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Thursday, October 29, 2020

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About Land Ownership

 By Anna Von Reitz

I sometimes get questions from people who are confused and laboriously trekking through the fine points of traditional (but no longer applied) British Land Law, and get queries like --- what's the difference between a Freehold and a fee simple estate?
The British Government, such as it is, lost all common sense in the 1750's and polluted traditional British Land Law with Admiralty Law, under the influence of Lord Mansfield, to create a new form of law called "Special Admiralty" or "Equity Law" via which the British King proposes to impose his "Equity" on our land.
That is, the British King placed a secretive naval lien against the property of his Subjects to pay his debts, and instituted a special form of Admiralty Law to enforce this theft of the birthrights of Englishmen. They used this merciless law most often in the Commonwealth, also known as "Territorial" jurisdiction, but they also used it to devastating effect in Ireland and Scotland.
The Irish Resettlement that occurred in the 19th Century was just the latest in a long, long string of abuses inflicted on the Irish by British Overlords, but also marked the expansion of this evil system of "law" into the wider world.
It was, for example, the form of law used by the Raj to enforce the infamous "Salt Laws" that taxed the entire Subcontinent of India and prevented people from obtaining salt from the sea unless they paid for the "privilege".
Our Forefathers openly rejected Lord Mansfield's scheme, which was unveiled in the wake of what we call the French and Indian War, and this refusal to participate in Special Admiralty Law became one of the underlying pillars of the American Independence Movement.
Nonetheless, the British Monarchs imposed "Equity Law" on the Colonies and throughout the Commonwealth. The Americans were the only ones to successfully resist, until the French also rebelled against similar abuses in their country by the French King, and finally, India refused under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, more than a century and a half later.
After the French and Indian War and the struggles with Napoleon that created the humongous war debts that led the British to adopt Special Admiralty Laws in the first place, the new King's Equity Laws proved so profitable, that they were left in place and used to generate claims of public trust interest applied to land assets throughout Britain -- essentially, creating a Slush Fund that was then used to bribe politicians and foreign political leaders, all funded on the backs of the victims and at the expense of their private property interests.
To say that all this was "diabolical" would be more than fair; the Scottish Jurists who invented this form of law called their apprentices "Devils" and proudly printed "The Devil's Handbook".
Anyway, this was all very much a matter of public knowledge and commentary in the American Colonies before and after the Revolution. After the Revolution, we continued on our way, practicing American Common Law, and our British "inhabitants" who remained Subjects of the King, adopted Special Admiralty.
The British inhabitants on our shores who retained their allegiance to their King and who adopted the King's Equity Law did so as British Territorial Citizens and they suffered under it as "Territorial Law" as if the Revolution never happened, while living here cheek and jowl with the rest of us.
As new States were added to the Union, they briefly functioned under this same British Territorial Law, under the provisions of the Northwest Ordinance.
What does this have to do with land law today?
Well, the Brits among us can't actually own land. All land ownership in their system is vested in their King, and thus is called "real estate" which means "royal estate".
Territories remain under Territorial Law, until they attain actual status as States of the Union---- which allows the King to issue "titles" on the Territorial lands granted to his loyal Subjects --- his tenants.
Brits are tenants wherever they go, subject to confiscation of their land assets and "titles" by the King and his Officers.
So you have an entire hidden populace of British Territorial Citizens living here and when they obtain land interests under Territorial Law, they only obtain a Real Estate Title to it, and that frail "interest" is all that they can pass on to anyone who buys their interest in the property.
This has been a great plague in the Western United States, which have remained in quasi-Territorial Status ever since the Civil War, owing to the fact that our actual Government hasn't been in Session and therefore, never acted upon their requests to be enrolled as actual States of the Union. Until now.
This has left a great many Territorial Citizens (called U.S. Citizens) and Americans misidentified as Territorial Citizens, with nothing but "land titles" and only a tenant's interest in property that the Americans, at least, naturally believe to be their own private property.
There are two remaining obstacles standing in the way to private land ownership for Americans living in their own country --- (1) they have to declare their birthright political status as Americans to be able to actually own land in this country; (2) they have to obtain and claim and publish their underlying United States Land Patent, which most people neglect to do, which leaves them in the King's Tenant position, and suffering under "Special Admiralty Law".
So, one more reason for you, if you are an American, to declare and record your political status and then, having established that you are eligible to own land here, to bring forward and publish the United States Land Patent that is owed to you.
To make your declaration and join your State Assembly, go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly,net.
To find your land patent, contact the Bureau of Land Management. Once located, chase down the "chain of title" that demonstrates how the Patent is left open for you to claim, and stand ready to prove that you are eligible to claim it, then publish your claim for sixty (60) days in a public venue.

