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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Please Post Where People Will See It


My God, My God....

 By Anna Von Reitz

People have been asking me about a Facebook link to a presentation about Adrenochrome, a drug hailed as "the Fountain of Youth"--- except that it requires torturing and killing children to create it.  

I will post the Facebook link though you have to open up Facebook in order to follow it, and I do not expect it to be on Facebook for very long.  

But then, I will cut to the chase and post the documents that this report is based on and let you read it for yourselves: 

These papers are internal production records -- production of Adrenochrome, that is, --- including the names and dates of birth of the children "used up" to produce the given amounts of "junk".  

The papers detail the names and locations of "centers" where this "harvesting" was done by a corporation called CYM. --- a Defense Contractor working for the United States Army Special Medical Corps --- itself just the name of another Municipal Corporation owned and operated by the British Territorial Government. 

The Brits, again. 

They were keeping these kids in detention centers, calling them inmates, calling themselves wardens,  slowly torturing these kids to death, and harvesting the adrenochrome from their blood.  

The adrenochrome is produced by the body in response to the terror and torture.  

Now you know where the tales of vampires and the Marquis de Sade come from, and what motivated these horrific, heinous, murderous acts against children and young teenagers.  

Now you know that the "Special Medical Corps" of our British Territorial "United States Army" was involved in the factory-like production of Adrenochrome.  

They were producing it, selling it, and using it for their own purposes --to keep their venal leaders alive long after these evil men and women should have died, to entice people like Hollywood actors and Supermodels who depend on their appearance to maintain their careers, and to blackmail everyone involved at any level as producers or consumers of the drug.  

More shocking, look at the names and the photos of the people who were involved in these activities.  They look perfectly normal, don't they?  They look like anyone you might see in the grocery store or the ballpark, a car wash, a concert, or, even in church --- and they were making their livings by torturing little kids to death. 

Some of them probably even thought that they were doing something important and necessary for "the government".  

Read through the list of the children's names and their dates of birth.  Imagine how you would feel as the parents of these "missing" children.... 

These men and women, all members of the United States Army Special Medical Corps who put up with this and "went along", all of them who were involved in this hideous business, must be appropriately and decisively punished. 

Any politician or agency personnel who knew about this and did nothing to stop it, deserve the same fate. 

Anyone who claims that any part of this was part of their religion needs to be jailed in a mental hospital for the rest of their lives. 

The corporations responsible deserve to be liquidated, with great prejudice. 

Any shareholder of CYM. having any knowledge of its operations or actual business (that is, not money market shareholders) or any other such organization, deserves to be exposed in public and shamed, stripped of their wealth, stripped of their reputation, and they should never be able to access the privilege to incorporate, operate a corporation, buy stocks or bonds or profit themselves from the labor of others in any way. 

The punishments meted out to these criminals should be in all ways commensurate with their crime, and should reflect the severity of it. 

Beyond that, I am just going to say -- God bless Timothy Holmseth.  God bless Kevin Annett.  God bless all the good and decent people in our Armed Forces. 


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Mass arrest at the capitol? Can anyone verify this?

Okay, Any Fools in the Audience?

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am going to put this as plainly as possible so that nobody misses the point: 

If anyone accepts a "Second Declaration of Independence" they lose all that they won and are owed as a result of the first Declaration of Independence.  

Not only that, but they will be forced to fight in support of that declaration and have to go back and try to re-establish what they are already owed. 

So spread the word not to be fooled by this.   

Don't be victims of any more fraud. 

The Vermin make their money by fighting and by pillaging. 

They would love to have you be stupid enough to start rallying around a "Second Declaration of Independence" so that they would have an excuse to shoot you and fight with you over it, instead of being obligated by their current agreements. 

Don't be chumps. 

My Mama never raised no fools and I am telling you flat out the consequences of ever giving up or turning your backs on the original Declaration of Independence. 


