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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Quick Primer

By Anna Von Reitz

In view of the history I have set in front of you via "The Unknown Past" and "The Unknown Past - Part 2", you now know that the Municipal PERSON was created to collect war reparations from the Municipal United States citizens as payback for them siding with the South in the Civil War.  

The Municipal Government graciously gifted you with all these Municipal PERSONS named after you, as an invitation to share in paying their debts. A freewill donation obligation, a pledge.  Where have you heard that before? 

The British Territorial Government declared these PERSONS to be outlaws and criminals and further declared all criminals to be slaves.  

So JOHN MICHAEL DOE is a runaway slave, already convicted of crime, and you are harboring HIM (aiding and abetting the ENEMY) until and unless you "surrender" HIM to a competent law enforcement authority.  

As you were never told that any of this was going on in the first place, you were not aware that you were harboring and associating with a criminal, an identity thief, no less. 

Finding a "competent law enforcement authority" can be rather difficult, since both sides of this scam against the American People want it to continue; however, both Steven T. Mnuchin and Michael Pompeo are Interpol Officers --- competent international law enforcement officers.  

That's why we lay the Form 56 Notice of Fiduciary Relationship and the BCs of the Municipal PERSONS on them.  Either one will do, depending on your purposes, but as Mnuchin is a Financial Officer, logic favors dumping financial criminals on him. 

We have surrendered these fugitives, they are no longer in our custody, but Mnuchin and Pompeo owe us Fiduciary Duty to make sure that no harm or loss comes to us as a result our courageous action. 

People who think that that THING named after them and appearing on the BC is theirs and who cling to it and think that it is worth a lot of money need to be brought up to speed.  That PERSON is the pickpocket letting the Pope and the Queen bleed everyone dry --- the Pope because he gets his debts paid by that PERSON and the Queen because she gets to collect against that PERSON. 

So do your duty and surrender the fugitive, but not to local law enforcement officers who will stare at you and think you are crazy, and not without enforcing Fiduciary responsibility on the Officers in receipt. 

Now look at the Territorial Government's Federal Title 15, Section 1.  All contracts with Municipal PERSONS are illegal.  So it is important that any Security Agreement or other interaction involving these entities not be presented as a contract, and also not involve any appreciable consideration. Read that -- less than $21 value. 

The Municipal PERSONS are all gifts, like Trojan horses.  They were donated to you, so have them donate back everything they took from you, as a gift, and then turn them over to the proper authorities. 

The same is true of the British Territorial "Persons" that the Federales named after you that appear to have the exact same name, but which are operating in the jurisdiction of the sea.  

This is why when we re-convey these presumed-to-be Territorial Persons back to the land and soil jurisdiction of the State where they were born, we accept and acknowledge them without consideration and declare their homes and permanent domiciles on the land and soil 

We dry dock them and change their nationality, the same way you re-flag a ship.

The international recording on the land serves the same function as international registration on the sea, with the important difference that upon the recording of the gift,  the "vessel" comes under the Law of the Land and is owed all the guarantees and protections of the Constitution(s) and all the land patents and titles accrue to the actual State (not the State of State) and to the Lawful Person reinstated on the land. 

As the Queen confirmed, these "disregarded entities" are unclaimed vessels set free after the bankruptcy of 1933 was settled in 1999.  So you owe no consideration for the return of your own vessel(s) as derelict prizes subject to your prior claim under Admiralty Law.  They are "lost" property that came back to you after being "at sea" for many years. 


The Brits would rather not discuss the fact that they acted as pirates and commandeered your "vessels" and used and abused them for decades without paying you a penny.  

Neither the Pope nor the Queen want to admit that you are an innocent American Third Party civilian who never had anything to do with their endless wars, their debts, or any of their legal chicanery, either, because that would mean that they committed genocide, piracy, kidnapping, press ganging, and a great many other truly odious crimes against their Treaty Allies and Employers. 

So put on your best shit-eating grin and accept all the gifts the Municipal PERSONS wish to return to you, and all the gifts "the sea" wants to cast up on your beach.  

Many of you have been taught that contracts are not valid without consideration, but all contracts with Municipal PERSONS are illegal under Territorial Law, so be sure to style everything merely as "Agreements" and either accept no consideration at all, or negligible (under $21) consideration for all the "gifts" donated (back) to you under your private Security Agreements with the Municipal PERSONS and Territorial Persons named after you.  

