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Friday, January 24, 2020

Light in the Darkness and Darkness in the Light

By Anna Von Reitz

We briefly discussed the Ancient Religion of Mandamus aka "Magic". 

This Celtic Religion defined things in terms of opposites and balancing of opposites around a Zero Point --- the point of creation balancing the Great Dipole, which is endlessly repeated and which resonates throughout all creation, including within each one of us.  

DNA is not just a pattern of amino acids.  It is an antenna--- a multi-channel trilateral transceiver.  

The messages picked up by this antenna lock and unlock a vast number of epigenetic codes and variations operating at different frequencies and different scales (like musical scales) within your biological and electronic organism.  

You may think of this -- in analogy -- as involving different kinds of media. 

Imagine a machine that can play any kind of media you are familiar with --- CDs and DVDs, Floppy Disks, Cassette Tapes, TV film, MP3s, Live TV,  Radio, 8 Track, USB, you name it, this machine can play it.   Now imagine that you can 
tune this machine into any form of media or source signal you like. 

Your DNA receives signals in the same way as this machine, and sends signals out through the entire network of "Ordered Energy Entities" in the Universe, not just to your organism, that is, your space suit and its electromagnetic field, but to all the rest of the Created Universe as well.  

Make no mistake.  Everything that you see and sense and come to know is created.  Rocks are created.  Elements are created. It's all math, physics, chemistry, electronics, sound dynamics, magnetism----and vast amounts of energy, and it all derives from interactions among simple "dipolar systems".  

Sound (1) or Silence (0) or Neutral (+/-)
Positive (1) or Negative (0) or Neutral (+/-)
Pixel (1) or Anti-Pixel (0) or Neutral (+/-)

You get the idea.  Just as binary computer systems speaks a Binary Language of zeroes and ones, a trinary computer system speaks a Trinary Language of zeroes, ones, and neutrals.  

So, in such a system, there are three states of being --- symbolized by the Maid, Mother, and Crone (one side of the Dipole) and the Boy, Man, and Sage (the other side of the Dipole) and now you come to the "direction" of the energy --- toward the light or toward the darkness--- or as the Celts put it, the "Right-hand Path" or the "Left-hand Path".  

Now depending on how you are talking about this, it can sound like sorcery or it can sound like advanced physics, but not advanced physics as we have been taught in school.  

Notice a couple of things --- (1) this system is set up to maintain an eternal balance, a complete Zero Point overall, and (2) all movement in this system is an illusion.  

What creates the illusion of constant movement in the presence of eternal stillness is a doughnut-shaped "torroidal" electromagnetic field twisted into the form of a Mobius strip.  It's a closed loop with all force vectors zeroed out at the center, but kept in constant flow by magnetic constants. 

Those who are familiar with math will now be slapping themselves: a 3D infinity symbol. Those familiar with physics will also be leaping ahead, but what we want to notice next is what the Ancient Peoples of the Earth noticed. 

The Zero Point is "a time without a time and a place without a place", because otherwise, time is location.   The Zero Point is a portal outside of time and place. 

The other notable take home message is that while in transition from one extreme to the other, light and darkness "pollute" each other to a greater or lesser extent, as they translate one into the other, until they come to a tipping point when they are completely balanced. 

It is that position of neutrality which is the ultimate position of power.  

In terms of the Celtic Wheel,  the Queens of High Summer are ironically the Queens of Death and Cold.  Why?  Because they turn the corner heading into darkness.  Just as ironically, the Queens of Mid-Winter are the Queens of Life and Warmth.  It's exactly the opposite of what you might suppose. 

In the same way, you might think that the position of power within the sequence of Maid, Mother, and Crone would be either the "Maid" in full potential, or the "Crone" unleashing potential ---- but again, it's the Mother who holds the secret to both the "Maid" and the "Crone" and it is the neutral, middle position that guards all the rest, by being able to wield both hot and cold.  

So in the realm of Celtic Religion you begin new enterprises under the New Moon (the Maid) and you finish them under the Full Moon (the Crone) and in between the cycle that mirrors the Great Dipole, is either "waxing" or "waning" as the light grows in the darkness, or the darkness grows in the light -- and that whole process on both sides of the cycle is ruled by the Great Mother, who gives birth and substance to both the light and dark.  

All of this mirrors the physics and math underlying our existence, the same way a fable or a parable reveals an eternal truth.  So however you come to the truth, through the math  or through the parables of an extremely ancient religion, you still arrive at the truth.  

All this has been preserved for us, generation to generation, season to season, by the Ancient Religion of the Celts, and most notably, as it is still practiced in Western Ireland, Scotland, and the Outer Islands. Who knew?  The Secrets of the Universe were hidden in plain view, discussed over tea, and shared by schoolchildren at recess. 


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Playing With A Full Deck

By Anna Von Reitz

It doesn't take rocket science to figure out what is going on in the world, you simply have to step back far enough to observe what is going on.  Don't get lost in the detail.  Figure out who is who.  Then you know what is what. 

Why is China suffering the outbreak of a dangerous 1918 Influenza-type viral epidemic?  It's their payback for signing a new trade deal with Trump--- a love letter from Bill Gates and the other Ubermensch who incubated the virus at Texas A and M and patented it for profit.   

The proof is right there in their patent application, including the "revolving" genetic key that makes the virus mutate at a rapid rate.   A virus, you must understand, is just a small bit of self-replicating DNA that inserts itself into our own cell system DNA and hijacks the machinery to produce nasty side effects. 

They thought they could make the virus mutate fast enough to cover their tracks--- that is, by the time we recovered "the bullet", the ballistics would have changed so as to look like it came from a different source. 

Surprise, surprise, surprise, as Gomer Pyle would say. 

When this sort of thing -- biological warfare -- is carried out by "private" corporations as a mercenary operation in retaliation for trade deals, it's time to shut those corporations down.  

It's time to put an end to the Bill Gates hegemony at Microsoft.  And put Gates in a nice mental hospital.  

Come to that, anyone who believes in "human caused climate change" based on increased carbon dioxide emissions (that "impact" is on 1/300th of one percent of the atmosphere) is mentally unbalanced. 

Bill Gates qualifies as a mental incompetent for buying into that rubbish, but more pointedly, by pulling this caper, he qualifies as an emotional and moral incompetent, too.  

The corporations of the world are allowed to exist "for any lawful purpose" --- not "any legal purpose".  

This means that when they cross the line and start killing innocent people and causing vast property damage here, or in any other country on Earth, they forfeit their right to exist.  

And, as I pointed out the Pope Francis, hiding the old evil behind new names is no longer an option.  These imaginary THINGS called "corporations" that cause misery on Earth need to be dismantled, and the men behind them and responsible for them, need to be punished.  

This is as pure and simple and self-evident as rain falling. 
We cannot allow criminals to rampage around --- whether in the guise of corporations, or in the guise of armed gangs.

The men directing the criminal actions of these corporations can't be held harmless and allowed to turn around and spin off new corporations to continue their activities, either.  

They need to permanently lose their ability to participate in corporate affairs of any kind, and their personal fortunes need to be docked for the damage they cause.  

If they can't think things through for themselves, the rest of us will have to do their thinking for them.  


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