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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

The Framework Under Consideration -- Final Summation

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq:

The British Monarch continues to act as the Overseer of the Pope's Territorial, that is, Commonwealth, interests, to this day, and administers those positions as a "Prince" with the Pope being the "King" over him.  This position has grown since the days of King John from simply administering Commonwealth lands in England to administering Territorial lands worldwide and sitting on the Chair of the Estates --- that is, all the Dead Baby Estates -- created worldwide by the dual public and private interests being unconscionably created by private contracts which present themselves as registrations obtained under conditions of fraud and non-disclosure.  

This results in a situation where the Pope is the majority Principal in the District of Columbia Corporation and majority interest holder in the District of Columbia Municipal Corporations --and under Ecclesiastical Law, he is also the owner and operator of all corporations, not limited to the Municipal Corporations in question. Thus, the British King acts as Administrator and Middleman -- and gets a healthy 40% cut for his services overseeing the Church's Commonwealth (also known as Territorial) property, with 60% of receipts going to the Holy See and the same general arrangement has long pertained to profit shares from the City of Rome administrators of the Empire of the Cities.  

The Municipality of Washington, DC, an unauthorized independent international city state perched on our East Coast, runs its government  as a Municipal Corporation that, like the foregoing situation with the British Monarch privately working for the Pope, is brokered by the City of Rome.

One might think of the British Territorial Municipal Corporations as all the various USA corporation franchises, and the City-operated Municipal Corporations as all the various US corporations and their franchises, though this is all much more complex and interwoven in reality. 

Think of a round target with a red circle in the middle.  That's the Municipal Government.  Then imagine a blue ring around the center circle. That's the District Government.  Now, imagine a larger yellow circle around the first two elements.  That's our American Subcontractor, missing since 1861, the Federal Republic.   

It was all supposed to be functioning in an honest and cooperative fashion, but instead, corporations have been used to foster a variety of non-consensual evils and usurpations against the actual lawful government of this country and many other countries, too.  

In our case, neither the Territorial nor the Municipal Corporations are functioning within the limits set by the Constitutions that originally created these entities nor are they functioning within the Use Permits that established the District of Columbia and the City of Washington within it. Both have "gone rogue" and participated in a wide variety of unlawful and criminal activities that have impacted the British Homeland, our country, and the former Commonwealth countries, and most of Western Europe and Japan, too.  Since the Second World War this pattern of commercial corporations being used to substitute for and usurp upon the lawful governments has spread worldwide, and the evils engendered by Lord Purbright and Cecil Rhodes in South Africa a 140 years ago, have simply grown and proliferated in various institutions to become a world-spanning nightmare.

All have been administered under Color of Law and False Pretensions of custodial and Protectorate interests that don't  exist.  The brutal Raj-like quasi-military governments and foreign Maritime and Admiralty courts and foreign offices of Territorial Secretaries of State and foreign Territorial Commanders-in-Chief have been imposed and deliberately used to subourne the lawful military forces and unlawfully convert them into mercenary forces, which the Municipal Corporations have misused to promote constant incursions and wars-for-profit on a global scale. 

This present genocide is occurring many decades after slavery and biowarfare and mercenary conflicts have been outlawed, and has only been allowed by other crimes of personage and unlawful conversion contrived by the offending corporations responsible.  

This Substitution Scheme which has substituted Territorial and Municipal Offices and Officers for the lawful Public Offices and Public Officers they impersonate, have used similar names to fool the public and members of the lawful governments into accepting their authority, when in fact they have no lawful authority and no business being here under these conditions. They have also promoted phony private corporation elections and substituted these for our lawful Public Elections.  

This has involved creating an unsuspecting, and indeed, unknowing, electorate of presumed shareholders and presumed franchisees via undisclosed Voter Registration activities. The Voters act under conditions of non-disclosure to elect foreign corporation officers. 

The Perpetrators of these criminal activities and private elections to claim that we are all voluntarily participating in this sideshow and agreeing to live under the Administration of these foreign Municipal Corporations and to pay the debts of these foreign corporations whatever their debts may be, and agreeing to obey their every command and so on.... which is all unconscionable and untrue.  People here have not knowingly volunteered and not waived any part of their equitable interest in their estates. 

None of the people participating in these "elections" know that they are private Municipal Corporation Elections.  None of them know that registering to vote in these elections converts their political status.  None of them know that the men and women they are voting for are acting as undeclared foreign agents.  None of them know that the very offices they are filling via this process are private foreign corporation offices, not the very similarly named Public Offices. 

As a result of this Similar Names Deceit and overall Substitution Schemes and undisclosed Registration and other Unconscionable Contracting Processes, there have been no valid Public Elections in this country since 1852 and absolutely none of the legislation passed by any Congress or State-of-State.Legislature from that time to this can be taken seriously for any purpose but the internal administration of these Municipal Corporations, their State-of-State franchises, and their actual employees. 

Indeed, every piece of legislation passed by all the Territorial Congresses since the Civil War contain the verbiage admitting this and exempting Americans, even though the Enabling Clauses are not generally published with the legislation.  Additionally, none of the similarly named private corporation officials "acting as" Governors and so on, take the Oath of Office required to actually enter the Public Office they are aping.  As a result these Municipal Corporation elected officials and appointed officers have no duty to the office and no liability associated with it, but they also have no authority of Public Office, either.  

