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Saturday, November 4, 2023

Controversy Regarding FBI Presence

 By Anna Von Reitz

The traditional job of the FBI is to police the international jurisdiction between the States, a duty generally shared with the U.S. Marshals and our own Continental Marshals. 

They are understood to be an in-country organization, while the CIA is focused on foreign outposts and offshore locations. 

It should be understood that the FBI has been owned and operated by a specific parent umbrella corporation which recently underwent reorganization, causing considerable upheaval and confusion of mission directives and in-fighting of all kinds, at all levels, within the FBI and within the parent corporation. 

This has been a recent enough upheaval that we are unprepared to speculate on exactly what the current mission and duties of the FBI might entail.  Suffice it to say that they are and always have been a private incorporated law enforcement agency, similar to the Pinkertons, working for the foreign Municipal Corporations headquartered in the District of Columbia.  

Initially, famously, they were hired as Hired Guns and worked with the Department of Justice to ride herd on interstate gangsters, smugglers, and crime bosses like Al Capone. 

In more recent years their duty assignments have drifted toward collaborations with the DEA, DHS, and have focused more on drug smuggling, human trafficking, computer crimes, and terrorist activities. 

The FBI has traditionally been staffed by Americans who adopted Federal citizenship as a condition of their employment.  Because of their contracts with the Federal Subcontractors, they are generally thought of as Federal Civil Service providers, but are in fact not part of the Federal Government at all.  They are part of the Federal Agency bureaucracy instead.

With respect to Americans their duties are technically limited to regulating interstate commerce involving the manufacture, sale, and transport of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms as strictly defined.

With respect to other Federal Dual Citizens, their duties may include investigating international crimes and enforcing international laws related to 
any number of crimes.  

Given that the lawyers at the DOJ are ignorant enough to launch an entire publicity campaign against "sovereign citizens" --- an oxymoron and something that by definition doesn't exist --- and as we and our assemblies have been falsely accused of being these fictitious non-entities, I would guess that the FBI has been assigned to investigate our activities and possible connections to the "sovereign citizen movement". 

FBI Agents have been openly attending meetings of The Georgia Assembly, which has some members spooked out of their minds -- because the FBI has a bad reputation for entrapment schemes and for "making something out of nothing" and taking actions outside their strictly limited jurisdiction. 

Our attitude is that they can stare up our skirts until they see Jesus. 

We know who we are. we know who they are, everyone knows how the jurisdictions roll. 

They are welcome to attend our meetings and listen in. This is a public government, and even if they are not part of our "public", they aren't prohibited from participating in public meetings in this country. So long as they are operating above board, that's perfectly okay. 

They are no doubt receiving an education about their homeland and the actual American Government, how it secures the rights and freedoms that they are also heir to, and also covers their butts as Federal Agency employees with respect to their homes, side businesses, and pensions. 

They can't vote on Assembly matters until they quit Federal employment or retire from it and choose to return "home" to their birthright political standing, but other than that, they can come eat hot dogs at our picnics. 

Our further attitude is --- they are FBI Agents and we are Americans, and so what? 

We have General Jurisdiction and they do not. 

We are peacefully exercising our Constitutionally Guaranteed right to assemble and they don't have a thing to say about that. 


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Critical Unasked Questions

 By Anna Von Reitz

When I was a young girl, and a budding mathematician, I immediately noticed that a great deal of emphasis was given to electricity (I also noticed that Maxwell's Equations were incomplete) but almost no time or understanding was spent on its twin phenomenon, magnetism. 


Like so many other obvious but generally unasked questions that have led me on my quests, this odd comparative silence on the subject of magnetism didn't make sense.  

So I asked my Father. If energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, why isn't the relationship of magnetism to mass the same, applied in a different dimension? 

Seems obvious enough, right?  

An electrical current will induce an equal perpendicular magnetic field, or so we were told in High School Physics. 

So I was left standing there eyeballing what appeared to be one of the most urgent and important questions in modern physics -- and not a peep from anyone concerning the obvious implications for magnetic force fields? 

My Dad gave me one of those very long, very soft, very fond looks. He knew the answer to this one. 

"Because they don't want you to look at that," he said just as softly. "If you did, you would know the secrets of the Universe." 

This information we are sharing today about exercise is similarly an overlooked essential question, only applied to physiology instead of physics: why is it that nobody talks about the lymphatic system? 

The lymphatic system is the key nutrient and waste transfer system in the body, yet it seems to generate very little or no excitement in the medical community and no research at all. 

The Lymphatic System also plays a vital role in delivering immune responses. If your lymph system doesn't work, your immune system doesn't work.  Hello? 

Yet nobody talks about the Lymphatic System.  Nobody conducts research related to it. It's just there, like standard plumbing. 