And that's it. It's yours. And whether or not it is in a Western State, as of 30 September 2020, it is defined as privately owned land in an American State of the Union, and it is not subject to any title or Administration by any of the King's Officers.


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Regarding the Discovery....Part 2

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, I rather painstakingly explained that "the" United States has never been The United States, and is, instead, a Municipal Corporation set up in the inner city of London under the Government of Westminster, functioning under Roman Civil Law. 

The "similar names" deception has people rather distraught and making all sorts of absurd assumptions. 

This corporation is or was a "federal" Subcontractor under The Constitution of the United States.   See the name embedded? --- "the United States", not The United States, not the UNITED STATES, nor THE UNITED STATES. 

If you are going to read these documents and make any sense of them you must pay strict attention to the "style" and the exact content of names, or you will never figure out what is going on or who is doing what, or the accountability for anything, either. 

Anyhoo..... now that we know that "the" United States is not The United States, and that, as it is a Subcontractor, we don't really care how it organizes its business so long as it does its job and honors its obligations to us ---- the more interesting questions begin to surface. 

Yes, it is apparent that we are “free and independent”.  It is also apparent that “inhabitants” who remained loyal to King or the Pope are not part of our populace. 

The error and glory of the peace settlement of The War of Independence is that it granted freedom to all born in this country, but left it up to individuals to declare themselves and choose their political status and affiliations. 

After the War, you could still voluntarily remain loyal to the King by adopting British Territorial Citizenship.  You could likewise adopt Municipal citizenship and remain loyal to the Pope.  

We did not force “free” people to renounce their foreign political affiliations if they didn’t want to do so.  

By the same token we retain our right to adopt and declare our freeborn birthright political status and our right to assemble our State Assemblies of “the free, sovereign and independent” people—- which we have done, after having been falsely identified as both Territorial U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens.

Our Government was never designed to be in constant Session. 
It was designed to meet as needed to decide important questions, and otherwise leave people alone. 

The record keeping, peace keeping and other routine functions and services of our government are supposed to be provided by American Subcontractors called “States of States” that are business organizations.  

But after the Civil War, British Territorial Subcontractors were allowed to sneak in and replace our American State-of-State organizations on an “Emergency” basis. 

These foreign entities run by undeclared Foreign Agents have been running things ever since. 

To make matters worse, when British greed and incompetence resulted in the bankruptcy of this British Territorial service provider, the then-Pope saw his opportunity to do the same trick and set up Municipal STATE OF STATE organizations. 

Americans have unknowingly been paying for two layers of foreign government administration foisted off on them as their own government for six generations.

The Reconstruction of our Government was never actually completed.  This sleight of hand substitution first by the Brits and second by the Popes happened instead. 

But they are each still obligated by their own affiliations to act as foreign citizenry owing allegiance to the British Monarch or the Pope, respectively, and that means that these foreign citizens on our shores, acting as subcontractors and service providers for our government, do NOT have any constitutional guarantees. 

They are not Parties to our Constitution which contains The Bill of Rights and the Titles of Nobility Amendment—- the so-called “Missing Constitution” which has been languishing and unenforced, because our people neglected to declare and record their birthright political status and were hoodwinked into mistaking these foreign service providers as their own State of State organizations. 

The differences were deliberately made to be very subtle and the deception hinged on using deceptively similar names and practices so as not to alarm the General Populace.

Our State of State doing business as The State of Wisconsin was replaced by the British Territorial doppelgänger doing business as “the” State of Wisconsin, and still later by “the” STATE OF WISCONSIN — a Municipal Government Doppelgänger. 

American babies are supposed to be recorded in Family Bibles or upon the land jurisdiction Recording Offices, but the self-interested and well-hidden foreign interlopers started “registering” our births as if we were all British Territorial U.S. Citizens instead, and as if we had knowingly chosen and adopted that foreign political status or were natural heirs to it—- without our knowledge or consent when we were just a few days old, and without giving any disclosure of this political identity theft to our parents, either.

This then freed them of their obligations under the Constitutions and deprived us of our Constitutional guarantees by a deliberate process of fraudulent and deliberate mis-registration and misrepresentation.

This kind of activity unlawfully converting the nationality of people is an international and global capital crime and both the British Government and the Pope’s Municipal Government have been engaged in it up to their hips since the 1920’s. 

