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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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"The military has kept this country at constant war ---- and I do mean constant --- war, of one kind or another, for over two hundred years.  The people of this country don't even know what their own peacetime flag looks like. "

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A Plan for Global Tyranny


November 28, 2022

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

A Sadly Necessary Education About "Our" Military

 By Anna Von Reitz

I know more about the military in sum total, its history, its glories, and its abject failures than any normal civilian will ever know.  My Father was in the Eighth Army Air Force in WWII and carried the scars literally and figuratively throughout his tragically foreshortened life. Two of my Uncles, who I grew up with day to day, similarly suffered.  One was a radio operator with Patton's Third Army during the Battle of the Bulge if you've got guts enough to hear that story. Another was a pilot involved in the daily dogfights of Europe and later, the Pacific.   My husband is a Vietnam Era Vet and suffered all the miseries attendant to that. I myself was a hospital volunteer emptying bedpans and writing letters home. I was a member of the VFW at the age of eighteen.  Later I was an ESL instructor helping Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees learn English. Our Godson spent 13 years as a Navy Seal and Recon Marine.  My niece was a door gunner in a Blackhawk helicopter in Iraq.  I have been a loyal supporter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America for over 25 years and my husband is a Life Member of the AmVets. I have earned my stripes in all the seasons of the year as the daughter, wife, and mother.  So don't tell me what to say or do or think about the military, because that is one subject that I know well and which I have a right to speak to.  

You haven't had to deal with the Generals as I have.  You haven't had to listen to their inane complaints, grudge-matches, cowardice, or anything else related to this effort to get the entire country including the money and the military back on track.  
You didn't watch your own Mother struggle for over ten years assisting General Roy Schwasinger in his long and ultimately useless fight to regain justice for the farmers and landowners of this country.  I lived and breathed the Farm Union cases at our kitchen table.  I heard about NESARA the way you heard about Jimmy's Prom Date.  

You weren't privy to what went on during the occupation of Wounded Knee.  Maybe you need to know how "our" military rounded up the Native people and treated them as criminals and gave them blankets deliberately infected with smallpox as "presents" from their Great White Father.   No, you don't want to hear about that.  You want to bury your head in a flag and leave your butt hanging in the air, but that's not my response, Girlfriend. 

So don't presume to tell me what my opinion of the military should be.  My opinion is that they are always a day late and dollar short and never deliver. These usurpations against the people of this country should have ended a long time ago.  The illegal and immoral confiscation of our labor and property should have ended a long, long time ago.  And it hasn't ended for one reason --- "our" military has failed its duty to the Constitution and to us.  Period.  The facts are the facts. 

They have all had cause to know that Abraham Lincoln wasn't The President.   And even if he had been the actual President of The United States of America, he wouldn't have had the power or the authority granted to him to "suspend" the Constitution and operate this country under martial law, aka, The Lieber Code, or any other "Executive Order".  Without the graft, greed, power-mongering, and dishonesty of the military brass manipulating the Grant Administration and every Administration since,  none of what has befallen this country from that time to this would have been possible.  

None of it.  

The U.S. Military has been running an occupation of this country since 1863 and operating the government as a military protectorate.  I'm sorry,  but that is the fact.  There's nobody else to blame for the road we've been on and the things we have suffered at the hands of our own military.  If it weren't for General Smedley Butler this country would have come to this same brink decades ago.  It was only his singular example that restored some degree of order and integrity in the ranks and only because one very good man had the courage to do his actual job and blow the crucial whistle.  

I am sorry that there is nobody else to blame, not even the corrupt politicians, because in order for them to successfully be corrupt, the military had to allow it. 

The military is responsible for maintaining the "District" Court System and imposing these carpetbagger courts on the civilian population.  The military is responsible for enforcing the use of their own scrip as "legal tender" here in this country and throughout the world as the "reserve currency".  The military is responsible for the extensive Black Ops running everything from armaments to opium and gambling and the selling of little children into sex slavery to make a profit for themselves.  The military is responsible for the establishment of the Central Bank System and the illegal currency and commodity rigging that has been imposed on all of us since WWI,  and the U.S. Military has been the chief beneficiary of the Blood Money system imposed by the Federal Reserve.  

