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Monday, May 13, 2024

International Public Notice: the Settlement of the Corporations

 By Anna Von Reitz

As reported some months ago, Pope Francis has been out of office owing to the dissolution of the Office of the Roman Pontiff and the underlying Romanus Pontifex Trust in 2011, and the fact that Benedict
XVI did not provide for the transfer of the Ministerial Office prior to his own death --- a situation that has baffled everyone.

That conundrum now appears to be solved as Pope Frances has reacquired an ancient title, "Patriarch of the West", that was once accorded to the Roman Bishop when the Roman Empire was divided into East and West portions and operated under two capitols --- Byzantium in the East and Rome in the West, while the then-Church similarly operated under the Patriarch of the East and the Patriarch of the West.

We are witnessing a truly remarkable moment in history.

Rome has fallen flat on its nose after being estranged from the
Eastern Church for centuries, and after the Patriarchs have roundly
condemned Pope Francis's stand on same sex marriage and other
exceptionally liberal changes of doctrine that Francis has championed,
they have apparently forgiven him, welcomed him back into the fold of
the Orthodox Church, and given him an office --- Patriarch of the West
--- without which he could not continue his administration.

We have no information about the specifics of this Deal of the
Century, but we can and do speculate that Francis will have to act
with much more circumspection with regard to any doctrinal changes,
which will require input and oversight from the Eastern Church under
the old East-West system.

A sigh of relief from conservative Catholics can be heard on a
worldwide basis following this announcement, however, this is echoed
by a groan of misery from the fringe of Progressives who were looking
forward to "normalization" of homosexuality and changes to the Holy
Scripture's translation in the Roman Catholic Bible to accommodate
this, also ordination of female priests, same sex marriages,
normalization of pedophilia, bestiality, and other sexual "choices",
and official inclusion of Satanism as part of the ecumenical

We can also count on changes in the new Western Church's financial
management, with a greater portion of profits and "gifts" flowing
eastward and a much more conservative investment portfolio.  They may
even have to quit trading Baptismal Certificates as securities based
on the market value of individual souls.

It is well-known and long-established that the Eastern Patriarch
sternly refused to participate in this gross abuse of trust and that
the Eastern Church struggled along without the financial benefit of
buying, selling, and trading in the souls of its members after the
Second World War.

The cessation of this venal and undisclosed "stockmarket of the Devil"
will no doubt be accompanied by a steep decline in the Western
Church's material wealth and financial position, as closing this stock
exchange veiled as "labor contracts" will require them to buy back all
of the stock as well as foregoing any more income from it.

This may have always been Francis's personal intention and goal, as he
often spoke of the church he envisioned as a "poor church" abundant in
good works. Redeeming all the souls that the Western Church sold may
have been the reason that Francis called back all liquid assets to the
Vatican Bank more than a year ago.

If he succeeds in doing this, Pope Francis will deserve the title of
History's Greatest Deal-Maker -- both for shutting down the
soul-trafficking business, and winning over the support of the Eastern
Church despite all the scandalous liberalism that has been the
hallmark of his tenure.

We are left with many unanswered questions about the vacated Office of
the Pope and where this leaves both Francis and the Church with
respect to the obligations and authorities of the Ecclesiastical Law.

The Office as Patriarch of the West vastly predates the rise of the
modern corporate world and was not, with the exception of simple
trusts, in play at the time that the activities of the Roman Curia
busily inventing corporate business models began in earnest.

We called upon Francis to exercise his authority under Ecclesiastical
Law (and all manner of treaties and contracts) to liquidate lawless
corporations and discipline their CEO's, which was part of the
Church's obligation in creating and structuring the plethora of
corporate structures in use today.

Instead of answering us directly, Francis liquidated the
then-operating UNITED STATES corporation, but left the British Crown
operation, dba "the United States of America, Incorporated" untouched,
as if he assumed that our demand applied only to the Church's direct
holdings in the District of Columbia.

