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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

The Corporate Names and Identities Fraud --- "Confederate States" Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq:

A majority of the fraud schemes we have encountered and described have been semantic deceits and deceits by omission.  

The semantic deceits have involved using very similar names for dissimilar things, for example, using the same name, The United States of America, as the name of an unincorporated Federation of States in America and also as the name of a Scottish Commercial Corporation.  

Confusion could have been avoided simply by adding the word "Incorporated" to the name to denote the Scottish Corporation, but confusion was instead promoted by omitting the word "Incorporated" from the name. 

Thus you have a key example of the use of both semantic deceit using similar names and the practice of omitting key information to promote these frauds and impersonations. 

Similar frauds have been accomplished using acronyms that appear to be abbreviations..  

The United Nations is not the same as the UN.  The IRS is not the same as the Internal Revenue Service.  We could continue using many examples to demonstrate how the misuse and abuse of these acronyms have led to gross confusion and deceit of the same basic kind.  

Most pointedly, the United Nations is an international organization devoted to promoting peace and joint efforts to settle international disputes without war, while the UN is a commercial corporation founded in Vichy France in 1943, for entirely different purposes. 

Thus the General Public of this entire planet has been left deliberately unaware of the nature of the various named identities they have been dealing with, and this form of deliberate non-disclosure has left people prey to commercial corporations.  

WHO, INC., another commercial corporation, has been heavily involved in the current vaccine genocide, and profiting itself and making a bid for coercive political power granted to it under the False Assumption that it is a humanitarian and professional organization, while its true nature as a private, for-profit commercial corporation in the thrall of Nazis, is not fully disclosed to the public or even the members of the United Nations Organization. 

Although it has been a legal convention since the Second World War to designate incorporated entities using all capital letters, the existence and use of this language and spelling convention has not been taught in public schools or made evident to the General Public by other means. 

We would go so far as to say that the use of all capital letters to denote incorporated entities and, especially, to identify the estates of dead men, has been a trade secret, knowledge of which has been closely guarded and available from only a few sources used by Bar Attorneys and Paralegals and Linguists who are professionally interested in Latin and Latin derivatives.  

As a result, contracts involving undisclosed commercial corporations cannot be considered valid
and that includes any contracts, treaties, or other obligations entered into with WHO, INC. and all the other various so-called Three-Letter and other acronym entities. 

This prohibition and objection most certainly applies to all the various commercial agreements that have been set up and used to promote the regionalization of the "world government" promoted by these various municipal and commercial corporations for their own benefit.  

Pointedly, it applies to the so-called North American Union, which proposes to destroy borders between Mexico, The United States, and Canada.  The word "Commercial" has been omitted from the discussions pertaining to this arrangement: it should be called "North American Commercial Union" and it should be self-evident that this is a pact removing obstructions to commercial activities between these nations ---- not an excuse to erase national borders and denigrate national sovereignty.  

None of the Municipal Corporations nor their Commercial Corporation franchises have sovereignty themselves and they are certainly not in any position to give away the sovereignty of others, including our nation-states of the Union. 

We wish for these matters to be immediately and forthrightly addressed along with the limitations of all Administrative Code.  Please remind Mr. Biden that the IRS, like the Internal Revenue Service, has no armed enforcement capability.  Also remind him that the IRS is a private incorporated debt collector and that Title 26 was never passed into positive law or entered upon the Congressional Record.  Any armed IRS Agents trespassing against Americans will be just that --- armed brigands acting as foreign mercenaries engaged in criminal acts within the border of our nation-states.  Those impersonating our President and misdirecting hired guns in such a manner will be hung as inland pirates. Prompt action on the part of the Principals is necessary.  

We also wish to briefly discuss one particular piece of the overall semantic deceit pattern that is presently rearing its head again, and that is a conundrum presented by the use of the word "State" to informally refer to "Confederate States".  They are by no means the same thing and in this country they have a peculiar history involved in all this fraud. 

Confederate States are in fact what we have called "States of States" --- business organizations either incorporated or unincorporated that perform public services under contract for the actual States. They are not at all synonymous with the actual States they serve, but are often referred to mistakenly as "States" by act of omission.  

While we struggled to unravel these arcane records and facts it became increasingly evident that: our original unincorporated Union of nation-states initially called the United States also did business as the States of America and conducted business on behalf of the Union of nation-states at the national level.  This is the level of our government which is the "Union" referred to in The Articles of Confederation in reference to a "more perfect" and "perpetual" union by which they meant to establish their own American States-of-States and bind them together in a permanent Confederation. 

Later, it was this same Union-based Confederation of States of States operating as the States of America that created the Federal Republic and ran it under The Constitution for the united States of America, which explains why this contract used the word "united" as an adjective and did not include "united" as part of the name of the organization receiving the Delegated Powers. This also explains why the break-away Southern members of the Confederation of States called themselves "The Confederate States of America".  

The Southerners were being far more honest in representing themselves and the capacity in which they were acting --- that is, as States of States, not actual States at all.  

