commercial corporations, especially Municipal and Territorial Corporations operated as service providers, manufacturers, and as banks, we believe that incorporated entities need to be permanently barred from participation in government and prevented from making campaign donations to candidates in general. 

We also believe that the Ecclesiastical Courts responsible for these Legal Fiction Entities need to be much more available to the Public, just as the role and responsibility of the Pope and the Roman Curia as the Principals responsible for the oversight, discipline, and liquidation of these Legal Fictions needs to be fully disclosed to the General Public --- to those most likely to be harmed, defrauded. robbed, or even murdered by these Municipal Corporations and their Territorial Overseers. 

We recognize the difficulty now faced by the Perpetrators who have usurped against the lawful governments of so many countries.  By secretively disabling so many national governments they are now faced with the necessity of expediting the "return" of the national governments to full function and control---- knowing that the lawful British Government has been incapacitated for at least 400 years and the American Government was in limbo land for 160 and other national governments have similarly been "misrepresented" by these criminal commercial corporation usurpers -----we can nonetheless strive for a peaceful, rapid, and permanent return to sanity, justice, and good government. 

The banks that have been dealing in fictional currencies are faced with a similar dilemma that can only be solved by the issuance of prepaid credit in limited amounts and the re-introduction of actual silver and gold-backed currencies. As the value of our credit was slowly stolen from us via the silent "tax" of inflation it must be returned according to us and our best interests, so as to maintain the value of the credit owed.  We have chartered an institution, The Global Family Banks, to provide this service to humanity, regardless of where on Earth anyone may live.  This is a completely transparent and philanthropic means to return value to the victims and their lawful heirs.

We do not approve of "digital currencies" which are a means to surveil and control and politically manipulate people by unauthorized, unelected commercial corporations offering to act as "governments" again; as we said yesterday and as we repeat, thanks, but no thanks.  We don't need to have our employees surveilling which brand of toothpaste we prefer or attempting to turn us into Genetically Modified Organisms or curtailing our right and ability to buy, sell, trade, or do anything else we have a natural right to do. 

Any attempt by any commercial corporation to establish a monopoly, control of our access to money, to our own assets, or to our credit, will be met with immediate demand for their liquidation.  

Similarly, we object to the RESTRICT "Act" which in any case is a piece of corporate legislation being pushed by criminals attempting to censor free speech in this country.  

The Air Jurisdiction above our land and soil belongs to us and has belonged to us since 1787.  It does not belong to the Municipal Corporations that are under liquidation demand.  These commercial "service" corporations have no authority and no contract to interfere with our access to and enjoyment of the internet or any other technological development that makes use of our public air waves and air space which we may find beneficial. 

Likewise, they have no authority or contract to censor us or make determinations about the veracity of our opinions or facts we may bring forward for public examination and debate.  

We demand the liquidation of all Municipal and Territorial Corporations that have denied our contractual Guarantees and violated our substantive rights including Facebook, Paypal, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC and the ouster of current members of the Territorial Congress who have created and supported the "RESTRICT" legislation, which is antithetical to freedom of any kind, including freedom of the mind and freedom of communication.  

The idea that any Municipal Corporation or Territorial Corporation, either one, could ever derive any right to disobey the Public Law and trample on the Constitutional Guarantees owed to the American States and People, while making use of our airspace and airwaves, and profiting themselves via the use of our public resources, is loony.  

These corporations need to be shut down and placed under new management agreeable to the Public Law and the Guarantees we are owed.  Either that, or liquidated outright and their major Shareholders and Board Members arrested for attempted deprivation of rights under color of law and similar offenses. 

We are not a "democracy" and never have been.  Despite the endless propaganda effort talking endlessly about "our democracy", America is not a democracy.  The District of Columbia, a Municipal Corporation, is run as a democracy.  

July 16th, 1790.  The First District of Columbia Act.  Our Continental Congress set aside the ten square mile "territory" of the District of Columbia as the land to be used by all three (3) of the newly created "Federal Government" subcontractors, and to serve as the seat of their Territorial District Government. 

