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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Bone Heads

By Anna Von Reitz

I have known a lot of veterans in my life --- scads of veterans from all branches of military service.  Being a veteran is common as dirt in America, thanks to generations of abuse as low paid mercenaries.  In every little community, we have enough veterans to raise not only flags but trained brigades. 

That's one of the ironies of the situation.  The vermin have used us as cheap mercenaries, but in the process, they have created a civilian population that has vast military capability.  

All these veterans either love or hate guns.  It is one of those troubling relationships.  Most veterans "cling to their guns and Bibles" because that's how they survived military service.  Others smelled the java and know how grossly their trust was betrayed, leading them to have scant affection for anything related to military service. 

All these veterans have issues.  Every single one.  

My own husband suffered "Night Terrors" for 29 years, and was left completely unsupported and untreated by both the VA and DOD. I couldn't sleep with him for fear he'd murder me by mistake; somewhere in his mind, he was still in some god-forsaken jungle.  Every night he played out the same mortal struggle, the same vicious fist-to-fist combat against vanished opponents. 

For 29 years without relief. 

I could only wish such pleasures on the Queen and every member of her family. 

Men who suffer like this don't give a damn.  They will throw down anyplace, anytime.  So when one of them cracks, it's not cause for any surprise.  

What's surprising is that so many of them do manage to remain sane, and slowly drink themselves to death instead of fire bombing Congress or strafing toddlers at shopping malls.  

The vast majority of the veterans I talk to deeply love this country.  They love the land and soil of their turf.  They love their familiar skylines.  And they love peace.  They are glad to be out of the service.  

If I ask them, "Would you prefer to live under military discipline?"  --- every single one of them rolls their eyes.  

What?  Am I crazy?  Jump and shout and take orders to clean latrines at four o'clock in the morning?  Who in their right mind would prefer military discipline to life as a civilian?  

So, why, I ask ----don't you come home?  


Why are you still living as and claiming to be a US Citizen, even after you have left military service?  

They blink like steers in the headlights.  

What? Huh?  

Why are you still living as and claiming to be a US Citizen, even after you have left military service?  Don't you know that that obligates you to continue to live under military discipline?  I repeat.  

Yes, I patiently explain.  While you are in military service you voluntarily adopt U.S. Citizenship during your Tour of Duty.   When the duty is done and you are mustered out, you are free to return to your civilian status as an American.  Why are you still calling yourself any kind of "US Citizen"?  

There's a difference between "American" and "US Citizen"?  They ask, cocking their heads at me like so many Labrador Retrievers interested in a game of fetch. 

Yes, there's a huge, huge difference.  

Americans are owed all the protections and guarantees of the Constitutions.  Americans can own land in the States.  Americans are free to come and go as they please, when they please.  

U.S. Citizens get rammed out of bed at o-dark-thirty to scrub latrines. They have no constitutional guarantees.  They aren't free.  They have to buy licenses to breathe.  

A glimmer of understanding begins to catch fire in a few eyes around the poker table.  Ah, so..... 

Yes, and you have to know this, or guess what?  The "Service" will gladly continue to presume that you are all "U.S. Citizens" for the rest of your lives, and will continue to presume that you are subject to military discipline for the rest of your lives, and will continue to deny you the very constitutional guarantees and basic freedoms you fought for.  

A big guy in the back row draws in a sharp breath.  He finally understands a lot of things.  He understands why he has never felt free in his life.  He grasps why he has had to live in fear of the IRS, why he had to get a license to get married, why his car had to be registered..... 

He's been misidentified as a "US Citizen".  But wait, isn't he born a Citizen of The United States?  

Yes, boys, he was born a State Citizen of The United States.  But he has been deliberately misidentified as a "citizen of the [Municipal] United States" instead. 

What?  What's the Municipal United States?  Huh?  

And we begin the next round.  

There's the American United States, the British Territorial United States, the Municipal United States.... 

What the F---k!  Girl, you're crazy.  You don't know what you are talking about! Pah!  

They go back to their poker game.  