This is key to understanding the history and the nature of the so-called American Civil War as a Mercenary Conflict, and also key to understanding the morass that resulted in its wake, and the mess that we are still struggling with today, both in terms of reconstruction of our government and our run-amok foreign subcontractors left running things in the District of Columbia when the Federal Republic became inoperable.  

We wish for the universal understanding that these foreign, for-profit Municipal and Commercial Corporations and the Principals responsible for them have acted in Gross Breach of Trust and Violation of their Commercial Service Contracts known as Constitutions.  They have all  been served Due Process for seven (7) years and the resulting Final Civil Judgment was issued and published in April of 2014.  

It is not our desire or intention to continue to struggle with Employees that are not doing their jobs and actually harming our country and our people; we wish for them to be fired and sent home and for other agreements and means to be reached via a logical transition process. The Principals responsible for the performance of the Municipal Corporations need to fully inform and redirect  both Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump to come into compliance with their service contracts and Cease and Desist other activities and presumptions. 

Recently there has been an effort by some parties associated with the military services to create a narrative espousing the concept of the wonderful "lost Confederation" and attributing powers to it that it never had, and also attempting to give the Confederation the nature and attributes of Union of nation-states instead of admitting that the failed and long defunct Confederation was an assemblage of State-of-State business organizations that could not agree and which were bankrupted in the North and ruinated in the South and never reconstructed. 

The true government remains vested as it always was in our nation-states and people, and those instrumentalities appointed by them.  

We wish for similar universal understanding that these incorporated entities do not represent us, the American Government and the American People, and have merely impersonated us, stolen our identity, illegally accessed our credit via colluding banks, and run a fantastically complex and long-term confidence racket on our shores. 

We wish it to be understood that these organizations and the purported  Public Employees running them have usurped against their Employers to the detriment of the countries they are supposed to serve.  The nature and extent of this disservice varies but has universally affected all levels of government in the countries that have been impacted by these impostors and the deceitful practices they have employed to defraud, divest, and devalue their Employers. 

We wish for the dismantling of this venal system of fraud and impersonation, illegal occupations of entire countries by foreign mercenaries, and the manipulative usurpation of national governments by Municipal and Commercial Corporations using hypothecation of debt and other improper and arcane means to seize upon the assets and illegally confiscate and indebt the assets of Third Parties. 

We wish to put an end to the "GIA" -- yet another incorporated private for-profit Municipal Corporation franchise referencing itself as "the Global Intelligence Agency" and the unelected and unwanted services of the "Majestic Twelve", CIA, FBI, DOJ, SERCO, and affiliated organizations which have obviously operated without any lawful authority and in ways that are detrimental to peace and life on this planet.  These unelected rogue entities need to be defunded effective immediately, liquidated as corporations, and replaced by human operators who have the facility of common sense and moral conscience. The experiment in letting biological Artificial Intelligence like Kim Goguen run the world has failed. 

We wish for everyone reading this to notice that these so-called Agencies are all private, for-profit, foreign corporations that are and have been accessing and spending our credit, based on our assets, on their projects without our permission and  that the affiliated commercial banks have allowed this, and that their assets are now forfeit.  

We wish for everyone reading this to notice that these above-referenced Agencies and entities and their personnel have been engaged in this thievery for some decades without detection owing to the fact that these same purported intelligence organizations have also been failing to do the job that they were hired to do --- mainly to prevent crime and false claims in commerce and identity theft and credit fraud --- which are all the same crimes that they have in fact engaged in themselves. 

We wish for this unlawful activity to come to a full and permanent stop and for these Agencies which have not only failed their missions, but acted as international and global crime syndicates, to be thoroughly shamed and uprooted and replaced by not only by new management but new organizations.  The DOD, INC. personnel involved in the "GIA" and running the PENTAGON, CIA, FBI, DOJ, DHS, etc., have brought nothing but a history of shame and incompetence and criminality upon these organizations, which are better left in the dustbin of history.  

We wish for immediate action by all persons responsible for paying these miscreants to pull the plug on these unauthorized, unelected, and undesirable organizations and we notice that the various iterations of "Congresses" that have allocated funds for the support of these organizations and their unlawful and illegal activities are similarly operating in fraud and impersonating Public Legislative bodies while in fact operating as the Board of Directors of these same District of Columbia Municipal Corporations that have spawned these Agencies and operated them as franchises. 

We wish for these organizations to be busted on a worldwide basis, defunded, denied credit, all their accounts seized, and all their assets transferred to our ownership and control and direction.  We are the national and international American Government, the unincorporated Union of nation-states known as The United States and the unincorporated Federation of States operating internationally as The United States of America, and we are the only ones that are competent and lawfully empowered to straighten this mess out. 

We wish for the failed and unintelligent GIA to be defunded and disbanded immediately and for local police to be fully informed of the circumstance on a worldwide basis.  This is an opportunity to re-establish lawful and sane and moral governance for The United States, occupied Europe, Japan, the former Commonwealth, and other nations that have been impacted by this gargantuan con game.  It is also an opportunity to correct banking operations worldwide. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 20th 2023


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