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Saturday, June 25, 2022

The Historical Irony is the "Historicity"

 By Anna Von Reitz

In my family, we got a "classical education" whether or not we learned it in public school.  The Bible, the Greek and Roman Classics, Grammar, and Geography --- which were not, generally speaking, available in public school, or available only in part or as electives --- got studied just the same.  

Like students in the 19th century, I was taught about the Achaean Greek civilization and the history of the greater and lesser city-states, the Greek and Roman Philosophers, the Greek and Roman Comedies and Tragedies, the Greek and Roman Histories, and such works as Plato's Republic. All this and the history of the Egyptians, the Hebrews, and the Minoans got crunched down with gusto. 

But I always sensed there was something missing, some elusive, indefinable part of the story that was, for whatever reasons, hidden or lost.  And like the Dark Ages leading into our current civilization, there was a similar Black Hole from 1200 to 800 BCE when Homer leapt onto Center Stage and stole the show.  

Oh, there were bits and pieces, but not the juicy whole-cloth I wanted.  For the longest time, I was perplexed by the fact that Homer wasn't Greek.... 

It wasn't until the records of the Hittites and Sumerians and Assyrians became available that the pieces of the Classical World began to fit together for me, and it wasn't until the publication of The Temple of Man that it all began to coalesce.  

Did you know that the Canaanites, Carthaginians, and Phoenicians were all the same people? 

Did you know that the Trojans, Phrygians, Macedonians (Northern Greeks),  Iranians (then called Persians), Romanians (who founded Rome), and Dacians (who spoke Latin) formed one massive cross-cultural Empire --- an Empire that stretched from Iran to Ireland -- that you have never heard of?  

These are the missing pieces of our common European and Middle Eastern history that shed a bright and much-needed light on our dilemma today.  

If you go searching for the "roots" of Latin, you will go on a wild goose chase and be told that it came from a mysterious "Proto-Indo-European Language" and a "dialect" of this unknown, mysterious root language spoken by people living along the Tiber River.  

This is, of course, poppycock and evasion.  Latin was the trade language of the Empire of Man, and was still spoken by the Romanians and Dacians at the time Rome was founded---long before the Roman Empire revived it and made sure it was spoken as the language of business and diplomacy as far away as China.  

Ro-man means  "wandering man" or "trader" and today, the Romani -- still called "Travelers" in England, continue this most fundamental characteristic and wandering lifestyle of their ancestors.  They also carry on the traditions of spellcasting and soothsaying and astrology, herbal lore, and foraging. 

Ask yourself what happens when the Wanderers settle down and create a city-state unlike all the city-states that went before?  

The Roman Empire happens. 

So why don't we all know this?  Why are we left to think that the Canaanites just "disappeared" and that their language is unknown?  Why aren't we aware of the "Missing Kingdom" and its long struggle of Free Men and republican governments against the city-states?  Why don't we know that Rome was founded by the Romanians, not the Italians?  Why do we assume that Homer and Alexander the Great were Greeks?  

It's because the actual history of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa have been erased  in an unending series of wars that revolve around just one thing: slavery. 

Egypt and Babylon were both slave states built on slave labor.  Both profited from oppressing others and saw no reason why they shouldn't bully and oppress anyone they could enslave by force or by deceit.  Eventually, their own moral corruption destroyed both civilizations. 

The Greek city-states initially adopted the egalitarian values of the Empire of Man, but later became corrupted by the foreign practice of appointing "kings" and then, for a relatively brief span, enjoyed a renaissance when they returned to their egalitarian roots during Greece's Golden Age.   Shortly after the death of Plato, the insidious influence of the slave states began in earnest, and it wasn't long until the Greek city-states fell into disgrace and discord. 

Rome followed a similar pattern.  It was founded by Free Men.  The Wanderers have always valued their freedom and profited from it. The republican governments they created as part of The Empire of Man served them well.  Rome became a great trading center and people flocked there from all corners of the Earth, attracted by its reputation for justice and freedom and egalitarian values.  

But what happened?  A military coup, followed by political corruption, elitism, moral depravity and violence on a scale to make even Babylon blush.  Rome became a slave state. 

