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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Additional P.S. For the Generals, the Popes, and the Monarchs:

By Anna Von Reitz

Our formerly Delegated Powers returned to us by Operation of Law the moment the original Federal level of the Federal Government was rendered incompetent in 1860, but we were not told this by our Trustees. 

The Delegated Powers merely "assumed" by the Scottish Interloper doing business as "The United States of America, Inc." returned to us again in 1907, when that entity declared bankruptcy.  Again, we were not informed by our Trustees. 

The Delegated Powers merely "assumed" by the Roman Catholic Church Delaware Corporation doing business as the "United States of America" Inc. returned to us again in 1933, when that entity declared bankruptcy, but again, we were not informed by our Trustees.

So, as should be apparent, these Trustees aren't worth the powder to blow them to Hell and back.

When the bankruptcy of the "United States of America" Inc. settled in November of 1999, our claim in behalf of ourselves and The United States of America [Unincorporated] had already cured for over a year.  Again, our Trustees never said a word.

We were astonished and confused: who are these people pretending to be our Trustees, who don't respond to us---or for us or for our benefit? 

Thus began a long and arduous journey.

Our Delegated Powers have been commandeered for over 150 years by Foreign Interests that had absolutely no right whatsoever to do what they have done in this country.  Our identity has been stolen along with our assets by these Trustees operating in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of Commercial Contract.

All Parties including the Principals have been given extensive Due Process and Due Notice culminating in a Final Civil Judgment entered and published worldwide in April 2014. 

So when the UNITED STATES, Inc. went bankrupt in 2015, we re-issued our Sovereign Letters Patent, and reclaimed the STATES OF STATES and the States of States and rolled them into the Federal State (Misnamed "Land") Trusts.  When the Territorial "Government" similarly declared bankruptcy in 2017, we said-- very clearly -- enough is enough. 

All three levels of the so-called Federal Government were at that point incompetent.  The actual Federal Government intended and ordained by our ancestors has been held in a phony "abeyance" since 1860.  The Municipal Government was liquidated.  The Territorial Government bankrupt.

By Operation of Law all Delegated Powers returned to us, to the Federation of States that delegated the "Powers" in the first place --- The United States of America [Unincorporated] and the American States and People.  As this is an Operation of Law, no court action is necessary and no controversy is present.  It simply is, and we are here, present and accounted for --officially-- since 1998. 

Our purported Trustees have continued to ignore us to the extent possible, so we issued a formal Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance on June 6, 2018.

We also re-conveyed all the Federal State Trusts back to the ownership of the sovereign States where they remain protected on the land jurisdiction of The United States of America [Unincorporated] and each of the States. This is all a matter of public record, firmly established by UCC notices and liens and land recording district records in Alaska and Illinois and various other locations.

We have reminded the Queen and the Popes of their duties with respect to us and our States and our People, as well as reminding the Government of Westminster of their Treaty obligations.

We have also reminded everyone of the fact that members of the Bar Associations are prohibited from holding any public office or position of trust related to our government and that has been the case since 1819.  Thus no action undertaken by any Bar Attorney, including their votes in the Territorial United State Congress or Municipal United States Congress, can ever be presumed to apply to us or our assets in any way, shape, or form.

This is no threat to anyone nor is it any provocation of war.  It is simply a matter of actual ownership interest and Law, which we have exercised. Contrary to the expectations of many, our assets are not "abandoned", not "unclaimed" and they are no longer subject to contrived commercial claims by Secondary Creditors, nor any administration by Bar Attorneys subject to the Crown.

We consider what has gone on here to be a crime, both a recognizable international crime and a domestic crime.  We consider that the perpetrators have aimed at the overthrow of not only our government but all national governments worldwide.

The United States of America [Unincorporated] is the actual government owed to the American States and People and it is our established and lawful right and obligation to function in both international trade and commerce effective July 17, 2014.

We have done so and we have standing to do so.

All Trade Names of living people issued on or arising from the land and soil of the American States and all derivatives thereof are Public Trusts of The United States of America [Unincorporated] and they always have been. They are all assets of the land and soil, not engaged in any form of interstate commerce.

Review that fact in view of the false commercial claims and unlawful conversions of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration.  Also review that fact in view of the false commercial claims made upon American Negroes and other people of color by the Scottish Government dba "The United States of America" Incorporated.

Every dog has its day and you have all had yours. What remains is a necessary and profound ---and lasting--- correction on all your parts.


