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Tuesday, July 4, 2023

The Corporate Trust Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq:

Whereas all incorporated entities may be considered to be trusts to the extent that the property of shareholders is managed for them by the managers of such corporations, other corporate but unincorporated entities, are held in common and have no such character. 

Put another way, a business or other organization may be corporate, but not incorporated. 

A corporate business may acquire the character of a public or private trust by structure or other express intention, or what is far more common, by submission to a foreign sovereign power, but such a trust may not be assumed in the present case where improper actions have been taken via the practice of registering American babies as U.S. Citizens without full disclosure, and then registering what appear to be their names as Municipal Corporations under franchise as well. 

Neither of these incorporations can be allowed to exist, much less be enforced as trust obligations foisted off on clueless Americans who don't even know these trusts exist.  

This is especially true as the American Government is known to be organized as a Corporation in Common and to have an unincorporated structure created under Common Law. 

The only Public Trust created by the American Government was the Preamble Trust added to each of the respective Federal Constitutions, making the Constitutions themselves a trust obligation of our Employees and Subcontractors -- not us. 

The victims of this intricate scam were named as co-owners and co-trustees and dubbed "Authorized Representatives" of these foreign Legal Fictions named after them --- a purported office and function that they were never made aware of, and which was deliberately hidden to prevent them from repudiating it. 

Every check attached to every bank account that we have examined appears to have a signature line in the lower right corner, but upon closer examination under high magnification, what appears to be a line is actually a continuous repetition of microprint identifying the signature above it as that of the "Authorized Representative" of the  foreign corporation/trusts named after them.  

In fact, America's sovereignty is vested in its nation-states and is held in common, not in trust. 

This is why our American Congressional Delegations are composed of Fiduciary Deputies and not mere Proxy Holders, Trustees, or in the general vernacular, Representatives. 

All these legal suppositions of the existence of public trust interests and the idea that Americans were ever legitimately or voluntarily rendered wards of a British Territorial Empire and the Roman Pontiff by a process of non-disclosed registration of American babies as U.S. Citizens and US CORPORATIONS must be dispensed with. 

All the assets owed to the victims of these schemes must be returned to them --- not only the Americans, but the British peoples, the people of the former British Commonwealth and the people of the Occupied nations of Western Europe, are all owed immediate release and restitution from the offending Municipal Corporations, their actual franchises, and the Principals responsible for this unlawful activity on our shores and on the shores of many other nations. 

It's all nothing but a gigantic criminal fraud scheme. 

We have seen how the purported public trust interests of the British Monarch and the Pope have been formed as both the Municipal Corporations in the District of Columbia rushed forward in the aftermath of the so-called Civil War, seeking to claim citizenry and assets for themselves.  

The British interests misrepresented their activities as "salvage" operations and the Successors of the Holy Roman Empire Subcontractors "accepted" their share of the spoils of the British activities in the form of their own Municipal Corporation franchises set up as "dedicated debtors" which would accept the burden of war reparations owed to the British and provide the operating expenses for the Municipal Government's activities as well. 

Both the British Territorial U.S. Citizens created by the birth registration scam and the US CORPORATIONS subsequently formed to benefit both the foreign Principals were characterized as Public Trusts and a public trust interest was attached to each of these Legal Fiction Persons --- only it wasn't our public and our public trust being benefited. 

The British Territorial U.S. Citizens were assumed to be Wards of the British Monarch, and the US CORPORATIONS were assumed to be Wards of the Pope acting in his Office of the Roman Pontiff, with both the British Monarch and the Pope accepting various natural assets of the victims as trust properties abandoned in their respective jurisdictions. 

The British Municipal Corporation latched onto the corpus, that is, the physical assets of their American, British, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Australian, Canadian.... et alia, victims, expropriating their land, their gold, their Good Names, and their physical bodies, while the Holy See attached their intellectual and energetic (labor) assets.  

All this was done to people who didn't owe either Principal a penny,  people that they were obligated under contract to serve in "good faith". 

No exigency of war can be offered as an excuse for this pillaging and plundering and latching upon American property assets, because there was in fact no war, only an illegal Mercenary Conflict.  No emergency powers can be claimed, because any emergency was caused by the Perpetrators themselves, acting in breach of trust and contract, and no consensual Emergency Powers were ever granted to them. 

The British were not engaged in any legitimate salvage operation, but were engaged in secretive inland piracy, instead.  See the open claims of enslavement and ownership in the Buck Act (1940) promoted by their Territorial Congress as preparation to excuse their illegal and unlawful press-ganging of Americans during the Second World War. 

Every American ever drafted to fight in any of the illegal Mercenary Conflicts that have been disguised and misrepresented as "Wars" was subjected to press-ganging by the British Perpetrators, and press-ganging has been outlawed for over 200 years. 

The British malfeasance and criminal misrepresentations opened up the entire opportunity for the Pope acting as the Roman Pontiff to gain all the secondary Municipal Corporation franchises and extract revenue from them through child labor contracts (see the Miller Act in this country and similar legislation enacted in other countries impacted by this scheme)  and collection of income taxes (Peter's Pence), performance taxes, and utility taxes, too.  

These taxes and fees were extracted from the actual owners of these assets by foreign Municipal Corporations acting under color of law and misrepresenting themselves as our government and our trustees.  

The British have worked hand-in-hand with the Office of the Roman Pontiff ever since King John (Lacklands) contracted with Pope Innocent as Overseer of the Church's Commonwealth lands in England just prior to the Magna Carta.  

The convenient closure of the Office of the Pontiff in 2011 in no way remedies the evils perpetuated by it  and as our American claims were already present and cured and a Regency established in England for the benefit of Great Britain and the British Territories in 1999, there can be no doubt that the assets were and are owed to us, not the banks that have been assigned to act as trustees. 

We wish for our assets to be returned to us and to our direct control; we are joined in that wish by the British Regency government and the lawful government of Terra Australis.  We are sure to be joined by other competent land jurisdiction governments, especially those in the Occupied countries of Western Europe and Japan that should have been set free and released from this criminal nonsense in 2005.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

Issued July 4th 2023


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