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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Morning Session with David Straight

By Anna Von Reitz

We got off to a great start. David is every bit as coherent and easy to listen to in person as his YouTube presentations.  (Some other speakers aren't as smooth in the free-flow of live audience presentations-- but David delivered a 100%). 

This first morning session covered a lot of introductory information --including one of the simplest guidelines to different kinds of law I have ever seen, and also a very useful way for people to function well and in proper jurisdiction. I will try to describe this very briefly:

L and = Common Law = Law of Property, Equity and Rights 

A ir = Ecclesiastical and Canon Law = Law of Trusts 

W ater = Admiralty and Maritime = Contract Law

This is basic to understanding the jurisdictions and kinds of law and what we are talking about as opposed to "venue". 

A venue is a place or level where a jurisdiction is being exercised. For example, right now we have State, county, and Municipal courts all functioning under Contract Law.  These are different venues with different contracts but they are all functioning under the jurisdiction of  Admiralty / Maritime law. 

Another vital point I found to be useful to everyone is that each jurisdiction has its own language and that invoking and holding your jurisdiction involves first and foremost using the language of that jurisdiction.

I have, of course, known this for a long time just as a matter of practical head bumping and reading law, but never encountered just a simple yet correct explanation of it. 

Gold nuggets aplenty besides this, but in terms of great and supremely useful insights that help everyone understand things better, this is a sample. 


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Good News--

By Anna Von Reitz

I met with Senior Chief Marshall Haywood for several hours after arrival last night.  She gave me a preliminary run down and progress report on the organizational development and status. They have come a long way in terms of establishing standards, training, departments, badges, paperwork, and all the rest of it.  It is clear that she and the other Marshals involved have put in a tremendous amount of thought and work into building a modern and well-documented peacekeeping force we can all be proud of.  In the course of the discussions Senior Chief Haywood demonstrated an unusually good knowledge of how law works now versus the way Public Law is supposed to operate, the underlying reasons that our peacekeeping forces are being lied to and misdirected--- and what we can all do to change that and make our country and communities safer places to be. 

She made me aware of a couple new programs akin to Neighborhood Watch and relationship building that has been going on in which the Marshals are taking the lead to educate and support Law Enforcement Officers about Public Law and all the many topics that relate to Public Duty. 

Education of local law enforcement and Agency Personnel remains a high priority going forward and The Continental Marshals Service is well on its way organizationally to becoming  an integral and vital --and prior to this, missing link in the total law enforcement community nationwide. 

Our Marshals are taking the high road and keeping their focus exactly where I and everyone else reading this, needs it to be: protecting private persons and property and enforcing the Constitutional guarantees we are all heir to. 

I couldn't be more pleased with the dedication, understanding, focus, and just plain hard work of these unpaid volunteers.  It is very humbling to consider the sacrifices each and every one of these Americans are making. 

For those who don't know, the Marshals Service was re-commissioned in 2015 as a result of being de-funded by the corporate Municipal Congress.

Bruce Doucette was given the task of organizing the Marshals. He admitted that the task was too much on top of everything else and nominated Tresa Haywood about a year later. 

He never gave her copies of the foundation documents and there were other issues with the transfer of command that have now either been ironed out or soon will be now that I have been made aware of them. 

I also want to assure people who have heard ugly rumors to the effect that Senior Chief Marshall Haywood had anything to do with the arrest and conviction of the Colorado Nine that this gossip is totally unfounded. 

Bruce and the others got in trouble because they were confused and would not listen to me nor to Chief Haywood.  They crossed over the jurisdictional lines, which predictably has the same result as turning the wrong way on a one way street. 

Anyone who is interested in what happened can read the at-the-time description and account of it that I provided everyone -- I believe it's Article 485 on my website. 

Both Chief Haywood and myself have been blamed for what happened to the Colorado Nine. The fact is that we both did all that we could short of standing on our heads in a public restroom to keep these good men on track.  

They thought they knew better the whole time that Chief Haywood and I were pointing at the street signs. 

And, I will note, they still think they know better even now, when they are in prison.  They still don't grasp the fact that they transgressed into a foreign jurisdiction.  

I carefully explained it all again and wrote to each one of them and asked them to sign paperwork acknowledging the facts and that they made a simple mistake and should receive a Presidential Pardon.  I told them to stop filing any motions with any courts and to handle everything from then on as a private matter. 

President Trump could have and I believe, would have, just pardoned them, if they could have demonstrated their new-found grasp of how all this works and promised not to cross jurisdictions again. 

But once again, they ignored my instructions, kept filing motions into foreign courts, and thereby provided evidence that no, they were still confused and therefore still likely to commit similar offenses again. 

In all of this, these men have been their own enemies and their refusal to listen is what has gotten them into unnecessary trouble--- not failure of any duty that I or Chief Haywood had to warn them or assist them. 

So we have struggled on without their assistance and the effort to get the Colorado Assembly organized was made harder by this epic loss, but on the other hand, the leadership that remains is leadership that learns and listens and which can succeed in navigating the maze of Rights and Responsibilities.  

At the end of the day, we are called to do our Public Duty, in peace, and in honor.  

The Continental Marshals are doing more than their fair share.


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