Nobody called them on it until now. 

The Americans have finally awakened to the clear and present danger of these criminal activities and also the necessity of declaring and recording their correct political status and last but not least, restoring their own government to full functionality, so that they are no longer depending upon any foreign service providers. 

Our actual properly declared State Assemblies are now in Session and will stay in Session to handle our own affairs until these issues are resolved. 

Americans are urged to declare and record their birthright political status without delay, and also urged to join their State Assembly. Contacts can be found at:

Those Assemblies that were enrolled as States of the Union prior to the Civil War have recently voted via Roll Call Vote to acknowledge, accept, and formally enroll all of the States formed during and after the Civil War as States of the Union and full members of our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America since 1776.

The enrollment is retroactive to the date their Statehood was approved by the U.S. Congress

This means that there is no longer any fetter of British Territorial interest attaching to these States by any technical default and no excuse for presuming that these States are “enclaves of the United States” Municipal Government, either.

Alaska, for example, was bought in our names using our money, making it our Possession but under British Territorial rule under the Northwest Ordinance for many years.  When it voted to become a State, the element of Municipal Government was added, but owing to the fact that our actual government was not in Session, Alaska could not be enrolled officially as a State of the Union. 

Now it finally is a State in actual fact having all the rights and prerogatives as the other States of the Union. 

No further presumption of Territorial custodianship or Municipal Trust interest can be maintained. 

The assets and people of each State are thus set free of foreign indebtedness and Legal Presumption. 

This is, along with the opening of the actual State Assemblies, causing a great deal of uproar.  

There were plans afoot made by our erstwhile subcontractors to claim that our Government no longer exists and that they were entitled to give our assets to their creditors. 

This is not true and that has caused a great deal of disgruntlement on the part of their Creditors, especially Mainland China, which has mistakenly thought that “America” was cheating them, when in fact we were victims of these charlatans ourselves.

We are, in fact, their Primary Creditors. 

But there is no need to start a war or run around like decapitated chickens. We now know the sources of this criminality and we know where they stashed all the loot and plunder that these two foreign and piratical organizations bled out of America and the rest of the world as well. 

As I have said many times— this is not about race or religion or even politics. This is about crime on a vast scale, exercised under color of law. 

Once our  military and police and peacekeeping forces wake up, this will be dealt with.

The Liberation of America from the thrall of these undeclared Foreign Agents is already underway.


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No Five Regions Agreement

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are proposals in some military circles to divide our country into five regions, each with their own “President”. 

Such an idea is a thinly veiled attempt to bring in the UN Regional Government model and is an action seeking to undermine the sovereignty of the States and People of this country. 

Anyone promoting this is a traitor and is promoting insurrection against the lawful government of this country. 

Our States are free to associate and support each other, but this country is not based on any regional form of government.  We are one United Federation of Independent States. Our mutual pledge to each other’s safety and peace is a matter of obvious and public record, and we do not accept any foreign organizational scheme or any bogus claim that any State in our Union is an “enclave of the United States”—- that is, under subjection or ownership or trusteeship of any kind by any Municipal Corporation fronted by the Inner City of London and the Government of Westminster.

The Brits and Romans need to take care of their own problems and throw these pirates into the sea before we make their problem our problem and do it for them. 

Reports out of Russia say that forced conscriptions into the Armed Forces are happening and the Chinese are saber-rattling, too. Everyone needs to calm down and see through the lies to the heart of the problem — which is in Rome. 

The Pope is the one responsible for all these corporations and he is the one failing to exercise control over his own creations and the Bar Associations that work for him and his overseers in the Government of Westminster. 

All of this Rot for the past 150 years stems from Rome and Westminster and their misdirection of their franchises and patsies in Washington, DC and New York City. 

So don’t even think about attacking America. America and Americans are not the problem. 

We have been victims and Fall Guys taken in by “governmental services contractors” that have been misguided and misdirected by both the Pope and the Queen.  

So if you are angry and want your money, etc., realize that we are not the problem, we didn’t benefit from cheating you, and the spoils of the criminals—- what they plundered from all of us—- is not on American soil. 

It is cashiered in Greenland and the Philippines. 

All this evil was done  by the United States, Inc., a Municipal Corporation chartered in the inner city of London—— not our United States at all.

And none of us want the UN “Plan”. We stand against Corporate Feudalism and for National Government, against all these fraud schemes, and for honest people-based government. 

Whoever has been pushing “Regional Government” needs to be stopped and recognized for what they are— pirates who are criminals and enemies of all true nations. 


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