When all this started to be unraveled and recognized for what it is, all the Americans were left clueless and virtually unrepresented. Those Americans that did catch on were mostly concerned about dragging their own chestnuts out of the fire and didn't think any further than extracting their own property interests. Only one group --- ours --- took on the burden of claiming and returning the assets owed to the American States and People.  

There are plenty of other groups out there --- the World Bank, various phony philanthropists, OPPT, Kim Goguen, foreign governments --- all with their hands out ready to receive our assets either "for" us or for the world at large.  The Perpetrators planned to buy off all the "participating governments" using the profit from bilking us for a hundred and fifty years and from making false claims of abandonment against our property assets.  To get a cut of the American Pie, the "participants" would have to sign over their own national sovereignty to "Regional Government Authority".  

This is the problem for Britain right now with a No-Deal Brexit.  They got caught in their own bear trap for once, but they have grounds to get out.  After all, its all nothing but fraud, fraud, and more fraud.  The Lisbon Treaty can and should be repudiated as Bad Faith by all the National Governments involved, not just Britain. 

We have persisted and brought the claims full circle. establishing our standing and provenance, step after step after step, so that all the property belonging to the original States of States and the State Trusts has been preserved, all of our interests held "for" us by the British Territorial Government have been preserved, and everything owed to us by the Municipal Government has been claimed, and returned to The United States.  The United States has then assigned the international and global powers back to The United States of America --- the unincorporated Federation of Sovereign States formed September 9, 1776.  

As a result of all this work going on in the background, there are now various protections in place for people and the "legal presumptions" about all of this, are due to be resoundingly and permanently reversed.  Those of us who long ago noticed that "something was wrong" and that "the world was upside down" could not know at the beginning how right our gut-level reactions were. The world was upside down --- literally, with the tail wagging the dog, the servants bossing the employers, and political lobbyists in charge of the Public Purse. 

All of that is going to change.  It has to be done gradually to avoid gross disruption of life on this planet, but done it will be.  

I have not emphasized nor given a lot of instruction regarding Uniform Commercial Code, liens, etc., because its complex, foreign, and a venue where Americans can easily get into trouble--especially given the prohibitions against the Municipal PERSONS that have been issued "in their names". 

Our answer has been to lawfully convert everything in a reversal of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's action unlawfully converting our Persons: as a thing is bound, so it is unbound.  

By returning the property of the States and People to the safety of their own natural jurisdictions and restoring the Law of the Land, by assembling the actual States, and by finishing the Reconstruction that has been the excuse for all this fraud, violence, slush-funding, and theft,  we have laid down a pathway for Americans to safely and peacefully restore their own lawful government. We have also protected their assets, both public and private, from claims of abandonment.  

It remains for the people of this country to exercise their true sovereignty, reclaim their birthright political status, engage in the process of self-governance, and assist in restoring not just the "rule of law" but the actual Law itself. 


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By Anna Von Reitz

Here's the Wiki definition: A demonym or gentilic is a word that identifies residents or natives of a particular place and is usually derived from the name of the place.

It sounds innocent enough, doesn't it?  

But use your eyes: demon plus nym equals "demon name".  

And "gentilic"?  The name given to gentiles.  Not nice. 

The use and misuse of our names has become such an urgent issue that everyone on the planet needs to be made aware of the looming crisis. We must all pay attention to this.  The identities of entire nations are being stolen, to say nothing of currencies. 

So "Californian" is a demon-nym, according to those running this demonic system.  So is "American", "Brit", "Dane", "Canadian", "New Yorker"...... 

These are all Goyim names, suitable targets for usury.  Jews can't lend money at interest to other Jews, but presto-change-o, call Reuben Goldsmith a "Canadian" and they can charge the hell out of him.  

And do.

There's a fix for everything, an excuse for everything. 

Oh, I thought Yenta Sybil Frankenberger was a Minnesotan.....which she is, but we will just ignore the fact that she's an Orthodox Jewish woman now eighty years old.  

And take her home via bogus foreclosure. 

Muslims play the same game.  They aren't supposed to charge usury to other Muslims, either.  

So they convert Ali Hussein Ramadi, call him a "New Yorker" --- and bang!  That will be 8% interest, compounded hourly.... 

