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Saturday, November 4, 2023

Physician, Heal Thyself

 By Anna Von Reitz

Why are so many doctors sick?  Indeed, why are so many doctors dropping dead? 

When you look at the health statistics for medical health care professionals, they are appalling.  

M.D.s have worse problems with chronic diseases and health issues including obesity than any other group of professionals. 

Why, then, are we going to sick people in search of health?  If they knew anything about the subject, wouldn't they cure themselves?  

It's a fair question. 

What we are learning today about our physical reality and the bodies we inhabit suggests an answer.  

Health is a frequency phenomenon.  When we are in tune (like a musical instrument) we enjoy optimum health. When we aren't in tune, we experience disease, disability, and death. 

This was known to the Ancient Hebrews who annually celebrated the Day of Atonement --- or, to put it another way, the day when we are put in tune with God again. 

We now know that the telomeres attached to the ends of each DNA strand act like tiny antennas that stimulate and direct the epigenetic codes that conduct the whole symphony of life.  

We also know that as these tiny antennas shorten and degrade with age, so does the performance of our DNA.  

And, perhaps most importantly, we now know that our bodies and minds are not closed systems. 

We are affected, profoundly, by electromagnetic stimuli coming in from the Universal Field -- or lack thereof.  

If our bodies are not getting the right cues, either because those cues are absent or off-key, or because we have lost sufficient connectivity, we inexorably sicken and die. 

Another important part of this realization, is that these prompts that keep us healthy and in tune, come in from outside ourselves. We can't tune ourselves (or haven't been able to, until now) because the right signal has to come from another source.  

We are like tuning forks that resonate to other tuning forks. Without external stimuli, we die. Without the correct signals, we sicken. Without sufficient connectivity, we age. 

So it makes sense that doctors and nurses who spend their days with people who are already out of tune pick up their patients' maladies via the same resonance phenomena, as well as the process of their own built-in connectivity decline as their telomere antennae shorten. 

This new theory of health even accounts for the efficacy of drugs, including homeopathic drugs, which shouldn't work according to conventional medical logic -- but do. 

What if the effect of a drug is caused by adding an additional frequency to the mix of signals we are receiving?  Or patching us through a broken signal relay?  Or adjusting the pitch of a critical frequency? 

The insidious harm promoted by Rockefeller's redefinition of the musical scale to make it all slightly unnatural and off-key, is suddenly self-evident. 

The role of Satan portrayed in the Bible as the Angel in charge of music, and his going off the ranch, assumes an entirely different and more ominous meaning. 

In theory, if the Fallen can interfere with "the music of the spheres" sufficiently---they can destroy not only life on this planet, but creation itself. 

Recently, two things have happened, and they are diametrically opposed, one extremely beneficial and one extremely destructive. 

Medical acoustical beds and related system technologies have been developed to tune the human body and prompt it to heal itself. 

Additional research has made it possible to rebuild our telomeres and restore our age-related connectivity issues. 

That is, from our perspective, all to the good. 

But at the same time, there have been other developments, and part of the payload delivered as part of the Covid-19 Genocide, included self-assembling nano antenna technology that can receive and send frequency signals at a cellular level.  

There can be little doubt that these man-made antennae are meant to overwhelm and drown out the natural signal system of our telomeres, allowing mad scientists to read our thoughts, manipulate our emotions, interfere with our biology, and kill us at will. 

This is the "legacy" of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, both -- an ultimate invasion of our privacy, promoted by evil men and women who stand at odds with Nature itself. 

DARPA and DOD and various other Municipal Corporations are the chief patent holders of this technology and they are claiming to own the victims of the Covid-19 Hoax as Genetically Modified Organisms redefined as "Transhumans". 

According to them, these people now dubbed "Transhumans" are no longer human and no longer have human rights. According to them, these victims of their deceit and non-disclosure, can be killed by their new "owners" with impunity. 

We say that the entire infrastructure and all the corporations promoting this need to be scrapped and burned. Liquidated with extreme prejudice. Anyone who knowingly supported these claims and activities needs to be brought to speedy trial and punished according to their crimes. 

And all the Medical Doctors who were pulled into this scheme, threatened with loss of their licenses on one hand and tempted with large "bonuses" on the other, need to hike their skirts and stage their own kind of rebellion.  

No more AMA.  No more licensing by foreign commercial corporations. No more payola. No more perversion of your profession for commercial gain. 

Medical Doctors ---within the structure of the British Crown Cult, Medical Doctors rank above all the Lawyers. They used this fact and your signatures on Birth Certificates to wash their filthy hands and avoid liability.  

Return the favor now. 

As for the banks that funded this using the victim's own assets and credit, an eternal shame is upon you, not only for this but for many other intolerable acts and lapses of sanity and decency in pursuit of profit. 


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