We were, in fact, making a more inclusive and generalized complaint
against both parent corporations, for their lawless misadministration
of their obligations to the American people, their unlawful conversion
activities via undisclosed registration of American babies as British
Territorial U.S. Citizens, and all the resulting harm done to our
nation and our country.

As a condition of being allowed to create and profit from all these
corporate business models and the economic activity they generated,
the Church agreed to oversee their operations and limit their
activities to "lawful" enterprise -- not merely "legal" standards.

Over the years the horses got out of the barn and people forgot the
agreements and contracts signed by the various governments making the
Pope responsible for overseeing and disciplining all corporations and
holding them to the lawful standard.  As the high rolling profits
kicked in, the oversight functions got sloppier and sloppier and a
succession of Popes left the oversight and administrative functions to
increasingly corrupt incorporated governments, which were left to
police themselves-- a practice which only guaranteed that predictable
corruption and criminality would flourish to unprecedented heights.

With the destruction of the League of Nations the powers of lawful
enforcement were decimated; the 1926 Law abolishing both slavery and
peonage worldwide, for example, sank beneath the waves for lack of
enforcement capability.  The accords still exist and are on the books,
but the means to enforce them disappeared, rendering them moot.

Winston Churchill's Terriorial Government and the Admiralty Government
he was part of colluded to deal the death blows to the lawful
governments and their League of Nations using the argument that the
League had failed to stop World War I and World War II, so that
"stronger" means of enforcement --- military means --- were needed.
This meant that the war-mongers and their briney corporations were put
in power instead, and the United Nations was born.

The Church and the Office of the Pope were only too happy to turn over
the day to day administraton to Churchill and his Successors, who used
the British Admiralty and British Territorial Government as their
pattern to govern all the "occupied territories" that were presumed to
be vacant and without an organized national government after the
Second World War.

So the British eagerly ginned up "National Associations" to take over
the administration of land and soil assets and "National Corporations"
which were all owned and operated as franchises of the British Crown
to manage the business operations of entire countries exclusively in
the international jurisdiction of the sea -- all the banks and
monetary systems were converted to function in Maritime Commerce and
Admiralty, all the courts converted to serve those two jurisdictions
only, and all the people in all the several countries impacted by this
criminal misadminstration were also "presumed upon" to act as British
Territorial Persons and Municipal citizens of various stripe.

The Popes handed over administration of the air jurisdiction functions
to similarly constructed Municipal Corporations, so that the
Corporations gained the upperhand over people and their assets, and
could coerce, fleece, impose upon, mischaracterize, punish, destroy
marketplace competitors and political opposition at will.

Everyone forgot that it was, and we would argue, still is, the
Church's contractual obligation under Ecclesiastical Law to ride herd
on all the creations of the Roman Curia even if the specific Office of
the Pope is vacated and Francis occupies an antique relic of an
office, Patriarch of the West, instead.

The changes of fortunes and offices and titles does not abrogate the
obligations inherited by the Successors to contracts, so we still hold
the Church of Rome and the Western Church responsible for the debts of
the Roman Catholic Church and its administrative obligations.

The misadministration and evasion of these responsibilities has led to
a world that is literally upside down, a world in which corporations
-- which are inventions of the imagination -- have ridden roughshod
over the natural and unalienable rights of their creators, a world in
which foreign territorial government contractors, also acting as
corporations, have enforced this madness on entire countries in
disrespect of the Public Law and their own contractual obligations.

As the Principals and Successors of the Roman Catholic Church and Holy
See will not undertake the painful process of liquidating individual
corporations which have operated unlawfully and caused harm to
innocent people, for example, Pfizer, Incorporated,  the Bureaus of
Vital Statistics, the WHO, INC., and so on, and as they are actively
engaged in a form of evasion by substitution of titles and offices, we
declare all conventions and accords allowing for the existence of
corporations to be in default, null and void.

We act as the Last Man Standing, a Party to these conventions,
accords, contracts, treaties, and agreements.

We similarly declare that as a result of this default, all Territorial
and Municipal Corporations worldwide are dissolved and the assets
controlled by these organizations are nationalized for the benefit of
the living people in the countries in which these assets exist, with
the single exception that private property belonging to individual
people must be returned to their specific ownership and control, with
all pretense of their purported enfranchisement and willing
participation in this vast impersonation fraud being exonerated.