Demonyms are used by foreign bankers to "demonize" and therefore justify their own crooked dealings, which are all contrary to the mandates of their professed religions.  

Instead of thinking in terms of religions, when we think of bankers we should think of gangs --- predatory, outlaw gangs.  They are equal opportunity destroyers. Religion, aside from the worship of Mammon, has nothing to do with anything.  

Except that if the Muslims get caught cheating another Muslim in a Muslim country, they are apt to wind up dead.  There is still that shred of enforcement against the worldwide banking fraud culture.  And once in a while, an old Mafia Don will get fed up and just start "taking care of business".  

About thirty years ago, I met the Proverbial Don Luigi.  We met at St. Malachi's Church --- a tiny, largely abandoned Irish Roman Catholic Church sitting on a hill so far out in the farming country in Wisconsin that even the cows are sparse company.  

I will never forget how odd his gleaming black stretch limo bristling with antenna and cloaked in dark glass windows looked --- a real street car, sitting on the worn gravel driveway, a Meadowlark perched on the rear-view mirror.  

After a couple minutes of preliminary greetings and niceties, his eyes suddenly went cold and he said, "What the F--k, sorry, I mean no disrespect, but what is wrong with this church?  What's wrong with this country?" 

He'd driven all the way from New York to find out, God bless him.  

I wish I'd had all the information then, that I have now.  I was only able to give him a very broad pattern to look at back then, a long series of things that didn't add up.  

At the end of the conversation, he nodded and looked very thoughtful.  I am sure he went home and continued to think.  I am sure he passed on his thoughts to younger members of his union and his family.  Only the Good Lord knows what they did with it.  

This much I do know, though he was a man who was "demonized" during his lifetime, he loved this country.  He put his life on the line in World War II.  And he loved the Church, too.  The True Church.  

And I remembered what my Mother told me time and time again --- "There's so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it's often hard to tell the difference."  

I wasn't afraid to shake his hand or be alone with him in a deserted church on the edge of nowhere, but I have had my skin crawl shaking hands with politicians in the middle of well-populated social events.  Call it dog-sense. 

As you all go forward in your quest for the Truth and face your own scary moments and prejudices and oddball instinctive responses, use your dog-sense, your instincts, your built-in Shinola Sensors.  Don't try to reason too much.  Most of us aren't too smart, but if we will let them, our instincts are sharp enough to show us what things really mean and who to trust and what to do when push comes to shove. 


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The Most Succinct Explanation of the Banking Problem Ever

By Anna Von Reitz

Please be aware of the fact that all the banks are bankrupt by design and by definition.  This is because of "fractional reserve banking" being practiced and allowed.  

Fractional Reserve Banking is a fancy name for check kiting---writing more checks than you have assets to cover. 

Banks are allowed to extend 7 to 10 times more credit than they hold as assets, and the assets they hold belong to depositors, so the banks have no skin in the game at all.  They are bankrupt by definition from the get go. 

The credit they extend is not theirs to extend.  It's yours.  

They write checks based on your assets and credit themselves for this via  check kiting, but since they keep the books, they get away with entering whatever digits they want to enter.  

Bankruptcy is a patented business model that is necessary for this fraud to continue.  Otherwise, those responsible for this situation would also be accountable for it.  But as long as they can claim bankruptcy protection and risk nothing but their depositor's assets, they have no motivation to stop.  

All the banks you see --- "central banks" and "retail banks" --- are bankrupt.  

When they advertise "home loans" they are soliciting you to loan your home to them as an asset --- a deposit --- that they can borrow against.  

They take your home as a deposit equal to its market value.  They then use your asset as the basis to extend seven to ten times the loan amount as new credit to other victims.  

They return the amount of the purported "home loan" to you, and you think that they have loaned you money, though in fact all you have received is a check --- a transfer instrument --- transferring "money of account".  

Money of account is not actual money of any kind.  It's just arbitrary digits entered in a ledger.  

They also take a "security interest" in your home, as if they had anything at risk.  And they force you to make monthly payments to repay THEIR loan, while they pocket the difference--- six to nine times the value of the check they kited on your credit.  Plus interest, of course. 

Here's my favorite clip from Godfrey Bloom, member of Parliament, on this subject.  In two minutes, his "hoary" speech, which he has delivered faithfully for years now, exposes the whole gambit: 

Parliament does nothing about it.  Congress does nothing about it.  Until bankruptcy protection is denied and perpetrators are jailed, nothing will be done about it, because nobody is being held accountable for it.  