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Stealing Title to Babies

By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, I said it. That is, objectively, what they have been doing for at least six generations, if you count ----and I do-- their outrageous fraud and Breach of Trust during and after the so-called "Civil War", when they "took title" to every supposedly freed former Plantation Slave in America as property belonging to their commercial corporations.  

And then, they just continued with more of the same rot, expanding and institutionalizing and mechanizing and compartmentalizing and applying the same scheme to everyone, until ---- according to them ---- damn near everyone is a "voluntary" slave who has donated everything including their own Name to these criminal commercial corporations.

They have been purposefully creating "public trusts" and operating those public trusts "in our names" for the express purpose of misrepresenting us, stealing our identities, siphoning off our assets, and racking up debt against our assets. 

This is no different than what any Credit Card Hacker or Identity Thief does, except that these organizations have been masquerading as governments and abusing their position of trust as government service providers.

They have "taken title" to over 300 million American babies.  Think about that. Think of how hideous and unlawful the entire concept is.  These corporations claim to own you. Literally.  And they have hired troupes of actors wearing black robes and mercenaries wearing your own uniforms, waving your own flags, using your own money and assets to enforce these slave-owner claims against you. 

And who are "they" but criminals caught in the act?  Slave traders. Kidnappers. Pirates. Vermin. Outlaws.  Truly despicable criminals in nice suits, having dinner at the finest restaurants on your ticket, jet-setting around the world pretending to "represent" you in one respect or another, all blatant as pigs can be.

More than 30 Trillion Dollars has been siphoned off and embezzled out of this country during the Obama Administration and more untold trillions of counterfeit "US Dollars" were printed off-shore and dumped into other economies worldwide --- and it was all state sponsored counterfeiting by "government agencies".  They used official government printing presses and papers and inks and engraving plates to do it.  And they fully intended to leave the clueless American People responsible for paying for it.

Do we need any other reason to disband the CIA?

All of this was going on under whose noses? 

The DIA and the FBI and DHS and Homeland Security and the Armed Forces and the National Guard and State and Local Police Forces and the Department of Administration and the GAO and the US Mint and "Treasury".   

Do we need any other reason to fire all of them and start over?

The problem--  from their standpoint--  is that we found out about all of this corruption and criminality as a result of historical and legal research spanning decades. 

As for the actual owners of this country, the American States and People, dba The United States of America [Unincorporated] and The United States [Unincorporated]  we object to any supposition that the debts and criminality of "the" United States of America, Inc., and "the" United States, Inc.,  has anything to do with us, our States, our People, or our assets. 

British and European and yes, some American Traitors, set this Bunko Scheme up to secretively profit from American assets and to revive their old disgraced Colonial System--- allowing the Monarchs and Robber Barons to enslave and steal from others, and in our case, set us up to take the blame for them, too.   

They have done a good job of stealing us blind and using us as gun fodder in their commercial mercenary "wars", but the jig is up.  

We are the Priority Creditors and Number One victims of these criminals, and we have proof in the public record going back before The American Revolution demonstrating that  "the" United States and "the" United States of America responsible for all this rottenness are corporate doppelgangers or "ringers" that simply infringed upon our Good Name and our Common Law copyrights as a means of purposefully promoting identity theft, credit fraud, bankruptcy fraud, press-ganging, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, and other international and confidence crimes going back generations.

We know who they are.  We know where they live.  We know how they profited themselves illegally and immorally and in flagrant disrespect of the Public Law.  We can cite Chapter and Verse and step-by-step demonstrate how this entire odious system worked.

And now, it is time for it to end.

The Titles must be returned to the "missing" owners, who were somehow easy for the tax collectors and Selective Service to find, and the entire abhorrent practice of corporations "taking title" to men and women must be consigned to the Rubbish Heap of History where all such practices belong. 


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For All the Generals, the Popes, and the Monarchs:

By Anna Von Reitz

This is all just business, gentlemen.

There is the "United States of America" Incorporated, which you will see referenced in The Definitive Treaty of Paris, 1783, which names King George III as "Arch-Treasurer" of that British commercial corporation.

And then, there is "The United States of America" [Unincorporated] which is, just coincidentally, the American Common Law copyrighted name of the Federation of our States operating in international trade and commerce as of September 9, 1776 --- years before the Treaty of Paris hit the bricks.

So what is going on here?

It's called "mirroring" -- a deliberate effort to confuse one thing for another, by semantic deceit or other means, seeking to deceive the gullible among us for purposes of unjust enrichment via direct theft -- as in identity theft -- or via surreptitious theft of credit, both of which have gone on here. 
They have run up debts "in the name of" the United States of America and then left everyone to assume that those debts are debts owed by The United States of America.

