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Monday, February 1, 2021

Reposting an Oldie but Goldie For Newbies

 By Anna Von Reitz

This article is archived on my website along with almost 3,000 others and is part of a searchable database, but with so many new people coming on board and re-joining their proper State Assembly, it may be time to repeat this little salvo for those suffering from the misapprehension that I am responsible for all the bad things that have happened or are happening to them:
To Wit:
There are 390 million people in America and they all have problems. You are all grown ups and have to move forward together to solve the problems set before us all. We have to seek peace knowing that no peace can exist without justice.
Our diligent research of many years' duration proves beyond any rational doubt that our lawful government has been usurped by “governmental services corporations” in the business of selling us — guess what? More governmental services. In the process they have set up a web of deceits and false legal claims designed to support and expedite their racketeering and use of armed force to make us buy and pay for more and more and more “governmental services”.
Obamacare is only a recent and obvious example.
The time has now come for Americans to wake up, restore their lawful government on the land, enforce the Organic and Public Law of this country and put the facts before all people, including our own.
These wrongs have been visited upon us in the international jurisdiction of the sea as a result of gross breach of trust by our international Trustee in that jurisdiction, the British Monarch, who has been in Breach of Trust with respect to the British people, the Americans, the Canadians, and the Australians for 150 years.
These are old frauds that have gone unnoticed and quietly perpetuated for generations so that they have accrued a patina of acceptability. We are told, “That’s the way we do things. That’s the way we’ve always done things.” — but according to massive amounts of public records worldwide, that simply is not true.
There are many people who have caught onto bits and pieces of this gigantic fraud and they have sounded the alarm. There are others who have misinterpreted such evidence and through ignorance have promoted their own pet theory without bothering to examine the rest of “the forest of lies” we are faced with.
My job here is to present you with the facts. Of course, I often add my own reasoning or opinion about the facts and you are welcome to disagree.
That said, I have work to do and a life to lead. I am not available to consult about individual court cases unless they present sweeping public interest issues that impact all of us.
I am also not here to argue with you about anything. If you have verifiable facts, bring them forward; if not, there is no point in ranting at me as if I created this mess or am responsible for anyone else’s inaction.
I am not your public servant.
I am not offering to “represent” you in any manner whatsoever apart from the fact that I am one of the “free sovereign and independent people of the United States” and whatever good I do for myself in my own behalf also accrues to all those others who are “free sovereign and independent people of the United States” by Maxim of Law and the requirements of our Organic Law which provides equal protection.
I am not an Oathkeeper nor Oath Breaker, either. I do my best to say yes or no and claim nothing more.
I am not a guru, Angel, devil, lawyer, etc., etc.,
I am a Great-grandma from Big Lake, Alaska, who can read and think like millions of other Americans and for whatever reasons– mostly a 17 year-long battle with the IRS–I decided to research the mess this country is in and how we got here.
The bare bones of that research and our resulting claim against the British Crown, various national governments, the American Bar Association, and at least five international banking cartels is presented in our sworn and published affidavit: “You Know Something Is Wrong When….An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” available on for around $20.
I am not involved in the marketing, printing or distribution and receive a whopping 5% of the profit, whatever it is.
Read the affidavit and do your own due diligence to research the facts before you come to me with any ASSumptions.
Thank you, very much.

Judge Anna


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Take in Just One Little Scrap of Information....

 By Anna Von Reitz

Day after day and week after week, I struggle to get a message through to the people of this country.  The essence of the message is: "Hey!  Your identity has been stolen!  You are being robbed blind by credit account hackers!" 

Now, that should be easy enough to understand, shouldn't it?  Yet, apparently, it is bypassing people who continue to drift along and sing la-dee-dah-dee-doh.  It just isn't getting through to them what this means.  So let's spell it out. 

Thanks to actions undertaken by foreign-for-profit commercial corporations masquerading as "your" government, you have been misidentified as a foreigner living in your own country.  

This misidentification took place when you were just a baby in your cradle, so you could not possibly know anything about it, much less object to it.  This resulted in what is called an "Unconscionable Contract" between you and the Queen's Government, obligating you to act as a British Commonwealth Subject, as if you were born in Puerto Rico. 

Are you beginning to get the drift of this? 

So, suddenly, instead of being an American owed every jot of The Constitution of the United States of America, you have been unlawfully converted into a British Territorial property, a Ward of the State of State organization that the Queen's Government has been running in your purported "absence".  

According to them, you have been lost at sea.  No idea where you are or who you are.  The only public evidence of your existence is a registration..... as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen.  

So the Queen's Government steps in and claims you as property, copyrights your Proper Name as the name of a British Commonwealth business enterprise, and latches onto all your assets in the name of the Queen.  And if you should object or commit any infractions against the British Bunko Artists, you will find yourself in a "District Court" functioning as the King's Bench, subjected to foreign "Equity Law" where the King owns all the "equity" and you are a criminal by definition.  

