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Friday, May 5, 2023

A Good Example of Satanism at Work

 By Anna Von Reitz

People tend to think that Satanism is some kind of airy-fairy cult far removed from their day-to-day, but such is not the case.  They envision monk-like figures in robes and hoods, and Hollywood Black Masses, altars with severed goat heads dripping blood all over them.  

These specious images only serve to hide the reality of it.  

Satanists rarely wear robes and hoods, as they did when they walked in procession around the effigy of a dead baby in a coffin at the London Olympics.  Most of the time, they wear business suits and nice dresses. 

And they come to you in the guise of friends.

Last August, we were ready to launch our new banking and pre-paid credit system.  

The hard work was all done, and the banking system was about to be populated--- all those who had completed their paperwork and published it on the Land Recording System (LRS) would be given prepaid credit accounts automatically, and next, all those who published using the Land Recording Offices (LROs) of each of the State Assemblies, and then, all the new people from all over the world who returned home to the land and soil jurisdiction of their own countries, they, too, would be welcome to bank with us. 

On the very day that this was supposed to happen, the LRS was shut down.  On the very day, a group of volunteers who had ingratiated themselves into being part of the bank-building process, split off and started spreading lies and gossip.  

These were people who knew about the computer system and satellites and everything else, so we had no choice.  We had to rebuild everything, had to start over from scratch, rewriting the code, using new algorithms, new pass codes, new firewalls, everything.  This was because of them, the same people running around like wild dogs spreading lies and casting doubts.  

According to them, the leader of our bank group was suddenly a felon involved in money laundering and Ponzi Schemes.   

But wait, if that were true, folks, how is it that he has all his banking credentials and licenses in place?  You think the bank insurers are so lax as to insure banks run by men convicted of felony money laundering and running Ponzi Schemes?  Really?  

Better go back and chew on that.  

It turns out that he was investigated, not convicted, and he was investigated merely because he bought the same specialized banking software as some people who later engaged in money laundering.  

This is called "guilt by association".  It's the same logic error as saying -- the murderer wore red shoes, and Debbie wears red shoes, so Debbie must be the murderer.

When in fact Debbie is innocent and just happens to have a pair of red shoes. 

The people who told this Whopper certainly knew that our bank group leader was innocent.  They could observe the same things about his licensing and bank insurance status as I did, but they chose to lie and spread doubt and panic just the same. 

So on top of having to redo everything we had done because of them, we had to take the flying dog poop in the face for no good reason.  

It turns out that they used us to get to suppliers of bank software and security systems they needed to set up their own bank, and at least some of them fully intended to run competition with us -- using the knowledge they gleaned from us to compete against us.  

Two other West Coast Agents issued false vendor complaints against the LRS, so the LRS was getting fined and blacklisted because of other Liars, and while the lies were sorted out, that took money and time that the volunteers running the LRS didn't have.  They had to shut it down or keep hemorrhaging money in the meantime. 

That meant that we had to rebuild the Land Recording System as well as all the banking software and systems, and all because of this same team of Liars doing what Liars do best --- telling Big Ones and spreading the manure. 

Of course, they weren't wearing black hooded robes and wearing upside down pentagrams around their necks.  Most of these people probably don't see themselves as Satanists, even though they did what Satanists do: lie, cast doubt, create fear, and destroy. 

Not only were we unable to launch the bank, we were unable to populate it with pre-approved accounts.  That is what happened last August, and that is why it has taken us months to recoup and recover. 

Still, there is always a silver-lining.  In the process of rebuilding we improved the whole system, improved the security, bulwarked everything to the nth degree.  We added new features, some of which are totally revolutionary, both in the banking industry and in the realm of computer security. 

We also rebuilt the Land Recording System (LRS) in a new user-friendly 
format that will make it easier for people all over the world to return home to the land and soil jurisdiction of their own countries, and allow them access to our unique banking services.  

A lot more has actually been accomplished during this nasty, dirty, slogging-through-frozen-molasses winter.  