If you are angry and outraged, you should be.  You should stand behind Godfrey Bloom and me and everyone else who is fed up with this abject criminality.  

A friend recently sent me a nice summary of case law demonstrating the fact that no National Bank can extend credit: 

"There is no doubt but what the law is that a national bank cannot lend its credit or become an accommodation endorser." (National Bank of Commerce vs. Atkinson, 55 Fed Rep 465)

"A national bank has no power to lend its credit." (Farmers & Miners Bank vs. Bluefield National Bank, 11 F2d 83, 271 US 669)

"Banking Associations from the very nature of their business are prohibited from lending credit." (St. Louis Savings Bank vs. Parmalee 95 U. S. 557)

"National Banks may lend their money but not their credit." (Norton Grocery vs. Peoples National Bank, 144 S.E. 501, 151 Va. 195)

So when you walk into a "National Bank" be aware that they have no capability to loan you any form of credit --- unless they are: (1) dealing in actual money, which none of them are; or (2) they are working in collusion with "central banks" to expedite the above-described credit fraud scheme. 

What would you call an organization that loans credit based on someone else's assets and then charges the actual owner of the assets for the use of their own credit?  Plus interest? 

Godfrey Bloom and I would both call such an organization a crime syndicate. Most people call it a "Central Bank".  


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Bone Heads

By Anna Von Reitz

I have known a lot of veterans in my life --- scads of veterans from all branches of military service.  Being a veteran is common as dirt in America, thanks to generations of abuse as low paid mercenaries.  In every little community, we have enough veterans to raise not only flags but trained brigades. 

That's one of the ironies of the situation.  The vermin have used us as cheap mercenaries, but in the process, they have created a civilian population that has vast military capability.  

All these veterans either love or hate guns.  It is one of those troubling relationships.  Most veterans "cling to their guns and Bibles" because that's how they survived military service.  Others smelled the java and know how grossly their trust was betrayed, leading them to have scant affection for anything related to military service. 

All these veterans have issues.  Every single one.  

My own husband suffered "Night Terrors" for 29 years, and was left completely unsupported and untreated by both the VA and DOD. I couldn't sleep with him for fear he'd murder me by mistake; somewhere in his mind, he was still in some god-forsaken jungle.  Every night he played out the same mortal struggle, the same vicious fist-to-fist combat against vanished opponents. 

For 29 years without relief. 

I could only wish such pleasures on the Queen and every member of her family. 

Men who suffer like this don't give a damn.  They will throw down anyplace, anytime.  So when one of them cracks, it's not cause for any surprise.  

What's surprising is that so many of them do manage to remain sane, and slowly drink themselves to death instead of fire bombing Congress or strafing toddlers at shopping malls.  

The vast majority of the veterans I talk to deeply love this country.  They love the land and soil of their turf.  They love their familiar skylines.  And they love peace.  They are glad to be out of the service.  

If I ask them, "Would you prefer to live under military discipline?"  --- every single one of them rolls their eyes.  

What?  Am I crazy?  Jump and shout and take orders to clean latrines at four o'clock in the morning?  Who in their right mind would prefer military discipline to life as a civilian?  

So, why, I ask ----don't you come home?  


Why are you still living as and claiming to be a US Citizen, even after you have left military service?  

They blink like steers in the headlights.  

What? Huh?  

Why are you still living as and claiming to be a US Citizen, even after you have left military service?  Don't you know that that obligates you to continue to live under military discipline?  I repeat.  

Yes, I patiently explain.  While you are in military service you voluntarily adopt U.S. Citizenship during your Tour of Duty.   When the duty is done and you are mustered out, you are free to return to your civilian status as an American.  Why are you still calling yourself any kind of "US Citizen"?  

There's a difference between "American" and "US Citizen"?  They ask, cocking their heads at me like so many Labrador Retrievers interested in a game of fetch. 

Yes, there's a huge, huge difference.  

Americans are owed all the protections and guarantees of the Constitutions.  Americans can own land in the States.  Americans are free to come and go as they please, when they please.  

U.S. Citizens get rammed out of bed at o-dark-thirty to scrub latrines. They have no constitutional guarantees.  They aren't free.  They have to buy licenses to breathe.  