Corporations that have operated lawfully and in good faith are allowed
to migrate to the land and soil jurisdiction of the country or
countries where they currently have facilities and personnel and are
obligated to operate under the Public Law of the land and soil
thereof. They are to conduct their business as lawful international
trade or as commerce under the dictums of the Merchant Law/Law
Merchant. To the extent that the Uniform Commercial Code conforms and
complies with the Maxims of Law Merchant and Merchant Law generally,
it may continue in use.

The banks are required to resume actual trade in lawful money, to
return the benefit of the credit system to the actual owners--- the
living people whose assets were purloined and used to generate the
credit in the first place, and all odious debts must be written off as
if they never were. This includes but is not limited to mortgages
attached to real estate titles, gift and estate taxes, employer taxes,
property taxes, franchise taxes, utility taxes, payroll taxes and any
other fees and obligations attached to citizenship, personhood,
indentured servitude or enslavement contracts of any kind.

If any one, including any "person" being liquidated and refusing or
being unable to take the lawful remedy, wishes to apply for exemption
owing to circumstances beyond their control, they have one year and
one day starting with today's date to make their case or forever hold
their peace.

Our congratulations to Pope Francis, or rather, the Patriarch of the
West, for beating to port in a storm that the Church would otherwise
not be likely to survive.  While an abdication and evasion in one
respect, we consider that his action and the action of the Eastern
Patriarchs has saved many innocent lives and gotten the Church out of
the middle of what we shall call the Settlement of the Corporations.

As the Treaties of Westminster have all been knowingly dishonored by
the Lord Mayors of the Inner City of London, we may face additional
criminal acts in the nature of inland piracy from Municipal courts and
Territorial Courts operating outside their natural jurisdiction in
violation of the strict limitations set by their constitutional
service contracts.

Peace, that elusive wild bird, seems only to exist as long as the
majority shareholders refuse to give their proxies to any
representative and attend to their own business.  The "good faith" of
the British Crown has been even more elusive than peace for the past
300 years, and together with its Government, the Crown stands exposed
as a criminal mercenary organization tatted up with a lot of arcane
knowledge used to promote illusions and delusions of various kinds,
such as the existence of "Social Contracts", "Persons", obligatory
"Citizenship", "Negotiable Instruments",
"Securitization", the value of "Engraved Images", and so much more.

Their efforts have resulted in the creation of a series of sordid
Never-Never-Lands suited to piracy and injustice, violence and fraud.
What began with the proverbial Land of Oz and the development, among
other things, of the modern drug trade and the wholesale theft via
coerced, undisclosed, and inequitable exchange of gold and silver
belonging to our country, has ended in a massive and deliberate
nightmare of Transhumanism-for-profit, genocide-for-profit, and
disease-for-profit schemes.

Even now, with approximately 33 million Americans dead because of
their "vaccine" and nearly a billion dead including a disproportionate
number of elders and young people lost worldwide, these old
Necromancers are still trying to dance around and fool us into
thinking that they and their mercenaries are our heroic deliverers and
defenders and not the common rats they are.

They hired and coercively licensed the bureaucrats and "Uniformed
Officers" --- the Bar Attorneys, Doctors, Professors, and of course,
they hired and have controlled the Police as private Security
Personnel for the benefit of their corporations --- and now, they are
trying to offer up their employees as scapegoats, blaming their
employees for doing what they were told to do, trying to go after "the
Freemasons" to disguise an attack against domestic police forces,
which are largely Masonic organizations.

We aren't fooled.

They spin all these narratives and tell us all these outlandish
stories, as if we were little children, gullible enough to mistake
Santa Claus for Saint Nicholas and puffballs for scoops of ice cream.

The miseries of the world are founded on lies as insubstantial as wind.