As a result of this Gross Breach of Trust and Malfeasance by the Municipal Corporations and the other Principals involved in this fiasco, we can safely say that we, our venerable Federation of States and our lawful State Assembly Governments, are the only actual and empowered organs of government in this country.  What we say has to go, because we are the only ones left with the authority and standing and duty of office to say anything on behalf of this country and its people. 

Straightening out this grotesque mess after such a lapse of time will require goodwill and cooperation on the part of all concerned and concerted international effort to return prepaid credit which the victims are owed and also to redefine the monetary system, recoup the physical assets for the benefit of the actual owners, and restructure the banks and the military, as well as putting the courts and  the foreign incorporated Territorial and Municipal Government organizations back in their respective limited jurisdictions.

Both the Municipal Corporations inhabiting the District of Columbia, together with all their franchises and agencies, are subcontractors of our Government. Both are obligated to obey and live within their respective Constitutions, which created the Municipal and District Governments, and both are obligated to provide us with certain enumerated services and to do so in good faith. 

The District and Municipal Governments however structured as foreign incorporated businesses are obligated to provide enumerated services, and we pay for them. In lieu of a functional American-operated Federal Republic, the powers delegated to that entity revert by Operation of Law to the Delegator, which is our Federation of States.  

Please also note that the American Civil War was a commercial Mercenary Conflict. This was not a war declared by our Congress and not a war promoted by our States.  It was fought entirely by business organizations and all the "wars" that have been fought ever since have also been fought by business organizations as Mercenary Conflicts.  It was all fraudulent and basically illegal on all sides and it provides no basis for any assumption beyond that.  

We have to step back and start over on a firm foundation or face our demise as a species. 

We cannot pretend that all of this criminality and fraud didn't happen, nor indeed can we pretend that some of it is not ongoing still.  We cannot go back and amend the past, nor pay one injustice off by creating another.  We must deal with this as it stands in the present moment and go forward as we create a new framework of law, trade, and governance. 

What we can and must do, is: (1) put a stop to the fraud and wrong-doing by making immediate administrative changes to correct and limit the operations of the Municipal Corporations and by assisting the lawful governments worldwide to restore order and resume normal operations; (2) recognize the limits of federal authority; (3) retrain the courts and court officers to work for the General Public and administer Public Law; (4) stop misrepresenting private corporation elections as Public Elections; (5) make abundant prepaid credit available for the victims; (6) cease and desist population reduction programs and forced migration and resettlement activities; (7) remove Municipal Corporation Employees and Agency Personnel from leadership positions in the Federal Government that should be filled by our own American Federal Republic workers and which we will temporarily fill with Federation Employees; (8) return the purloined assets, both public and private, which have been cashiered in trusts, to the control of the lawful government and living people these assets belong to;  (9) dissolve the public and private trust interests that have been merely presumed to exist and remove all Legal Presumptions attached to these artifices. 

Finally note that fraud was involved in the start of The American Civil War in the conduct of the war, and in the administration of everything resulting from that conflict.  Fraud has been part of every war and conflict since then.  

As the American Civil War has no honor or dignity as a lawful war and as our States have stood as Third Party Non-Combatants  and have stayed in honor throughout, there can be no excuse for anyone to assume that our States are at fault for the violent and egregious crime promoted against them, by their Employees and Subcontractors, and even less reason to assume that they are "dead" or "missing" for lack of being called into Session.   

Our States and our People were simply left uninformed --- and misinformed, by their Subcontractors acting in Breach of Trust and Service Contract.

Our own ancestors were ambushed while carrying the Great Seals of the United States back home to West Virginia in 1865, and forced to flee for their lives to the Pacific Northwestern United States. Those Seals were last seen in the possession of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and are now rumored to be in the Philippines.  They belong to us, literally, and we wish them to be returned. 

It was at this same time that the British Fleet had to be blockaded by the Russian Fleet acting under the provisions of our 1858 Russian-American Alliance, to prevent Great Britain from launching an assault against our peaceful civilian government and the living people of this country..  This demonstrates the ill-intent and breach of trust which has enlivened these events from the moment that Lincoln decided to run for a Territorial presidential office and pass it off as The Office of The President of The United States of America. 

Having failed to fool our States of the Union into joining their mercenary free-for-all, and having failed thanks to the Russians from overtaking our country physically, the British Monarchs have sought to engender a false "state of war" in this country and have acted under a cloak of secrecy to promote it, the essence of which has been to covertly promote themselves and their Undeclared Agents as Executors de Son Tort, and to establish public trusts in our names using the Dead Franchise, or, as we characterize it, the Dead Baby Scams described herein. 

These schemes which seize upon babies by copyrighting their names and unlawfully converting their natural political affiliations have been a scourge for centuries, first at the hands of the Church, and later, at the hands of the British Monarch.  It is time for these practices to end and be forever disavowed.