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The LRS for Everyone: an Answer for a Canadian

 By Anna Von Reitz

I know this is all a bit new to most people, so let me explain that there is a fundamental difference between "recording" something in the public, and "registering" it.

A Public Record is a land jurisdiction recording and it is what it says it is --- you're just making a public record of a fact, such as the birth of a new baby, or a marriage, or a claim to a copyright or trademark or some possession, be it land or patent or DNA.  Our Land Recording System is a computerized, block-chained, scan-based system that establishes such Public Records for people, and does it in international jurisdiction, so it doesn't matter if you are an American or a Canadian or a German.  You are basically enabled to establish a Public Record that is visible worldwide and permanently published that records your name, your provenance, your chosen political status -- for example, John Able Smyth, Hydburne, Warwickshire, England, Englishman, born 6th of January 1967.... 

A "registration" is a commercial transaction taking place in the international jurisdiction of the sea, in which you are giving up your natural ownership interest in whatever is being registered to the entity that you are registering it with.  So, for example, when you "register" your private auto as a "commercial vehicle" you are turning it over to the ownership of whichever State of State or Department or Corporation you are registering it with.  They, in turn, issue you a "Title" that gives you control and responsibility for the car which has now been redefined as a "vehicle" subject to the Motor Vehicle Code.  

So when people unwittingly register things, even babies, they are giving up their interest in the car, baby, land, or whatever else, and entering into a subject-liege lord relationship with the entity issuing the "title" or the "birth certificate". 

This is not what we need to be doing.  Instead, we need to be recording our interest in our own children and in our own property assets, and depriving these corporations of any pretended interest in our private property, including our DNA. 

As your records will refer to a Canadian and to Canadian locations and not to an American and American locations, it is obvious that you are not becoming an American or trying to do any such thing.  

Cost varies depending upon what kind of record you are establishing and how many pages have to be scanned and uploaded and tracked in the system.  Certain things, like land patents, can be many pages long, while others, such as a simple Declaration of Political Status are only a page long.  Most records run $20-30 USD at the present time. 

It provides you with a world-spanning record on the land of who you are, and publishes that in international jurisdiction.  This makes it far more difficult for legal entities to pretend that you are "dead" or not claiming your birthright political status or have voluntarily given them an interest in your children, your car, or anything else.  

As many are discovering in America, we have been hoodwinked into undisclosed and even unconscionable contracts by our own public employees, and those undisclosed and otherwise improper adhesion contracts have then been used to impose commercial obligations on us to pay mortgages that they owe, to obey regulations that actually pertain only to them in the course of their duties, and which otherwise redefine who we are and the capacity in which we are acting in ways that serve to mischaracterize us, enslave us, demean us as "things" rather than as people, and most of all, deprive us of the rights and standing which we are guaranteed by Nature and by national and international treaties and charters, such as the Magna Carta.

I trust that your inheritance of these and other precious material and immaterial rights, including your possession of your own DNA as a birthright, is important enough to you, so that you see the importance of claiming these assets and inheritances and publishing your claim on the Public Record in case anyone --- or more to the point, any thing, such a commercial corporation --- attempts to steal from you or misrepresent your actions.  

We can put you in contact with the LRS Director.  We are currently establishing Recording Secretaries who can assist you in using the LRS from each country.  There should already be someone in Canada to assist, but I don't know who off the top of my head.  Will try to forward that information, too.


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Situation Update, Jan 26th – Trump makes moves toward parallel presidency as Biden agenda blockaded

(Natural News) The resistance to the corrupt Biden agenda is gaining steam and it’s now clear that numerous elements of the political machine are lining up to block Biden’s actions.

For example, with two Democrat senators now stating that they will not support the removal of the filibuster rule, this means the filibuster will almost certainly remain in place, allowing the GOP to firewall the worst Biden-era laws that are pushed through the House.

In addition, states like Texas are already suing the Biden government, challenging the legality of executive orders that cause harm to real Americans. Texas has already won an important action on its first lawsuit against the Biden regime. As The Gateway Pundit reports:

Texas was the first state to sue the Biden Admin and AG Paxton won in under a week.