The military has kept this country at constant war ---- and I do mean constant --- war, of one kind or another, for over two hundred years.  The people of this country don't even know what their own peacetime flag looks like. 

Everything that is wrong with this country and with our world can be traced back to the Romanized British Government, the Popes, and our own dear Sacred Cow, the U.S. Military --- which is now nursing a sore butt because they've been exposed as part of the problem, indeed, as the implementation and enforcement of the problem that we all face.  The pure and simple fact is that if they don't act to restore the civilian government --- and I do mean the actual American Civilian Government, not a British Territorial Substitute for our own Lawful Government, they are all committing treason, but the more stunning fact is that they have been committing de facto treason for 162 years right under our noses and nobody has had the courage and the sense to call them on it.  

Well, here goes.  The cards have been called.  They are on the hotseat to perform their actual duty owed to us, the American People.  And if they don't do it, then they are nothing but a grossly overgrown illegal commercial mercenary force that has been operating under color of law for decades on end, and using our own inaction and trust in them as their excuse to continue plundering, pillaging, illegally confiscating, coercing, press-ganging, privateering and commandeering our government functions against us, their loyal and long-suffering employers. We are the Ultimate Source of every bullet in their guns and every soldier pulling the trigger and we've been treated considerably worse than shit for 162 years. 

Enough is enough, is how I see it. 

It's less than a month until Christmas.  I wish I felt more charitable, but I don't.  I see this once-great country run into the ground by criminal factions in "our" military and the intelligence agencies and all their political sock puppets, too, and I say it's time for them to get back in their box and do their actual job, which is defending and protecting us.  Period.  They have no other valid duty and they are grossly failing the one legitimate duty they have.  While we've been trusting them and depending on them to protect us, they've been busily stealing us blind and selling us out to every Tom, Dick, Harry, Chiang, Ahmed, and Mohan they can find. And now you tell me that this bunch of whores is all we've got standing between us and utter chaos?  

No, dear, we are all that they have standing between them and utter chaos.  


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The Real Charlie Kirk and TPUSA

 By |November 29th, 2022

Saturday, November 26, 2022

More Idiocy Concerning "the" Confederacy -- Which One?

 By Anna Von Reitz

The actual Confederation -- not "Confederacy"-- was created as of March 1, 1781 and functioned under The Articles of Confederation; it ceased operations after Lincoln's election in 1860, because the Southern Delegates walked out, leaving the organization without a quorum. It has never resumed operations since then and has not been "Reconstructed" by the States that created it. 

The remaining Northern Delegates milled around and created what they called "the Union Confederacy" and the absentee Southern Delegates formed what they called, "The Confederate States of America".  It is this second, Southern group that is popularly called "the Confederacy" today.
So, right out of the box, you have the original Confederation that was formed under The Articles of Confederation, rendered useless for lack of quorum. 

You have two splinter group "confederacies" neither one of which are operating under The Articles of Confederation. 

The Northern splinter group calls itself "the Union Confederacy" and later, just "the Union" --- which it never was; the Southern splinter group calls itself "The Confederate States of America" and later, just "the Confederacy".  

This is what the records say and this is what happened, no matter how much people wish it were otherwise, and no matter how many axes there may still be to grind. 

The Confederation is for all practical purposes, dead.  It has been dead for 162 years.  The actual States can reconstruct it or bury it upon their current-day reconsideration, but it is not viable as is and hasn't been for a very long time.  

Before we move on from this solid point, let's review what the Confederation was and where it fit in the structure of American Government. 

The Confederation was the third structural element of the American Government.

Prior to creating the Confederation, the independent States created a Union of States standing together under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence, doing business as the United States. 

Two months later, the same independent States created a Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.  Both of these organizations were and are unincorporated by definition, and both were formed in 1776.

Five years later, and still in the grips of The War of Independence, the same States created the Confederation and began doing their mutual Maritime (Commercial) business as the States of America.  

This represents a logical progress of development.  The original Union of States gave rise to a Federation of their States conducting International and Global business.  Five years on, they re-delegated powers originally exercised by the Federation to the Confederation, thereby separating the Admiralty and Trade Powers (Federation) and the Maritime Commercial Powers (Confederation).  