February 27th, 1801.  The Second District of Columbia Act undertaken by the Territorial Congress set up two counties, established town governments for the communities in the affected area, and provided for their own district officials and judges. 

This Second District of Columbia Act has repeatedly been referred to as the District of Columbia Organization Act (as indeed it was) and as the "Charter Act of the District of Columbia" which established it as a municipality--- by the members of the U.S. Supreme Court. 

A final Supplementary Act on March 3, 1801, made the U.S. Marshals responsible for local law enforcement in the District of Columbia enclave. 

Since 1801 the "District of Columbia" has been recognized as a "territory" of these United States (not the Municipal United States), and as a Municipal Corporation with its own separate government and the right to sue and be sued as a commercial corporation. 

It's from this original Municipal Government Corporation that all the other Municipal Corporations associated with the District of Columbia derive. 
In 1877, as a result of malfeasance by members of the Territorial Congress, the Municipality of Washington, DC, was issued a separate Municipal Charter, creating a "Municipality within a Municipality". 

The original District Charter was broadly allowed under the terms of the Peace Treaties ending The War of Independence, and then required by The Constitution of the [Territorial] United States of America. The second Municipal Charter was not envisioned at all by any part of this peace process nor allowed by the Use Permit issued by the States of Maryland and Virginia, which did not authorize the creation of a separate, independent, international city-state on their shores -- or ours.  

For more than a hundred years the Municipal Corporation of Washington, DC, has been in existence and apologists for this have claimed that the "plenary powers" established for the members of the Territorial Congress acting as the Washington, DC Government allowed the formal creation of a separate, independent, international city-state on our shores; we disagree and add this to the long list of criminal usurpations by the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation and its members against us. 

At no time during the Constitutional discussions leading up to the adoption of the Federal Constitutions ---and this section of them in particular--- was there any suggestion that Washington, DC, would ever be a separate and independent international city-state, nor any hint that the delivery of "plenary powers" over Washington, DC granted to members of the Territorial Congress was intended for any such purpose.

Instead, the explicit purpose of the Washington, DC Government was to ensure that all the States and Federal Subcontractors and foreign nations could have a safe and neutral meeting place to conduct business. Period.

That was the duty and responsibility given to the members of the Territorial (District) Congress along with the plenary power to enforce it.  Then as now, the intent of the grant or contract is essential and may not be bypassed, just as any duty settled upon any Congress cannot be handed over to unelected Agencies and Subcontractors. 

Once again, they, the members of the Territorial (District) Congress overstepped their authority and the purpose we had in granting that authority, to create an illegal, immoral, and unlawful  hegemony for themselves, which they have used to impersonate us and usurp against our lawful authority ever since the 1870's. 

The Municipal Government operating as "the United States" is not The United States.  

The Municipality of Washington, DC, needs to be liquidated together with its separate Municipal Corporation, and all ideas that it is or can be an independent, international city-state need to be abandoned; we granted the members of the Territorial (District) Congress plenary control of Washington, DC for a specific purpose, which they evaded and twisted in blatant disregard of their Use Permits and constitutional contracts. 

It is the responsibility of the members of the Territorial Congress to dissolve that separate, unintended and unauthorized independent, international city-state and come into compliance with their own contracts and duties, stop impersonating The United States as "the United States" and otherwise Cease and Desist all hostile acts and usurpations against their Employers. 

Those are our purse-strings, not theirs, and every bank and every "federal" officer and citizen of any stripe whatsoever, including the members of the Territorial (District) Congress, are hereby given Notice of their contractual obligations and the limits of their authority with regard to all the matters addressed herein.  

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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Death and Ignorance

 By Anna Von Reitz

Additional information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court, in regard to our claims of March 6th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq: 

Death and Ignorance

Only scientifically ignorant people ever believed in "human caused global warming" --- and they were misled by government scientists who were paid to lie about basic, known, scientific truths. 

Stop a moment and take that in. 

Basic truths, like the Carbon Cycle, (which every little school child in America used to be taught until Jimmy Carter's "Federal Department of Education" got involved in illegally dictating what our local "public" schools adopted as curriculum) were ignored for two decades by the Mainstream Media and Universities and politicians and National Laboratories.     