Biden took a loss within 6 days of his inauguration.

US District Judge Drew Tipton, a Trump appointee, temporarily blocked Biden’s policy.

“This was a seditious left-wing insurrection. And my team and I stopped it,” Texas AG Ken Paxton said.

More states are going to join those efforts to sue the Biden regime, and state legislators are already talking about passing local measures to ensure voting integrity to make sure the 2020 election theft doesn’t happen again.

Fake President Biden isn’t going to get an easy ride, it seems. Not like Obama did in 2009.

President Trump appears to be positioning a “parallel presidency” office with many surprises yet to come

At the same time, President Trump — who has for now disavowed the Patriot Party as anything real — is setting up what many might see as a parallel presidency office called, “The Office of the Former President.” Although it sounds like an epic troll targeting Biden’s “Office of the President-Elect,” this new Trump office is actually being staffed with highly effective people who are hitting the ground running, pushing Trump’s political strategies into play.

This is all very important to recognize because the military is still positioned to move against Biden’s treasonous, illegal coup, holding new elections under military authority later this year. Trump’s continued presence in the political playing field hints at his near-term plans to continue to play a prominent role in American politics.

This is why all of our grassroots efforts to halt the Biden regime’s destructive agenda are so important: The more we slow down Biden (and the radical trans activists running him), the more we help save America from destruction while the military and Trump both prepare for the opportunity to remove Biden from power and restore the constitutional republic.

Even if you think that’s a pipe dream that will never take place, slowing down the Biden agenda between now and 2022 gives America the possibility of retaking the House or the Senate at that time. Admittedly, Dems are pushing H.R. 1 which will codify nationwide vote fraud (ballot harvesting, universal mail-in ballots, etc.), so we may already be past the point of correcting all this at the voting booths, but we must explore every opportunity and pathway to avoid the collapse into civil war.

Today’s Situation Update for January 26th provides many additional details of what’s happening and how Trump’s long-term plan is taking shape:

Tuesday, January 26, 2021


The Brits, Again, as Always....It is So Boring!

 By Anna Von Reitz

First, it was, as Meow notes, the Russians, the Russians, the Russians.... and now, it's the Chinese, the Chinese, the Chinese.
Why not the truth?
It was the Brits in 1776. It's been the Brits ever since. And it is still the Brits.
We've been fighting to keep the Brits out of our government, out of our pants, and out of our pockets for two hundred years. Isn't it time we woke up enough to notice who is "doing it to us" besides the Pope?
Now, here is a brilliant bit of actual investigative journalism of the topic:
See? You don't have to stop. You don't have to wonder. You don't have to look around the room to see where the shots came from.
Just turn your Shinola Sensors on "High" and wherever you are, turn toward Britain. All this crappola originates in Rome and London, and flows downhill to Washington, DC.
In that order.
I don't even have to think about it anymore. I can just blink and say, "It's the Brits! It's the Brits! It's the Brits!" and I am always right.
This week's debacle is a good example: the Brits trying to vacate their bankrupted shell of a commercial corporation and move themselves into what would appear (to some people, not my Readers, of course) to be our brand new, wonderful, fully restored through no effort of our own --- ta-ta-ta-tah! --- Federal Republic.
But what they are trying to push off and sell us isn't a restoration of our long-lost American Federal Republic. Oh, no, they don't even want to talk to us. They want to hoodwink us again with some semantic deceits and false claims in commerce and sneak right in the back door and voila!
Install a British Commercial Corporation calling itself, "The Republic of The United States of America" --- as if it was our Federal Republic, and duly entitled to all the rights, powers, and prerogatives of our American Federal Republic.
As the Brits say, "Fat chance, wankers."
We do, after all, know our butts from buttercups on this side of the pond. And we do know how Operation of Law works. So let us enlighten everyone.
The Federation of States created the Confederation and the Confederation created the Federal Republic. The Federal Republic was the American Federal Subcontractor that operated under The Constitution for the united States of America.
So when both the American Federal Republic and the Confederation collapsed, where did all the powers, assets, and duties return? To the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.
And guess what? We're back in Session.