A glimmer of understanding begins to catch fire in a few eyes around the poker table.  Ah, so..... 

Yes, and you have to know this, or guess what?  The "Service" will gladly continue to presume that you are all "U.S. Citizens" for the rest of your lives, and will continue to presume that you are subject to military discipline for the rest of your lives, and will continue to deny you the very constitutional guarantees and basic freedoms you fought for.  

A big guy in the back row draws in a sharp breath.  He finally understands a lot of things.  He understands why he has never felt free in his life.  He grasps why he has had to live in fear of the IRS, why he had to get a license to get married, why his car had to be registered..... 

He's been misidentified as a "US Citizen".  But wait, isn't he born a Citizen of The United States?  

Yes, boys, he was born a State Citizen of The United States.  But he has been deliberately misidentified as a "citizen of the [Municipal] United States" instead. 

What?  What's the Municipal United States?  Huh?  

And we begin the next round.  

There's the American United States, the British Territorial United States, the Municipal United States.... 

What the F---k!  Girl, you're crazy.  You don't know what you are talking about! Pah!  

They go back to their poker game.  

I can tell that they are all upset and restless.  Their "Wa" has been disturbed. They've heard things they don't want to hear.  They've begun to get the drift.  I fall silent and finish my beer.  

As I leave the club, the Big Guy follows me out to the parking lot.  

I stop.  He stops.  For a long moment, he doesn't say anything.  

Finally, he rumbles his voice awake and says, "I get what you mean.  I see it." 

I nod.  

"I don't know why the others don't get it.  We've been duped.  Lied to." 

"Yep," I agree. "Sold down the river." 

He squeezes his eyes shut for a moment and draws a deep breath. 

"Well," he says finally, "I'll talk to them."  

And with that, he turns and walks away, a big man, no longer young, dressed in a mechanic's dirty jumpsuit, all alone, going back into the bar.  I look around at the scene.  A dirt parking lot in a small town, in front of a small Veteran's Club bar, with night coming down in earnest, and I think it all comes down to that one man who heard what I said and understood it.  

It's up to him to teach himself and teach the boneheads, too.  It's a bridge too far for me to do it.  

They let me into the Club out of respect for my husband and father.  They listened, politely enough, as long as they could keep up and stand the news.  But in the end, I don't have the "cred".  I'm not the right size, sex, and rank to give them news like this.  It's too awful.  It has too many implications.  

But it's true just the same.

I open the door and slide into my car seat and sit for a moment looking out over the farm fields beyond.  It's admittedly a slim hope, this one man.  America's hope.  And I drive up the road to the next small town, knock on the door of the next Vet's Club.  


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The Unknown Past --- Part 2

By Anna Von Reitz

Steven T. Mnuchin and Michael Pompeo and all these other characters aren't acting as Americans.  

They aren't acting as any kind of U.S. Citizen nor as a Municipal "citizen of the United States", either. 

These Cabinet-level Officials are acting as Interpol Officers and have renounced their obligations to this country.  They work for the World Trust and the World Bank as Enforcers. 

When we send Mnuchin and/or Pompeo a Form 56, Notice of Fiduciary Relationship, and a "Birth Certificate" issued to a presumed-to-exist Municipal CITIZEN, we are surrendering a runaway slave and making them responsible for its well-being.  Caesar's noxious property has been returned. 

All roads lead to Rome, and from there they lead to Bern and Brussels, where the "Secular Church" ---ha! --- has long had its base of operations. 

Mr. Trump isn't serving as President of The United States of America.  He is serving as President of the United States of America --- the British Territorial Government operating under our name.  He is also serving as Chairman of the (Municipal) National Security Council.  

As President of the United States of America, Mr. Trump is a Level 18 Administrative Officer.  There are ten (10) levels of authority above him.  

We are dealing with a very ancient control structure that has been "corporatized" for about a hundred and fifty years, a process that began in the 1850's.  The result is what I have dubbed "Corporate Feudalism".  

About ten years ago, give or take a few, a group of Dutch Mathematicians who were running a statistical analysis completely unrelated to any of this picked up on some startling data correlations.  I believe I first read about this in Scientific American.  What they discovered at that time was the existence of interlocking trust directorates connecting a large number of  corporate structures that otherwise don't appear to be connected.  