I can tell that they are all upset and restless.  Their "Wa" has been disturbed. They've heard things they don't want to hear.  They've begun to get the drift.  I fall silent and finish my beer.  

As I leave the club, the Big Guy follows me out to the parking lot.  

I stop.  He stops.  For a long moment, he doesn't say anything.  

Finally, he rumbles his voice awake and says, "I get what you mean.  I see it." 

I nod.  

"I don't know why the others don't get it.  We've been duped.  Lied to." 

"Yep," I agree. "Sold down the river." 

He squeezes his eyes shut for a moment and draws a deep breath. 

"Well," he says finally, "I'll talk to them."  

And with that, he turns and walks away, a big man, no longer young, dressed in a mechanic's dirty jumpsuit, all alone, going back into the bar.  I look around at the scene.  A dirt parking lot in a small town, in front of a small Veteran's Club bar, with night coming down in earnest, and I think it all comes down to that one man who heard what I said and understood it.  

It's up to him to teach himself and teach the boneheads, too.  It's a bridge too far for me to do it.  

They let me into the Club out of respect for my husband and father.  They listened, politely enough, as long as they could keep up and stand the news.  But in the end, I don't have the "cred".  I'm not the right size, sex, and rank to give them news like this.  It's too awful.  It has too many implications.  

But it's true just the same.

I open the door and slide into my car seat and sit for a moment looking out over the farm fields beyond.  It's admittedly a slim hope, this one man.  America's hope.  And I drive up the road to the next small town, knock on the door of the next Vet's Club.  


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  1. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 12, 2019 at 3:05 PM

    Calling the victims Boneheads again huh?

    Your "slip is showing".

  2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 12, 2019 at 4:28 PM

    Every veteran should take a hint from Annamaria as to her true feelings about you.

    Common as dirt?
    OH,... I don't *think* so.
    Oh and she is also throwing a little not-so-subtle demoralization in there, along with the insulting descriptions such as of dirty mechanics' overalls and of not being so young anymore?!

    I can't say exactly what was intended by such an obviously ignorant and unflattering description of our veterans,-- along with the not-so-subtle suggestion that the rest of the veterans who chose not to follow the story's female "hero" out to the parking lot (probably one of Annamarias dreamy bugabooo imaginary fictions she is so fond of writing and trying to pass off as credible or revelant! :):)) are all misogynists and prejudice against women!!
    What a bunch of malarkey!!
    Did someone trip and fall facefirst onto the blarney stone?!!

    Each and every one of our dear veterans who were told they were serving us, the people, has a huuuuuge bursting-at-the-seams, Suuuuupermajor claim against the Corporate Entities and Principals/ others who purposely deceived them and caused grave intentional injuries to them.
    Dont you guys forget that!
    It belongs to you!

    Anna, you talk out of one side of your mouth like you are the key to saving everybody.
    Then you claim that the, really,... IMO, possible SRA victims, are dirty, prejudiced and stupid.
    Really. How dare you?

    Oh my heavens. And now you're busy dreaming up and spinning out the yarn that the veterans have all been damaged and are scary and are on the verge of attacking everyone.
    I just have to wonder, what the hell you are babbling about.
    There are millions of veterans in these 50 countries and not one.if them has done anything like what you're accusing them ALL of!
    You just published something similar about that Destry guy with noproof either. So you seem to be on some kind of "roll" here.
    Oh my goodness gracious, you are quite the little yarn-spinner!!
    We don't believe you.

    If the veterans were going to do something like that they would have done it loooong before now!!
    Unfortunately you fail to recognize that your dream world does not extend any farther out than your own cranium.

    Maybe your "husband" can't get over his tour of duty, but ALOT of our men have. I know many, many of them. And they HAVE gotten over being in the FAKE "Military".

    You sound like you are trying to drum up a story that would call for the necessity of taking the veterans private collections away.

    If Paul wants to ban me from his blog for saying what's on my mind, then it's his call, but:

    You are a phony annamaria., if you are going to say these things about the veterans with not one shred of proof that anything you have said is the truth.