This is not the first time they have done this fraud scheme pas de deux. The only difference is that we woke up and caught them at it. 
Now they are telling you that the "United States" and the "United States of America" are both bankrupt and they can't make the payroll. But which "United States of America" are they talking about?

Well, get a clue. It's not us. It's not our Federation of States and most importantly, not our people on the hook for this. It wasn't us on the hook last time they pulled this crappola in 1907 or 1933, either --- but we were dunned for it. And we stupidly paid it, because it appeared to be addressed to us.

This time, it's not going to go the way they would like it to go. They are going to pay their own debts and honor their obligations to this country, including the vast debt that they already owe us as a result of their earlier fraud. 
We realize that they can't possibly pay it all back and that we will have to forgive vast amounts of debt, but at the end of the day, there is no doubt whatever that we are their Priority Creditors.

Which means that we are owed all the credit and money that they purloined from our States and that we have first dibs--- not the Secondary Creditors. And not the "US Trustees" appointed as bankruptcy Trustees by those Secondary Creditors.

As for you, Generals, if you want to get paid, the process is simple enough. Go back to work for the actual States and People that you owe your allegiance to: The United States of America [Unincorporated]. It's going to be a lot easier to put the screws to Rome, London, Edinburgh, and Hong Kong than it is to deal with 350 million outraged Americans, a billion Chinese and only God knows how many Russians.


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Don't Petition and Don't Register

By Anna Von Reitz

Do not sign petitions and do not voluntarily register anything.

If you are forced to register anything, be sure to get a reference or limitation on the paper with your signature indicating it was not voluntary on your part.

Or make an illegible signature, just a squiggle that nobody could ever read, and if they complain, shrug and say, well, that's my signature.  Take it or leave it.

That's what senior postal officials have been doing for years. Doctors too.  There is a method to their bad handwriting skills. And it's not the Palmer Method.

Most of what we are "forced" to do is done by a simple process of lying to us. They say that we "must" and that it is "the law" and we simply haven't asked --- who says?  And what law promulgated by what organization? And since when am I part of that organization? 

Let's see.... STATE OF ALASKA, run by the Roman Catholic Church.  Since when did I become a Roman Catholic and subject to that Church's dictum, taxes, and inquisition?  Or, State of Alaska, run ultimately by the British Monarch?

All the hooks that these predatory organizations have set in you and in your assets have been accomplished by the same process: you are told a lie, you (or your Mother) act upon the lie, and they gain a veiled and highly illegal "interest" in you and your assets without paying a penny. 

They will say that you "voluntarily" enslaved yourself.

As I put it, these vermin have been on our shores "stealing title to our babies" for six generations --- and all under false pretenses. 

So here you have proof that the Father of All Lies does exist and his minions, too.

This is why you never serve them as an "Informant" against your own children.  This is why you never voluntarily "Register" anything.  This is why you never sign "Petitions" --- which automatically admit that someone other than you has power over you and your life and that you agreed to this. 

Americans are literally born as sovereigns on the land and soil of this country. We need to push that point home into their pointy little heads and stand on it. Record your interest in your Good Name and Estate as part of the international land records, because your Good Name and Estate is a land asset. 

You have no reason and no need to register anything so as to give away your ownership interest in your assets.  Likewise, you have no general need for any trusts. 

The creation of Public Trusts held in your name without your knowledge or consent is how you got into this Mess. Creating a Private Trust to hold your assets is not necessary and for most people is just an additional entanglement. Your Trade Name is already a trust, one that belongs to The United States of America [Unincorporated] and the British minions responsible know what that means in actual fact.  

If you want to get out of the Mess and I do mean -- out, out, out --- the only kind of trust you need is your own private arrangements stipulating who gets your belongings, who gets to pull the plug if need be, and who acts as Executor of your Estate upon your incompetence, death or permanent disability, established by a properly witnessed Testament.  Two living Witnesses and a Public Notary and that Testament declaring your Will gives you all that you need in terms of trusts.

Take care of your own business, make your own arrangements, record your own claims and instructions, and stop believing all the BS you are being sold by self-interested and undeclared Foreign Agents.


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Words and Labels Create Delusions

By Anna Von Reitz

This is for my friend, Sara.  Yes, it's all very true and a very good article right here: 

First of all, I stand corrected.  I regularly correct myself.  I may be fooled into making assumptions or mistaking things like anyone else, but the Old Sieve keeps on sifting....