By now, their studies have grown to include 43,000 corporate entities, and the rabbit trail has led to the identification of 700 corporate officials who are the "keymasters" of this system of secretive collusion and what has been dubbed the "Global Network of Corporate Control".  

Mathematics to the rescue, again.  

Corporate Feudalism is, if possible, even more toxic than plain old Feudalism. 

At least with traditional Feudalism, you had a Monarch with a face and a name.  If things were rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark, you had someone specific to blame.  

Now, with the move to Corporate Feudalism, the "Monarch" is a faceless, undefined, unknowable ---- and, this is the important part ---- unaccountable, network of corporate interests conspiring to rule the world. 

Let's return to yesterday's topic and the year 1868 when what I shall call "The Scottish Interloper" set up shop as The United States of America, Incorporated. 

As we observed, Amendment 14 of their Corporate Constitution, identified all Municipal Government "citizens of the United States" as criminals and allowed enslavement of criminals. 

So you have a Scottish Commercial Corporation holding all these Municipal United States citizens to be criminals and enslaving them.   

This was so they could charge them for the cost of war reparations and continue to arrest them as "rebels" even after the military hostilities ended. 

But, wait a minute, you say ---- the Queen operates the British Territorial Government under our delegated authority and she also charters all corporations in the United Kingdom and she is also the Pope's Right Hand, running all the Commonwealth operations worldwide..... 

So how does the Pope's employee operating a British Commonwealth as a subcontractor to our government allow the charter of a Scottish corporation that is infringing on our trademarks and further allow it to declare economic war against an entire Municipal population that is under the Pope's protection? 

That would be like my gardener creating a company designed to hunt down and enslave my family.  Why would I continue to employ him?  

The Babylonians and later the Romans, have always been pro-slavery.  It's no surprise and no secret that the Pope/Pontiff's Municipal Government sided with the South in the American Civil War.  

And so, also, it is no surprise that the Queen's 1868 Scottish Corporation and its Fourteenth Amendment also enshrined and continued the practice of slavery -- simply slavery of a different kind, applied to a different group of people, for the purpose of extracting war reparations. 

The Pope couldn't care less, because it was all just business to him, a matter of taking it out of one pocket and putting it into another pocket.  He was content to let the British Monarch work out the dreary details.  

However, as a result of all this, a completely innocent civilian population was caught in the middle, and both the Queen and the Pope were (and are) obligated to act as their Trustees: the American People.  

So now what?  It's 1868.  You have two groups of foreign citizens --- British Commonwealth and Papist --- on our shores, and the Brits are busily trying to track down the Papists intending to make them pay war reparations and enslave them as payback for siding with the South.  

We have the spectacle of two groups of slave owners and slavery proponents, each calling the other names.  One group enslaved black people based on the color of their skin, the other group enslaved people based on owing war reparations to the victors in a mercenary squabble.  

None of this has anything to do with us --- nothing to do with The United States of America, nothing to do with the American States, and nothing to do with the American People.  

We have been, however, caught in the middle of all this nastiness.  

Despite the fact that both the Queen and the Pope are obligated to act as our Protectors and Trustees under the international treaties ending The War of Independence and also the constitutional contracts that followed--- both decided that they needed more victims to pay war reparations, and it was convenient to start "mistaking" Americans as "citizens of the (Municipal) United States".  

So, for the past 150 years, they and their various minions have been colluding to accidentally-on-purpose misidentify Americans as "citizens of the United States" instead of State Citizens of The United States.  

All this wrong-doing, all this abuse, has been based on such semantic deceits (lies) as you can see demonstrated above.  It takes a sharp and vigilant cookie to split the hairs between "the" United States and "The" United States and when you say the words verbally, there is absolutely no way to tell the difference. 

This example above also neatly demonstrates how the "Secular Church" --- another one of their favorite oxymoron descriptions --- is built on lies and represents the Kingdom of the Father of All Lies, also known as "the Kingdom of God"---- which god was that, eh?   

Make no mistake, brethren.  You are owed The Kingdom of Heaven, and all that Satan has is forfeit to you, so long as you have sense enough to see the shell game.  

Millions upon millions of Americans have been the victims of this Gross Breach of Trust by the Pope and the Queen.  We have been purposefully misidentified as "citizens of the United States" and deprived of our true standing as American State Nationals and American State Citizens via constructive fraud and purposeful semantic deceit.  

