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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Money Printing Gone Off the Rails – James Turk

Regarding Lucifer

 By Anna Von Reitz

When I was 41 years old, I was granted a great gift. I was enabled to recall my prior lives going back more than 60,000 years on this planet and to see all the many roles and experiences that I as a living soul have had --- my personal history and my enduring knowledge.
This is to say, that when you can recall all the many lifetimes that you, too, have experienced, you will know for sure that yes, you have lived in bodies of every sex, kind, and color, endured many, many physical deaths, and every time that you have been incarnate --- you learned things that are, to a greater or lesser extent, pertinent to your life today.
Think of a mushroom which appears on the surface of the forest floor, but which is supported by a vast thread-like network of mycelium that is unseen. You are similarly apparent and physical, but you are supported by a vast network of hidden, unconscious connections at an energetic level.
This vast biological computer network can be accessed via the 90-plus percent of your brain which you don't use --- which has largely lain dormant and been turned "off" deliberately by the enemies of mankind --- the same parasites we have discussed with respect to the corruption of the governments on Earth.
This planet has been a sanctuary and refuge for different waves of aliens who have come here to escape war, as well as visitors who have come here to trade and to establish communications, etc.
The two interplanetary wars that have affected us most are known as The War in the Heavens, which is very ancient, and The Great Plasma War, which occurred 32,000 years ago.
The refugees from The War in the Heavens amounted to a small group of escapees who were members of a caste-system society that resulted from an even earlier war, so to understand who and what these refugees are/were, it is important to know the following history:
The Seraphim are a race of what we have called "Angels" living in the Sirius Star System. It's here that the fight started, with renegade Seraphim conquering first the Orion Star System and next, the Pleiadian Star System.
These corrupted Seraphim set themselves up as priests in a caste system they established, forced the conquered Orions (Aryans) to serve them as soldiers, and enslaved the Pleiadian Merchants to carry on beneficial trade for them.
This history is recorded in part in the Bible and in other ancient manuscripts and scriptures, so it's not just my personal Soul Memory backing this.
The Seraphim priests were not as long-lived or as hearty as the Draco hybrids that they created from the Orion (Aryan) captives, and even though they, the Seraphim, mated with human ancestors, and intermarried to try to keep the "bloodline" going, it eventually petered out and only occasionally reasserts itself in individuals who are throwbacks to the parent race---- much as you might be the first person in your family to go bald in a hundred years. Or more.
So the Seraphim heritage is still here, but rarely expressed in the progeny they left behind.
This left the surviving Draco Overlords in charge, without a Master (Priest) to direct their activities, and left the succeeding generations of Pleiadian Merchants at loose ends, too.
When The War in the Heavens ended, they felt they couldn't go home, so they stayed here, and as all they knew was war, they created war in order to employ themselves. And they sought out "priests" to give them instructions, trying vainly to re-establish the caste system they were programmed to live within, but which no longer existed.
These individuals, for the most part, are more to be pitied than censured. They are what they are because they were deliberately genetically created to be soldiers. It's embedded in their neural network and they can no more change it (without intervention) than you could change your natural hair color.
They adopted human priests to serve, in hopes that the Seraphim would speak through their Nephilim children, but the humanoid offspring are increasingly short-lived as the Seraphim component of their heritage dilutes into the general population, and even if the Seraphim off-spring have the capacity to fulfill their role, their lifespan is too short to provide the stability and long-term direction the Dracos need.
At the beginning of this current saga, circa 2,500 BC, only twenty Dracos remained. They do die, but they are so long-lived in comparison to people that we are (almost) like mayflies to them. In the intervening centuries, seven more died, so that by the beginning of the 1300's, only 13 remained. Another, Marduk, died a few years ago, leaving 12 aged Dracos in charge.
These are the 12 who came to visit me and say good-bye as they depart back to the Orion Star System which is home to them.
What we are left with is an imposter, calling himself "Lucifer", claiming to be the son of the rebel Seraphim Archangel who started The War in the Heavens. This is a ridiculous claim on many levels.
This character calling himself "Lucifer" has kept a wide berth away from me, but others in my sphere have been contacted and he has attempted to coerce them into doing various ugly things. They describe him as a small Italianate person who speaks and acts like a mafiosi and who claims to own all three of the now-defunct Federal Subcontractors.
Well, let's see, the American Federal Republic has been inoperable since 1860, so that is owning a whole lot of nothing, unless you claim to own the United States Trust, which belongs instead --- not to any individual --- but to our Member States. That is, the Nevada State Trust belongs to Nevada, not Big Mo.
Then there is the latest failed iteration of "the" United States of America, Inc., which went bankrupt and failed its Performance Test as a recipient of our Delegated Powers; so, by Operation of Law, the Delegated Powers returned to the Federation of States, and we have declined to accept a Successor contract.
Read that--- the British affiliates are working without a contract, and everything that they own in ours by default, unavailable to serve as chattel for credit purposes, and unavailable to Secondary Creditors as payment in liquidation. So, nobody owns any of that, except for our States of the Union and our People.
Finally, the Municipal Corporation, which never had any granted right to operate in this country the way that it has, also went bankrupt a number of years ago, and recently emerged in the form of a would-be Successor led by Joe Biden. They similarly lost any contract and we similarly accepted back the Delegated Powers and refused to assume a Successor Contract with them, their heirs or their assigns. So they don't have a contract, either.
All three Federal Subcontractors are officially as dead as bugs with all six feet in the air, and nobody claiming to "own" them has anything of value: one long-dead and dis-assembled American Service Company, and two officially bankrupt corporations.
Talk about trying to shoot the world on a wooden nickel....!
The Trusts left behind all belong to the American States and People, who are still represented as they have been since September 1776, by our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America--- not to be confused with "the" United States, Inc, "the" UNITED STATES, "the" United States of America, Inc., or even "The" United States of America, Incorporated, US, INC., USA, Inc. ---- or any of the rest of the "derivatives" these fraudsters have passed off "in our names".
Mr. Lucifer has either been conned, or is trying to con, the world.
I am calling upon All Those Present, alive and dead, to put an end to this nonsense, arrest Mr. Lucifer, and put him aboard a transport ship back to his native planet for rehabilitation. He is not a Seraphim, whatever else he may be.
All the original Seraphim died within a couple thousand years of their arrival here, and their bloodlines have been dying out ever since.
While he is on this planet, he is subject to the Universal Law of our Creator, and he has broken it by voluntary compliance with and observance of, idolatry, by lying, by trespass upon others and their assets, by disrespecting our freewill, by promoting acts of genocide, and by harming the ecosphere of this planet via his agents and investments, by broadcasting harmful EMF frequencies, by weaponizing communications networks, and most recently, promoting the entire worldwide "health emergency" to profit himself.
This guy is a criminal and a Hoaxer and he needs to go. This planet, Earth, known as Terra, is not his natural home, and there is no excuse for lack of intervention in this case. He has offered his solutions and his leadership, and we've said no.
We are not deceived. We have passed the test.
Now, we would like to enjoy our Natural Estate in peace and for there to be abundance for everyone, and for an end of all war-like activities and profiteering from war; the Dracos are gone, and let war be gone with them.
We know the implements of peace and we have earned our place. Observe our flag --- the peacetime flag.
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

PS--- Suggest everyone in receipt of this communication watch Gregg Braden's many presentations regarding the encoded information present in our DNA.


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