Ieaous is "the Word" and, so we are told, "the Word" was with God, and "the Word" was part of God.... but who or what is "the Word"?  Could it be that we have finally found the true name of the Inherent Evil that confounds the whole world?  The epicenter of all delusions?  The rebel Angel known as Ieaous? 

The Word is what ties together the consonants and creates all the variations and soft spoken meanings of words, the one Name that makes itself part of all names, the Word containing all the vowels, and a snake-like "s" at the end, seeming to guarantee The Word's fecundity. 

And there I was, faked out, assuming that Iaeous was Jesus, based on the linguistic similarities, but instead, it was a double mirror-image. Satan pretending to be an Angel of Light and the Angel of Light's mirror reflection, too.  ---Always the mistaken identities.

Ieaous does equal "Jesus" but "Jesus" doesn't equal Yashuah.

So now we have another proof if one were needed that the Bible tells both sides of The Story, a Tale of Two Gods, and leaves us to painstakingly dissect and discern the One from the Other.

And isn't that the essence of Knowledge?  When we are at One with the Universe we are at peace and all things flow for us, through us and in us, but the moment we become deluded and perceive ourselves as being separate and apart from All That Is, that is when all the trouble starts.

This self-awareness that seems to separate us from All That Is, is in fact a delusion, yet it very effectively alienates us in "I" and "Thou" as Martin Buber put it.

And words create all that trouble, all those separations, all those delusions of "I" and "You" and "Them" --- both by naming and labeling things that don't really exist, and by attaching and adding meaning to things that don't exist.  

Most of what we fight with and against are things that actually, factually, don't exist except in our minds.  I know this and that is part of what makes all the discussion that goes on an exercise in crazy-making: the delusions we live with are so pervasive, that even those who know better are obliged to speak in terms of the delusion in order to communicate with the rest of the asylum inmates. 

In a very actual and factual way, The State of New York, like the State of New York, like THE STATE OF NEW YORK doesn't exist.  It is a "legal fiction" which is to say, a convenient lie.  The actual land mass we identify arbitrarily as "New York" exists, but the label is just a label.  It might just as easily be called New Bombay or Fiddlesticks or Puxawattomi.

In the same way, The United States of America, Inc. and The United States of America [Unincorporated] are just names of legal fiction entities, delusions created for convenience sake, one to make profit and accrue debt for the King of England, and one to be the Holding Company of all the "Powers" of the States of the Union in International Jurisdiction.

And all these things, kings, and "Powers" don't really exist.

What exists are groups of men who believe these fictional things exist and who act accordingly. 

The Anarchists among us are loving the spectacle of Imaginary States in Imaginary Countries fighting over arbitrary and imaginary Borders.  There is something so delightfully insane about it, so silly, so childish.

One can see my Enemy of Record, the Immortal Karl Danielson, standing on the huge snow pile in the middle of the school yard declaring, "I am King of the Hill!"  and all the rest of us rushing madly up the "Hill" to unseat the Rotter and send him rolling.  So much for all those who would be king over us or king of our hills, either.

In our own smug and powerful way from Third Grade onward, we were sure that we were kings and queens, each in our own way and world.  And we were, too.
Still are.

So how is it that these completely made-up fictional words, mere concepts, have exerted such a horrific power over us and left us acting like zombies?

What if we simply didn't believe in kings or governments or corporations? 
Or "war powers" or any such nonsense as "police powers" that are purportedly, but not really, separate and "different" [by virtue of the label "police power" only] from our very own right and prerogative to charge up the hill and unseat the Menace?

If you want to know where I am coming from, well, there it is. Simple as that.
No need for Political Parties.  No need for Platforms.  All we really need to agree on is what kind of world we want to live in. And then enforce it directly by doing what we will.

If 350 million Americans tear up their Driver Licenses next Wednesday, what's Joe Highway Patrol going to do about it? 

Not much.

Here is a stellar quote from the referenced article:

"Consider the possibility that in the same way that the entire "legal" industry basically rests on the concept/word "law," the entire coercive political system basically rests on the concept/word "government."

Ah, but--- do more than consider, because it is the fact of the matter.

The word "government" itself basically means "control of the mind"--- and that is how they control and limit and bully and steal from us: they lie to us. They convince us that because they attach a label or an attribute to thin air, it is something real.

Just walk into a Court Room and ask to see the Plaintiff named "State of California"? 

So what do we have here, ladies and gentlemen?  A Big, Fat, Grand Lie.  And at some level we all know it, and do nothing about it, because we don't want to face the arduous business of ruling over ourselves.

It's time to start. 


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