We have been accused of lying, and indeed, it seems like a preposterous idea that the Dead Baby Scam has been going on in the Church since the 1100's and that a variation of this  mechanism has been employed by modern secular governments throughout the world, yet the private and public records all yield the same result and so does the administration of the courts and so does the legislative record which in our country yields such chestnuts as the Shepherd - Townsend Act and the Buck Act. 

We have also been accused of persecuting the Church and standing in the guise of Martin Luther and even been accused of hating Catholics, but this is not about doctrine or religious beliefs or even politics.  

This discussion is about business relationships and crimes committed against faithful employers, it's about contractual obligations that stand firm on the public record, and it's about fraud against babies and their Mothers practiced against them by Undeclared Foreign Agents --- and its about Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses and other Healthcare professionals illegally conscripted into Federal Service via licensing required under color of law, non-disclosure, and misrepresentation of authority. 

These fraud schemes and acts of coercion and unlawful conversion all serve one end, and that is the enslavement of mankind under a scheme of Corporate Feudalism.  Indeed, this is the only solution that the Perpetrators have that could leave them in power, but it is not to be.

We do not accept any theory of law that blames the victims for this.   

No matter who thought all this up and implemented it, and no matter the time period,  or the convenience of these unlawful property seizures, we have to believe that mankind is able to create a better rationale for organizing our lives and business affairs than this.  

It is plain upon the records of the Roman Catholic Church and embodied in the Apostle's Creed that our bodies are created by and given to us by God, the Creator.  It is also plain upon the Public Record and born out by ancient practice of every indigenous nation, that our Given Names are given to us as gifts, either by our families or by other caretakers.  This is again supported by the Bible, which admits that we have not yet received our true names, so we must make do with these imperfect gifted names for now. 

There can be no doubt then, that each and every one of us is in possession of these gifts, a body that is given to us and a name that is given to us, and that these possessions are ours in absolute terms. There can be no doubt that the body possesses both the land in its bones and the sea in its blood, and that our given names connect us to the realm of thought; thus we are each in possession of our own air, land, and sea and we are both in theory and in fact sovereign beings. 

The theft of sovereignty at sea does not disallow nor change it, for like all assets, possession by pirates does not change ownership.  

There can be no law or practice that denies our lawful standing and no delusion or fraud insinuated by the operators of the jurisdiction of the sea that can stand against our prior claims, either as individual people or as nations.  No artifice of the Curia, no public trust merely presumed to exist, may stand against our embodied spirit. 

We wish for the dissolution of all legal presumptions resulting from the contrived infant decedent estates associated with grown and living people, and the commencement of full and honest disclosure.  We wish for the dissolution of all public trust interests upon demand, whether these demands are written or verbally expressed.  We wish for examination of all public and private corporate offices to prevent the existence of personnel operating as Executors de Son Tort.   

We wish for an end to all bankruptcy frauds utilizing the infant decedent estates or other legal persons created by incorporation to create unauthorized franchises of British Crown and or City-operated Municipal Corporations.  We wish for the cessation of the use of these franchises as means to dump non-consensual corporate debts onto the backs of the living people.   

Yet, the framework of the crimes and property claims that we are considering now is not really about which law system is better or worse, nor even the ownership interests and names of Municipal Corporations. The framework is more fundamental than that, and more the subject of Ecclesiastical Law. 

Our ancestors chose to know both Good and Evil, a choice that allowed death and sin to enter the world. This is an education that we literally pay for with our own lives. Whether we hide from Evil or meet it to do battle in an open field, Evil now exists in this world, and it will find us. Evil will accuse us and stand against us until we recognize it and close it out of our lives.

We believe that we must be enabled and prepared to recognize Evil when it slithers its way into our lives, our homes, our businesses, our banks, our governments, or even our churches. We cannot afford to play the part of sheep; we must all in our own right, become shepherds of ourselves and our fellow man. 

We believe that those opposed to crime must always expose it and oppose it.  We believe that leaving people ignorant of crime only leaves them vulnerable to it, as the current condition of the world more than adequately demonstrates.  

How many crimes of unlawful confiscation, imprisonment, and piracy have occurred as a result of the infant decedent estate scams, however well-intentioned they may have originally been?  How many such criminal acts have been promoted by the false presumption of war? How many crimes against Man and God have been perpetuated by this system founded on fraud and ignorance?  

The crimes of unlawful conversion we have described have resulted in a world turned upside down, a world in which living men and women have been parasitized by legal fictions and impoverished by constructive fraud carried out against them by their own employees and their trusted  institutions. 

The Church's traditional approach has been to guard the innocence of the populace and to deal with criminality both in their own ranks and in the wider world without engaging the public.  It was thought that if people were unaware of the evil around them -- like sheep depending on a shepherd -- they would be kept pure and their minds untainted by evil.

This traditional rationale assumes that Evil is a parasite that does not naturally exist in us nor in our world, and that avoidance of any familiarity with Evil is for the best.  Many Church theologians have likened the spread of Evil to the spread of a contagion. 

What we call the Germ Theory of Evil is reasonable enough, as we can observe that the Hebrews were, in effect, infected by the Evil ideas and beliefs of the Canaanites and that they fell into these abuses and Evil practices through contact with the Canaanites, Ammonites, Philistines, Babylonians, Egyptians and others.  