Imagine my pleasure today when I received this Youtube video, which I consider ground-breaking information everyone needs to know and share and if at all possible, act upon: 

Here at last is a simple, inexpensive, non-invasive means to stimulate the Lymph System and improve all aspects of your health.  

All aspects of your health.  All.  All at once. 


All you need is a small one person trampoline, and for us oldsters, some kind of framework or bungee harness we can use to stabilize our balance getting on and off the trampoline. 

I have actually done this exercise, but it was presented as a low-impact little kiddie exercise and not taken seriously by anyone including the gym instructor. It was just fun.  

Fun? Well, yes, fun. It's fun. It feels good. It makes you feel young. It shakes up your blood flow along with your lymph flow and gently stimulates every cell -- which is exactly the point. 


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Physician, Heal Thyself

 By Anna Von Reitz

Why are so many doctors sick?  Indeed, why are so many doctors dropping dead? 

When you look at the health statistics for medical health care professionals, they are appalling.  

M.D.s have worse problems with chronic diseases and health issues including obesity than any other group of professionals. 

Why, then, are we going to sick people in search of health?  If they knew anything about the subject, wouldn't they cure themselves?  

It's a fair question. 

What we are learning today about our physical reality and the bodies we inhabit suggests an answer.  

Health is a frequency phenomenon.  When we are in tune (like a musical instrument) we enjoy optimum health. When we aren't in tune, we experience disease, disability, and death. 

This was known to the Ancient Hebrews who annually celebrated the Day of Atonement --- or, to put it another way, the day when we are put in tune with God again. 

We now know that the telomeres attached to the ends of each DNA strand act like tiny antennas that stimulate and direct the epigenetic codes that conduct the whole symphony of life.  

We also know that as these tiny antennas shorten and degrade with age, so does the performance of our DNA.  

And, perhaps most importantly, we now know that our bodies and minds are not closed systems. 

We are affected, profoundly, by electromagnetic stimuli coming in from the Universal Field -- or lack thereof.  

If our bodies are not getting the right cues, either because those cues are absent or off-key, or because we have lost sufficient connectivity, we inexorably sicken and die. 

Another important part of this realization, is that these prompts that keep us healthy and in tune, come in from outside ourselves. We can't tune ourselves (or haven't been able to, until now) because the right signal has to come from another source.  

We are like tuning forks that resonate to other tuning forks. Without external stimuli, we die. Without the correct signals, we sicken. Without sufficient connectivity, we age. 

So it makes sense that doctors and nurses who spend their days with people who are already out of tune pick up their patients' maladies via the same resonance phenomena, as well as the process of their own built-in connectivity decline as their telomere antennae shorten. 

This new theory of health even accounts for the efficacy of drugs, including homeopathic drugs, which shouldn't work according to conventional medical logic -- but do. 

What if the effect of a drug is caused by adding an additional frequency to the mix of signals we are receiving?  Or patching us through a broken signal relay?  Or adjusting the pitch of a critical frequency? 

The insidious harm promoted by Rockefeller's redefinition of the musical scale to make it all slightly unnatural and off-key, is suddenly self-evident. 

The role of Satan portrayed in the Bible as the Angel in charge of music, and his going off the ranch, assumes an entirely different and more ominous meaning. 

In theory, if the Fallen can interfere with "the music of the spheres" sufficiently---they can destroy not only life on this planet, but creation itself. 

Recently, two things have happened, and they are diametrically opposed, one extremely beneficial and one extremely destructive. 

Medical acoustical beds and related system technologies have been developed to tune the human body and prompt it to heal itself. 

Additional research has made it possible to rebuild our telomeres and restore our age-related connectivity issues. 

That is, from our perspective, all to the good. 

But at the same time, there have been other developments, and part of the payload delivered as part of the Covid-19 Genocide, included self-assembling nano antenna technology that can receive and send frequency signals at a cellular level.  

There can be little doubt that these man-made antennae are meant to overwhelm and drown out the natural signal system of our telomeres, allowing mad scientists to read our thoughts, manipulate our emotions, interfere with our biology, and kill us at will. 

This is the "legacy" of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, both -- an ultimate invasion of our privacy, promoted by evil men and women who stand at odds with Nature itself. 

DARPA and DOD and various other Municipal Corporations are the chief patent holders of this technology and they are claiming to own the victims of the Covid-19 Hoax as Genetically Modified Organisms redefined as "Transhumans". 

According to them, these people now dubbed "Transhumans" are no longer human and no longer have human rights. According to them, these victims of their deceit and non-disclosure, can be killed by their new "owners" with impunity. 

We say that the entire infrastructure and all the corporations promoting this need to be scrapped and burned. Liquidated with extreme prejudice. Anyone who knowingly supported these claims and activities needs to be brought to speedy trial and punished according to their crimes. 