Welcome to the system of British "Justice" that we exited two centuries ago. 

This is what has happened, people.  This is where you are.  

The monstrousness of this fraud scheme and the horrible impact it has had on America cannot be easily fathomed, but it has been completely documented, so listen up.  Among all the dystopian fantasies and disinformation floating around on the internet, this is not another "story".  

You and everything you own have been mortgaged to pay the debts of the Queen and the Pope.  You have been enslaved and subjected to foreign law in flagrant evasion and disrespect of the 11th Amendment.

And unless you wake up, stand up, and rebut this nonsense, you and your children's children's children will be on the hook to pay the debts of these monsters.  You will be disinherited as an American, misidentified as a penniless foreigner in your own country.  

How could something like this happen?  Pre-planning and collusion among traitorous American politicians and foreign governments, aided and abetted by some military personnel who followed along and did the bidding of the Perpetrators. 

Here's an example of it: 

World War II was in fact planned at a meeting of the Shareholders of the Bank of Scotland in 1877.  It was an odd mix of Catholics and Calvinists with nothing in common but shares in the Bank of Scotland and membership in Secret Societies. 

The Papal Legate at that meeting, a man named Francesco Brunnini, attended, voted, and vanished without a prior history and with no subsequent record of his existence or any office associated with the Holy See. 

Do I have to pull a "Nikita Moment" and bang on the podium with a shoe to get your attention?  

Intergenerational crime syndicates have planned absolutely everything that is currently happening.  And they have targeted you as their scapegoat. 

It's past time to exit Babylon, even if you never knew that you were living in Babylon.  Know it now.  Reclaim your birthright identity and join and support your State Assembly.  Do it now.  

And shake off the dust of your sandals. 


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How COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ May Destroy the Lives of Millions

 Dr. Joseph Mercola and Judy Mikovits, Ph.D. about the potential role played by human gammaretorviruses in COVID-19

1779 v. 928's

 By Anna Von Reitz

People are often confused about what they "need" to do to recoup their birthright political status? Is the 1779 Declaration all by itself sufficient? Is there any need or reason to do the additional recordings available as "the 928's" attached to Article 928 on my website:
Think of it like insurance packages. You may only “need” basic coverage, right? But because you are you, you may actually want more protection or slightly different protection.
Someone who has children and wants to protect them will have different “insurance” needs than someone who doesn’t have kids, for example.
Someone who has a business, someone who has a pen name or performer’s name that they wish to protect — the list goes on—- the 928’s offer a variety of additional insurance coverages that the 1779 Declaration can’t do by itself.
So, in a way, both are correct. All you really need to claim back your identity, your name, your DNA, your political status—- all the crucial and universal elements — are in the 1779 Declaration.
But if you have other or additional concerns, look at the 928 Documents to see what else you may want or need.
The most common extra is the Baby Record. The additional Certificates of Assumed Name(s) are probably the second most common add-on, because so many women adopt multiple names over their lifetimes.
I personally recommend a formal re-conveyance that establishes a specific point in time where your “Legal Person” is lawfully and officially converted into a “Lawful Person”— that is, purposefully returned to the land and soil jurisdiction.
This puts an endpoint on their ability to traffic you, because they don’t have a more recent primary record to claim that you are “at sea” when you are standing there with proof that you were last reported on the land.
Now all of a sudden their presumption based on the Birth Certificate is invalidated and they have to grant that there is proof of you having returned “from the sea” jurisdiction — and therefore admissible public record evidence that your most recent public appearance places your name on the land and soil, functioning as a Lawful Person.
Oops. Now, they are caught trespassing against an American instead of playing cat and mouse with a U.S. Citizen.
So that is one additional 928 that I personally recommend, because so much of their ability to abuse people stems from the presumption that we are still “at sea” and wandering around in their jurisdiction, instead of standing on our own. Whatever we can do and place on the public record to rebut their self-interested presumptions, the better.

I hope this explanation will be useful and that the Coordinators and Assembly Members will make good use of it to help our new incoming members sort things out.


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Passing It On --- The Sarah Westall Interview

 By Anna Von Reitz

I often do interviews along with all the rest of the work on my platter, but I think despite the difference in experience and to some degree, focus, I have a special affinity for Sarah Westall.
It's probably because she always asks honest and intelligent questions, and because I have never had cause to think that she was "in it for the ratings". Like Jon Rappoport, she has the instincts of a real journalist and cares about content, so to me, Sarah represents a rare truthseeker in a world absolutely full of chiselers and agents.
She is having trouble getting her work out, thanks to the despicable corporate crackdown on free speech, so any help any of you can give to help her work along is much appreciated.
Here are the two segments, Parts 1 and 2, of a recent interview with me that goes over the basics of what happened, how it impacts each one of us, and what we can do about it:

Please feel free to use it as a teaching tool for those who are too busy or too mildly interested or have too much trouble reading.