None of what Westminster is selling actually exists.  It's all hokum.
Thus the "loss" of all these corporations is no loss, but the loss of
a billion innocent people is a loss--- one that the Government of
Westminster is uniquely responsible for.  The "loss" of trillions of
paper and digital I.O.U.s is not a loss; its a relief from obnoxious
odious debt.  We could go on and on stating the obvious, but we will
forego the opportunity.

The British Monarchy was being used as a storefront for Westminster,
which was running the British Territorial "Raj" as a world-spanning
Mercenary Force. This false soldiery then hired civilians to do their
Dirty Work and even had the effrontery to label these people as "the
civilian military" --- another oxymoron just like "sovereign citizen".

Now that the chips are down and their bad faith, breach of trust, and
violation of their service contracts is obvious, they are desperately
trying to justify their actions using any possible excuse.

They try to take refuge in The Law of War and Military Conquest, but
there's no war present --- nothing but a long list of self-interested
"wars" for profit, all Mercenary Conflicts disguised as "war".

They claim that our country is in a perpetual emergency --- that they
are deliberately causing and prolonging, and on this basis, they try
to justify "emergency powers" for themselves that don't exist, either.

Rather than accept the facts and deal with reality, they propose to
round up millions of their own former employees and put them to death
for "treason" --- when they are themselves the ones with the
obligation to serve under the Constitutions, obligations that they
have evaded and betrayed every day of every year since April of 1861.

They've been spinning lies and narratives so long, they have lost
touch with reality or rather, hope that we have.

What these characters desperately need is confession and amnesty and
rehabilitation, but they have done so many terrible things for money
and credit and coercive power, they know they don't deserve any
quarter from the rest of the world.  And they fear the truth, because
they know that they are the ones that deserve to be swinging from the
ends of the ropes.

We don't need any "show" of justice when it's clear that this has gone
beyond any hope of the real thing.  We refuse any offer to sacrifice
the bureaucrats for the sins of the military. There's been more than
enough reckless, wanton, senseless killing and blood-letting to last a
million years or more, more than enough Team A versus Team B bull
crap, and more than enough ecological and cultural destruction.

What we need is an end to all the "shows" and pretend worlds that
bleed over into ours --- an end to the lies, obfuscations, and
excuses, the fraud and impersonations and false claims.

And an end to criminal mercenary violence, such as that going on right
now in Gaza.

We don't give a good goddamn about the Gaza oil basin and neither
should any of you.  It's not ours and it's not Westminster's, and
that's for sure. That oil rightfully belonged to the people of Gaza
who have been  murdered -- slaughtered -- crushed alive --  by the
Israeli government acting as the State of Israel, Incorporated.  Do
you think we miss the point?

We've been set up as scapegoats, too.  Westminster and the for-show
Monarchy would be more than happy to offer up "the Americans" as the
source of the misery that they have inflicted on us along with the
rest of the world, if they thought they could get away with it.

The British Monarchy and Westminster have lied to us and to the entire
rest of the world for 160-plus years, lied to their own people, and
preyed upon everyone concerned for six generations.  There isn't a
reason in the world that their own soldiers shouldn't turn on them and
transform the Inner City of London into a thick slab of smoking glass,
because they have all been lied to, used and abused, too.

It is our wisdom and our Will that we not experience any more
violence-- that is, more of what we don't want-- in the name of
justice; we accept the fact that for crimes as deeply entrenched and
as long term as these crimes have been, there is no justice possible.

Even if we killed every banker and every professional soldier on Earth
a thousand times over, and every professional bureaucrat and
government agent, too, there aren't enough additional lives to be
sacrificed to this insanity to make up for one-tenth of what these
phony "governments" have cost humanity already--- much less any way to
make it right.

So we will pass on the Perpetrators' "offer" of more wholesale
slaughter, and deal with the criminals as criminals, instead.

We choose to focus our energy and attention on building a far
different and better and happier world--- a world committed to love
and truth.

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 13th 2024


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International Public Notice: Stop the Probate Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

To all people of good will and sound mind:

There is no more urgent cause than to stop the ongoing probate and bankruptcy frauds that are rife in this country and taking place on a worldwide basis.

There is no probate court authorized to operate in this country.