And all the Medical Doctors who were pulled into this scheme, threatened with loss of their licenses on one hand and tempted with large "bonuses" on the other, need to hike their skirts and stage their own kind of rebellion.  

No more AMA.  No more licensing by foreign commercial corporations. No more payola. No more perversion of your profession for commercial gain. 

Medical Doctors ---within the structure of the British Crown Cult, Medical Doctors rank above all the Lawyers. They used this fact and your signatures on Birth Certificates to wash their filthy hands and avoid liability.  

Return the favor now. 

As for the banks that funded this using the victim's own assets and credit, an eternal shame is upon you, not only for this but for many other intolerable acts and lapses of sanity and decency in pursuit of profit. 


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To the Remaining Clueless F-Wits

 By Anna Von Reitz

This quiet message is to all the remaining clueless persons out there trying to scare Americans with the threat of "martial law".  

We've lived under martial law since 1863.  

We've been occupied by our own flipping military since 1863. 

They've been evading detection under a "Cloak of Secrecy" and trying to avoid the actual civilian government of this country ever since, but we finally caught up to them. 

Joe Biden is trying to create a new office for himself as "War President" but he is just the "President" of a ridiculous Municipal Corporation calling itself the "White House Office, Inc.".  

He's not "Commander in Chief" of anything, and to the extent that Donald Trump is, the reach of his long arm is severely curtailed to U.S. Territorial affairs; he can't declare an actual war, either. 

Neither could Lincoln. 

That doesn't mean that either one of these guys and the foreign "Congresses" associated with them can't get everyone into trouble.  They've done it before plenty of times and they are trying again.  

The British Crown and their War-monger Cronies are desperate to make some money off their mercenary services known as the "US" Air Force, and "US" Army, and "US" Navy and yes, even, God help us, "US" Marine Corps --- the only service that still screams, "I am an American!" 

They are the only ones who still know who they are. Stuff all your jokes about color crayons. 

While Joe Biden and the China Development Fund (aka, the CIA Pension Fund) are just as desperate to start something, anything, in the Mideast or breach some opening on this continent for the Chinese or the UN Corp or both.  

And all these persons are stumbling around rattling sabers they don't own, in the name of people they have dis-served, disrespected, and defrauded, and all in the anticipation of spending credit that doesn't belong to them.

Banks, get a clue. 

We are the actual long-lost missing shareholders and depositors.  We are the progeny and the claimants. We are the owners. 

We know who we are. We have the proof and the lineage and provenance. We possess the court orders and the long-cured commercial claims and deposit receipts. 

Don't even think about giving any more of our assets or credit to the Municipal Corporations in the District of Columbia.  Or any of their Creditors, either. 

It's time to play nice, yes, very, very nice. It's time to cut off the endless gushing of American credit and false claims against American assets.  And turn over control of our own assets and credit to us. 

Yes, all those "abandoned deposits" --- the gold, silver, land, cash, and corporation shareholder interests, those held in your banks, too, have to be returned and accounted for. 

Master Accounts 333, 555, 777, and 999 are all due and owing.  Master Account 111 is due and owing. Master Accounts 222, 444, 666, and 888 are due and owing.  

Banks, you really are remiss about all of this. There are unsettled accounts that you've claimed were abandoned going back 2800 years, all the way back to the Dacian Empire.  And there hasn't been a Golden Jubilee in over 800 years.  

Gaul, the Kingdom, not the Empire, is still owed 23,000 Talents of gold, the French Royal assets, and all the land north of Paris. The Kingdom of Gaul is also owed a nice fat chunk of the middle of England, including all of Albion by natural parental inheritance, quite apart from all that was reclaimed by the Norman Conquest.

Prussia, the Kingdom, not the Empire, is owed 8 billion metric tons of gold.  Russia, the Kingdom, not the Empire is owed 10 billion metric tons of gold. The Dacian Kingdom is owed half the hoard of Alexander the Great. The Urban Trust, quite aside from the City of Rome, is owed to the people of Italy and the Marian Trust, not to JPMorgan.  

Far more recently, the Federal Reserve and its Successors owe us, the Americans, an ounce of pure silver for every "dollar" they've printed out of thin air. 

You are shaking your heads. You are overwhelmed. But, but, but....there is no way to reconcile these books!  They haven't been balanced since Amenhotep!  Where are the heirs of Egypt now? 

Look at my foot. Literally. 

Banks, you've been warned. You've been told.  You've been notified.  Not a single commercial bank will be eligible for any form of bankruptcy protection. 

So make friends and stay in business. 

Let's stop funding evil, for starters.  And stop paying mercenaries for a follow up.  Return the funding and the decision making to those to whom it belongs and be happy with this outcome. 