It was by contact with the Canaanites that the Hebrews made the mistake recorded in First Samuel, Chapter 8, Verse 5. 

At the same time, we can see that avoidance of Evil or depending on the Churches to form a bulwark against it, hasn't worked. 

The traditional effort to shield the populace from Evil by leaving them ignorant of it, is untenable. With a dwindling number of guardians and a portion of them inevitably becoming polluted with the crimes they deal with, there are not enough resolute shepherds left.

We must all take up the cause, face off evil, and deal with it.  

Inevitably, we have wholesale slaughter, as we are experiencing now with the Covid-19 genocide.  There have been 56,000 so-called extra deaths in Britain reported this past month, and almost a quarter million such extra deaths each month since January in The United States ---and we cannot begin to count the deaths that have occurred and are occurring in the Third World.   

Likewise, the entire continent of Africa is convulsed with imported "civil wars" that are, again, contrived and disguised illegal Mercenary Conflicts promoted by the usual Western European Suspects -- the banks, the commercial cartels, and the elitists who persist in viewing Africa as their colonial possession and a potentially endless supply of cheap mercenaries, now the China has closed the door on them.  

An unguarded flock suffers the consequences, and the victims have no way of knowing the evil with which they contend.  Like sheep they are led to the slaughter in the courts and in the mercenary armies and there is no place safe for them, even in the Church.  

We are consigned to learn these lessons, to know the difference between Good and Evil.  We are obliged to develop discernment and make a choice between them.  Having developed this discernment and having made the choice for Good, we must be allowed to move on. 

The Church has continued its internal struggle, asking who is at fault? 

These crimes have become institutionalized, so we have problems here that go beyond any one generation of men.  The Perpetrators who set up these criminal operations are all dead and gone. The people who operate these systems now are largely kept clueless about the mechanisms involved. 

They don't even realize that they are committing crimes.   

So let's bypass all the blame and finger-pointing and deal with what is.

These systems are broken and Evil.  They have allowed incorporated fantasies to attack and own living men. They need to be completely reformed, and that will take the thought and effort of many good people throughout the world. Not just the Pope. Not just the Curia. Not just the Vatican Chancery Court. 

The problem and the criminality involved is simply too old and too vast.  It impacts too many countries and too many religious groups. Fixing it requires public action and ecumenical action, both.

Pope Benedict XVI realized that, and only desired that the criminality should end.  As one of my personal detractors pointed out, there is a new Pope in town.  Are we supposed to believe that Pope Francis is any less concerned?  One of his first actions was to suppress the privateering. 

We have not spoken except by email or occasional letters to the Holy See in many years. We have kept them informed of our findings and as each layer of the criminal onion has been peeled back, they have taken action to protect the Church and make administrative corrections, still trying to keep it all bottled up and in-house.  

With the recent death of Pope Benedict XVI and the disposition of his Ministerial Office not being a matter of public record, we have more concerns to bring forward. 

Like Pope Benedict XVI, we wish for all this criminality on the part of these Municipal Corporations and their managers to be addressed  pragmatically and stopped.  We wish for the people of this planet to know what has gone on in the past, not to blame anyone alive today, but to ensure that the past does not continue to blight and endanger the future.

It remains to be seen, in his own words, what Pope Francis wants and what the instructions left to him may be.  His right and his responsibility to dispose of corporations engaged in unlawful activity is now invoked under Ecclesiastical Law. 

We wish for the Church to rise to the occasion and not be afraid of these shadows, embrace the truth however bitter it may be, and resolve to re-examine the world as it is and how it could be.  

The truth, in any event, is the only way forward. As men and women we must know our sins and confess them in order to be forgiven.  Can it be any different for our institutions and the corporations we create?  We must know the wrong and own it, before it can be corrected.  

Or are our puny mental constructs immune from the Law of Heaven? 

We wish for all of us --- Catholic, Protestant, Muslim or Hindu or any Being or religion sentient of our Creator --- to take up our courage and put the ugly corrupt practices of the past away from us. 

What we are addressing is a vast interlocking crime resulting in the enslavement of mankind and their servitude to institutions and corporations that are merely constructs of our minds. 

We have the natural right to materially exist; these creatures of the mind do not have that right guaranteed to them, and can exist only so long as they operate lawfully, causing no harm to their employers, customers, and benefactors. 

We have adequately described the harms and the abuses that have resulted from the misuse, misdirection, and abuse of corporate privileges. 

We wish for Alphabet, Inc., Mindbox, Inc., and all related affiliates that have indulged in mind control research and mind control systems and mind control patents to be liquidated and for all patents aimed at enslaving our minds to be disallowed and destroyed. 

We wish for Pfizer,Inc., Moderna, Inc., Johnson and Johnson, Inc., Astrazeneca, Inc., WHO, INC., UN CORP, INC.,  and all related affiliates worldwide to be liquidated for their part in the Covid 19 Operation, and for all patents related to biowarfare activities to be destroyed. We wish for all patents possessed by these organizations to be examined by expert and independent Third Parties, and for all criminal patents, that is, patents related to or employed by the Covid 19 Operation to be destroyed, along with any similar patents susceptible to criminal misuse and abuse.  