Any court that is operating as a probate court anywhere on our soil and misaddressing Americans as foreign corporate "persons"  is
operating extraterritorially and in violation of international law.

Anyone caught pursuing probate of American property or including
Americans or American assets in the bankruptcies of the US CORP and
U.S.A. Inc. or any other foreign governmental services corporation
based on the idea that we, Americans, knowingly and willingly accepted
and adopted foreign citizenship obligations and voluntarily operated
in these capacities, is a criminal conspirator engaged in gross breach
of trust, international inland piracy and fraud.

They are to be arrested and turned over to the nearest Public Safety Office.

All loyal officers and people of this country are called to defend our
country and countrymen from this outrageous fraud scheme and are
reminded that there is no statute of limitation on crimes of fraud or
crimes of state, either one.

Let all people worldwide similarly wake up and rise up and repel these
shameless white collar criminals.

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 12th 2024


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Hotbed Alert

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have information indicating a high -- very high -- concentration of
irregular air traffic in the vicinity of Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin,
Houston, and Galveston, Texas.  And similar swarms at Anchorage
International and Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

This air traffic is specially identified commercial and military
traffic of the kind associated with major mercenary force attacks used
in CIA-style "change of government" operations in foreign countries.

This time, it's potentially aimed at us.  The carrot is attacking the
stick and it's a flurry of wood shavings and carrot juice for the

The maps are lit up like Christmas trees and show this air traffic
pattern with many, many flight designators of this kind all
concentrating on these destinations: Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin,
Houston, and Galveston, Anchorage International and Joint Base

This all appears to be further connected to multiple shell
corporations that have "employed" thousands of non-existent Americans
--- British Territorial Corporation franchises and Municipal
Corporations named after us and used for money laundering purposes.

Put bluntly, all those thousands of salary and benefit packages, all
those shareholder dividends and stock options "you" were owed, but
never received, went somewhere.

So did all the drug money and payola rolling off the human
trafficking, gambling, organ harvesting, adrenochrome, and other

There were also millions of illegal fraudulent land grabs.

Remember that I told you that you were all set up to (purportedly) be
"Grantors" of your land and property interests to the Queen, which
"converted" your private property into public trust property and "real
estate" --- meaning "royal" estate property? Proof attached.

Remember I told you how they used "shelf corporations"--- basically
empty made-up paperwork that sat on a shelf (or in a computer center)
in Puerto Rico and never actually represented a real business --- to
offshore your assets and evade taxes?

Well, after the operation in Puerto Rico got blown up, they tried to
move it to the Ladrones -- aka, the Mariana Islands, which like Puerto
Rico are "US Possessions" acquired from Spain and which are
technically British Commonwealths with access to the Spanish Law of
the Inquisition.  They were intending to apply this same "System" to
all the workers in China.

Just imagine the "acquisition" of two billion slaves?
It's enough that even Jacob Rothschild must have wet his pants.

But things started going South and East as the Mob closed in and
grabbed victory out of the jaws of the Queen--- simply by working with
Spain to set up fifty new shell corporations at home in California.

Spain is a Spoiler, because Spain got ripped apart by these same
criminals in the Spanish Civil War and suffered the theft of its
once-vast fortunes at the hands of the "legal fraud" artists both
before and after. So, yes, there is a grudge match and the Spanish
fight as dirty as the Brits.

It's okay.  Britain deserves to lose.  The British Government(s) both
the Monarchy and Westminster deserve to be obliterated for all the
senseless misery they have caused and all the war-for-profit, fraud,
and destruction they have promoted.

See attached black screen regarding a holding company called 50
CALIFORNIA STREET in SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94111.  How much do you want to
bet that there are fifty subfiles?  And they each "represent" the
private and public landholdings of the fifty States of the Union?
Here's another one, at 233 S WACKER DRIVE, CHICAGO, IL 60606.