If we see, hear, smell, or taste any more British Bunko, we are going to scream so loud London will hear it without the assistance of a hearing aid.


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We're Not Bankrupt -- They Are

 By Anna Von Reitz

Okay, get some basics down pat:
A "President" is the CEO of a business entity, either an unincorporated company, or an incorporated entity. That's not the same as the Head of State for an entire country, is it? No, it is not.
So, wake up and pay attention:
1. President of The United States
2. The President of The United States
3. President of the United States
4. The President of the United States
5. President of THE UNITED STATES
8. President of the UNITED STATES
9. President of the united States of America
10. The President Of The United States of America
11. President of the united STATES OF AMERICA
12. PRESIDENT Of the United States of America
13. THE PRESIDENT of The united States of America
14. The President of The United States of America
15. President for the united States of America
16. The President for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
17. The President for the UNITED STATES....
Okay? I could go on, but I think everyone can now literally see what has been going on here.
We have all sorts of "Presidents" of all sorts of variations of "United States" and more variations of "United States of America" and all sorts of variations and permutations and combinations and styles of these names and labels, each applying to separate legal fiction entities, until no sane person on the street is ever going to be able to sort out who is who or what organization is what.
You have to ask which President?
Which United States?
Which United States of America?
Anyone remember the old Abbott and Costello Baseball Routine? Who's on first and what's on second? It's like that.
And so, it's easy for people to mistake one "United States" for another "United States" entirely. Or, one "United States of America" for another "United States of America".
With this in front of your faces, please understand that:
(1) Our country has never been bankrupt --- ever.
(2) Our country has sovereign immunity and is not eligible for bankruptcy, anyway.
(3) Our unincorporated National Government, The United States, has never been bankrupt and has never had bankruptcy protection.
(4) Our unincorporated International Government, The United States of America, has never been bankrupt and has never had bankruptcy protection.
(5) All the versions of "the" United States that you hear about going bankrupt are foreign commercial corporations.
(6) All the versions of "the" United States of America that you hear about going bankrupt are foreign commercial corporations.
The only connection we have to these corporations or their debts in any way, shape, or form, is that they are our Subcontractors for certain enumerated services. That's it.
The entities that went bankrupt during and after the Civil War were all state-of-state business organizations that were members of the original Confederation, both North and South.
The version of "United States" that received that big injection of cash from the Holy See and The City of London soon after the Civil War was the Holy See's own franchise, and our Subcontractor, the Municipal United States. Not us.
Stop a moment and use your noggins. Florida is a State, but the State of Florida is a State of State. These are two different things.
A State is a public government. A State of State is a private, for-profit subcontractor doing business for the State under the strict guidance of a "constitution" that sets forth the details of this business arrangement.
So when I tell you that it was the State of State entities that went bankrupt after the Civil War, and that our States of the Union were never even part of the Civil War ---- listen up and try to fathom what I am telling you.
Our lawful government in international jurisdiction, The United States of America, which is an unincorporated Federation of States, never fired a shot in the Civil War. Our Congress never issued a Declaration of War. Our Congress never issued a peace treaty. We had nothing to do with the entire boondoggle.
So when these people tell you that "the" US is broke, or "the" US is bankrupt, or "the" US is in debt---- which US are they talking about?
I'll give y'all a great big clue --- it isn't us. It isn't "these" United States that are bankrupt or responsible for all the war mongering and commercial mercenary conflicts.
It's those United States--- the Municipal United States, that is up to its yarmulkas and Papal Tiaras in debt.
Virtually every soldier or sailor in the past 160 years has trespassed against the States and the people, and has committed treason against our lawful government and our Constitutions--- even though 99.9% of them don't have a clue that this is so.
They don't know that they've been used as cheap mercenaries instead of actual soldiers and sailors, either.
Neither do they grasp the fact that they need amnesty from our lawful government---- and they need it badly, because as it stands, and thanks to their corrupt leadership, they are all suffering a stain on their honor and a target on their backs.
The Joint Chiefs and officers at all levels need to stop jerking around playing name games and spinning off new "deceptively similar" names for commercial corporations intent on defrauding us, and stop setting up offshore corporations to steal their employers blind under color of law.
Just as it is time for the Municipal Government to go back in its box, it's time for the Brits to stop trying to impersonate us and substitute their corporations for the missing pieces of our government.
We are here now, and we are able to chart our own course, able to front our own corporations, able to set aside foreign debts, able to reconstruct the Confederation and the American Federal Republic, able to do our own bookkeeping, too.