It beats all the alternatives. 


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What They Never Understood and Do Not Know

 By Anna Von Reitz

Even as I write this all sorts of groups are springing up like mushrooms after a fall rainstorm, claiming to be "State Assemblies" --- but they aren't State Assemblies, because the people promoting them aren't part of the population of the actual States.

Besides, by definition, there is exactly one State Assembly in each State of the Union and there is no other.   All other "assemblies" are District or Municipal Assemblies by default.  

You are in or you are out. 

The people promoting all these other State Assembly organizations think they are Americans. Of course, they think they are Americans. What else would they be? They were born here, grew up here.... 

They don't know that their political status has been unlawfully converted and that they are now registered as Dual Federal Citizens --and there is nothing incontrovertible standing as proof otherwise.

They don't know that there is one (1) State Assembly in each State of the Union, and it is already in Session, already permanent. 

A few of the people engaged in building these phony "State" --- meaning State of State Assemblies, know better, but they hope to pull the wool over everyone else for another round of British Substitution Fraud. 

The persons inhabiting these unfounded inchoate confections of legal legerdemain are not the population of any State.  

They are mirages known as "inhabitants" and as "residents" engaged in "representing" States -- persons knowingly or unknowingly engaged in a giant impersonation scheme in which the British Monarch pretends that all the Americans have chosen to voluntarily subject themselves to him, and the Pope pretends they've all adopted his citizenship instead, and at the end of the day, both Foreign Principals have lied themselves silly and both claimed all the Americans as Dual Federal Citizens....

And didn't bother to tell any of us a word about it.  

No matter what they do, no matter how vociferously they make their claims, no matter how many of them there may be --- their limitation and their estate remains the same. 

A photograph of a donkey is not a donkey. 

It's really more a matter of your intent and purposes, whether you populate the world as a furry, warm-blooded, big-eared, stubborn version or inhabit it as a much more quiet and compliant photo of the same. 

It remains for us to discern the differences and purposes and go about our business with sure-footed certainty, knowing exactly who and what holds General Jurisdiction in this country, and when that is examined, the photographs lose out every time. 

So when our Assembly members get nervous about all these other groups out there using similar names and pretending to be the State Assembly and they look at me and see that I am not concerned -- there is a reason why. 

It's because I know the difference between those United States and these United States.  

I can tell the difference between a donkey and a photo of a donkey. And I can demonstrate it in court. 

So all this effort that Mr. Trump and the British Territorial U.S. Army and the very confused persons trying to mount all these "State Assemblies" and trying to counterclaim our already cured and permanent State Assemblies are, well, just making asses of themselves. Or trying to. 

There is no need for any of our British Territorial Employees or Dependents to mount such an effort or make such claims and representations, pretending to be our State Assemblies.  

Our States, our actual States, are more than able and competent to conduct their own business in all jurisdictions of the law. We don't really need any Brits to represent us and have no intention of going to sea. 

We just got home. 


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Message to the Earth

 By Anna Von Reitz

Don't be deceived. 

The Creator didn't abandon Creation; no, far from it. 

What is playing out here is our drama  --- as each one of us makes our choices and sees the effect, yet at any moment, we can change our answers. 

You are seeing the impact of the Satanist hard-liners pulling every kind of deceit and deception there is, going full out in their spider web of lies and substitutions and play-acting. 

Will it profit them at all? 

No.  They will reveal themselves for who and what they are, so that they are fully identified, not only to the Creator who already knows them, but to all of us as well. 

What then, is the purpose of all this drama and strife, this insanity of war-mongering, these pernicious delusions? 

It identifies those who are sick, those who are weak-minded, those who are deluded. 

The atmosphere being generated now is like a giant centrifuge that will well and truly separate the sheep from the goats.  

Realize that this is not the culmination of one life. No, this is the drawing together of many timelines and many lifetimes, like tissue-paper shadows layering down, one upon another, to build the totality of experience and expression of Nature as we approach and pass through the Zero Point. 

Don't be deceived, and don't be afraid. 

The logic and the love that have created you and preserved you and nurtured you through All of It, will be with you still.  

Mind and heart will connect and the great circuit of manifestation will begin like a slow moving wave on the horizon. From small things accumulating the great things come; from each heart and mind, like the voices in a choir, the anthem of life swells. 

Underlying it all is the frequency of love eternal, ever present, ever expanding, unstoppable, unpolluted, and pure. 

There is nothing the criminals can do about that, and so, the future of the Earth is assured; those who love the Earth in truth need not worry.  

Those hypocrites who ruin the Earth with one hand and tax others for it with the other, are the ones who have to worry. 

As for us, our deliverance comes. 


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