Or, what about the once equally well-known information about how much ash, carbon dioxide, and other gases a single volcano produces.  "The Final Poo-Poo" Article I reposted this past week gives a more than adequate explanation of exactly why a single volcano can (and regularly does) dwarf all and any effect on "carbon dioxide emissions" that humans have.  

With an average of 200 active volcanoes spewing carbon dioxide (and a lot more) into the air on any given day, it's a no-brainer to correlate increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to their increased activity, not ours. 

Yet, for two decades we've had to have this obnoxious (and stupid) public debate about carbon dioxide emissions and the thoroughly ridiculous idea of "human caused global warming" based on carbon dioxide emissions from our automobiles and people breathing and cows farting.  

Only misinformed and scientifically ignorant people, and little children,  ever believed in any of this hogwash. 

The question remains -- why would our schools be dumbed down?  Why would government scientists at laboratories and special think tanks lie their rumps off and keep this nonsense going?  

The easy answer is that an ignorant population is easier to defraud and control.  

And as for the "government scientists" --- the same government corporations that employ them also pay them kickbacks and grants to say whatever the Mama Corporation wants them to say.   

Ask yourselves what happens when a foreign commercial corporation gets hold of the apparatus of government?  

Well, then, whatever is good for the corporation's bottom line --- and the bottom lines of its corporate cronies --- is good, no matter what it costs you, their employers, the consumers of their goods and services. 

Yes, you heard that theory correctly stated.  That's what the members of the Territorial Congress tell themselves everyday.  Whatever is good for their corporate bottom line is good for America, even if it kills and defrauds Americans, pollutes our country, and guts our natural resources. 

That's why the only redress offered for the horrors of the phony pandemic lay buried in the Consumer Protection Act, under the control of the Federal Trade Commission.  

A similar situation exists with regard to the idea that the Earth is overpopulated.  There is absolutely no valid scientific evidence that it is, but people have been massacred and genocided just the same. 

Finally, today, I have news of a crack appearing in the monolithic insanity that has been imposed upon the world by the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CORPORATION and the United States of America Corporation and the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, INC. aka DOD, INC. 

The new CEO of Toyota says no more EV cars will be produced by Toyota.

So buy Toyota products.  They are the only ones demonstrating scientific and economic competence.  

Of all the really, truly crazy outcomes of the whole Big Lie surrounding human caused global warming, the development of electric cars stands as a monument to scientific and practical ignorance--- and gross political manipulation of "science".  

Let's see.... we are going to decrease human-caused carbon emissions (which are totally insignificant anyway) by using electric cars to reduce our personal "carbon footprint" ---- albeit, we do this by INCREASING the load on giant electrical turbines that produce that electricity....and run off fossil fuel.  

Who scores?  The "public" utilities that get to charge you for your increased use of electricity and the oil companies that make larger, more efficient sales to the electric companies and the mining corporations that get to charge you for all the exotic (and highly poisonous and explosive) Rare Earth Minerals used to make electric car batteries.  

Who loses?  You do.  And so does the environment. 

By addressing a non-existent problem -- "human-caused global warming" --- the criminals out to make a buck have created real problems: increased electrical use and industrial pollution resulting from that increased use, vastly increased (and largely unregulated) lithium and cobalt mining, terrible new collision risks (electric cars tend to explode), and new waste management dilemmas (where and how can you safely dispose of giant dead, but still explosive, electric car batteries full of poisonous Rare Earth Minerals?)   

At the same time that Toyota is facing facts and defending its own sanity, "the EU" --- another commercial corporation under the thumb of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, INC. --- is attempting to ban the combustion engine.  

Good luck with that.  Especially now that the partners in crime, the EU, INC. and DOD, INC. have ruined the Nordstream Pipelines and left the living people with no viable means of meeting their energy needs, staying warm, and feeding themselves.

End the EU, INC. and DOD, INC., both, and put an end to the illegal "custodial" military occupation of The United States, Japan, seventeen western European countries and the entire former Commonwealth. All our countries have been illegally occupied and we, Americans, have been bearing 96% of the cost of defending all those countries and occupying them.  It's a lose-lose for everyone involved, except of course, the criminal Municipal Corporations that have foisted all this off on everyone and their British Territorial co-conspirators.   