We can show them who's on first, second, third, and home--- without even breaking wind.


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Public International Notice

 By Anna Von Reitz

People need to understand that all these governmental services corporations that have been masquerading as governments are being bankrupted. And then, they are turning around and trying to be "reborn" under new names and purportedly new management, but it's really the same old players.
That is the reason Joe Biden doesn't have a contract and is never likely to get one. The Old Gang in Washington was a criminal for-profit commercial enterprise masquerading as a government; we won't accept their service anymore, and it doesn't make any difference to us that our Employees kept electing the same Old Gang of their compatriots to private corporate offices.
Using our situation as an example --- the Holy See is still required to provide the services stipulated by The Constitution of the United States, but we don't have to accept the services of any Municipal Corporation, especially not one that is owned and operated and managed by the same group of thieves as the last bankrupted entity.
There have been literally millions of bankruptcies taking place, because when one of these big parent corporations goes, it takes its franchises with it.
One of the first bankruptcies in this current cycle was the Bank of England; they circled their desks, because being one of the Prime Perpetrators, they knew what was coming. This is where I earned my nickname in 2008--- which isn't fit for polite company, but still gives me some satisfaction.
In 2015, Obummer announced the domino effect bankruptcy of UNITED STATES, INC. which was followed by the bankruptcy of US CORP --- you can begin to see how they have used different but similar names to operate under, all of them mirroring names associated with our country and our legitimate government.
Each one of these parent corporations has anywhere from dozens to millions of franchises, and the franchises can either be entire organizations or individuals.
I can hear people from Beloit to Bangkok saying, "Millions of franchises? That's not even possible!" ---- but it is, when you consider that virtually everyone on the planet with the exception of a few tribesmen in places like Siberia and North Africa and Lapland-- have been "registered" and "enfranchised" by these Vermin.
Still unknown to most people, we have been given the "gift" of our very own Trojan Horse PUBLIC PERSON franchise in purportedly "equitable exchange" for our life estate, which includes our bodies, our public and private assets, and our energy (labor) ----all supposedly "donated" to these private, for-profit commercial governmental services corporations.
That's how these THINGS have been financing their operations and becoming immensely wealthy by buying, selling, and trading upon assets that don't belong to them.
So, yes, Virginia, we are talking about bankrupting millions of franchises, and in the cases of China and India, we are talking about billions of franchises.
The USA CORP was bankrupted, too, and settled 7 January 2021, along with the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, Ltd., which finished 19 January 2021.
The Republic of The United States of America was the sole beneficiary--- however --- wait for it --- that isn't our Federal Republic.
It's another British Territorial look-alike, sound-alike. Another Cuckoo-bird, set up by American Tories and scions of the Pilgrim Society and operated offshore by another quasi-military cult with ties to the Roman Catholic Church.
Once again, they are seeking to conquer by guile what they cannot take by force of arms, trying to slip in and substitute a British entity for an American government.
But there are several flaws with this plan.
Number One --- we recognize it for what it is.
Number Two --- we are the actual owners of the American Federal Republic and our ownership interest has reverted to us long ago by Operation of Law. Anyone trying to seize upon our Good Name and property interest is simply a criminal engaged in impersonation and infringement of Trademarks. That goes double for the Reign of the Heavens Society.
Number Three --- the actual international and global law applicable is the Maxim of Law: "Possession by pirates does not change ownership." Any copyrights, flags, trademarks, names, rights, material interests and property assets attached to the name of our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America since 1776 belongs to us, our Federation and our member States of the Union --- and we serve Public International Notice of the same.
Number Four --- any attempt to confuse their entity doing business as "The Republic of The United States of America" with our Federal Republic is an obvious fraud scheme and they will not be allowed to "board" our Vessel or perpetrate another Big Lie upon the world.
In the midst of this melee and drama of mistaken identities, the American States and People remain the lawful heirs, owners, and operators of The United States of America and no incorporated entity of any kind is operated by us at the present time, including anything merely calling itself "The Republic of The United States of America" --- Incorporated.
As if that were not irksome enough, none of the "US" or Territorial Corporations that were formed "in our names" via abuse of and usurpation upon our powers, have a valid charter. Neither the Municipal nor the Territorial Congress ever possessed standing or delegated power to issue Municipal Corporation charters in our names. This fraud together with many others means that all the US and State of State Corporations are null and void.
They have to be re-chartered as American Corporations and made subject to our Public Law, or liquidated for fraud.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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The 1776 Commission Final Report was taken off