Soon, the ill-gotten gains from slavery made it unimaginably wealthy and the Roman Legions were bulwarked by entire classes of slaves and bondservants compartmentalized into a complex and highly bureaucratic government funded by slavery and taxation and plundering of conquered nations. 

And what have we got going on here, right now, in America?  

A secret political coup in 1860 is followed by an equally secretive military coup in 1865.  This is followed by the sly substitution of public slavery for private slavery which was abolished; from now on, only the "government" could own slaves, and America, the Land of the Free, was secretively and unlawfully converted into the Land of the Slaves by the hateful Southern Democrats who collaborated with the Popes and the Brits to ensure the downfall of  "the Yankees and the Niggers".

The predictable consequences have followed --- an explosion of wealth pouring in from the ill-gotten gains of enslavement, followed by coercive taxes, seizure of private property via "legalized" pillaging and plunder "laws", moral and political decay, violence, and we totter on the edge of a debacle in which slaves (the military) oppress other slaves (the federal civil service) and embroil everyone else in their quarrels and confusion.  

I lay this travesty squarely at the feet of the U.S. Military and the Southern Democrats and Democrats in general, the Popes from 1851 to today, the British Government, the Government of Westminster, and the Government of the Netherlands.   That's how the historical records read and that is what we see played out here in front of our faces.  

It remains for us to learn from past mistakes.  

How have the republican governments failed?  By allowing city-states to form and create their own "laws" apart from the Public Law.  

This starts out as an innocent-appearing need to administer government workers and government bureaucracy, but it is never long before people start mistaking these "internal" and "merely administrative" codes, statutes, rules, and regulations that apply to government workers and government corporations as law that is applicable to everyone. 

Soon the city-administrators are wagging the whole dog, and the Public Law is forgotten and left unenforced by a gullible and deluded Public that is surreptitiously enslaved and forced to obey the "laws" adopted by and for their employees. 

How have the city-states thrived and taken over everything?  By deceit and by enslavement leading to unjust enrichment,  which has then been used as payola to compromise and buy off and influence whatever is left of the Public Government after they have insinuated themselves into position to substitute for and "represent" the actual government. 

It happened to Greece, it happened to Rome, it happened to Britain, and now, it's happening to us.  It will happen as long as we let it happen and don't wake up.  

Even now, the guilty U.S. Military is refusing to come to heel and obey the actual Public Law and actual American Government.   

Even now, they are pretending that the "Fourteenth Amendment" holds water.  

Let's be very clear --- the Fourteenth Amendment --- like all other so-called "Amendments" after it, was never ratified by the States of the Union.  

The so-called "Fourteenth Amendment" was and is a By-Laws Amendment to a Corporation Charter "ratified" by the State-of-State franchises of a Scottish Commercial Corporation formed in 1868 and bankrupted in 1907, merely calling itself "The United States of America---- Incorporated" and pretending to "represent" us.  

Is this what Mr. Trump and the White Hats and their Alliance expect to use as the foundation for a new government?  A By-Law Amendment to a long-defunct foreign commercial corporation charter?  

Forgive me while I gag and snort. 

All we could expect from such a process and excuse is more fraud, more self-service, more phony "corporate law" substituting itself for the actual Public Law.  And another Slippery Slope with a pit full of spikes at the end of it.  

Mr. Trump may love America.  The White Hats may be well-intentioned.  

But Mr. Trump is working for a British Crown Corporation and the British Crown has been singularly responsible for creating this entire mess and promoting it and profiting from it.  Together with the Holy See, which has knowingly promoted the enslavement-to-government program of the Southern Democrats from its inception and insidiously substituted its own "Municipal Government" --- read that, "City-State Government" to undermine our Public Law, just as the Greek and Roman Republics were undermined.  

The difference here is that we know the drill.  3000 years of this repetitive story is enough.  We've learned our lessons.  

And the additional difference is that all these Principals are under contractual obligations --- both by Treaty and Commercial Contract --- to honor and uphold our constitutional government in all respects.  

They've been caught undermining, pillaging, and usurping their Employers.  Amid many accusations of "treason" and of "insurrection" both sides are guilty.  And what needs to happen now is for both sides to capitulate and get back in their contractual boxes, show a proper respect for the actual American Government, and get back to work according to the limitations of the Constitutions. 

The actual American Government is in Session --- a republican government of Free Men and Free Women.  


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