The men fronting these so-called "Appraisal Districts" are settling
the public bankruptcies of the UNITED STATES, INC. and the U.S.A. Inc.
as if your land and assets were part of their public bankruptcy and
also including "your" private probate as a "lost" British Merchant

They are going back to the 1700's and naming people who died in 1769
as intestate Colonials and subjecting their dead "persons" to probate.
Are you beginning to grasp the depth, breadth, and width of this
outrageous Legal Fraud?

And under those "[Probate] Appraisal District" frauds are all the
millions upon millions of "grantors" who purportedly gave everything
they ever had away to the [British Territorial] State of California?
And the [British Territorial] State of Florida?  And the [British
Territorial] State of Wisconsin? And....for no apparent reason?

Except that you were all misidentified as Warrant Officers working as
"Taxpayers" in the British Merchant Marine Service, all U.S. Citizens
domiciled in Puerto Rico, lost at sea, intestate, with your estate
naturally returning to the trusteeship of the King and his loyal court

And all the taxes that were owed by this phony British Territorial
Estate that was managed in your name during "your" absence "for" you
were identified as --- guess what?  IRC Manual Subsection 6209,
Section 2: W-2's are Tax Class 5 -- "Gift and Estate Taxes", not
Income Taxes.

Which makes perfect sense when you realize that they were taxing your
Estate and collecting gifts for the Roman Pontiff --- and not
admitting to collecting an "income tax" from you at all.  After all,
you were never a Federal Employee or Dependent, so they had to come up
with some other excuse or narrative to explain how and why it was they
were getting all this credit from you free gratis.

And that is not all they are hoping to get free gratis. Take a look at
the second document attached. Oh, someone just "died" and left me this
lovely piece of property...

And I just happen to be an Esquire, a Bar Attorney, one of those who
set up this crime against sweet clueless Americans and defrauded them
in Gross Breach of Trust and in violation of my actual service
contract and the conditions of the Residence Act.

Good ole Joe.  Always paying the bills for everyone out of the
goodness of your heart.

This has been the biggest con game in human history.   Baal none.

Looks like a showdown operation in Texas and/or Alaska within the next
few hours or days. Just be aware, and avoid D-W, Austin, Houston, and
Galveston if you have no urgent need to go there. If you live in these
metro areas this might be a good time to go visit the kids out in the
country.  We are similarly advised in Alaska for the Anchorage area.

Remember that certain parts of what we think of as "our" military are
at "war" -- properly, in mercenary conflict -- with other parts of the
military and federal civil service agencies.

Dallas-Fort Worth is a major transportation and communications hub and
depository for ammunition and medical supplies, therefore, a target
for military operations.

Austin is the State Capitol.

Houston is a banking and telecommunications portal as well as
headquarters for major industrial and big oil companies.

Galveston is famous for its oil refineries and shipping capacity and
also home base for what is known as the "Army Fleet" --- and would be
either a target or a base of operations.

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska with the most competent
international airport in the region. Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson
is the largest non-civilian special air traffic hub in Alaska.

Many of the overflights and confirmed on tarmac landings of these
irregular air traffic fleet stops are associated with Chenega
Corporation, an Alaska Native Corporation formed as a result of the
Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.

Chenega benefited from the break-up of Blackwater and inherited many
Blackwater contracts and facilities in Alaska and other locations.

AUSTIN, TX 78701-2461

AUSTIN, TX 78701

3000 C STREET, SUITE 301

1601 ELM ST STE 4360
DALLAS, TX 75201-4701


10505 Furnace Road Suite 205
Lorton, VA.....

Chenega now has a secondary office in Georgia that is involved in
epidemiology. Aw, gee, go figure.

Additional irregular air traffic fleet activity is evident in Alaska,
too, at Anchorage International and at Joint Base

Swarms of irregular air traffic usually precede Black Ops and False
Flag operations.

If anything happens to me or the people of Texas or Alaska, you will
know that this incoming activity was self-evident on the air traffic
control records.

If we suffer any epidemics in Alaska or Texas, see any untoward
events, "Russian" attacks, etc.,etc., ---don't believe any poxy

Turn the investigative nozzle full on Chenega, Inc.  Look for the
Frequent Flyer Chemtrail contracts, too.


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