 But a reader of this blog caught it and we posted it up on Anna's website for posterity.


 Mike Health Ranger, Dave X22 Report, Sean SGT Report, Clay Clark ThriveTime

Monday, January 25, 2021

Franklin Pierce and the New World

 By Anna Von Reitz

Pierce was the last President to abide by and honor the Constitutional limits of the Federal Government. As such, he was the “last President” of the Republic— all the others since then have advocated and enforced a centralized top-down government and have substituted foreign-owned and operated State-of-State organizations for our own American State of State businesses
In this way these foreign commercial interests have controlled and abused our people and controlled and abused our other resources for over a hundred years.
This fraudulent substitution and the semantic deceits together with the fundamental failure to honor State’s rights has been the issue ever since the Civil War.
These men acting as “Presidents” of foreign businesses are not our Presidents.
Look at Lincoln himself. He joined the Bar in 1834. Bar members were prohibited from holding any public office in our government in 1819. Go figure. They were breaching the Titles of Nobility Amendment when they put Lincoln up for Office so you know they were acting in Treason against our Federal Constitution and trying to operate under and substitute the Territorial Constitution instead.
Lincoln was a “President” of the Territorial Government, not our Federal Republic.
So this goes all the way back— a pattern of deceit, fraud, breach of trust, and Bad Faith that treasonously trespassed against the States and the people of this country beginning with Buchanan’s administration.
And when Lincoln saw where this was all headed and tried to return control to the actual States and people, they killed him.
So quite aside from the coup that is presently being attempted, we have had an ongoing coup against our government ever since the 1856 election.
Buchanan breached State’s rights and the constitutional limitations of the Federal Government and that led directly to the Civil War.
Lincoln was never qualified to enter the office of President of our Federal Republic and was “President” of the Territorial Government operating under The Constitution of the United States of America instead of our American Federal Constitution issued in 1787— The Constitution for the united States of America.
Lincoln never had a quorum of the States to conduct any form of valid Federal Government so all he could possibly be doing is exactly what I have told you from the beginning—- operating the British Territorial United States Government instead.
The British version of the Constitution never included the prohibition against Bar Attorneys so Lincoln could serve under that but never under our actual Federal Constitution.
From this first deceit and fraud against the States and the people of this country all the other loathsome betrayals in Breach of Trust have arisen.
The Popes knew this and the Archbishops were not at all surprised when this topic came up for discussion. They even had their own name for our actual Federal Constitution. They call it the “original equity contract”—- and they knew they had breached it, too.
Their attitude was— “What do you want? How can we buy you off?”
It was clear that we were not the first Americans to track it down and visit them— just the first that had all the facts and provenance and could not be bought off.
So the Popes knew and did nothing and acted in gross Breach of Trust. And forget the Queen’s Government or Westminster having any shame.
Those snakes were even oilier than the clergy. They didn’t want to discuss their “Special Relationship” with “the” US nor did they care to discuss their ongoing military occupation of our country and their substitution of Territorial State-of-State governments for our own governments.
In fact, as soon as we mentioned these matters in letters to the Queen and Lord Mayor, we became the targets of successive hit squads trying to murder us by various means.
But we have been miraculously protected and I guess they got sick of losing so many of their top operatives.
Long story short, yes, President Franklin Pierce, who left Office in 1856 (instead of being elected that year) was the last loyal President of the American Federal Republic.