And as every attorney around the world has cause to know, fraud vitiates everything.  Fraud has no statute of limitations.  And fraud taints everything it touches.  They have no leg to stand on, and like their Father, are reduced to crawling on their bellies. 

So the moment that the Queen's men seized upon a baby who was given the name "Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger - von Reitzenstein von Lettow - Vorbeck", a Seventh Generation American born on the soil of Wisconsin----and renamed her "Anna Maria Riezinger" and misidentified her as a "citizen of the United States" and sold her back to the Pope as a slave ---- they committed the crime of genocide against a little baby in her cradle.  

They killed the American baby on paper and created a Municipal slave for themselves, all based on the prior fraud and lawlessness of a long defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation: a fraud based upon a fraud. 

A more filthy, more violent, more deceitful, more vile, more venal, more self-interested scheme can scarcely be imagined.  And that is what these sanctimonious con artists have been using as their excuse to act as predators and a plague upon people that they owe "good faith service" to.

So now, as Paul Harvey used to say, you know "the rest of the story".  

As we all have cause to know, both peonage and slavery have been outlawed worldwide since 1926, yet these fraud artists have contrived to get around this prohibition against slavery by pretending that we are all corporations--- "named franchises".    

In this process they defraud living people of their most basic identity and reduce them to the level of being "Things" --- Legal Entities, and that, too, is nothing but a Great Big Fat Lie.  

The Roman Curia has further promoted and endorsed this grotesque fraud by adopting "The Collective Entity Doctrine" to replace their former excuse, "The Doctrine of Discovery".   

The time has come for the Beast to be removed from our sight. 

It is time, Mr. Trump, for you to shut down the Municipal Courts that have been allowed to proliferate on our shores and which have no valid business in our Territories.  Declare the Peace.  Admit the distinction between Americans and "citizens of the United States" and put an end to the cradle snatching. Re-task the Internal Revenue Service to balance the books and unblock our credit accounts.  

The Scottish Interloper ceased operations in 1907.  It has been more than a century since their Articles of Incorporation, including their "Fourteenth Amendment", ceased to have any meaning whatsoever. 

The actual Territorial Constitution still stands and its duties are still owed. 


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They Are Attacking Us

By Anna Von Reitz

I have worked hard and put in my time, but no, this is not "The Anna von Reitz Show" even if it sometimes appears to be. 

My work is standing on the work of thousands of other Americans, both alive and dead, whose work has contributed to and built the whole edifice of what we now know, brick by brick. 

The things I tell you about the history of this Mess and what we need to do and how we need to do it are well-researched and factual --- and these are all things that every single one of you can confirm for yourselves, because other Americans have already done it.  

Contrary to many "Opinion Blogs" ---what is presented here, is not, for the most part, my "opinion".  When it is my opinion, I trust that I say so and make that apparent enough.  

What I am telling you is backed up by reams of work that I and many other Americans have done, so when someone attacks me and libels and slanders me and the work that I am bringing forward, they are actually trying to blackball literally thousands of Americans who have contributed to the research and tested the conclusions.  

They aren't attacking me --- they are attacking us.  

They are attacking all the Americans who have loyally brought their puzzle pieces forward, decade after decade, and built the knowledge that we now have, and which I am sharing for free, with all of you.    

And that is reprehensible, because these people, including myself, have not done this for fun or out of self-interest.  We've done it in spite of what it has cost us in terms of time and money, endangerment and loss. 

A few weeks ago I told the story of Bill Benson and his heroic efforts to track down the truth about the Sixteenth Amendment and the fact that it was never ratified by our States.  

Now, there's a "brick in the wall" for you.  

He published his findings and photos and proof in a two volume over-sized book called, "The Law That Never Was".  

His reward?  He was viciously attacked, railroaded through the courts, his book was suppressed and forced out of publication, he was sent to Federal Prison for his efforts and denied medications he needed to live.  And then, he just disappeared into "the Prison System" and neither his lawyer nor I nor any of his other friends knew what happened.  He was just gone.  And the rats continued their attacks on his lawyer, Jeff Dickstein.... 

I remember sitting on my porch clutching both volumes of his book and crying like a schoolgirl.  Why?  Because I knew just how much those books really cost.  