If the United Nations Organization was ever worth salt, then by all means, all the national delegations need to stand up in arms against this gross commercial criminality and the attendent illegal military occupations.

The entities responsible for causing all these problems are all organized as commercial corporations in the business of providing essential government services.  They don't have contracts and we don't need these crooks bilking us and injuring us to profit themselves.  

What needs to happen is for these run amok Municipal Corporations to be permanently liquidated and their assets returned to the control of actual national governments, not more corporations acting "as" governments. 

Under Ecclesiastical Law, the Pope and the Roman Curia are responsible for the existence and operations of these Legal Fiction Entities they have created and which they own ---- and all of them are subject to immediate liquidation upon demand when they engage in "unlawful" activities detrimental to the substantive rights and interests of living people.    

We demand the liquidation of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, INC., the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, INC., the MUNICIPALITY OF WASHINGTON, DC. and all associated incorporated affiliates, franchises, parent corporations, subsidiaries, and governing boards and trustee organizations.  

All British Territorial -- that is, incorporated Mercenary Forces -- need to be withdrawn from The United States, the former Commonwealth countries, and the occupied nations of Western Europe and Japan --- without any arguments.  They, their False Claims of "custodial interest", their military districts, and their military district courts all need to be shut down and the associated corporations liquidated with the assets being returned to the actual owners -- the people and national governments of the offended countries.   

The American Armed Forces will be reconstituted immediately as a national defense force and returned to their natural status as an honorable national soldiery.  Their only job will remain as stated in our venerable Constitutions --- to defend this country and our people and our borders --- and not to make a mockery of "defense" by using it as an excuse to invade other countries and to engage in racketeering at home and war-profiteering abroad.

The egregious lies told by these Municipal Corporation managers and employees to the American People and to people around the world, must be admitted -- whether these are scientific hoaxes, or False Flags, or false commercial claims that have led to impersonation and illegal and unlawful seizure of our assets, including our credit, and unlawful securitization of our living flesh.  

We are not interested in hearing any fanciful stories.  We wish for these Municipal Corporations to be liquidated, their employees dismissed except for those needed to provide a safe transition, and a peacable resolution that doesn't involve more death and ignorance.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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The reckless printing of MONEY and LIES is finally approaching an end

Get out of the banks now!

Call for silver prices. 406 889 3183

Dropped Through the Cracks

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are numerous organizations that have used the names "United States" and "United States of America" over the past two hundred years. Some of them are American and some are British Territorial entities and some even belong to the Holy See.  

Since 1851 our American union of nation states has done business as "The United States".  The United States is unincorporated.  The members of this union are republican nation states occupying the soil jurisdiction of this country.  Soil is defined as the top six inches of the land. This is also known as the national jurisdiction. 

Our Federation of States, "The United States of America", is also unincorporated,  and forms another separate "union" of organic, physically defined member States operating in international jurisdictions.  

Both these unions are instrumentalities of the independent, sovereign nation states known as organic States of the Union.  

It's the States of the Union that are the Principals that created the Constitutions, defined the Federal Subcontractors and the Subcontractor's duties, and their own obligations to pay for these services and delegate powers needed to perform the services. 

From our side of it, these are the only American entities involved in setting up or approving the Federal Constitutions, so these States of the Union and the State Citizens known as "People" who run these States, are the only ones with the power to enforce the Federal Constitutions. 

Any eligible American can make the proper declarations and provide the appropriate information and serve as a State Citizen within their State Assembly.  It's these State Citizens that can hold all Federal Subcontractors accountable. 

Why?  Because the State Citizens, aka, "People" with a capital "P" are the only Americans who are party to the constitutional contracts.  You have to be a party to a contract to have "standing" to address it and enforce it.  

Our States of the Union and our State Citizens can speak through their Federation in international venues to bring correction of "Federal" Subcontractors, but they can also speak individually and directly to Federal Subcontractors operating within the borders of their States.  