  3. Well, I will try once more: ONLY on the papers that THEY made up without full disclosure, are we what THEY say we are. But in reality, we are NOT and never were. Its THEIR fantasy and fake papers and nothing more. Its their little game they play, and I just am not 'playing' - I dont care how much ya wanna rant on and on about 'citizenship vs. non citizenship' ad nauseum year after year.

    None of it has my signature on it. And even after a person signs 'loan papers' at a bank, it is also null and void from the getgo, simply because the bank always fails to supply the signee with Full Disclosure - - to the Fact that it is Your Signature that created that ''loan'' and is therefore not a loan given by the bank, and that therefore the 'borrower' does not owe the bank any payments nor interest. This is a fact.

    So now the point here is: If even our own signatures on that piece of paper still makes it invalid, then how much more true is it, for ANY of this silly claim of theirs which was done without our signature, but also without our knowledge.
    IOW, just because 'they' declared us as anything does not make it valid and so its time to stop this silly game-playing, trying to tell us that we need to undo something they did that was invalid from the beginning.

    For those who want word games, maybe a game of scrabble would cure your silly selves, lol. But I cannot be talked into 'your word games' here. And I see your made up beer drinking bar buddies didnt buy into it either. (maybe lay off the booze, sober up and see what Im saying, and get back into Reality.)
    May be even have a Black's Law Dictionary burning?

  4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 12, 2019 at 4:51 PM


    And furthermore, the 2000 articles written over who knows how many years and by how many different authors,, with no solution and many people in jail, are quite the collection of "revelation of the method long, long after the fact"; but that will never substitute for the lack of full disclosure that was actually necessary from the very beginning in order for it to be claimed.

    When you are speaking about OUR veterans being dirty, prejudiced, damaged, old, sloppy, heavy drinkers who you feel comfortable labeling as boneheads, I have to say that you are just plumb full of shit.

    You are talking about our dads, husbands, brothers, cousins, boyfriends, classmates, uncles, grandpa's and neighbors and you are the one who is what you are saying the veterans are; but unfortunately for you,
    You are the one who is too boneheaded to know it.
    Because I've never met a veteran I didn't like and I've never met one who is a bonehead either.

    And at this point your story is giving off a heavy fishy odor because why didn't you just pass out those forms you said work for getting the veterans fully released from their undisclosed lifelong "service"?

    If you were sincere, you could have very easily walked into the same Veterans Bar, in your imagination or otherwise, with twenty copies of that form, passed them out, posted five more on their bulletin board, and asked if you could come in for an hour on a Friday afternoon and help the guys fill them out.

    Why didn't you do that?

    But no, instead you choose to write a story full of insults about victims of planned disasters thinking that YOU're so cute and clever.
    Which you are not.
    You are the one who already admitted to having few if any friends.
    That says a lot right there.

    Your true colors really shined through on this one "dearie".
    IMO. :)

    1. methinks you crossed the line here goodboots. Anna used metaphors and analogies and you have taken them literally it appears. Sometimes it takes different methods to achieve the common goal, getting people to understand they are classified as one thing, but in reality they are something else. Regardless of the approach, shining a light is critically important.

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 13, 2019 at 10:23 AM

      You are welcome to think whatever you please Dan.

      I stand 100% behind every word I said.
      And double it.

    3. Dan, we are all born as living breathing First Owners of ourselves. That is what we ALL are, so we do not need anyone to come along and try to persuade us that 'we are what a pack of tyrants has decided to label us as'.......and then try to persuade us that its our responsibility to file their stack of papers to regain what we've always been from the beginning.
      To me, this is arm-twisting people to play 'their Game'. Whereas, Ive been saying all along, we should just sue the bastards for Fraud and be done with it.
      What ever happened to good ole fashioned law suits to cease and desist and pay up for damages, pain and suffering, till it hurts a few pocketbooks, based on Fraud?
      You see, I can only think in terms of Reality, not smoke and mirrors that the Devil has designed.

  5. I suggest you read all of it
    Be sure to read all the comments
    Good boots sorry this is the only format that I can find of this information however there are couple of links I left above that will take you to other links outside of you tube

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 13, 2019 at 12:41 PM

      Thanks Shelby.


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