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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Here is a comment I picked up from Facebook that pretty well sums it up.

Glĕnn Schrĕibĕr posted this yesterday.
 Here's the problem. COPS are for the most part, not trained properly. They know almost nothing about actual law, law enforcement or what actual Laws they are supposed to be enforcing and they don't care. To impose admiralty and maritime law on dry-land to those who do not work for the federal government and not on the payroll of the government is FRAUD. POLICE OFFICERS operate exclusively within the admiralty jurisdiction as further specified by their blue and gold colors.
These corporate 'State' and municipal CODE enforcement officers do not work for us. COPS do not protect and serve the people anymore operating as part of an organized crime syndicate under local (corrupt) government and State statutory color of law. It is not the job of the POLICE to protect and to serve you. They are serving themselves (and all the crooked politicians) and their pockets and retirement accounts.
COPS in America today are highly predatory against the rights of the people and will readily convert your claim and exercise of an unalienable Right into a commercial "CRIME". POLICE OFFICERS routinely step on state and federal constitutions and demonstrate a blatant disrespect and disregard for Supreme Court rulings and Justice decisions.
The foreign AGENT BAR attorneys need these third party DEBT COLLECTORS out on the streets, roads and highways to fine and arrest "CODE breakers" and to round up paying customers to keep the turnstiles of the corporate commercial courts spinning briskly with paying customers. POLICE are about as dangerous to our liberties as standing armies.
- Without prejudice, without recourse -

The left is causing the hatred, and the article below by Mike Adams lays it out.

Having said that, and recognizing that the police are under major pressure regarding their own safety, I will also say that their training in the real law of this land is severely lacking.  Many who are now police should never have been given a gun and a badge.  They are tyranny waiting to happen because they don't understand their own rights and your rights under God. 
They are out there trying to enforce codes and statutes rather than trying to preserve the peace. They are working for the wrong entities. They are working for corporations that are mostly for profit entities at the top, who have serious disregard for the real law or peace. They are listening to hate groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center rather than getting in depth training in how to preserve that supreme law and your rights. Without that training their whole job is an exercise in futility, and very dangerous indeed.  But the solution to their safety problems is not to fall into the trap that the media and SPLC create with their leftist hate speech, and become polarized by it. That just adds to the tension.
When will they learn how to keep their oath to the Constitution for the united States of America?
Law enforcement needs to stand down from the role of police state thugs, and become officers of peace and good relations with the communities they serve.   YES SERVE, not run rough shod over.  These men are getting paid to keep the peace, not destroy it.
They need to learn how to keep their oath, and then they need to teach that to the people they serve.
There needs to be an attitude adjustment.  That attitude adjustment needs to start with cops.
When will they start arresting the scofflaws at the top of the political left, and the leftist media, for promoting and advancing violence, and for the left's own disregard for the supreme laws of this land contained in that Constitution they swore to uphold and protect?