So now everyone who wants to complain, can complain to Satan. You can all know what happened and who is responsible for it.  And you can blame yourselves for buying into his same old tricks -- being taken in by his lies, being gripped by his fears, and spreading his evil by gossiping.  Not to mention being faithless and taking part in the bank run that ensued.   

I actually had people calling me up and ranting, wanting me to fire our bank group leader.  I had elderly people in tears over the phone, telling me that they put money in "my" credit union --- a credit union that isn't associated with me.  The Liars lied about that, too.   I had people screaming at me and calling me incompetent, people accusing me of running a Ponzi Scheme.  It was all sorts of fun and games.  
Remember their modus operandi: they always accuse others of what they are doing themselves. If they are lying, they will say that you are.  If they are cheating, they will say that you are.  If they are stealing or running a Ponzi Scheme or money laundering --- that's what they will accuse you of doing.  They always judge other people by themselves. 

If they'd do something dishonest and dishonorable in a given situation, they assume that you already are.  

A tremendous amount of time, effort, and money has been wasted.  Innocent people have been harmed.  Our original banking and recording systems were destroyed.  Access to the money that people deposited in the Global Family Credit Union, a separate institution founded in 2013, has been restricted for months longer than it ever should have been.  

This is what happens when Satanists slither in, unscrupulous spoilers wearing the face of friends, Liars schooled by the Father of All Lies, loose tongues clacking gossip, fear-mongers spreading fear. And it always takes a toll on all of us. 

People have asked me, some in amazement, why I have stood by our Bank Group Leader, and why we just buckled down and went back to the drawing board.  

I never thought more than a minute about that.  

I have dealt with Satan before.  I can recognize his smoking hooftracks. 
Nobody had to tell me his hallmarks and how he operates. 

Now that you have seen the process used to alienate and destroy people -- and their best efforts --- next time you see it, you can recognize it, too. 

It always starts with some slimy and totally untrue suggestion, and ends in gossip.


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What is Woke Theory - Really

 James Lindsay at European Parliament - Woke Conference

Understanding How Babylon Works

 By Anna Von Reitz

Go back to the Garden of Eden story, where it all started and where it is so eloquently explained.  

What does the Snake do?  

(1) He casts doubt on God and God's motives.  He bends Eve's ear, telling her that God is "holding out" on her and Adam, that God doesn't want them to eat the fruit and become a god like him. God's in it for himself.  He has a hidden motive for telling her not to eat that fruit. 

(2) Satan uses this doubt to separate Eve from God. She starts thinking in terms of her own selfish advantage. Self-concern creates separation; because suddenly, she focuses on herself as a separate being and starts thinking--- "What's good for Number One?" -- with herself cast in the role of "Number One".  God is no longer Number One, she is. And so, she separates herself from God, just like Satan does.   

(3) He also tells her, in effect, that God lied to her.  He tells her she can eat the fruit and she won't die.  This is only half true because, of course, she will die eventually.  He omits that part and leaves her to think that God is a liar who can't be trusted. 

(4) When she falls for it, and tells her husband all this, he also falls for it. They both eat the fruit.  Why? Because Adam doesn't want to be left out or apart from his wife -- he has social acceptance concerns.  The herd instinct kicks in. 

So, what are the hallmarks of Satan and his tools from Day One?

Lies, Doubts, Deceits, Half-truths, Omissions, Separation, Self-Interest, Social Acceptance Concerns and Gossip. 

These are still his weapons and we see their effects every day in every corner of our world.  We still see this same progression in action in our own lives and throughout the world.  

Someone says something about our husband being gone a lot.  Someone else says something about you and your husband and your best friend being such a "threesome". Pretty soon, you are resenting your friend for being around all the time, and checking your watch and asking your husband where he's been.  

Soon, your best friend stops coming around and chatting because she can sense your resentment, even if she doesn't understand the sudden change.  Soon, your husband bridles up because of your distrusting and controlling behavior.  They don't know what's going on with you. They meet downtown at a restaurant to discuss the situation over lunch.  

