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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Judicial Tyranny against the Bundy Family and others in Nevada

Thanks to George Hudson for sending this out.
Paul Stramer

Dear Friends and Patriots, 
Dorothy and I traveled to the Nevada Southern Detention Center in Pahrump over the weekend to visit five Idaho inmates, Ammon Bundy, Scott Drexler, Eric Parker, Steven Stewart and Todd Engel. Ammon and Scott are Dorothy’s constituents in District 8.  This is a very difficult time for these men to be away from family and loved ones as they spend Christmas alone with little console.

We found the men to be mostly in good spirits but under duress and living under very unpleasant circumstances.  96 inmates share a common cell, two stack bunk beds 4” apart, open showers and toilets.  There is no privacy whatsoever.  There is little more than a dog run for limited exercise.  Inmates get 1 hour per week to converse with a visitor over a video phone.  They might as well have been in Afghanistan.  We talked to each man getting their story, asking what we could do for them.  The weekend was emotionally draining for Dorothy and I, yet we faced none of the foreboding unknown.  Dorothy and I are both convinced that their incarceration is a miscarriage of justice that must be corrected.

I know many of you to be patriots concerned about our country and what remains of optimistic opportunities once realized on the rugged and untamed Western lands.  These men are political prisoners who will pay a horrible price if we do not act on their behalf.  They have been falsely accused under the guise of domestic terrorism when in fact they were defending their right to assemble and redress the government under 1st Amendment guarantees. 

I was shocked to discover how under-handed the authorities in charge of this case have proceeded.  Not unlike any tin pot dictator’s decree, evidence that would shed light on the true disposition of this case has been sealed by Judge Navarra, (selected by Harry Reid for an Obama appointment).  Damning evidence that would disclose the government’s true agenda while exposing their unjust zeal to lock away these witnesses of the truth forever.

Charges have been levied that would send these men to prison for life including conspiracy against the government and criminal violence. For such alleged crimes, the accused have been remanded without bail to prison as dangerous and possible flight risks.  Interesting that it took the government about two years to come to that conclusion.  The stand-off occurred in 2014, their incarceration was in March of this year.

The judge has divided the cases into three trials.  The Idaho “gunmen” include, Eric Parker, Scott Drexler, Todd Engel and Steven Stewart who are in the first tier set for February 6, 2017.  I plan to attend the trial in Las Vegas with one of my sons.  I hope that you can be there too if only for moral support.

Ammon, Ryan and Cliven Bundy will be among those in the second trial due in May and the rest in August. 

We hope to get a State Attorney General whose constituents are affected by this case to open the sealed documents and bring transparency.  You can help too, please write your displeasure with this perversion of justice directly to President Elect Trump at the links below:

Please watch the historical overview video below. This is the first of three such testimonials from Ammon Bundy. I will forward the others as they appear and link to my Facebook page so you can share accordingly.

The following is a video put together by Eric Parker that adds structural context to the events and the upcoming trial.

Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated for these men who stood their ground in defense of property rights.  Please help them the best you can and support the producers of the above videos.

In Liberty,
Darr & Dorothy Moon

Letters can be sent to any detainee at:  Nevada Southern Detention Center, 2190 E. Mesquite Avenue, Pahrump, NV  89060.  Please help lift their spirits.

Donations can be made to help with legal costs to: Bundy Defense Fund, P.O. Box 7175, Bunkerville, NV  89007

Coming Economic Crash will be blamed on Trump.

Mr. Trump, you need to get a big education and quick. You need to talk to people like Ron Paul, Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr., Stewart Rhodes, and Anna Von Reitz, and you need to figure out who your real enemies are. Do it yesterday, and stop appointing banksters to positions of power.
Paul Stramer

One of our readers forwarded this. Thanks Jeff.
I thought it was worth a look, and I would like your comments.
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