We wish for Bayer, Inc., and Monsanto, Inc., which is now owned by Bayer, Inc., to be liquidated for their parts, respectively, in the Spanish Flu Epidemic, and for the criminal misuse of Genetically Modified Organisms, and jointly for the deployment of biological and environmental toxins and poisons responsible for the destruction of entire ecosystems and species.

We wish for all patents possessed by these organizations referenced above to be examined by expert and independent Third Parties, and for all criminal patents, that is, patents related to or employed by the Covid 19 Operation or any other criminal purpose, to be destroyed, along with any similar patents susceptible to criminal misuse and abuse.   

We wish for SERCO, INC., which has been running the United States Patent and Trademark Office / USPTO, to be examined and liquidated for its part in promoting and allowing criminals to profit from the patent system, and routinely issuing patents for devices and business models and computer programs and machines and chemical products that are overtly criminal in nature. 

We wish for the profits that the criminal corporations and their managers and boards of directors made at the cost of polluting the environment with industrial wastes and undermining our health using  programs like the fluoridation of municipal drinking water, aerial spraying of coal fly-ash slurries and similar noxious industrial by-products, loading artillery shells with nuclear waste, and even polluting the human genome for profit, to be seized upon and for their unjust enrichment to be redistributed for the benefit of the victims of these crimes against humanity. 

We wish for every patent issued in the past fifty years, including those deemed important in terms of National Security to be re-examined and for all patents which are overtly criminal in nature to be disallowed. 

It is not the purpose nor the intention of our patent offices to promote crimes for profit.  

We wish for these fraud schemes and all the associated crimes of other kinds, unlawful conversion, impersonation, racketeering,  etc.,  and the methods used to implement them, to be known so that we never have to deal with them again. 

We wish for the registration of babies and the copyrighting of their names to come to  an ignominious end, and for the resulting legal and economic presumptions and non-disclosed public trust and private trust interests alleged against these innocents and their material interests to also be at an end.  Let every parent and community take up the responsibility for recording new babies and their provenance, and let the States and Nations establish reliable recording systems for this purpose. 

Of all the harms and injuries and injustices that our work has discovered, no one of these offenses is worse than the loss of our Good Name, and to hear it chanted among the other nations how much they hate "America" and how much they hate "Americans" --- never knowing how much we have suffered ourselves, and that our country and people have been misrepresented by foreign Municipal Corporations and their Employees acting in Breach of Trust and violation of their service contracts. 

As much as possible, we make our aim and wish to restore our country's reputation for peaceful goodwill and fair-minded dealing among the nations, for we have lost that reputation at the hands of foreign brigands, inland pirates, and licensed privateers.  

We wish for the purloined registrations, copyrights, and related public and private trust interests to be returned to the living men and women of all ages to whom these substantive and intellectual assets belong. 

 As we have examined all the wrong-doing, frauds, and substitutions and all the privateering, breach of trust, and corruption profiting people who have been employed by us and who have been obligated to provide us enumerated government services in good faith this entire time, it is difficult to view all this criminality and bad faith with anything but despair and a sick feeling in the stomach. 

We have been pursuing these felons for many years and have to an extent become inured to the stench of corruption, yet we sympathize with those who encounter these conditions for the first time and are overwhelmed by fear and disgust.  What can one man or one organization do against this much criminality?   

Yet we must do, each one of us, our bit-- trusting that raindrops make oceans and that the joined consciousness of our minds and hearts can overcome and find new ways to organize and fund a far better world. 

We wish for peace, for plenty, for kindness, yes, these things far more than any illusory justice, which cannot return our lost time, our lost joy, our lost faith, our lost homes, or our lost loved ones.  Some things are beyond the ability of man to repair.  Some crimes only our Creator can assuage. 

Yet, the Vatican Chancery Court operating in Original Jurisdiction and under the Ecclesiastical Law, is empowered to render the most complete justice available among men.  So here we lodge our claims and seat them and we confess that these words of ours are, to the best of our knowledge and belief, both true and accurate.  We affirm them before men and with the Witness of the True God, and so we establish our names and signs and seals in token of this action and testimony against the offending corporations that have harmed us, harmed our countrymen, harmed our country, and harmed the whole world. 

This completes our testimony and claims before the Vatican Chancery Court, in direct and observable affirmation of unlawful activities by the named and associated Municipal and Commercial corporations:
                                           By: ___________________________
                                                  James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
                                                  The United States of America
                                                   In care of: Box 520994
                                                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

                                             By: ___________________________
                                                    Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                                                    The United States of America
                                                     In care of: Box 520994
                                                     Big Lake, Alaska 99652

   July 4th 2023


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The Public Oaths of Office Fraud and Licensing of Privateers Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq:

It is known and has been known and objected to for a period of twenty years that the officers of these private foreign incorporated Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, and their franchise officers operating Territorial and Municipal state-of-state organizations, have made a mockery of the requirement that they provide their Public Oath in writing and record it in a place convenient for the cognizance of the Public, and by this failure have in fact not entered into any Public Office. 