You can see how this happens and how it destroys relationships--- and not just romantic relationships.  It destroys all relationships and leaves you isolated, uncertain, unloved, and alone.  Just like Eve in the Garden. 

Now Old Scratch has the Mainstream Media doing his job for him,  neglecting to pass on the news that is of value (omission) and twisting and slanting the news (lies, deceits, half-truths) which causes us to be fearful (self-interest, separation, social acceptance concerns) and once we are hooked and believe in the lies, then we tell everyone else (gossip).  

And so, evil spreads. 

It's bad enough when this happens to individuals, but it happens to whole nations, too. 

This is how America gets blamed for "Public Policies" that originate in Rome.  

This is how Russia gets blamed for actions taken by NATO. 

There's one other major part of Satan's kit bag: ignorance, but that's not so much something he does directly.  It's more like a groundwork he depends upon. 

Eve doesn't know much of anything about these two fruits she's not supposed to eat beyond their tree names: the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. 

Nobody called it the Tree of Death, did they?  

Was this another omission, designed to obscure the facts and leave the unwary ignorant and vulnerable?  

Or is it possible that it isn't the knowledge that kills us, but rather what we do or fail to do with the knowledge?  That is, lack of true discernment and right action is what kills us, rather than the knowledge itself?  

We all know the corrosive effects of a guilty conscience and of the vain regrets  that haunt us with thoughts like ---- "I should have done...." or "I should have said..."

It is self-evidently part of the discipline of Satanism, the so-called "Left-hand Path", to kill your conscience and your compassion and the many regrets that all sane and decent people have. 

Satan's followers, who happen to be some of the wealthiest and longest-lived people on the planet, have ceremonies in which they "kill dull care" often personified as a young virgin or small child or baby--- by casting them into a fiery furnace, alive.  Or simply killing them and drinking their blood as an elixir to prolong their own nasty lives. 

Where have you heard about that practice before?  Throwing people into a fiery furnace was a favorite means of capital punishment among the Kings of Babylon.  Much more recently, queens in Eastern Europe took baths in virgin's blood to stave off wrinkles. 

In this way, by willfully immersing themselves in the worst kinds of sin imaginable, they become immune to such things as caring about others or having regrets.  

Their goal is to lie, cheat, steal, murder, deceive, rape, plunder or whatever else comes their way, and feel no regret, no compassion, no "caring" about their victims.  

They strive to feel nothing at all about anyone else or anyone else's suffering.  They keep all their focus and attention on themselves and whatever is good for them, exclusively.  

In other words, they train themselves to be psychopaths, still functioning mentally, but with a totally disconnected heart.  And these nutcases walk among us, seeming to be just as normal as you or I on the surface. 

They tell jokes.  They carry on intelligent, erudite conversations,  They can be very witty and charming and are often attractive; after all, they have nothing to do but lavish money on themselves, and lavish time and attention on their appearances. 

No wonder that these completely self-absorbed people tend to be quite solitary and anti-social, but that, too, can be covered up and serve to make them seem mysterious and elite and desirable.  

At their religious ceremonies and training sessions they do unspeakably evil things on a group basis, challenging each other to greater and greater heights of uncaring and "sealing" each other into the cult via a mutual blackmail.  

The "Burning of Dull Care" at the Bohemian Club each summer is small stuff, a merely symbolic business of throwing an effigy into a fire pit shaped like a giant owl --- that's just a token nod to the things that actually go on, like hunting children in a deer park. 

No wonder, either, that they focus so much on Mammon --- money and filthy lucre, stained with the blood and suffering of others.  

Money, as it currently exists, is the natural complement to their practices.  It gives them the kind of self-gratification they seek, and the destructive power over others that keeps them safe. 

We know where the "left-hand path" leads, both for individuals and nations--- they become insane and self-destruct.  