Now that our State Assemblies are restored and Americans of every nation state have stepped up to serve as State Citizens, the reins are back in our hands and the proper authorities have been invoked to enforce our Federal Constitutions.  

We now know that the Municipal Corporation known as the "DOD" or DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE is the owner operator of all the other "Worst Offender" Municipal Corporations. 

The DOD Municipal Umbrella Corporation owns and controls the Territorial Congress as a franchise.  Ditto the corporations most responsible for the damage of the pandemic fiasco -- NIH, CDC, FDA, the so-called "intelligence" agencies --- DARPA, DIA, CIA, DHS, FBI and even the DOJ. 

These Municipal Corporations are all Federal Subcontractors claiming authority based on Constitutional contracts --- and dependent on those contracts for their very existence, however, they have run seriously amok for a long time. Without State Citizens present to enforce the Constitutions, they've been able to literally get away with murder, to pillage and plunder their Employers, to racketeer under color of law, and create mayhem throughout the world. 

This is what happens when Americans forget who they are, forget how our separate American Government works, and even forget who the direct Parties to the Constitutions are.  

Thank God that we have all remembered and that every State is now blessed with their own State Citizens, our own countrymen who have adopted their proper standing and who are enabled to enforce the Federal Constitutions within the borders of their organic States of the Union. 

Slowly, like a giant Supertanker coming to heel, the apparatus of the Federal Government Subcontractors is being made to yield and to obey. A great many people have already contributed to this effort and more join the effort every day.

More people learn American History, not just United States History -- and more people "come home" to the land and soil of their native country, ready to take up the effort to educate others and enforce the contracts they are owed.  

Thank you, State Citizens, more than you will ever know. 


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Attention All Federal Employees

 By Anna Von Reitz

Did you know that you are being fraudulently and coercively taxed as a condition of your employment?  

The rationale presented by the Municipal Corporations was that as public employees, you are receiving the "benefit" of a job funded by the public. Therefore, you ought to kickback a portion of your earnings to your "government" employer.  

Except that your employer is not a government.  

It's a Municipal Corporation and it's no different than any other Municipal Corporation on Earth.  

This is the way it is and the way it has always been.  The District of Columbia is a Municipal Corporation.  The Municipality of Washington, DC is a Municipal Corporation.  All the entities that you can think of --- DOD, FBI, DHS, FDA, FEMA, etc., are all Municipal Corporations operating under these umbrella corporations. 

So they are NOT our government.  They are subcontractors of our government.  

And they are foisting off an illegal and immoral tax on your labor -- a kickback to them for the "privilege" of being employed by these criminals. 

Did you know that a "Taxpayer" is a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service, responsible for collecting taxes and tariffs for the British Monarch?  No?   

All that work you do each April, for free, taxing yourself for the "benefit" of having "federally connected income"?  You are donating that to the King, as well as over a third of your earnings on average. 

Yet you volunteered to act as a "Taxpayer", didn't you?   

You signed that 1040 guaranteeing that you were a "Taxpayer" and every number was correct and true --- under penalty of perjury, too.  

So you (1) mischaracterized yourself as a foreign Warrant Officer involved in commercial business transactions on behalf of the British Monarch; (2) you voluntarily offered your earnings to be taxed as "income" of a foreign corporation; and (3) you gave the IRS all the ammo needed to prosecute you and hold you responsible as a government employee--- albeit, an employee of a different government. 

You did this to yourself and if you want it to stop, you have correct your mistake.  

You also need to find other employment.   

Any work that requires you to kickback a third of the value of your earnings isn't a job.  It's indentured servitude to a criminally-inclined foreign Municipal Corporation. 

Technically, you aren't required to do any of this.  It's an illegal demand on the face of it.  If you comply because you thought you "had to" and made the mistake of being goaded to do this under color of law, you have the right to correct your mistake by notifying the United States Secretary of State.  

And since you aren't really a "Taxpayer" and aren't a Municipal franchise corporation, either, you can keep your earnings and enjoy the value of your labor and without paying any illegal, immoral, and unlawful kickbacks to foreign Municipal Corporations. 


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