They have stubbornly and without remorse sought to avoid their personal and commercial liability by seeming to provide a Public Oath of Office, but not actually doing so.  

Various means have been used in this evasion. 

In most cases we have examined, the Perpetrators have stood up in private venues and raised their hands and spoken words indicating that they accept the duties of the Public Office in question, but have not subsequently provided the required written affirmation and have not published the same in any public record convenient to the Public. 

As a result when we go looking for the Oath of Public Office binding these charlatans to the duties of said Office, we find nothing of substance at all. 
Absent the duties there cannot be the rights, so we conclude that these elected officials failed to accept their election. 

Everything that they have done, said, mandated, signed, sealed or otherwise caused to exist and to appear to provide the justification for statutes, charges, and regulations applied to and enforced against the Public, are null and void.  

Absent the executed Oath of Office, they have not entered into that Office, have not accepted the duties of that Office, and have no right to exercise the powers of that Office.  This applies equally against Governors and Judges, District Attorneys, Presidents, and members of the Territorial and Municipal Congresses.  

Even if we should produce a million witnesses of their words and even if we were to accept the concept of a verbal contract being in theory sufficient -- it is not sufficient to our Law and to the requirements imposed upon Public Officers and those elected and appointed officials occupying our Public Offices. 

We must conclude that: (1) these elected officials admit that they have been elected to fill similarly named private corporation offices and are engaged in a ruse to fool the Public; or (2) these elected officials are associating themselves with our Public Offices and exercising the powers of these Offices without accepting the duty and liability which enables them to enter these offices and exercise these powers. 

In either event, all the actions undertaken by these elected officials are tainted by fraud, either in deliberately promoting the belief that they are acting in a Public Office when they are not, or by deliberately evading the duty and liability owed to that Public Office and therefore not actually entering into that Office, but appearing to do so --- another act of fraud. 

This has been thoroughly investigated with one study finding one out of ten thousand judicial officers having proper credentials to function in a public capacity.  

We have objected to this and informed the Chief Justices associated with administration of the so-called State Trusts without seeing any effort to correct or bring their operations into compliance with the Public Law and its requirements.  

This has resulted in people complying with foreign statutes that don't apply to them, in other people merely acting --- as in theater acting -- in purloined positions of trust, and still other people being misdirected to take actions that are illegal, unlawful, and immoral, but also unconscionable, in that they believe that they are operating correctly and have authority to enforce "laws" that are only corporation policies, on members of the General Public. 

If we are to follow this to its logical conclusion, any CEO in charge of any corporation could walk up to us on the street and demand that we wear his company's uniform and conform to its personnel policies. 

Such a situation is not contemplated in our customs and traditions nor confirmed in our Public Law and nobody making such suppositions is responsible and competent to make them.  

We are therefore fully informing this Court and all Lower Courts of our repudiation of these acts undertaken under color of law, by foreign persons who are only seeming to occupy our Public Offices. 

This objection stands since 1991 for all members of the Federal Judiciary and its franchise officers, as a result of changes that the Territorial Congress made to the Judiciary's Oath of Office without consensual agreement of the Principals.  

This renegade Territorial Congress changed the Judiciary Oath of Office to exclude language requiring judges to make their decisions "agreeable" to the Federal Constitutions, which has resulted in blurring the Separation of Powers, Usurpation against the Principals, and Politicization of the Judicial Offices. 

If the Territorial Congress can change the Judicial Oath so as to promote evasion of the Constitution and its limitations, then the Territorial Congress has assumed dictatorial powers for itself and assumed control over the Judicial functions.  That this occurred without Public Notice and without objection by the Executive Branch only underscores the severity of the malfeasance and misdirection involved. 

If Federal Judges are not required to render decisions consistently in alignment with the Constitutions that give life to every Federal Institution including the Territorial Congress, and no longer take their Oath to occupy Public Office, the Judiciary becomes a rubber stamp for Congress or whatever political administration occupies the Executive Branch.  The problem is not so much a provocation to do wrong, but lack of support to do what is self-evidently right --- to obey the Law of the Land on the Land. 

As Justice Mahoney noted in the aforementioned First National Bank of Montgomery v Jerome Daly case, even in International Law of the Sea, what these perverse gentlemen have proposed is anathema, as clearly expounded in British Law:  Craig v. Mo. 4 Peters Reports 912  It is indeed illegal and unlawful to sail under the license of an enemy. 

Justice Mahoney was referring to illegal, unlawful, and immoral Letters of Marque and Reprisal issued by the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London authorizing the British Crown to license privateers to attack the persons and shipping of the Americans that these same Parties are under contract to protect.  

The circumstance arises from failure on the part of the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor to recognize that: (1) The American Civil War was not a war, and was in fact a Mercenary Conflict provoked by their own Undeclared Foreign Agents working as Bar Attorneys resident in this country; and (2) President Andrew Johnson formed a Public Contract with the General Public of this country by proclaiming peace on the land in public on three (3) specific occasions, thereby prohibiting these Principals or their Agents from continuing to attack our civilian populace.  