It's not just the time and money and skill it took to compile "The Law That Never Was", its the suffering and separation and heartache and loss of health and everything else that the work cost Bill and Jeff and their families.

When they attacked Bill, they attacked us.  All of us.  And when they attack me and try to smear me with their brush, it's the same thing.  Make no mistake. When you hear some idiot saying that I libeled them or slandered them or that I "lied" to you or that I am a "Nazi Zionist" or some other crap, be aware that they are doing what they always do --- accusing me of their own sins, and attacking all of us who have paid the price to establish the facts and bring you the news.   

Here's the rest of the story --- a friend came back just recently and told me that contrary to my worst fears and assumptions,  Bill Benson is alive and well and his book is back in publication and available for sale again!   

I sat at my desk and shook my head and wept.  

You can't destroy the truth.  Somehow, despite everything, Americans keep standing up for it.  Even Americans who have been profoundly abused, like Bill Benson and his wife and family, have stood tall and not given up.  

"The Law that Never Was" is not cheap at $140, but given the large format and photographs and small press runs, you can bet that Bill is selling it at very little more than cost. 

Imagine what it is really worth to have proof that the Sixteenth Amendment was never ratified by our States?  With this book in your back pocket, all you have to do is prove that you aren't a "citizen of the United States".

Here's the website for Bill's online store: 

I highly recommend that all the State Assemblies scratch together a few bucks and order themselves copies to have in their archives, ready to defend their members against IRS attacks.   There's a difference between these United States and THOSE united states. 

Bill Benson paid the price to prove it.  

And I've paid the price to tell you the truth, too. 

Recently, I issued a warning --- a friendly warning, but a warning nonetheless, about the "assembly" operating in Fairbanks and the organizations that the gone-astray Michigan General Jural Assembly set up. 


Because they are operating in a way that leaves them and their members open to attack.  This insight is no particular genius on my part.  It's more in the category of spit and wind. 

We are living in a British-backed Military Protectorate, and have been since 1863.  

They don't like the prospect of the Americans finally reconstructing their government and putting an end to the Gravy Train, so they are quick to clamp down on any group that isn't properly declared and credentialed.  They regularly arrest, abuse, and jail unwary patriots and send us the bill for these "services". 

I don't have any particular knowledge of any Federal plan to arrest these folks in Fairbanks to make an example of them, but let's put it this way --- the folks in Fairbanks aren't doing this the right way, and that makes them vulnerable.  It makes their whole group vulnerable. 

They are also in Alaska.  It would be a smooth move for the Federales to try to associate them with me and blame me for their wrong-headed failure to declare and record their political status.  And whatever else they can hang on them. 

This is not my first rodeo, folks.  I have seen this set up before.  That's why I have made it clear that what is going on in Fairbanks isn't happening according to my playbook and has nothing to do with The American States Assembly.  

I know things about how rain falls.  And I know the international law.  And I know how the Federales think and operate.  

So when I tell people to "run like a gazelle away"--- it's not because I have any insider knowledge and its not because I wish any ill to befall the people in Fairbanks who are trying to think their way through this.  

It's just the facts. If you don't declare and record your political status as an American, you have no business trying to assemble an American State, an American Jural Assembly, or anything representing itself as such.  The Federales are employed to protect our government, and protect it they will, even against us---ironic as that may be. 

So, I will tell all of you what I told Bruce Doucette just before he took the actions that landed him in Federal Prison for 38 years: you have to declare your lineage and political status and record it, and you have to stay in your proper jurisdiction.  It's not my "opinion".  It's the facts. 

If you choose to go your own way and do your own thing, and ignore what I am telling you and think you are going to cherry pick what you like and discard what you don't like --- be aware that you do so at your own risk.  I am telling you the truth and doing my best to explain it, and that is all I can do.  

From every side this week, I am hearing about how evil I am and how wrong I am.  I have been labeled as everything but the Anti-Christ.  I am hurt by this as a living being, an old woman in Alaska, who has spent many years trying to save my country and benefit my fellow-man.  It's discouraging.  And thankless. 

I am in good company, however, with all the saints. And what I have done and am doing for love of mankind and love of this country, I don't regret.  I just wish that more people who get their heads out of their butts and do their part and pay attention to what I am telling them, because it is not just my "opinion" and what I am telling them has already been paid for at great cost by other Americans who have suffered to make this information available.  


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