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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

About Your Courts

 By Anna Von Reitz

One of the red-herring issues we have had to fight is the idea that the "missing" Article III Courts mentioned in the Constitutions are the key to fixing our wrecked judicial system.  

People think: our courts are missing, and these courts are missing, and therefore, they must be our missing courts.... 

Not so. The Article III Courts are Federal Courts of limited jurisdiction that used to be administered by the vacated Federal Republic and served by the Federal Marshals. 

The only Article III Court still functioning is the Federal Claims Court.  

Some of the functions that the Article III Courts once handled are now handled by the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia.  

So you can stop looking for the "missing" Article III Courts. 

They will be restored once the Confederation of States and Federal Republic are restored, but even then, they won't be able to fix the justice system. 

The answer to that lies much closer to home, with your own State Courts, which have been largely vacated since 1965. 

People have been mistaking "State of State" Courts for State Courts, but look sharp.   

The "Superior Court of the State of Nevada" is not the same as the "Superior Court of Nevada". 

Your State Courts are courts of "general jurisdiction".  

This means you can investigate anything you want and pretty much address any situation that causes injury to people or property.  

There is only one caveat: you, yourselves, must each declare, record, and publish your birthright political status, form your State Assembly, and out of the ranks of your General Assembly membership, organize your Jural Assembly to staff and administer your State Courts and provide the Jury Pool for them.

This is the only way you can guarantee yourselves a jury of your peers. 

The Jural Assembly is one of the Four Pillars of each State Assembly and for some reason, it has proven to be the hardest one to organize. People are stymied by the prospect of running their own courts, but it has to be done, and we are helped because our courts are extremely simple compared to the foreign courts we are used to. 

Our own State Courts are the "missing courts" and their absence is what has allowed the court system to become a mockery. 

I have suggested two handy guidebooks to help Assembly members with the basic education needed to set up their State Courts. 

The first guidebook is called, "Establishing the Reign of Natural Liberty - A Common Law Training Manual" which is issued by the International Common Law Court of Justice.  

The other is called, "Common Law Handbook for Jurors, Sheriffs, Bailiffs and Justices" and appears to be published by the National Liberty Alliance. 

Both are available on Amazon and may be available soon on your TASA website store. 

The first guidebook (above) is extremely helpful and to the point and academically correct. I have no reservations about it or the advice it gives -- with one caution. This is a guidebook for the exercise of Land Law, which is international in nature. Be aware that Local Law exercised at the County level is somewhat different and will require additional information before you set up your County Courts. 

The second guidebook is published by the National Liberty Alliance and as usual with them, offers a plethora of helpful information that is correct overall, but also disjointed and confused. 

As examples, this book gives an excellent short history of the Sheriff's Office, and then fails to make the necessary distinction between a Sheriff acting as a Peacekeeper and a Sheriff engaged in Law Enforcement.  It talks about "registering" instead of "recording".  They use Dog Latin (all capital letters) and rely on rulings from Federal Courts to shed light on American Common Law -- which the Federal Courts don't practice.

Another problem is NLA's emphasis on the importance and power of the Grand Jury -- which is true, except that the Grand Jury goes completely legless without an underlying court system to act upon its findings. 

Which lack just happens to be what we are in the process of solving... 

With all these issues against it, you might wonder why I would recommend this second guidebook by the National Liberty Alliance at all.  I can only say that like most books published by the patriot community there are nuggets of gold in it and the nuggets are worth having, even if you have to be prepared to sort the wheat from the chaff. 

Finally, we have a mega-tome, a monstrous good work, Excellence of the Common Law, by Brent Winters, who also gives workshops and seminars. 

Go forth and conquer. Enter into your vacated courts of the people, your superior courts of general jurisdiction.  

Organize your State Assembly. Identify your General Assembly using the declaration, recording, and publishing process; and then, pull together your Jural Assembly from the membership of the General Assembly, so that all is in accord with Law and Custom.  


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Certain Members and Non-Members

 By Anna Von Reitz

Certain members and non-members of The Oregon Assembly have been deriding my simple suggestion that they look around in old bookshops and rare book services and find themselves American History and Government textbooks like we used a hundred years ago or more, if they want "proof" of how State Assemblies are supposed to be organized. 

Can anyone tell me how else you are supposed to know for sure how your government was organized in the past without consulting books published in the past?  

I wasn't alive in 1840 or even 1900.  Were you?

So how do we know how State Assemblies are structured?  How do we know what functions they perform?  We read old books. 

We've kindly done the research already and shared the results, but certain knotheads want more. They don't trust us.  They want to see it for themselves. 

So, I suggested that they do the same thing I did myself and go find old textbooks on the subject and read it for themselves, because that is the only way that they will be convinced anyhow. 