This was in part what prompted Pope Francis to issue his Moto Proprio in 2013 --- disgust with this lawless behavior and licensed privateering on the part of the Bar Associations and their members against a deliberately misrepresented and mischaracterized civilian populace. 

These Principals knew well-enough that they were prohibited from attacking the defenseless and clueless American civilian population, but they and the officers running their Municipal Corporations contrived to unlawfully convert our population's political status so as to mischaracterize them and allow their own illegal predation and pillaging.

These actions promoted and licensed by the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London --- like the press-ganging that they also employed under False and Contrived Legal Presumptions-- have been outlawed for two hundred years and these prohibitions pre-date the so-called American Civil War, leading us to conclude that even though the modern versions of these prohibitions were not yet self-evident in the Geneva Conventions and Hague Conventions, they were nonetheless known and knowingly violated by both those governments and their Municipal Corporation Officers. 

How should a man contrive to evade known law by coercively and secretly manipulating unconscionable private contracts, and thereby profit himself politically and financially --- not be called a criminal?  And a premeditated criminal, too?  

Thus we identify the guilty Principals and their Agents who have unlawfully converted the American populace by promotion of unconscionable private contracts registering American babies as U.S. Citizens and Dependents, and then using this to excuse their own predatory actions against, and pillaging of, these innocent civilians and their estates--- people who are in fact owed peace and good faith service from these same Principals and Agents. 

This would all be bad enough, if it were not plainly prohibited by many laws in many jurisdictions, by treaties, by the service contracts known as Constitutions. by international law, by covenants represented by the Geneva and Hague Conventions, by the Law of Nature and Nature's God, which establishes the Law of Kinds, and does not vary from it, and which forbids that a living man may be replaced by a "person" and Pretense that they are one-in-the-same.  

These acts of genocide on paper, attempting to remove our entire populace from the land and soil to which they are indigenous and native, and account them "lost, whereabouts unknown" on the sea,  so as to promote Claims on Abandonment, and to promote and  justify these criminal acts of unlawful conversion, hypothecation of debt, inland piracy, racketeering, extortion, and theft under color of law -- have not been limited to our shores. 

The same criminals having succeeded at home, resulting in the similar removal of the populations of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales from their land and soil, applied the same fraudulent process in America to latch upon our people and thereby upon their estates, and kept on going years after year, unrecognized as their proceeded under color of law, to seize upon the former British Commonwealth, the seventeen European countries occupied after World War II, and so much more. 

All of this has led to a crisis of banking, law, and spirit, and ever-increasing lawlessness and perversion within the Municipal and Commercial Corporations substituted for our lawful governments. 

Having brought these charges in 2015, with specificity, and individual proof of injury and standing, as published internationally and globally in a bound manuscript as required in the international jurisdiction of the sea, and as delivered by hand and by mail to the Holy Sea and the other Principals, these matters are now cured and due settlement. Please see the publication being forwarded and entitled: "You Know Something is Wrong When.... an American Affidavit of Probable Cause".  

We send and re-affirm our joint presentment/indictment in the form of these claims for our assets and credit, and expression of our will to settle these matters once and for all in our favor and in favor of the other countries and nations similarly afflicted by this plague of corporations and corporation trusts merely presumed to exist.  

Our 2015 claims which are hereby and herein joined have a helpful and separate explanation and documentation of the claims issued in the international jurisdiction of the sea, consisting of the first 221 pages of the publication and the actual claim and signed testimony as affidavit from page 222 to 264, with the signature pages made part of the whole and wet-ink signatures and seals throughout. 

We wish for all our commercial work and that of our general population to be understood as occurring between land and air, with no necessary involvement in our unregulated commercial traffic by the British Monarch or the Government of Westminster or any of their Agents and officers running their Municipal Corporations and Commercial Corporations domiciled in the District of the Columbia or non-consensually distributed without authorization in the States of the Union.  

We consider the King's Government and the Government of Westminster and the British Crown Corporation to be equally culpable  in these events and injuries and we call for immediate and appropriate action to wipe away these deceits and False Claims and injuries. 

Let every tear be dried and the realization that we have indeed exhausted all administrative remedies and completed actionable claims under Due Process in every General Jurisdiction of Law be credited in our favor, as we stand in our Natural capacity as the Priority and  Preferential Creditors, known to be Lawful American Persons owed every aid and assistance.  

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of:  Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 4th 2023


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Closure -- Powerful Insight into Why I Bring This Forward

 By Anna Von Reitz

What I am doing right now is to bring a summation and an end to an era of mankind.  Think of this as "closure".   

When there is a death in the family, when we are forced to change jobs or take some other radically different course, when we suffer trauma that changes who we are and how we view the world, we go through a grieving process that is predictable.

At the end of this process lies what we call "closure".  

Closure is when we turn the page and set ourselves free of the past, close the door, and dust off our hands, ready to move forward. 

The grieving process is not pleasant overall, but closure is.  

Grieving is often chaotic.  We pass through the grieving process whether we are aware of its predictable parameters or not; for some of us, we pass through grief quickly, accepting it, and readily moving on.  Others linger in grief for many years. unable to reach closure. 

