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Saturday, November 4, 2023

Controversy Regarding FBI Presence

 By Anna Von Reitz

The traditional job of the FBI is to police the international jurisdiction between the States, a duty generally shared with the U.S. Marshals and our own Continental Marshals. 

They are understood to be an in-country organization, while the CIA is focused on foreign outposts and offshore locations. 

It should be understood that the FBI has been owned and operated by a specific parent umbrella corporation which recently underwent reorganization, causing considerable upheaval and confusion of mission directives and in-fighting of all kinds, at all levels, within the FBI and within the parent corporation. 

This has been a recent enough upheaval that we are unprepared to speculate on exactly what the current mission and duties of the FBI might entail.  Suffice it to say that they are and always have been a private incorporated law enforcement agency, similar to the Pinkertons, working for the foreign Municipal Corporations headquartered in the District of Columbia.  

Initially, famously, they were hired as Hired Guns and worked with the Department of Justice to ride herd on interstate gangsters, smugglers, and crime bosses like Al Capone. 

In more recent years their duty assignments have drifted toward collaborations with the DEA, DHS, and have focused more on drug smuggling, human trafficking, computer crimes, and terrorist activities. 

The FBI has traditionally been staffed by Americans who adopted Federal citizenship as a condition of their employment.  Because of their contracts with the Federal Subcontractors, they are generally thought of as Federal Civil Service providers, but are in fact not part of the Federal Government at all.  They are part of the Federal Agency bureaucracy instead.

With respect to Americans their duties are technically limited to regulating interstate commerce involving the manufacture, sale, and transport of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms as strictly defined.

With respect to other Federal Dual Citizens, their duties may include investigating international crimes and enforcing international laws related to 
any number of crimes.  

Given that the lawyers at the DOJ are ignorant enough to launch an entire publicity campaign against "sovereign citizens" --- an oxymoron and something that by definition doesn't exist --- and as we and our assemblies have been falsely accused of being these fictitious non-entities, I would guess that the FBI has been assigned to investigate our activities and possible connections to the "sovereign citizen movement". 

FBI Agents have been openly attending meetings of The Georgia Assembly, which has some members spooked out of their minds -- because the FBI has a bad reputation for entrapment schemes and for "making something out of nothing" and taking actions outside their strictly limited jurisdiction. 

Our attitude is that they can stare up our skirts until they see Jesus. 

We know who we are. we know who they are, everyone knows how the jurisdictions roll. 

They are welcome to attend our meetings and listen in. This is a public government, and even if they are not part of our "public", they aren't prohibited from participating in public meetings in this country. So long as they are operating above board, that's perfectly okay. 

They are no doubt receiving an education about their homeland and the actual American Government, how it secures the rights and freedoms that they are also heir to, and also covers their butts as Federal Agency employees with respect to their homes, side businesses, and pensions. 

They can't vote on Assembly matters until they quit Federal employment or retire from it and choose to return "home" to their birthright political standing, but other than that, they can come eat hot dogs at our picnics. 

Our further attitude is --- they are FBI Agents and we are Americans, and so what? 

We have General Jurisdiction and they do not. 

We are peacefully exercising our Constitutionally Guaranteed right to assemble and they don't have a thing to say about that. 


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