What is more intriguing is why would that suggestion provoke ridicule?  

We aren't supposed to trust textbooks about our government published in the 1850's?  They were "lying" back then, too? 

I used to have these same kinds of arguments about the peacetime flag. 

First, I was told that there was no such thing as a peacetime flag.  

Then, once that was settled in my favor, I was told there was no evidence of the peacetime flag actually being used. 

I brought forward a description of it being used as recorded in Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel, The Scarlet Letter, written and published during the time period the peacetime flag was flown.  

My critics slunk back into the corner because they had no other choice, but that was a single simple thing.  

The structure and function of a State Assembly is much more complex, and if you want to confirm what I am telling you for yourselves you are going to have to do the work I did. 

A member of The Minnesota Assembly went and did what I suggested. She's all excited.  She started reading books published in 1937 and she couldn't believe all the amazing stuff she found, all the practical, useful information these old books contained. 

Our Predecessors weren't fools. They were better educated about a lot of things than we are today. And they spent more time reading.  

No wonder their textbooks and reference books are more informative than Wikipedia. 

I sent the Oregon people a copy of her happy email and pages she scanned to show me the kind and quality of information she found in these old books---and gave them a taste of what they are missing. 

I wasn't blowing them off.  I was telling them how I have learned most of what I have learned -- which is by reading old books and periodicals.  

If you want "proof" that what I am telling you is true, then you have to do what I did and educate yourselves the same way. And the easiest way to learn about the structure of the American Government is by reading old textbooks on the subject. 

Remember that a third of our government was blown away in the so-called Civil War, so if you want to know "for sure" how our Government is meant to be and function you have to go back at least 100 years and more like 150 to a time when our State Assemblies were in regular Session and the original Confederation formed in 1781 was still functioning or at least well-remembered.  

This requires consulting "rare" books and buying them is usually the only way to consult them, because most libraries have not preserved the old books. 

Amazon has a rare book department and also a textbook department that can be helpful, and there are numerous rare book sellers like ABE Books that keep search lists and let you know when something comes in. 

A basic old textbook might cost you $30-50, and a more extensive encyclopedia-type book might cost anywhere from $150 to $500, but if you think I am blowing any sunshine up your skirts and feel the need to know "for sure" this is how you do it. 


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Answer to OSJA and Kim S.

 By Anna Von Reitz

Kim, have you read my books (which have LOTS of "citations" of public records, Acts of Congress, Court cases,..... ) and spent any amount of time thinking about the evidence and records?   

Have you read "Disclosure 101 - What You Need to Know"?  or "You Know Something Is Wrong When.... An American Affidavit of Probable Cause"?  or "America, Some Assembly Required"?  

I am guessing that the answer is no, you haven't actually read any of my books and you haven't even bothered to pick up and thumb through --- at random even -- any of these books and much less bothered to chase down any of the citations.  

And neither has Ron or any of his buddies.  If they had done their Due Diligence, we wouldn't even be having a conversation about my logic and proof.  It's right there already for everyone to see.  

So why should I spend my time digging up more citations for you to ignore?  Please explain how that works?  And why I should spend my time trying to prove something to you?  I don't owe you the benefit of my work, but I gave it to you. 

It's not me that doesn't have "proof" and plenty of it, already presented.  

Let me give you an example--- they say that they are "sovereign" and that they don't have to follow any template for what a State Assembly is or what its functions are or how it's organized.  Ask them what a State Assembly is.  Ask them what functions and services a State Assembly provides.  Ask them if the Jural Assembly is part of the State Assembly or the State Assembly is part of the Jural Assembly. 

They won't know.  They won't even be able to follow the logic and admit the fact that the Jural Assembly, by logic alone --- apart from any knowledge of our history --- has to be part of the General Assembly.  

They say I'm wrong, that I am not trustworthy, etc.  What do they offer as proof?  Nothing, just their own wicked allegations and things taken out of context.  They say that I am a "Vatican Agent".  

Well, do me a favor and go to my website,, and look at the very first article, which is a letter I sent to Archbishop George of Chicago during my purported stint as a "Vatican Agent" --- read it. Just read it.  

In that letter I invoke my "Blood Oath" --- that is, the Communion Wine, and what I owe Yeshuah to seek justice -- and these Liars try to turn that into a blood oath taken to some unknown "secret society".  Is the Evangelical Lutheran Church a secret society?  Really?

They say "I" cheated Don Baker out of his money deposited in "my" bank --- but my bank still hasn't even opened its doors.  So, to use your words, where is the "logic" in that?  I didn't encourage Don to join a PMA or put his money in a State of California Credit Union -- no, that was Darla Hamblin doing that, not me. 

Take your evil and your lies and your Liars and depart.  Good riddance. 


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