I want all of you to reach closure today. I want you to be ready for what comes next in your lives. 

For closure to come, we have to be done with the past.  

So what I have labored on for over four decades is simply that, to know the past, admit the past, accept the past, and be done with the past. 

Much of what I have written down these past few months and submitted to the Vatican Chancery Court --and further informing other High Courts and Officials around the world-- doesn't require proof in the legal sense.  It requires observation, which then provides the proof. 

It is the same way with many things in our world.  Until we observe them and become aware of them, we can't engage them or change them, but now that we see the corruption and evil in our world, we can move forward and get beyond it.

We have to know what evil is and how it works.  Until then, we react to Evil like so many pinballs crashing into a rubber bumper, hopelessly reacting and reacting and reacting until we are worn out by evil.  

What I have done these past four decades is to chronicle the Great Evils that have been perpetuated on us and the means used to do this. 

I have dissected the methods used to enslave us, and pinpointed the historical sources of the problem, down to the exact processes and methods and mechanisms, the point sources and turning points.  

My journey has taken me all over the world, even though it begins and ends in America.  

While I was first prompted to do this for my own sake and the sake of my family and loved ones, over time, it became a more generalized labor of love for the Earth and humanity.  

If enough people learn what I have learned, they will have closure on all they've suffered, and they will turn away from evil.  

They will say, like my friend, Hunter: "Evil, talk to the hand!  I am done with evil!" -- and they will say this with all their hearts.  

So, ironically, I, a woman who sought to align her life firmly with good, have studied evil with all the dedication of a scientist.  Observing evil. Analyzing evil. Tracking evil through time. Seeing it in myself.  Seeing it in others.  I have followed the footprints of evil through the history of many nations, and many institutions, like a bloodhound on the heels of a felon. 

It has all been done for the sake of this moment.  

This closure. 

So here it is, wrapped up and tied with a bow -- my gift to you and to many.  If you read my words and follow my observations, you will know what evil is, you will recognize it, and you will end it. You will close the door on it.  

It's power over you and your world will be broken.  You will be set free. 

Though much remains to be done, the end is now certain.  

Observe that man is distinguished from other animals by  two characteristics --- our ability to remember the past, and our ability to imagine the future. 

Let's also observe that we tend to zip right by the present moment as we shuttle endlessly between our memories and our dreams.  By bypassing the present moment that connects the two, however, we are missing the most important thing: our life and our own empowerment.  

We can end evil on this planet and we can do it right now, in this moment -- and we must realize that there is no other place or time to make this decision and direct this change, but right now.

Now, this precious moment ---is at our command.  

When we miss "now" and rush right past it between our musings on the past and our projections into the future, we also miss our chance to change ourselves and everything else on this planet, because all change begins in this moment called "now" and nowhere else.  

This is the only pivot point we have where we can make decisions and set directions, so we must become aware of the present moment, and become present ourselves. 

We have to pull in our ever-roaming mass of memories and future fantasies to coalesce and be centered in this present moment. 

If we are honest, we must also admit that everything that man has made began as a fantasy, what we call an "idea", and this idea did not exist in the physical realm when it was first conceived. 

Everything we do and everything we have ever done is a process of creation.  It starts with an idea, and the idea is developed until it becomes a reality, and then all our inventions together become our world.  

The world we create for ourselves is very different from the Earth.  We  must realize that "the world" is the creation of mankind, and we must own it. Nobody created what is good in the world, or what is evil and corrupt in the world, but people like ourselves. We've all added our two cents to it. 

The Earth is God's creation, but we may assume that it has come into being by the same process, that it began in imagination, was fulfilled over time, and now exists because of the mind and heart that created it. 

Observing this, we must also appreciate that we are, each of us, individual creations of the Creator, hand-tailored and unique, and that we are throughout our lives engaged in the Creator's creative process. That is, we are being created, molded, changed, and are "becoming" even as we speak.  

This dynamic of God's creation of us, and our creation of our world, all intersects in this one moment.  Everything that ever was or ever will be is present in this one moment.  That's how important "now" is. 

With these realizations firmly placed before us, we are ready for our closure with the past and also our closure with all the immense evil of the past.  

Picture me writing the last words of the Presentment to the Vatican Chancery Court.  Picture me shoving back from my desk. Imagine me placing the giant manuscript, this recounting of evil, in a box. Imagine me closing the lid of the box.  It's over.  Done.  Accounted for.  We know what happened.  No more need to wonder. 

There remains this present moment, now, and what we will do with our knowledge of evil and corruption.  This is our time when we can turn our backs on Evil and know that the reign of Evil on Earth is ended.  

Join with me and say, "Earth be healed!  Mankind, be healed!" And as you do this, imagine the pristine Earth, imagine all people at peace, happy and thriving. 

As you command, "Heal I am!"  --- you will be healed, too. 

Be prepared for this,  Know what miracles to expect.  Because as you turn your back on Evil and give it closure, it can no longer exist in our world. 

By the invariable and eternal laws of the greater creation surrounding us, Evil is already gone.  

This is why I have labored so long to give you my knowledge of Evil, so that together, we can have closure about it, and build a new world without it. 


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