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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

General Cements Plan to End Obama's Reign, but will it do anything at all?

Today WND released an article outlining Ret. Maj. Gen . Paul E. Vallely's plan to muster a vote of "no confidence" against Obama and his minions nation wide but starting in the US House.

You can read that article here:

Here are my comments.

First of all, we have been cornered before by other so called conservative leaders over the last 60 years or so, starting with the John Birch Society.  These leaders and their organizations have made a place for those who believe in the US Constitution, and conservatives in general to run to, where they can be contained and controlled. Where they can be made to spend their money, and spin their wheels, and get nothing done.
Where they can be drained of their energy, and where no power returns into the hands of the people who would really do something to reverse the diabolic trend to totalitarianism that has this country in a death grip.

I will give you an example.   In 1967 and 1968 my uncle, Leo B. Landsberger, was the paid state coordinator for the John Birch Society in the State of North Dakota, where I grew up. He had sold his farm and was very concerned about the state of the nation even then, and was determined to do something about it. He chose to use his considerable talents and his money from the farm to do exactly that.

He was a brilliant organizer, and one of those rare people who could be very persuasive and could speak to a live audience for a couple of hours off the top of his head with no notes, and never say the same thing twice. His sister Rosemary was of like mind and talent, and between the two of them and several key people including some of their brothers and myself and some of our family, were instrumental in organizing over 20 new chapters of the John Birch Society in North Dakota over a 3 year period, and along with that we urged many members of that Society to run for public office in the 1968 campaign, the same year that George Wallace ran for president. To that end, we set up 8 offices across North Dakota, 4 on the highline Highway 2, in Williston, Minot, Devils Lake, and Grand Forks, and 4 along the Interstate in Dickinson, Bismarck, Jamestown, and Fargo.  Each and every one of these offices had a national full time WATS line, or Wide Area Telephone System, which in those days was very expensive, at around $2500 per month.

Leo and the crew used those WATS lines to organize political activity for freedom like had never been done anywhere or anytime in US history up to that time, including the pamphleteering of absolutely every town and city in the whole state of North Dakota with a packet of campaign information at every doorstep of every house in those towns.

To make a long story very short, we called that effort the Taxpayers republican Ticket, and ran in the primary election (North Dakota has an open primary).  We had over 100 candidates that covered all the state and national offices of North Dakota, and many of the legislative seats, and all the candidates were members of the Birch Society.

Then in 1968 we organized a caravan to the New England Rally for God, Family, and Country, in Boston MA, at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Boston.  The founder of the John Birch Society, Robert Welch, was at the conference. My aunt Rosemary was a professional artist who was very well known in North Dakota among the art community, and gave art lessons all around the state. Her favorite tools were a photocopier, and a calligraphy pen, and a legal size sheet of colored paper,  and if she had them she was very dangerous to the subversive elements in our country at the time.  We built some flyers at the Hotel in Boston, and started to pamphleteer that convention, and Robert Welch found one, and realized that members of his Society were running for office in North Dakota, with a big effort to get some real power back into the hands of "We The People".  He came completely unglued. He confronted my uncle's wife on the mezzanine of the hotel and made a big public scene, jumping up and down off the floor and screaming at her that we were ruining everything the Birch Society was trying to accomplish by running for office.

After the convention, while we were on the 4 day drive to get home, we found out that Robert Welch had terminated the membership of 6 people from the Society, but this time it was a public announcement, and to my knowledge these are the only 6 people who have ever been kicked out of that Society publicly.
They were Leo Landsberger, his own paid coordinator, Rosemary Landsberger, Joe Shea, Bill Baker,Jeri Baker and myself.  This effectively ended that chance of electing many of the TRT people to office.

There is one thing that this campaign did accomplish however.  When it was time for the people of ND to vote on a new state constitution, in 1972, the same year Montana and a bunch of other states changed theirs for the worst, the people of North Dakota were smart enough to turn theirs down by a vote of 3 to 1, and today they are the single most prosperous state in this nation, retaining many rights that other states gave away, such as the right of the people to call a Grand Jury by petition.

I tell you this story only to outline what could be happening again. If anybody would know how to set up a controlled opposition it would be a military trained crew.

I have some challenges for you Maj. Gen. Paul E Vallely.  General, if your really want to stop Obama, while restoring the US Constitution, you should be using the tools that are already built into our system.
We have 4 votes in our system of government.
1. The Ballot Box
2. The Grand Jury Box
3. The Trial Jury Box
4. The Cartridge Box

You should be urging the people under your influence to talk about setting up grand juries across the country to indict these leftist communist traitors for their crimes, and that includes educating veterans, and active duty military who have sworn the oath to do exactly that, to uphold, obey, and defend that system of law that was authored by "WE THE PEOPLE" for our government to follow, not the other way around.  I can give you some instruction on how to do this, but first here is a link so you can see what this is based upon. It's based on a fairly recent decision by the US Supreme Court in 1992.

As you can see, the Grand Jury, as decided by the US Supreme Court, is NOT part of the 3 branches of government. IT IS ENTIRELY OWNED BY THE PEOPLE.  It is designed to be a 4th check against corruption and unlawful power by elected officials who are abusing the power of their office and usurping power they don't have by law. The Grand Jury is the lawful and NON VIOLENT way the people have to hold their government servants in control and prosecute those who abuse their power.
Here is an example of how that is being done in the State of New York right now as we speak.

To put it very bluntly, THIS METHOD HAS REAL TEETH, and it is very dangerous to totalitarian rule.
This method directly and immediately puts the power to correct these abuses BACK INTO THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE.

Another thing you should be doing is to gather up every veteran and active duty service person you can influence and get them ready to be a voice for the efforts of a standing Grand Jury.
No laws have to be changed to make it "lawful" for the Grand Jury to operate. The US Supreme Court says so.Those states who have attempted to suppress the Grand Jury are doing so outside the Constitutionality of the law, and are acting unlawfully, which makes their so called law null and void.
If you don't think so read this.

Even some of the state constitutions which have clauses that deny We The People access to a standing Grand Jury are outside the law and constitutionality of the US Constitution. Read that 1992 decision in the link above again, and see if you don't agree with me.

The Grand Jury has the power of subpoena, and investigation, and can exclude judges and prosecutors who think they can control the Grand Jury, from the room. They can make findings of fact, and they can issue true bills, or indictments.  They can also command public servants to obey the law under threat of indictment.
That command is called a Writ of Mandamus, which is what is happening in New York right now. Maybe you need to read those documents again:

Another facet of this is the power of just one juror on a trial jury to nullify bad law and to judge the law as well as the facts in any case. For more information and a jury rights handbook go to this link.

My challenge is this. Are you going to rally everybody to do some useless exercise in political action that spends their money, wastes their time, and never gets any power back into the hands of good people, or are you going to use the tools the founders built into our system to get real power back into the hands of the persecuted good people of this country and put the real traitors in jail where they belong???

Paul Stramer  Eureka Montana  406 889 3183

P.S.   This article was emailed to the Maj. General Vallely directly. So far no answer. Perhaps if everybody reading this comments, and then forwards a link to General Vallely it will sink in that he should answer this.
You can find his email address here: