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Friday, August 26, 2022

Updating The Informer....

 By Anna Von Reitz

A little knowledge is dangerous, this "Oldie But Goodie" for example:
It was compiled by The Informer back in the day, probably twenty years ago, before he or anyone else had completely untangled the maze of similar names being used for dissimilar entities.
Throughout this referenced expose he leaves it to the reader to discern that "the United States" and "the US" he is talking about is a corporation eligible to receive bankruptcy protection, not our country, The United States.
Countries have sovereign immunity and are not eligible to go bankrupt. Bankruptcy is a privilege extended to corporations chartered by a sovereign government. The expense of their bankruptcy is then paid off by the people of that country.
When citing "the US" and "the United States" he is referring throughout to the Municipal Theocracy being run as a corporation. THAT is the entity that has been bankrupted, together with other similar entities, which have been bankrupted repeatedly by the Municipal Government as part of the Great Fraud Scheme.
This ongoing cycle of bankruptcies is how they safely unloaded all of their debts on the unsuspecting Americans. Technically, the only ones responsible for paying these debts are the actual Municipal citizens, what the Territorial Fourteenth Amendment calls "citizens of the United States", but by coercion and "legal supposition" the rats contrived to redefine all of us as "citizens of the United States" so that we would be responsible for their spending.
This "supposition" or "presumption" that we were stateless because our American Government wasn't in Session, is what allowed them to make these outrageous claims of control over us and our property assets; as we have stood up our American Government again, via the assembling of our State Assemblies, they--- and the rest of the world --- are faced with their criminal Breach of Trust, Fraud, and Usurpation against their Treaty Partners and Allies.
They also have to face the literal mountains of Odious Debt that they have amassed as a result of these criminal activities on our shores.
Also, The Informer in the referenced article, is supposing that the Reader knows the difference between "US" and "U.S." Most people still don't know that "US" means Municipal Government while "U.S." indicates the British Territorial Government---- two completely separate forms of government (Theocracy v. Democracy, both of which are different from our American Government) and completely different entities.
Wherever The Informer is talking about the CFR, that is, Council on Foreign Relations, he is talking about the Municipal Government and in particular the Municipal Corporation. The CFR is how they administered the Municipal Corporation as they were preparing to go Full Monty and try to mount a Municipal World Government under the auspices of the United Nations.
The United Nations is being used as another storefront for the UN CORP, which proposes to use the United Nations Organization as a storefront for its activities in exactly the same way that the Roman Catholic Church has been used as a storefront for the Roman Pontificate.
The United Nations is actually functioning as another "independent international city-state" --- a Municipal Government --- which has been given safe harbor by the City of New York, which also allows "NYC" another Municipal Government to exist within its confines.
If you are paying attention, you will see that they are setting up exactly the same situation that they had with the District Governments, with the British Territorial Government being housed in the District of Columbia, and the Municipal Government being housed within the confines of the Municipality of Washington, DC---- only instead of it being set up as an obviously separate entity, they are hiding it behind the facade of New York City which already had a separate identity as a City prior to al the Municipal double-speak and chicanery.
Now we have New York City and within New York City (like a set of Nesting Dolls) we have NYC and within NYC we have the UN Corporation ensconced in its separate independent international city-state, operating under its own sovereign immunity on our shores ---- and all without the permission or knowledge of the actual State, New York, and its People.
Wherever The Informer is talking about "Executive Orders" know that these are administrative directives to the Territorial U.S. Government officers and their U.S. Citizens, and have no authority with respect to the General Public.
The General Public of this country desperately needs to know what does and does not apply to them in terms of law and in terms of obligations. For example, in this expose, The Informer says that we "must" have a Social Security Number ---- but this only applies to Municipal citizens of the United States, not members of the General Public. He says that the Pope can alter any "law" of "the United States" --- but again, he is talking about the Municipal Corporation and the Municipal Theocracy, not our country, not The United States.
He says we are slaves and don't own anything ---- but that's only true if we are actually Municipal citizens of the United States, the Municipal Theocracy.
There are laws and there are Laws and there are LAWS and all of us need to be much better informed and aware of which laws apply to which population, and also aware of which population we ourselves belong to.
Because our own American Government didn't immediately come back into Session after the Civil War, the rest of the world "presumed" that it "disappeared" in the wreckage caused by the Mercenary Conflict engendered on our shores by the British Monarch, the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, and the then-Pope. They put it out to the rest of the world that we were "in Interregnum" because the Congress running the Federal Republic adjourned "sine die" and did not reappear five years later.
But that Congress was only running the Federal Republic, and the Federal Republic was only the American Subcontractor "created and hired" under the provisions of the original 1787 Federal Constitution.
The "missing Congress" wasn't our Federation Congress in charge of our actual Federation of States --- our so-called "Ship of State". And this just underlines --- again, the self-interested deceit of the British Government and its claim to "salvage rights" related to our "Ship of State".
What they "salvaged" was a Subcontractor of our actual Government, which they illegally latched upon and hypothecated debt against for no justifiable reason.
The Popes, the Lord Mayors, and the British Monarchs all have cause to know that our actual Federation (not "Federal") Congress never moved from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. So how could they mistake the Federal Subcontractor operating the Federal Republic in Washington, DC, a foreign territory, for our actual American Government?
They couldn't. They knew better. They didn't care and they didn't honor their contractual and moral obligations to their Employers, the States and People of this country. Instead, they unleashed gangs of thugs to terrorize, murder, and pillage the members of the actual American Congress, like my husband's Great-Grand Uncle, Clintwood Belcher, who was set upon by a gang of Union thugs while carrying home the Great Seals from Washington, DC, branded a horse thief, forced to flee to the Frontier, and spent the rest of his life looking over his shoulder.
The actual members of the American Congress told their children and their families what went on between the Government in Pennsylvania and the insurrectionists in charge of the U.S. Army and the foreign politicians operating out of Washington, DC. It's because of that that we were able to Summon the Federation of States back into Session even 160 years after these events.
The Pope, the Lord Mayor, and the King, were all betting that they had successfully dismembered the actual American Government and that we would never be able to summon our States of the Union back into Session, and if we did, they would merely pretend that we were "citizens" obligated to them, and therefore, lacking the necessary "standing" to take such an action.
All that began to fall apart back in 1998 when we woke up and started the earnest process of unraveling their pernicious little word games and peeling back the layers of actual Government versus Governmental Service Providers and their Agencies.
One of the unambiguous bits of information that The Informer brought forward is that all these "Agencies" --- the FBI, FEMA, BATF, IRS, etc., --- are not even part of the Federal Government. They are Subcontractors of our Subcontractors and have no authority related to the General Public and the property of the General Public, at all. They have no authority over you or your property assets.
U.S. v Strang, 254 US491 Lewis v. US, 680 F.2nd, 1239, are the two court cases that prove that the Agencies are not part of the Federal Government.
U.S. v Strang proves this with respect to the Territorial Government.
Lewis v. US proves this with respect to the Municipal Government.
In addition, the U.S. Supreme Court recently reaffirmed the ruling of the Tennessee Supreme Court in Norton v Shelby County almost a century ago in West Virginia v EPA handed down a few weeks ago--- finding that a Congress has no ability to further delegate its legislative authorities to Administrative Agencies. This means that all the Administrative Codes and Statutes cannot be applied to members of the General Public --- only to U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States.
This throws the Motor Vehicle Code, the Internal Revenue Code, and all similar codes out the window with respect to Joe Public.
The question is --- are you volunteering to serve as a U.S. Citizen or Municipal citizen of the United States? Or, are you a member of the General Public?
Most Americans have been snookered into obeying "laws" that don't apply to them, and under conditions of non-disclosure have done things that allow these foreign Subcontractors to suppose that you are one of them--- so you have to reassert your standing as a simple member of the General Public.
We do this by declaring, recording, and publishing our chosen political status as Americans, and by notifying the Bureau of Consular Affairs in the United States Department of State of our political status choice, and by claiming our reversionary trust interest and exemptions provided as remedy to legalize these otherwise illegal activities on our shores.

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