All the others have been either British rats or Papist rats.
And that is the God’s honest truth of the matter, all the way up to the election of Donald Trump — who against all odds got elected in spite of both the Brits and the Papists.
And now you can see why both sides of the aisle, and both political parties, the Dems representing the Papists and the Republicans representing the Brits—- hated and feared Trump, because he wasn’t one of them.
He was just a plain old American.
They knew that when and if he understood what they had pulled here, they’d be dead meat. And that is how I interpret Hillary Clinton’s comment, “We will all hang!” —- if Trump gets elected.
In view of the shameful way these people have betrayed this country and decimated generations of innocent Americans, I can only see that as a just and fitting end of this long and bloody chapter of our history—- to hang those responsible as a warning to all others thus criminally inclined to commit High Treason.
But even if we make the effort to correct and to remove these pirates and realize our true history, we still have to restore and reconstruct the missing pieces of our American Government.
Our State Assemblies composed of declared Americans are already in Session.
I hope that everyone reading this makes haste to join your proper Assembly and sort yourselves out appropriately.
Americans join your State Assemblies.
Federal Civil Servants and their dependents join your Municipal Assemblies.
Military and Territorial Citizens and Dependents join your District Assemblies.
Americans who are acting in the capacity of Americans need to go to: —and begin rebuilding and restoring your lawful government.
Separate according to the guidelines given above and don’t be confused or try to intermix the assembly groups. Doing so would undermine the ability of all the Assemblies to function properly or get anything done.

Going forward, your Assemblies will be a fundamental way to communicate and to receive help and services so it is in everyone’s best interests to peaceably and consciously assemble as shown above.


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Situation Update for Jan 25th, 2021 – The trigger for the military to move against Biden (you won’t like this)

(Natural News) A lot of people won’t want to hear today’s Situation Update, even though it still delivers many action items and justification for optimism. What people want to hear are instant solutions: “Joe Biden will be removed by Saturday” or “there will be a new election on March 4th under the restored republic.”

I’m sorry to report those don’t look like viable claims at this point.

Based on the information I’m receiving, Trump isn’t going to be restored as president by March 4th, or April 1st or anytime soon. Although Trump reportedly signed the documents to turn over control to the military under a limited scenario of emergency powers, the military did not want to move against Biden on Inauguration Day out of fear that a nationwide civil war would commence immediately thereafter.

I would have vastly preferred they moved on that day, and most likely you would have, too. But as we’ve seen over and over again, even though Trump has put every mechanism in place for the United States to defend itself against the communist coup run by the Democrats and their Biden puppet, the timing of events continues to frustrate us all.

As I’ve learned, the civil war scenario is a concern to the military because it would destabilize the United States and make the country increasingly vulnerable to attacks for foreign aggressors (namely China). So the Inauguration Day plan was nixed. There was actually an activation of many units a few days before the inauguration, and many active duty personnel thought this was going to be “go time.” But it turned out to be another “hurry up and wait” scenario that’s all too common with the military.

Thus, we are left with a fake president Biden running the table with outrageous executive orders that are already causing damage to the US economy and job market. The only reprieve is that those EOs will eventually be nullified and reversed, but that doesn’t help us today.