The structure of the American Government allowed the Union of States to control the National Jurisdiction of the soil while being protected by both the Federation operating in International Jurisdiction and the Confederation operating in Global Jurisdiction.  

Everything functioned as intended for 85 years, and then, the original Confederation failed for lack of quorum. 

There is still one other point about the Confederation to be considered. 

Whereas the Union and the Federation had the independent and sovereign States as members, the Confederation membership consisted of the states-of-states business organizations that the actual States employed to deliver government services.  

When the Union and the Federation held meetings, the States sent delegations.  When the Confederation held meetings, the states-of-states, like The State of Ohio and The State of Florida, sent delegations. 

These meetings were called "Congresses" and the delegates sent to these meetings were, of course, Congressmen, even though they were considering business in distinctly different jurisdictions and even though they varied according to the kind of entity, State or State-of-State, being represented as their membership. 

Note that the Confederation is distinct and different and apart from either of the two confederacies, North and South, spawned from it.  Notice the difference in the verbiage: the Confederation (1781) is not the same as the "Confederacies" formed from it in 1860.  

And, importantly, neither of the Confederacies can claim any authority vested in them by The Articles of Confederation.  These Articles approved by the States were for a perpetual union of State-of-State organizations -- but this union and the organization that represented it, failed in 1860. 

Also note that one of the resulting Confederacies, "the Union Confederacy" calling itself the "Union" and the State-of-State organizations supporting it and calling themselves "the Union States" during the Civil War, can easily be confused with and mistaken for the actual Union of States formed in 1776 so far as the verbiage is concerned. 

As a result, when we talk about "the Union States" it is further necessary to explicitly define the context of the conversation --- are we talking about the 1776 Declaration Union States, that is, the free, sovereign and independent States, or are we talking about "the Union States" of the Northern Confederacy representing, for example, The State of New York, during the Civil War?  

There are two different Unions involved, differing in kind and in power, originating in different time periods, having different characters, different memberships,, and different inherent powers and limitations. 

Today, we face well-funded Opportunists who would seek to commandeer our efforts on the proverbial wooden nickel.  These people who claim that the Southern Confederacy never surrendered and therefore that it  represents the only valid part of our American Government to survive the Civil War, are blissfully ignorant.  

The free and independent sovereign States survived it.  The Union of those States survived it.  And the Federation of States survived it.  

All of these Powers are greater by far than any unauthorized splinter group of state-of-state business organizations representing the Southern Confederacy, all of which were ruinated in the collapse of The Confederate States of America, whether they formally surrendered or not. 

Meanwhile, why didn't the sovereign and independent States represented by the 1776 Union and the Federation of States participate in the Civil War?  

First, because the Civil War wasn't a war.  It was an undeclared and illegal Commercial Mercenary Conflict engendered on our land and soil. This is proven by the fact that there is no record of any Congress issuing a Declaration of War, and no Peace Treaty ending it.  

Second, because we chose a different route -- to pay the cost of buying all slaves their freedom, and to abolish and outlaw the evil practice of enslavement from that point on.  

The Good News is that two-thirds of the original American Government survived the Civil War, and that portion, the 1776 Union and the Federation of States, is more than sufficient to operate this country with no reference to the Confederation at all. 

Remember that the Federation of States provided all external business negotiations and services from 1776 to 1781; we can do so again. We don't need the services of the Confederation to manage our affairs. 

Also notice that all powers originally delegated to the Confederation returned to the Delegators by Operation of Law, when it ceased to function, so the Federation from whence those Powers came is already in receipt of them and is merely exercising them again. 

Observe that when we issued the Summons for the State Assemblies to come back into Session, it took less than two months to secure adequate declared representatives from all fifty States to "reboot" the entire structure. 

Observe that there are now fifty (50) State Assemblies in Session. 

Those Territorial "States" which had been organized under the provisions of the Northwest Ordinance and then left in limbo awaiting the time when the free and independent sovereign States would reconvene and enroll them as full States in the 1776 Union finally got their relief as of the first of October 2020, when the States enrolled as of 1860 voted unanimously to enroll all the Territorial States. 

This action has provided us with fifty (50) fully credentialed States of the 1776 Union, fully empowered to exercise their Treaties and Contracts. 

Finally, please note that our free, sovereign, and independent States are republican in nature, and have never been democracies subject to the demands of mandates or majorities or large numbers of delegates representing various political factions. 

For the purpose of claiming our assets and invoking our so-called reversionary trust interest, we have more than enough self-aware, fully documented, recorded, and declared Americans standing as independent sovereigns in their own right on the land and soil of every State of the Union provided for under our own Public and Organic Laws. 

There is no need, no legal provision for, and no lawful reason for the British King or the Pope, either one, to assume any right or interest with respect to our property and material assets, nor any role for them related to our property and material assets that is not provided for within the context of our venerable treaties and service contracts. 

Any other argument seeking to condone their avarice in the face of our long-established objections is insupportable.


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The Importance of Land and Who Owns It?

 By Anna Von Reitz

When the current world organizational structure was set up, three basic jurisdictions were set up: air, land and sea. 

The Pope controlled the air. 
The Spanish King controlled the land.
The British King controlled the sea.

And the Spanish and British Kings both owed their offices to the Pope, albeit, in different capacities. 

So when we talk about land in the modern world we are talking about: (1) cadastral surveys, and (2) Spanish Land Grants -- whether or not Spain ever directly occupied or possessed the land in question. 

Once the Spanish King put his signature on a Land Grant, that Land Grant and the Deed accompanying it, is the Possession of the Grantee and no superseding action can remove it.  

Land is what the rest of us call the Subsoil underlying a country.  Land is fundamentally important, because it underlies everything on Earth, including the Oceans.  It is what creates and gives rise to the Soil--- and the Soil's Jurisdiction defined as the top six inches of the Land.  You cannot have a country without land, and a nation (population) has no standing without land.  

So it is of critical importance that our land was--- and is---- properly granted to us by the King of Spain as of 1778, and the Deeds have been preserved along with the Treaties by General Cortez and his family, so that there is no question whatsoever that our country is rightfully founded and we have the possession and ownership of it as acknowledged by all current systems of international law.  

To the extent that pirates have come upon the land and tried to claim it and have enforced a brutal and foreign system of land "titles" to overlay the actual grants, grant-deeds, and patents, the Maxim of Law applies: "Possession by pirates does not change ownership." 

The British King and the Pope combined cannot change what the Spanish King has written and what they, themselves, have agreed to.  

Whereupon we have invoked our underlying grants and deeds and patents and brought them forward with full standing to rebut the presumption that there are no Americans still retaining their native birthright and inheritance interests. 

We are here, present and accounted for.  The land of this country belongs to us and to all those who accept and retain their birthright nativity; and, with the land goes the soil, which is part of the land.


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Friday, November 25, 2022

"Excess Death" -- Yet Another Filthy Euphemism

 By Anna Von Reitz

My Fourth Grade teacher, Doris Condie, hated euphemisms with a rare passion.  Whenever she caught someone using a euphemism, like "passed on" for "died", she would quietly correct them --- whether child or adult. 

Her argument was simple but devastating. 

When you don't call something by its real name, you aren't being honest -- not with yourself, and not with others. 

There's no reason to have fifty words or phrases all meaning the exact same thing, unless you want language to be watered down and confusing, or have some reason to obscure what you are talking about.  

So don't call inchoate States-of-States "Confederate States", because they aren't really States at all. 

Don't tell me you're "indisposed".  Tell me you're sick. Tell me you are taking a shower.  Tell me whatever is true, but don't use a euphemism.  

They make my skin crawl. 

Among all the different kinds of lies there are, euphemisms are the closest to lampreys, and that is ironic, because they are almost always created and invoked to make someone feel better, to soften the blows of reality.  

You're not short, you're height challenged.  

You don't have bad breath, you've got halitosis issues. 

You aren't poor, you're economically disadvantaged. 

And while all these people are busy pussy-footing around and being so  "politically correct" -- a euphemism for wishy-washy flannel-mouthed rats, the truth gets bypassed, because the actual message doesn't get sent. 

A couple months ago another new euphemism leaped onto the world stage: "excess death".  

What they are talking about is the increase in the overall number of deaths taking place in all age groups and all social strata since the Vermin deployed the "vaccine" that doesn't prevent infection, doesn't prevent transfer of any disease, and doesn't prevent symptoms of anything, but does appear to be linked-- circumstantially-- to "excess death".  

Maybe you or one of your family members experienced "excess death" this fall, one of the 40 percent more healthy robust people to just fall down dead for no apparent reason. 

Forty percent more.  That's a helluva lot of "excess death" above and beyond anything that we would normally expect to see.  Almost half again as many deaths as normal.  Instead of a hundred corpses at your Funeral Home, you are seeing 140.  

That's not "excess" that is wild beyond all probability.

That's millions of more deaths every week, every month, and, so far, yes, every year.

The Undertakers can't keep up.  The Coroners either.  The Death Business is absolutely booming.  The supply chain boondoggles mean fewer coffins delivered.  The buildup of "excess deaths" means we are running out of conventional morgue and freezer space. 

Hospitals and Nursing Homes are quietly bringing in refrigerated semi-truck trailers and parking them in the back parking lot, filling them up with "excess death participants".  

Sounds like the Stiffs were playing a game, or staging a live action play, doesn't it?  

How about just saying all these beautiful, lively, spunky people died long before their time, taking their skills and insights and talents with them, leaving the rest of us bereft. 

And why don't we stop calling it "excess death"?  Let's just call it what it is --- death caused by for-profit corporations "making a killing"--- literally. 


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Thursday, November 24, 2022

What Catholics Believe

This episode was livestreamed 23 November 2022. 

Kingship of Christ: ideal and real! Without Christ, society is doomed to corruption and destruction. LGBTQ... perversion of the world. St. Louis' 1270 letter to his son. Give thanks to God!

Unhappy Marxist Thanksgiving, Everyone!


November 24, 2022

Unhappy Marxist Thanksgiving, Everyone! - LewRockwell

Thanksgiving in America  By   November 24, 2022

Haunted Thanksgiving

 By Anna Von Reitz

It was perfectly obvious to me at age seven that LBJ and the CIA killed Jack Kennedy.  There was never any doubt. My parents shot glances at each other across the kitchen table. They knew, too.  

They didn’t want to know, but they knew. 

If we all knew, why don’t you?  Why does there continue to be any veil of doubt or ignorance at all? 

I think we all knew and still know.  It’s just that some of us had guts enough to own it. 

My hero in those days was Jim Garrison, a Texan, who knew the truth, too, and dared to say it, “Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy.” 

It was such a relief to hear a grown up come out and say it.   That’s why I loved Jim Garrison then and the reason I still remember him like a lighthouse tower in a time of darkness.  

And I watched this country coil in pain and rage and most of all, confusion.  How could something like the JFK Assassination happen here? 

How could the Warren Commission Report or all the whitewash since ever be “accepted”? 

It wasn’t accepted by me.  Not a bit of it. 

LBJ and CIA, FBI and M16.  

Jim Garrison, a grown up, thought the same things as me.  He fingered them for the crime. He exonerated Oswald. And he stood his ground, like the best men in Texas always have. 
He gave me hope that Justice would be done. 

But the people in this country wimped out and failed.  The majority were so hurt they just wanted to push forward into any future they could find, and I think we all felt helpless, too. 

What do you do when those entrusted to uphold justice are dirty, rotten skunks? 

So the great and terrible Thanksgiving week of 1963 rolled on; Jim Garrison stood tall from the beginning to the end of all that was to come. 

And me? I named my white rabbit Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Nobody but my Father understood why. 

It was all I could do in my childish way to memorialize a young man who died as a scapegoat.  I knew Lee didn’t do it. I could see it in his eyes: hopeless fear. I heard it when he told the reporters, “I’m a patsy!” 

I had no doubt that he was. 

My Father sat down in his favorite chair one night, and hefted my seven year-old self and my white rabbit, Lee Harvey Oswald, onto his lap.  He petted the rabbit’s ears and nodded. 

Sometimes his silence was more than enough. 

No need to tell him what had really happened, or why I named my rabbit after Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Years later when my rabbit died there was a tiny white popsicle-stick cross in the flower garden with Lee Harvey Oswald’s name printed on it. An innocent young man, only 24 years old, who loved his country and who was horribly betrayed — by the Vermin, and by us all, just keeping our heads down and moving along like a herd of sheep in a rain storm. 

