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Friday, November 25, 2022

"Excess Death" -- Yet Another Filthy Euphemism

 By Anna Von Reitz

My Fourth Grade teacher, Doris Condie, hated euphemisms with a rare passion.  Whenever she caught someone using a euphemism, like "passed on" for "died", she would quietly correct them --- whether child or adult. 

Her argument was simple but devastating. 

When you don't call something by its real name, you aren't being honest -- not with yourself, and not with others. 

There's no reason to have fifty words or phrases all meaning the exact same thing, unless you want language to be watered down and confusing, or have some reason to obscure what you are talking about.  

So don't call inchoate States-of-States "Confederate States", because they aren't really States at all. 

Don't tell me you're "indisposed".  Tell me you're sick. Tell me you are taking a shower.  Tell me whatever is true, but don't use a euphemism.  

They make my skin crawl. 

Among all the different kinds of lies there are, euphemisms are the closest to lampreys, and that is ironic, because they are almost always created and invoked to make someone feel better, to soften the blows of reality.  

You're not short, you're height challenged.  

You don't have bad breath, you've got halitosis issues. 

You aren't poor, you're economically disadvantaged. 

And while all these people are busy pussy-footing around and being so  "politically correct" -- a euphemism for wishy-washy flannel-mouthed rats, the truth gets bypassed, because the actual message doesn't get sent. 

A couple months ago another new euphemism leaped onto the world stage: "excess death".  

What they are talking about is the increase in the overall number of deaths taking place in all age groups and all social strata since the Vermin deployed the "vaccine" that doesn't prevent infection, doesn't prevent transfer of any disease, and doesn't prevent symptoms of anything, but does appear to be linked-- circumstantially-- to "excess death".  

Maybe you or one of your family members experienced "excess death" this fall, one of the 40 percent more healthy robust people to just fall down dead for no apparent reason. 

Forty percent more.  That's a helluva lot of "excess death" above and beyond anything that we would normally expect to see.  Almost half again as many deaths as normal.  Instead of a hundred corpses at your Funeral Home, you are seeing 140.  

That's not "excess" that is wild beyond all probability.

That's millions of more deaths every week, every month, and, so far, yes, every year.

The Undertakers can't keep up.  The Coroners either.  The Death Business is absolutely booming.  The supply chain boondoggles mean fewer coffins delivered.  The buildup of "excess deaths" means we are running out of conventional morgue and freezer space. 

Hospitals and Nursing Homes are quietly bringing in refrigerated semi-truck trailers and parking them in the back parking lot, filling them up with "excess death participants".  

Sounds like the Stiffs were playing a game, or staging a live action play, doesn't it?  

How about just saying all these beautiful, lively, spunky people died long before their time, taking their skills and insights and talents with them, leaving the rest of us bereft. 

And why don't we stop calling it "excess death"?  Let's just call it what it is --- death caused by for-profit corporations "making a killing"--- literally. 


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  1. Wow I wish i had a good English teacher like yours Anna and few more good teachers that would have taught better and more truth or just tell it like it is straight up.

    1. oh, and add to it taught more American History too, with the truth

  2. I say call it murder

    1. thats right, participation in shortening man's days is murder.
      ask God for judgment.

  3. vaccine to excess death and very little mention of 5G to excess death. Will the real cause please stand up. Anna I'm curious why you haven't written about this. Excess deaths by emfs please read the book The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg.

    1. emfs + graphene oxide/metals + LED??

    2. If my memory is correct, I believe Anna mentions 5G , EMF problems in previous emails check maybe a year ago or longer

    3. She hasn't crossed that bridge yet. She still thinks the germ theory is real and little microbes are cruising around through oxygen, UV light and ozone making everybody sick.

  4. George Carlin with similar words on eufanism :

  5. You should also see this one of George Carlin talking about politicians:

  6. Just like crude oil added to make "Cheez Doodle" by Wise

  7. For someone who does not like euphemisms, I find it interesting that Anna repeatedly calls people various names such as rats and vermin, not "acting as if they are" rats and vermin. Multiple body coffins were delivered all over this country AND to military basis years ago. I've seen them and heard the testimony of a truck driver whose only job was to full time deliver them around the country. This or something like it has been planned for years.

  8. Well we won’t have one “ excess death “ when they all pay with their lives from the gallows.

    1. Norymberg Trial, and Public, live via Internet. online executions for all involved, m


  10. WHO cooking new policies.

  11. …. And the funeral businesses have been bought up by the perpetrators …SCI corporations

  12. Can we question any of the founding documents? How about UCC? Soon as we couldn't we are an experiment, our whole lives.

    Our government is supposed to be staffed by us but, not as in corporations in uniform commerce, as a family. We are where the credit. We've lost out small towns, people fail. "One switch" happened.

    We can be taught how and why to have these corporations but not to be made by them. The people have defined ourselves, just how we've known ourselves now.
    Our home STATE sent us to their home STATE. By signing we've crossed our SELVES over three or so boundaries in records we sign for, with the crossings not stopped long ago.

    Autographed by: just me (c)

    "One switch" Created a what?

  13. UCC and all that came with the switch being more and more implemented in company

  14. Shelby, naling it
    RESILIENT - res silent
    CAPS LOCK - cops lak
    Good stuff
    :I go by what my buddies call with with no caps" 14 days to present your claims, etc.

    1. in Spanish "res" means "beef".

      res- ident. cow's identity??
      who does this cow belong to?
      ident-ify yourself!! Are you a Res-? ident?
      i need your PAY-PERS[on] NOW!!
      i need your to see your PAY-PERS[on] RIGHT NOW to see who gets the USUFRUCT [ur so fuck'd] on you cow.

      [RES is even on the Knorr Beef Bouillon label: Caldo Con Sabor de Res.]

  15. my buddies call me

  16. Excess poking at THEM... pointing THEM all back to a great restart of our counties, juries, states, etc. Why is that so off-base with Anna's inception of VERY MUCH due diligence?

    I should get on telegram, just haven't wanted commerce presumption at all.

  17. 1. denied, ridiculed
    2. violently opposed
    3. accepted as self-evident

    Readers of Paul's great AVR blog are at 3 on the truth stages re: American states and people on the land... what could possibly go wrong in declaring & correcting your political status? SSA lump some demands in abatement claims, bank runs, etc? Interest free capital demands? Big dreams insisted? Big prayers unanswered? Restored republic derailed again? Sound leaders? Wise sessions called into order is exciting to see & here.

    We have 2021's monumental accomplishments and so much more.