Their lies become their reality, but they are still lies, after all.  

Not only do Advanced Satanists lose all sense of right and wrong, they eventually forget what's true and not true. Some of them become very convincing liars, because they believe their own lies. 

No need to wonder what happens when Satanists take over top positions in our religious institutions and governments and start to play Crack-the-Whip.  You can observe the consequences right now. 

Things fall apart because the leadership is disconnected from reality, and because the leadership is unable to care about anything beyond their own narrowly-defined self-interest. 

Babylon always self-destructs.


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The Licensing and Conversion Abuses

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claims March 6th 2005January 19th 2023 in Seq:

A license is a permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal.

We have already touched upon the abusive use of licensing and the unlawful conversion of natural rights into privileges with respect to the practice of law and the practice of medicine, both, as well as the right to travel on the public roads. 

All these occupations and activities and many more have been licensed for profit and to gain coercive power and control. The very worst of these encroachments has been the licensing of marriage.  People have been misled to believe that they must have a license to be married. 

This is an offense against God and Man, reducing the marital relationship to a commercial arrangement, complete with undisclosed Third Party Partners in the form of the Municipal Corporation franchises issuing the licenses. 

Such so-called Civil Marriages are interpreted as joint business ventures, with the unseen Municipal Corporation franchise interest claiming an ownership interest in the "products" of these JVs -- the children, homes, private possessions and other assets.  

No wonder our personal relationships have increasingly been reduced to commercial deals, with both men and women thinking of each other in commercial terms: shopping for a good deal, changing to a new model when the old one is worn and tired.  

If people don't get these marriage licenses, their relationship is denigrated and called into question, their access to various kinds of private insurance protection as a couple is denied, their authority to speak for each other as husband and wife is denied, their ability to be recognized as a family unit is injured and many other harms accrue both to the individual people and the family as a whole. 

While all this might have some administrative utility from the standpoint of resolving marital disputes in an efficient manner, it does not enter into the truth of the matter and is based on an essential fraud under force, first, in the presentation of the demand for licensure and payment for licensure under color of law, second, in the imposition of punishment for not obeying the demand for licensure, and third, in the dreadful non-disclosure involved.

This peculiarly obnoxious licensing practice started in this country in the aftermath of the so-called American Civil War, when former plantation slaves were required to meet various standards of financial and employment stability and social competence before they could marry. This was pure racial prejudice enacted as legislation. The Perpetrators feared that black people would proliferate and become indigent and create a burden on the quote, "productive elements of society". 

This repugnant licensing was gradually misapplied to everyone, colored or not, on the presumption that if they applied for a marriage license, they must be colored or must be voluntarily adopting Municipal citizenship.  

This played into and supported the Legal Presumption that anyone who held a Marriage License needed one, and must be further presumed to be a Municipal citizen of the United States. This was, of course, convenient, as the "citizens of the United States" were defined as guilty debtors, pre-judged, and obligated to pay whatever charges were assessed against them by 14th Amendment to the 1868 Corporation "Constitution". 

Thus, one entrapment and imposition upon the natural rights of mankind led to another, and the whole web of lies, prejudice, and self-interest served to support the other parts. 

This widespread system of goading people to apply for Marriage Licenses with social and insurance sanctions on one side, and misplaced assumptions of propriety on the other,  has led to nearly everyone getting Marriage Licenses and being unknowingly pulled into this unholy union with a Municipal Corporation franchise, which then claims a right to dispose of the property of the Joint Venture -- custody of the children, and ownership of the family home, and so on.  It also secretly serves to further obligate the victims of this non-disclosure to the burdens of Municipal citizens. 

The Territorial Congress seized upon the freed black plantation slaves by assuming that they were rendered stateless persons and conferring Municipal citizenship on them --- again, conveniently, the precise political status required to pay the debts of the British Territorial Municipal Corporation.  

In this way, private slave ownership in this country was abolished, and immediately afterward, public slavery was institutionalized. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 4th 2023


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