I have paused every year since then and thought about it all at Thanksgiving time, about JFK, and Jim Garrison, and Lee Harvey Oswald — and how this whole country, one way or another, myself included, has failed them all. 

The CIA got away with it.  LBJ got away with it. JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald paid for it.  Jim Garrison stood almost alone—- a little girl and a white rabbit in Wisconsin notwithstanding. 

We have all paid for it in our hearts and souls, because we didn’t hold the Vermin to account for it.  There was no justice for JFK or Lee Harvey Oswald, either one. 

And now, the seeds of that have spread so that there is no justice for any of us. 

I did read the Warren Commission Report when I grew up enough to read it.  

Then I took out to the back forty, tied it up with twine, and used the block of paper for target practice.  It was already so “full of holes” it quickly succumbed to the .22 caliber fusillade, followed by some .357 shots,  followed by some Winchester 30.30’s from my old deer rifle, and finally a few  good blasts from my Mom’s twelve gauge, fired from the hip, using 00 buckshot.  

It was a lovely fall day, crisp and sunny, and I stood looking at the demolished target, the Warren Commission Report reduced to bits of white paper littering a hillside in Old Wisconsin, bits of it beginning to flutter away in the wind. 

Seemed like a fitting end to it.  

Perhaps I should have taken a picture of it to send to the bureaucrats in Washington to tell them how I really felt about it? 

Then there was Wounded Knee, and Pine Ridge, and Ruby Ridge, Ollie North, and Waco, the Twin Towers, and another Blue Ribbon Committee Report not worth the paper it was printed on, and now you wonder how “our” elections could be stolen? 

Did you miss the raid on the CIA Offices in Frankfurt, Germany? 

All these evils, all the lies and false flags and murders and everything else, are being perpetuated by the CIA and other misdirected “Intel Agencies” that are being paid for out of the Public Purse but not operated for the Public Good.

These elections are skewed the same way the CIA/FBI Combo does everything else: by fraud, violence, deceit, propaganda, non-disclosure and abuse of power, by acting under color of law, by the cowardly pigs in Congress standing by and doing nothing at all about any of the alphabet soup Agencies, and by people like us never asking the question: how did these unelected, unaccountable, out of control Agencies get a license to bully and kill and steal from the rest of us?  

How do they get off entrapping people on American soil? 

How do they have any right to surveillance us? 

Looks to me like we need to be the ones doing the watching — rat watching. 

I can tell you how the feckless members of Congress have worked it, and numerous political administrations, too.  It’s easy. They create these Three Letter Agencies and hire them to be their storefronts and sock puppets. 

DOJ?  Created by the Scottish Interloper that impersonated our government after the Civil War, to function as an in-house law firm to protect the Vermin from the Public—- paid for at Public expense. 

CDC?  A private, for-profit corporation used for illegal purposes by the DC Swine like Fauci, using Federal grant money as leverage to get any “scientific” results they want.  All at Public Expense. 

NIH?  Same thing. 

WHO?  Same thing. 

Go to any University Campus and you can order any scientific results and whatever scientific opinions from so-called “experts” that you want.  Just bring your purse. 

Wave the carrot of government graft and you can have whatever results you want, made to order, and never mind the facts or the logic. 

The Pandemic is just more of the same, once again brought to us all by misdirected Government Agencies that have no actual authority at all. 

And now we have “the QFS” — another CIA Op coming to us from their new bosses in China. Note the name of the Operation: Crimson Gate, a gate being opened into your backyard and into your pockets and blood streams by CIA Contractors working out of Wright-Patterson. 

We still owe a debt to JFK and his family and to Lee Harvey Oswald and his family, too. 

That debt is to clean up the Royal Swamp that has been substituting itself for our American Government.  All of it. 

Beginning with the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS, the CDC, the NIH, and the CIA.  And all the politicians and Boards of Directors standing behind them, misdirecting them.  

Remember the slain and the innocent and the heroes like Jim Garrison this Thanksgiving. In between the Turkey and the cranberry sauce—
size up what you can do to return this country to sanity. 

We have a debt to pay, but it’s not to the IRS. 


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