On the good news side of things, the FBI had also planned to carry out false flag operations against conservatives on Inauguration Day, but since nobody showed up to be ensnared by the FBI’s trap, that trap failed. This is to the credit of conservatives who avoided being caught up in yet another false flag operation.

Now here’s the part you really aren’t going to like.

As was shared with me, the military has comprehensive proof that the election was rigged by foreign aggressors working with domestic actors. They know the full list of seditious traitors and treasonous operators, and there is indeed an arrest list in place. However, the military is reluctant to move against Biden until Biden’s popularity drops due to his rolling out of bad policies (which has already begun, of course).

When the military makes its move, it wants the vast majority of the US public to be in support of that move. Something like 70%, it seems. And so the war is under way for patriots to drive down Biden’s approval ratings while the fake news media tries to propel Biden’s approval numbers higher and higher by covering up all his scandals and depicting him as some sort of saint.

Naturally, we all know the polls are rigged. But so do the top people who are running the military. They are not going to be trusting mainstream media polls, as no rational person would. Rasmussen would seemingly be a better indicator of the true level of public support, and there are other independent polling companies that can deliver similarly honest results as well.

Don’t kill the messenger, by the way. I’m not the one making these decisions, I’m just reporting what’s coming my way from well-positioned, credible sources. Apparently the military feels the need to position itself on the right side of political sentiment, so that the public sees the military as saving the nation from certain doom (which is actually what they would be doing).

Sadly, it looks like we’re all going to have to experience a few months of that doom as Biden attempts to rip this nation apart and achieve total economic destruction, which is really Obama’s 3rd term at play. Expect an avalanche of disgusting laws to be rushed through Congress and signed by fake prez Biden. Note that some white hats believe this is a necessary step for America to see the damage that the Democrats will cause. Most people only learn from pain and suffering. Most Americans have forgotten what it means to fight for freedom, and they take it for granted. They won’t for much longer! When they “lose” their freedoms under the Biden regime, they will beg to be saved…

So prepare yourself for a rough ride this year. Don’t think March 4th is any special date, either. That’s probably far too soon for things to happen.

Shout out the truth about our suffering and economic destruction under the illegitimate Biden regime

Until the day comes that the military decides to invoke its sworn oath to defend this nation against domestic enemies, we must do our part to publicize our suffering and persecution under the Biden regime.

This is not the time to remain silent but rather a time to voice the truth about how Biden’s horrific policies are gutting this nation, endangering the privacy of little girls (with his trans bathrooms push), destroying 40,000+ jobs related to the Keystone pipeline, flooding America’s borders with illegal aliens and even demanding the release of illegals in custody, many of whom are violent criminals.

If we are to help save this nation, we must now amplify the true stories of suffering and collapse under the Biden regime. We must:

  1. Call upon our state legislators to nullify Biden’s unconstitutional laws that attacks our rights.
  2. Move out of Soros-controlled blue counties and cities, and relocate into safe red zones where the rule of law still exists.
  3. Prepare for widespread food inflation and food scarcity under the Biden regime.
  4. Prepare for economic chaos and possible collapse if Biden’s policies are allowed to persist.
  5. De-escalate violence wherever possible to avoid handing the Biden regime more excuses to expand his Big Government police state that targets citizens.

At the same time, prepare for all the possible scenarios such as civil war, secession, economic collapse, power grid failures and so on. As I said before, 2021 is going to make 2020 look like a cakewalk.

Finally, remember that whining isn’t winning. People who are still whining about Trump, the patriots, the military or “the plan” are doing absolutely nothing useful. Winners are fighters who deal with the current situation no matter how bad it looks. I’m encourage people to stop whining and start winning. “Ain’t got time to bleed,” as Jesse Ventura famously said in Predator. And we sure don’t have time for whining and complaining.

There’s more in today’s Situation Update podcast, if you can stomach the news you might not want to hear: