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Tuesday, November 24, 2020


 Miscalculation:  A mistake in calculation or wrong calculation.

A number of years ago, a group of three bow hunters were severely mauled by a large Black Bear.  They were badly injured but miraculously survived the attack.  The bear had no cubs with it.  In fact as it turns out, it was a male.  The hunters couldn't understand why the bear charged.  They were hunting elk in an area that was relatively open and without a lot of heavy brush when they encountered the bear about fifty yards away.  They assumed the bear would run off like Black Bears always do.  This one didn't.  This bear paused for a moment, and then without warning charged the three bow hunters and knocked them down so fast they were unable to defend themselves, even though two of the bow   hunters were carrying powerful handguns.  Upon analysis by wildlife officials, the bear (which was killed later) was in excellent health and well-nourished.  Their conclusion?  The Black Bear thought it was cornered and thereby threatened, so in its mind the only option was to attack.
I am using that incident as an analogy to describe the current state of mind of nearly all the Americans who voted for President Trump on November 3rd.  They knew it was going to be a landslide to re-elect President Trump.  They saw tens of thousands of people nationwide show up to attend Trump campaign rallies and very few people attending Biden events, so they naturally believed their "lying eyes".  But on the morning of November 4, 2020, they awoke to find the votes they expected had somehow turned and favored Joe Biden during the wee hours of the night, and because the Democrats had repeatedly telegraphed their intentions to commit voter fraud leading up to the election, they became immediately suspicious.  With the revelations about Dominion/Smartmatic voting machines being manufactured specifically to rig elections, and untold numbers of Americans who found out somebody had already voted for them when they showed up at their polling station, those suspicions became hard fact.  In other words, they all know for a fact that their vote meant nothing and the election was rigged to illegally elect Joe Biden to replace President Trump.
Even Democrat candidate Joe Biden, in his diminished state of mind, had come right out and stated on video that his campaign had put together (I'm paraphrasing) the most sophisticated and widespread voter fraud network ever created, so when the Trump supporters began to see just how massive and widespread the reports of voter fraud were, they realized Joe Biden had been telling the truth and it wasn't just another Biden gaffe!  Because of Biden's obvious dementia, his mental filter wasn't working, so the truth just came spilling right out of his mouth, and most telling, none of his handlers have said anything to dispel that.
But where the Democrats made their most foolish and potentially disastrous mistake after the election was to come right out and publicly state their intention to "punish" Trump supporters after Biden is sworn in.  One Democrat was widely reported to have asked how they could put over 70 million Trump supporters into re-education camps!  It was that horrendous mistake of making threats against all of the good and decent American Citizens who voted to re-elect President Trump that will go down in the history books as a lesson in what not to do.  If the Supreme Court fails to deliver justice and declare President Trump the true winner of the election, it will be written in the history books later that those Democrat/Communist threats were taken very seriously and resulted in mass-assassinations of every suspected Neo-Communist in the United States.  Mark my words.  
I'm just an old historian, nearly 72 years of age with a bad lower back and in need of a knee replacement.  Like many of you, I've read the accounts of German Jews who heard and read all about the threats being made against them in pre-WWII Germany by rising star Adolph Hitler, but they assumed it was all talk with no real action.  That was until those threats turned into reality and they were marched into the death camps.  By then, it was too late:  Hitler had already disarmed the German population, so there was no ability for the Jews to effectively defend themselves.  That is not the case in the present United States.  The conservative population of this nation is armed to the teeth with high-capacity, semi-automatic small arms, along with enough stored ammunition and magazines to deter any would-be tyrant.  Further, many of them have just returned from combat (let's call it war college) in the urban environments of Iraq and Afghanistan.  They are combat-trained, combat experienced and they are willing to teach what they know.  They are also patriots.  They know how to make explosives and bombs.  They know how to carry out assassinations.  They know all about how a successful war by insurgency is conducted.  They will be the American Neo-Communists' worst nightmare.
So if the Supreme Court fails in its duty, the good and decent Americans who voted to reelect President Trump will see themselves, their families and their loved ones as cornered and threatened by evil Communists.  But unlike that Black Bear, which only thought it was cornered, these Patriots will know they are cornered, and yes, they will attack preemptively and they will do so effectively.  The Neo-Communists never anticipated this:  We Christians are not afraid to fight and if necessary, die for our nation, our families and our friends.  But that won't be necessary in most cases, because these Christian warriors are going to make the Neo-Communists die for what they believe in.  Mark my words.
Carl F. Worden

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