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Friday, September 4, 2009

Silver Autoship with low prices.

It is critical you watch these new movies on the currency crisis.

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Paul Stramer

Pull your kids from School on September 8th.

Make September 8 a Family Day!

by Linda Schrock Taylor

John Birch Society

Fri, Sep 4th, 2009 12:00:00 am

I wouldn't send my child to school on September 8, unless I had a strong death wish for America. On September 8, President Obama will be broadcasting a prepared speech to every school child, grades K-12, in America. On September 8, Obama the Change Agent begins his takeover of the schools…but not with my child, and hopefully not with yours.

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When is it time to fight?


From the Desk of Paul Stramer
I want to ask a some questions.

Before I do, please understand that right now I still believe "the pen is mightier than the sword". I have been very active politically all my life. I believe in lawful solutions, political solutions, legislative solutions.

But I don't think most of you really understand who Obama and his crew are. They are communists, socialists, and yes terrorists. They are terrorizing We The People, with threats of taking our guns and ammo, controlling our food supply, and many other actions completely repugnant to the supreme law, our Constitution.

They don't give a damn about law and order, or morality. The only thing they care about is power. They are drunk with power, and greed. They are the most evil of rulers because they promote the rule of men rather than the rule of law, and they use the law as a cloak for malice, all by FRAUD and deception.

What is Fraud?

Fraud is defined as: "Deceitful conduct designed to manipulate another person to give something of value by (1) lying, (2) by repeating something that is or ought to have been known by the fraudulent party as false or suspect or (3) by concealing a fact from the other party which may have saved that party from being cheated.

The existence of fraud will cause a court to void a contract and can give rise to criminal liability."

Fraud can be perpetrated by government agents or elected officials under the "color of law". By publishing things as fact and law that are repugnant to the Supreme Law, The Constitution for the Untited States of America, government agents would have you believe they have the power to do all sorts of unlawful things, like lay and collect taxes without apportionment, and bail out banks and car companies.

Regulating guns within the states under the commerce clause, that were never intended to be "regulated" by the founders is another "fraud".

See the new law in Montana HB246


In fact most of the things the feds do are outside the Constitution and are "color of law" fraudulent usurpation.

So now for my questions.

In a time when there is absolutely no justice available in the courts, and most elected officials and officers of the courts are corrupt, HOW ARE THESE CRIMINALS WHO ARE SELLING OUT OUR COUNTRY, TO BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE ?

While I agree that we should not start a shooting war, are we to stand idly by and watch an out of control government send hit squads called swat and FBI raids to harass and kill our neighbors because they were all painted with a broad brush and made to be "criminals" overnight by an out of control legislative body who are part of the problem, not part of the solution?

When does it become proper and moral to lay down the pen, and take up the sword?

How far are you willing to let this criminal government go before you use whatever means is at your disposal to stop them from harming your family, or your neighbor?

Make no mistake. If you let them harm your law-abiding neighbors when you know them to be God fearing and law-abiding people, YOU ARE NEXT. Ask the people who lived in Germany when the Gestapo was rounding up Jews. Ask them what hindsight has taught them.

Ask Randy Weaver how the FBI set him up.

Ask YOURSELF how much you will put up with before you fight?

Then if the answer is not readily apparent, and you want to avoid this entire scenario, you need to get up right now and go to work politically. Run for office. Write articles. Send emails, vote in the on line polls. Spread the truth. Seek lawful solutions. Testify at your legislature for good bills, like 10th amendment resolutions, and good gun laws. If you haven't done all these and more, don't consider yourself a good patriot. Don't think you have the right to sit behind the scenes and wait, keeping your powder dry and that at the last minute you can fight with guns and turn this all around.

Yes you can defend your family, and neighbors, but that is not enough to stop these criminals in government. This has to be a popular movement, and that, my friends, is done not with a gun, but with a pen, and the internet, and in person by word of mouth, and using whatever media is available to you.

Plan for the worst, and hope for the best. Get on your knees and pray like it's all up to God, then get up and work like it's all up to you!

So would somebody please answer my questions?  How far are YOU willing to let this go? Are you willing to use ALL the tools available, not just guns?

Make no mistake. The government agents will send their provocateurs to try to provoke you into doing something violent, and illegal so they will have an excuse to put you away.
Don't fall for it!

They will infiltrate your groups, and try to get you to push the edge of the law, and that is all it will take.
Ask Randy Weaver about that.

Get his book here:

Don't "Jump the Gun" if you know what I mean.

Paul Stramer
Republican Precinct Committeeman Precinct 3, and State Committeeman, Lincoln County Montana

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