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Friday, February 7, 2020

The most complete and up to date info on the Coronavirus

This is from the Truth About Cancer website this morning.

Ty and his wife Charlene used to live in Northwest Montana.

Paul Stramer

Why Do You Wonder?

By Anna Von Reitz

I tell you to command the offending virus to mutate into a harmless version of itself and you think that is “utterly crazy” — but I tell you that if you have the Living God within you, you can communicate with a rock, and the rock will obey you.  

How much easier is it to communicate with a virus that has a DNA antenna structure?

So much of what we have thought of as “miraculous” is in fact commonplace and simply part of the unknown scientific nature of this planet—- but we must learn now to not only govern ourselves, but to know ourselves and the powers we have been given to heal and save each other and our world from these monsters in suits.

It is much easier to return the Nipah virus to a harmless form of itself than to heal my broken back, and certainly the miraculous healing of my back is only a very small part of healing the world around us.  

In this day we have many sons of God among us, men who can command the forces of Nature and heal this planet and do whatsoever they will.  So it is not crazy or unreasonable to address all of those who have the spark within and call upon our sisters and brothers to bring the Nazi criminals handiwork to nothing, with a simple command to the virus causing harm to China. 

Likewise it is not unreasonable to shrivel those responsible as Jesus shriveled the fig tree. 

They have sent forth evil into the world.  Will it not return to them? 

We need only return their energy whence it comes and then it will be obvious to everyone who and what is responsible for all the evil and upset plaguing the world with such things as deadly viruses and locusts and fear. 

Seeing these Perpetrators dry up like raisins will settle the issue and provide sure evidence of exactly who was behind these attacks and there will be no more “he said / she said” to it.   The source of the problem will be unerringly revealed and there will be no innocent collateral damage. 

For all these reasons we need to apply the gifts the Living Lord gives us, to stop the pandemic before it can start, stop the locusts from eating the seed in Africa and India, and also put a stop to the men who are responsible for planning both disasters and unleashing them on innocent people who did them no harm. 


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