Part 1

Part 2

Situation Update, Feb 1 – Populist financial uprising may tear down the entire RIGGED system

(Natural News) The silver lining for the events of the last year is that huge numbers of people are awakening to fact that everything is rigged:

  • The elections are rigged.
  • Wall Street is totally rigged. There is no “free market.”
  • The courts are rigged and no longer provide anything resembling “equal justice.”
  • The money supply is rigged with fiat currency and endless money printing.
  • The news is rigged with fake news from the globalist-controlled media.
  • Speech is rigged by the tech giants that censor truth and promote lies.

Yet now, thanks to public access to the stock market, people are discovering they can stick it to the system by participating in “short squeeze” actions by purchasing certain assets. This is the entire story behind the WallStreetBets / Robinhood / GameStop phenomenon that we’ve all witnessed over the past week.

More importantly, we believe that certain strategic groups are using the same strategy to expose the vulnerabilities of the entire fraudulent system as a prelude to bringing that system down. In other words, certain white hat groups are, we believe, actually working to accelerate the demise of the fraudulent financial system in order to replace it with a more honest money system after the crash.

The entire house of cards of our current system is built entirely out of fakery and fraud. And I don’t mean just the stock market, but also the entire U.S. government which depends on endless debt creation for its very existence. The debt printing machine is the Fed, and the Fed is intertwined with the monopolistic banks (like JP Morgan) that stay afloat by manipulating both stocks and precious metals (such as silver).

The silver market has long been suppressed by these banksters and their government financial thugs as a way to hide the true extent of their debt spending and currency fraud. If gold and silver were to be allowed to find their true price, they would skyrocket compared to dollars, exposing the weakness and fraud of the entire dollar-based debt system that has stolen 98% of its value from the American people since 1971. (That’s how much the dollar has lost in real purchasing power.)

Now, retail investors are countering the silver market manipulations by purchasing physical silver. Right now, there’s hardly an ounce of physical silver to be found anywhere, as most of the supplies were sold out over the weekend. In London, the bullion banks are reportedly short 100 million ounces of silver, and the shortage is spreading like wildfire.

The banks are fighting back hard today, and after silver spot hit $30, the banks organized a counter attack that drove the price back down, but they’re being forced to deploy very costly financial weapons to achieve price suppression, and sooner or later, they will run out of ammunition.

Why does all this matter? Because the banksters suppress the market by trading paper contracts that claim to represent silver, but in reality there’s no physical silver behind those paper contracts. The entire system is a complete fraud, yet it is used by the globalist banks to suppress the price of real silver through paper contract manipulation. This allows them to continue pushing the propaganda delusion that claims fiat currencies hold value, when in reality they hold nothing.

When retail investors buy physical silver, it puts enormous pressure on the entire silver ecosystem and “squeezes” those who hold the fake paper contracts, in some cases forcing them to come up with the actual physical silver they owe or end up defaulting on the silver delivery implied by their paper contracts.

Many people who are currently buying silver contracts are demanding delivery of that silver, and they’re doing this on purpose, as a strategy to force the fraud of the silver paper market out into the open. Other retail investors are merely buying silver as a smart hedge against the coming collapse of the dollar and other fiat currencies, since owning physical metal is one of the key strategies for surviving a global debt collapse.

Silver, like gold, is an atomic element. This means it cannot be destroyed except through nuclear fusion or fission. Once you own physical silver in your possession, you can’t lose it by forgetting a password, or having a bank failure or even through a house fire. Silver doesn’t burn away, it just melts… but it’s still silver.

In my podcast today, I repeat something I’ve said for years: The best safe havens from the coming financial collapse are land, gold and silver. Other physical stores of wealth include firearms, ammunition, tractors (farm equipment), diesel fuel and storable food.

Why do you think Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are buying up hundreds of thousands of acres of land across America? It’s because land is the last-ditch store of wealth when the entire broken financial system comes crashing down.

And that’s where all this is headed: The collapse of the debt system followed by the bankruptcy of the US government under Biden. Old Joe will be relegated to signing blank executive orders as he remains “president” of a bankrupt shell of a former government that will fall as quickly as the old Soviet Union. States like Texas will quickly declare their own sovereignty and begin rolling out their own state-based money systems and military defense operations.

When this happens, you don’t want to be anywhere near a Democrat-controlled city or state, as those will collapse into lawlessness and total chaos. Only red counties have a chance at maintaining the rule of law, thanks to ethical, law-abiding citizens who won’t put up with the chaos and violence of the Left.

Plus, many productive citizens and small business owners have already moved out of blue cities and states. The vast majority of the populations left behind in those hellhole cities like Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles are government handout recipients who contribute nothing to society. That’s why those cities will collapse very quickly: There’s almost no one left who knows how to do anything!