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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Time to Decipher

 By Anna Von Reitz

In his First Inaugural Address FDR spoke cryptically about a "Holy Cause"--- which was in fact the enslavement of millions of people to pay the debts of the private, foreign, for-profit corporation that FDR was "President" of.
The resulting double-ended impersonation scheme has drained trillions of dollars out of America and truncated millions of American lives; it has also caused the death of millions of people in World War II and ever since.
"Holy" doesn't mean what you think it means.
"Holy" means "Sun". Those responsible for all this carnage are sun-worshiping idol-mongers. They worship Amen-Ra, and they worship the Moon, too--- Allah.
So now that you know that, let's decode my friend-- Kurt Kallenbach's-- brilliant summation of the situation:
So this is what he is talking about---
We have divine origins. We are created-- literally-- by a divine spark, that occurs at the moment of fertilization. This flash of light and the combining of our unique DNA is our actual "moment of birth" but the vermin among us have attempted to separate us from our actual origin and to substitute a different point of origin, which is not an "origin" but merely an event in our ongoing lifecycle: our physical separation from our Mother.
Mocking the True God, they call that our "birth" and they turn it into an excuse for seizing upon us and defrauding us of our life estate while we are still babies in our cradles.
They seize upon our physical bodies and the names our parents gave us as gifts, and they use these to create "dummy" life estates named after us---- which they use for their own profit. It is the ultimate identity theft scheme.
These unspeakably detestable men used us, our labor, our assets, and our possessions as "bonded chattel" to guarantee their debts and the debts of their corporations. They conspired to use us as the "surety" for their debts without our knowledge or consent.
The filthy hypocrites used their substitute "birth" scam as their excuse for denying that we are each unique and divine creations---and to excuse their mischaracterization of us as "humans" and as "animals" so that they could justify their elitism and redefine and relabel us however they pleased.
No longer would we be "man" and "woman". In their profane jargon, we were labeled--- and libeled---as "male" and "female", exactly as if we were piglets in a litter.
But with each breath we breathe we become "inspired" --- and as we live we adapt and grow and we become wise, so that we can see through the banker's charlatan "goods" and the lies of the priests of Baal who are pretending to be judges over us and calling themselves "Christians".
Please note, that our Beloved Teacher was never called "Jesus" in his lifetime, never crucified on a cross, and he never accepted any office of personhood as "Christ", either.
We no longer place any faith in them and their "products"--- their pieces of paper and little idols made out of metal, their twisted dishonest language known as "legalese"--- none of it.
We see through to the core of their ridiculous claims and games, their whole childish make-believe world, which serves little purpose beyond that purpose that serves all parasites--- to eat out the substance of far better men and women.
That's what Kurt is talking about -- how we have been lied to and lied about and defrauded and deluded about nearly everything, and how the bankers have abused our faith and innocence in exactly the same way that a carnival sideshow swindler fools the public into believing in his illusions.
There's no money. There's no law.
Whether it is a terrifying unseen blood-drinking "god" or an invisible virus, the story is always the same. They use fear and lust and lies to get whatever they want, and then tell some more lies and blame someone else for it.

It's time to leave Babylon.


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Situation Update, Dec. 29th – Extensive evidence of foreign interference in the US election is now surfacing

Today’s Situation Update for Dec. 29th covers the new outpouring of extensive evidence of foreign interference in the US election.

The November 3rd election, it turns out, was actually an act of cyber warfare initiated by foreign aggressors against the United States. That’s why the election outcome is null and void and will eventually be halted.

As Creative Destruction Media reports, Dominion voting machines sent ballots for adjudication to at least four countries on election night and over subsequent days:

  • The Dominion Voting system is owned and controlled by foreign entities. We lose control of the data when it goes to a foreign country.
  • The electronic information went to Germany, Barcelona, Serbia, and Canada.
  • Dominion Voting Systems and related companies are owned or heavily controlled and influenced by foreign agents, countries, and interests. The forensic report prepared by experts found that “the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.
  • The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors…The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail. This leads to voter or election fraud.”
  • The report found the election management system to be wrought with unacceptable and unlawful vulnerabilities—including access to the internet— probable cause to find evidence of fraud, and numerous malicious actions.
  • Dominion and Smartmatic share a physical address in Barbados despite their insistence that there is no relationship between the companies. They also have a mutual non- compete agreement.
  • Hootan Yaghoobzadeh is the CEO and Chairman of Staple Street Capital, which is the entity that owns Dominion. Hootan Yaghoobzadeh was a close confidant to Sadaam Hussein and worked for the Saudi Bin Laden group.
  • Kavtech is a Pakistan based Business Intelligence firm with ties to the Pakistani intelligence ISI. The Co-Founder Waqas Butt is cc’d on emails containing personally identifiable voter information from the Nevada Secretary of State. The lead data scientist named Bilal Khan Nawabzada tweets directly to ISI.

As more of this type of evidence surfaces, it activates three pathways of nullifying the election:

  1. It provides DNI John Ratcliffe more details for his upcoming report of foreign interference in the US election.
  2. It gives members of congress justification to object to the Biden slate of electors on January 6th and elect the Trump slate instead.
  3. It provides President Trump the executive justification he needs to declare the election to be an act of warfare against the United States, triggering a whole series of national defense actions, including invoking military authority to nullify the rigged election


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